• Featured: JYJ ‘The…’

    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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[Special] Couple Se7en and Park HanByul amongst other stars at Park YongHa’s funeral

With the Korean entertainment scene waking up to shocking news of the death of Hallyu star Park YongHa on 30th June, many stars have also appeared to pay their last respects to the star at his funeral.

Amongst the stars is couple Se7en and Park HanByul appearing together at the same event after quite some time. Also go under the cut for photos of other star appearances at the funeral.

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[PhotoSpam] New program for the makneas


New pictures for the newly anticipated program ‘Idol Maknae Rebellion Era’ is circling the searches.

Go under the cut for the pictures/preview of the rebellion from the maknaes!

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DreamTeam Is Back


Some of you should remember sitting around a TV / Computer and praying some guys like Jo SungMo, or Shin JungHwan trying to jump a over a stack measuring up several meters.

Don’t remember? Never heard of it? Worry no more,  because season 2 is coming back hard.

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Kpop Style – Big Bang, FTI HongKi, WG SunYe, KARA Gyuri


In Kpop Style today, we have:

  • Big Bang hot photoshoot for Japanese magazine ‘Big One’
  • FT Island HongKi‘s Cyworld updates
  • WonderGirls SunYe birthday celebration with the Jonas Brothers
  • KARA Gyuri proven to be a natural goddess

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Childhood photos of FT Island members revealed


Flower boys FT Island members’ childhood photos revealed! All these have been revealed together with the members’ quarters on MBC ‘Let Me Sleep Over Tonight’ on 10th April.

The members’ favourite items together with their childhood photos were revealed at their quarters.

More photos here…

K Bites – 25.02.2009 II

‘Rainism Recollection’ to be released on 5th March


Singer Rain has released a ‘Recollection’ album to his 5th album ‘Rainism’.

J-Tunes announced, “Repackaged album to Rain‘s 5th album ‘Rainism Recollection’ will include the original 12 songs plus new versions of the songs and a DVD.”

The album will also include the Asian version of the song ‘Rainism’ and also English, Japanese and Chinese version of ‘Love Story’. The acoustic version of ’12th September’, ‘My woman’, and urban mix of ‘Fresh Woman’ etc will also be included

Meanwhile, the full 35-min version of the MV ‘Love Story’ featuring actress Ha Ji Won is also be included in the DVD.


Se7en Worldwide offical site now open


Se7en‘s official site (www.se7enworldwide.com) is now opened as of 25th February.

His American debut single ‘Girls’ teaser video will be released on the 4th, full MV on 1oth March American time.

The digital single ‘Girls’ will be released on iTunes from 10th March as well as other sites like Rhapsody, Amazon and Napster.


FT Island Song Seung Hyun, “Being Oh WonBin’s replacement, I have more than 2000 anti-fans”


Group FT Island new member Song Seung Hyun talks about his joining the group.

Song has been training under the same company as FT Island for 3 years. And he talks about some of the paings of joining the group, “I was really excited about it. Since my trainee days, I had little fans. But after joining FT Island as Oh WonBin‘s replacement, my anti-fans got up to 2000 members. Right now, the numbers are increasing, and we are expecting the anti-fans to exceed 3000.”

“The other hyungs had debuted before me, and if I make any mistakes on stage I feel that I am doing bad to my hyungs. So for my first performance, I thought it will be the end of me if I make any mistakes. I have confidence in rapping. I’ve also learnt piano for 7 years. Now that everyone knows that I am part of FT Island, I hope that everyone will remember my name when they hear FT Island‘s name.”

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FT Island films new MV with new member


Idol group FT Island gets back on their feet with a new member after guitarist Oh WonBin left and filmed their new MV ‘Bad Woman’ today in Seoul GyeogGiDo.

Also featured in the MV is talent Seo Hyo Rin who will be acting opposite member Min Hwan in the MV. Another highlight to the filming of the MV will of course be the new member Song Seung Hyung (18).

More photos this way….

K Bites – 29.01.2009

New FT Island member confirmed


After news of 5-member idol band FT Island guitarist Oh WonBin leaving the group, a new member has been found for the group to make 5 members – trainee Song Seung Hyun (18).

Following F&C Music on 29th January, new member Song Seung Hyun will join the group as guitarist and sub-vocal (including rap). Song Seung Hyun is also a flower-boy like the rest of the FT Island member with the height of 180 cm and weight 60kg.

FT Island will take on the image of the boyband of teenagers with the new member and comeback with a minialbum mid-February.


Danger red light flashes for group Brand New Day

bnd_2901093-member female power ballad group Brand New Day member SooAh has been reported to have vocal cord tubercle.

J Enterprise revealed, “Brand New Day member SooAh has complained an ache in her neck and we had send her to the hospital on 24th January after their performance on Music Core. She is diagnosed with vocal cord tubercle. And the hospital had advised that she do not over-exert her vocal.”

It was also reported that not only is SooAh‘s condition unfavourable, the other 2 members have also shown signs of laryngitis. The girls had said to have practised a lot for their performances, this coupled with the fact that every performances are performed live had the girls over-exerting their vocals.

It is said the girls will continue to deliver their performances live.

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