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So Nyeo Shi Dae SooYoung’s face looking puffier? “She looks different”

So Nyeo Shi Dae SooYoung has transformed to become lookalike to Kang HyeJung.

Recently, photos of SooYoung during an event that So Nyeo Shi Dae attended posted online have been the hot topic amongst netizens. So Nyeo Shi Dae was doing a fanmeeting in KoEX Mega Box and the photo revealed showed SooYoung onstage with short haircut and her face looking more puffy than usual.

Netizens then compared the photos to photos with SooYoung’s previous features and many commented, “Seems like she had botox injection or something.”

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Photo Of The Day! What purpose had singers, idols and talents gathered at one place?

A photo taken featurign some of the popular idols and talent revealed online has been garnering much attention from netizens.

In a post written by a netizens on a portal site recently titled ‘The christianity gathering of the celebrities’, a photo revealed So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA, SooYoung, Tiffany, 2NE1 Gong MinJi, talent Jung RyeoWon, Kim SooHyun and Super Junior Choi SiWon were seen for a shot together.

Also on 2nd June, SiWon also posted up a photo at his church gathering taken together with talents Jung RyeoWon and Jung Joon and singer Soy. SiWon wrote in the tweet, “Rest in God!! No Shame, No Fear!!:D”.

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UKnow YunHo casted for crown prince role in musical ‘Goong’

Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo has been casted for musical ‘Goong’.

Coming September, UKnow YunHo will be starring in the musical ‘Goong’ as the male leader. Just last year, he debuted in drama ‘Heading To The Ground’ as an actor, and this time, he will transform as a musical actor.

A production official for ‘Goong’ said, “We have chosen UKnow YunHo as UKnow is a very suitable casting for the crown prince role given his great dancing and vocal capabilities as well as his outstanding appearance.”

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SNSD SooYoung & HyoYeon, “We wish to have boyfriends”

Girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae members SooYoung and HyoYeon confessed that they wish to be in a love relationship.

The 2 members were on SBS Inkigayo aired on 1st May when they revealed it. HyoYeon talks about idol group members in relationship, “We want to have boyfriends too. It is not because of our manager of the looks of the people around us, we just get the feeling of ‘We can’t do it’.”

SooYoung added, “I never had that feeling.” following HyoYeon’s comment. She added, “I just did not have any guys.” causing laughter from those around her.

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T-ara EunJung as special one-day guest on Invincible Youth, standing in for Goo Hara

T-ara EunJung will appear as a 1-day guest on ‘Invincible Youth’.

EunJung made a special appearance during the filming of the show in early April. And photos of the filming that day were also posted up and circulated on the internet after that. In addition, many netizens are curious to see that KARA Goo Hara is missing in the photos.

The PD of the show revealed on 27th April, “Goo Hara was in Thailand filming for a CF, and so EunJung stood in as a 1-day guest. We will be able to see EunJung on the show soon. Previously Yuri was unwell and member SooYoung also stood in for her. If we get a missing member in G7, other members will stand in for them.”

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SNSD Tiffany, Yuri and SooYoung for Biotherm

After the CF photoshoot for So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany, Yuri and SooYoung’s endorsement for Biotherm, the CF video has also been revealed.

Love it or not?

SNSD Yuri, SooYoung and Tiffany for Biotherm

So Nyeo Shi Dae members Yuri, SooYoung and Tiffany show off their pure and healthy skin.

The girls are recently chosen to model for skincare brand Biotherm. Go under the cut for more of the photos revealed.

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SNSD SooYoung’s tears to Ok JooHyun’s heartfelt advice

So Nyeo Shi Dae SooYoung is seen in tears with the heartfelt advice from Ok JooHyun.

Fin.K.L Ok JooHyun had made a special guest appearances on KBS ‘WinWin’ featuring So Nyeo Shi Dae special. Ok JooHyun said on the show, “I want to get close to So Nyeo Shi Dae. I don’t know the male idols well and that’s why if 2PM is here I won’t know. I saw WooYoung’s name in the scripte and I don’t know who he is.”

She was then asked on the show, “What is the outstanding part when So Nyeo Shi Dae is being compared to Fin.K.L?” She answered, “Our average height and earnings are more. How do you compare 4-person group to 9-person group?”

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