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miss A Suzy gets the thumbs-up as special MC on SBS Inkigayo

miss A Suzy appeared on SBS Inkigayo as the special one-day MC on 5th September.

Suzy was the special MC of the day working with 2AM Jo Kwon and C.N Blue Jung YongHwa. Suzy had stood in for MC Sulli who was away for SM Live Concert in LA.

Suzy’s cute and bright MCing on the show that day had also earned the praises of fans and netizens. Meanwhile, MC Sulli will be back on the show again on 12th September.

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Criticisms against f(x) Sulli and Krystal’s ‘bad attitude’ blown out of proportions?

Amidst criticisms against f(x) members Krystal and Sulli with a post posted up by a CF officer “The basics are just not right”, netizens bring up a post written by Sulli when she was young.

A post by a netizen has surfaced on 11th August on an online portal site on 11th August titled ‘How bad f(x) Sulli and Krystal’s attitude are”. The netizen then attached captures of posts by f(x) CF production team’s minihompy. The minihompy posts read “It is summer and we brought along some of our interns to do interviews with f(x) but anyway, the conclusion is that Sulli and Krystal these kids don’t even have the basics.”

With criticisms against the f(x) girls, netizens also brought up the case where Sulli had revealed a diary entry she wrote when she was in elementary school. Back then, netizens have thought that Sulli’s diary entry was cute but now with the recent criticisms, many thought that the diary entry sounded rude.

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Introducing GP Basic leader Hannah, lookalike to f(x) Sulli

Going to be the youngest girlgroup in Korea, GP Basic leader Hannah’s individual photo revealed.

Hannah is currently a 2nd year middle school student at SeonSeo Middle School and is known to be lookalike to f(x) Sulli. She is also said to be a model student always getting 1st or 2nd in class.

Hannah is known to be gifted in dancing, taking part in various pro ama dance sports competition since she was in elementary school. She also won 3rd prize at the Asian Pacific Dance Sports Competition and 2nd prize at the MBC pro ama dance sports competition.

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SBS Inkigayo 01.08.2010 – miss A wins 1st Mutizen with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’

Today on SBS Inki Gayo, super rookie miss A wins their 1st Mutizen with the song “Bad Girl Good Girl”.

Also go under the cut for the performance videos!

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Gong Yoo and f(x) Sulli are models for LG smartphone series ‘Optimus Z’

‘Hot guy’ Gong Yoo and f(x) Sulli transform as city guy and girl, showing off their own charms.

The 2 are known to have worked together recently as the models for LG electronics smart phone series ‘Optimus Z’.

The story of the CF is such that it pictures Gong Yoo walking down the street and when he saw charming Sulli, he took out his Optimus Z phone and shook it a little. At that moment, Sulli’s phone contact had transferred into his phone from her phone.

This introduces the smart feature of the photo which allows of easier file sharing. The CF will start appearing on TV and broadcast from 1st August.

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‘Giant baby’ f(x) Sulli has to wear just flats?

Another piece of evidence that f(x) Sulli is a ‘giant baby’ with recent photos and photoshoot revealed.

In some recent endorsement and even photos, Sulli was seen as the only member wearing flats while the other f(x) members were seen in high heels.

Netizens commented, “Sulli who has to always wear flats because she is too tall”, “The other members have to wear kill heel to reach around her height”, “Sulli is really a giant baby” etc.

This is not the first time Sulli’s height has been in the spotlight. Recently, her height was also being compared to other male idols like Jung YongHwa, Jo Kwon and TaeYang.

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Sulli embarrasses Jung YongHwa, Jo Kwon and TaeYang on SBS Inkigayo?

Jung YongHwa. TaeYang and Jo Kwon gets embarrassed by ‘giant baby’ f(x) Sulli.

During SBS Inkigayo aired on 25th July, Sulli’s MC-ing together with C.N Blue Jung YongHwa and 2AM Jo Kwon garners great interests. Sulli was seen in a while simple dress and in a pair of killer heels.

But standing in between the 2 other male MCs, netizens have noticed, “She look taller than usual together”, “The air up there must be nice” etc.

And also on the show, TaeYang had won his 2nd Mutizen with the song ‘I Need A Girl’ and during his thank-you speech he had stood with the MCs. And Sulli had seemed especially tall amongst the 3 others. Sulli’s height is at 170cm and with the killer heels, she had appeared especially taller today on the show.

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f(x) Victoria and Sulli spotted shopping in MyungDong

f(x) Victoria and Sulli were spotted recently at MyungDong doing shopping together.

Photos of the 2 shopping were posted up on a Naver blog recently and had garnered the interests of netizens. It was written on the blog, “I was shopping with a friend in MyungDong when she noticed the 2 together and we followed them carefully. Who said that Sulli was like a child? She is so slim.”

“The 2 were in their ‘bare faces’. Sulli had a hat on and Victoria will her sunglasses. It is amazing to see the 2 shopping without worries. But I am curious, why did they take a photo in front of a FT Island poster?”

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