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Kpop stars’ cheers and support for the S.Korean team in World Cup

With the South Korean up against the Argentina team for the 2010 World Cup games on 17th June, many Kpop stars have posted up photos of their support and cheering on to the team for the game through various mediums of social networking sites like Twitter and me2day.

Go under the cut for more photos.

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WonderGirls SunYe and YooBin get awkward when they are alone

WonderGirls SunYe reveals truthfully about her relationship with team member YooBin.

SunYe was on KBS 2TV Happy Together – WonderGirls Edition to be aired on 10th June when she picks team member YooBin as the member whom she is most awkward with. Even though it has been some time since YooBin joined the team and they have been promoting together, when the 2 are alone, they are still awkward and do not have many conversations.

YeEun explained, “The reason for their awkwardness is because they don’t have many similar interests.” And MC Yoo JaeSeok asked the 2 members what is the favourite colour of the other. And the 2 had given different answers, rousing laughter from the other star appearances.

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WonderGirls SunYe, “I’ve camped out with Jo Kwon before during our trainee days”

WonderGirls SunYe reveals an episode where she had camped out together with 2AM member Jo Kwon.

SunYe was on KBS 2TV Happy Together 3 to be aired on 10th June where she reveals an episode, “During our trainee days, I had once camped out with 2AM Jo Kwon at the subway station.”

She added, “I was practising till late together with Jo Kwon, and because we ended late, the train services have all ended. So we camped out at the station. We spent the time waiting for day to come talking.”

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TaecYeon dances Rain ‘Love Song’ to YoonA

TaecYeon reveals his affection towards YoonA.

On SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 6th June, 2PM TaecYeon danced to Rain ‘Love Song’ with a show of some chocolate abs towards So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA in the 2nd round after being chosen WonderGirl SunYe in the first round for the ‘Instant Meeting’ corner on the show.

TaecYeon’s sincere show of affection towards YoonA had her looking very shy. And in the end, YoonA picked TaecYeon on the show saying, “I wanted to pick someone else initially, but I changed my heart after seeing his show of charms.”

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Friendship between SunYe and HyunA shows with warm hug on recent Mnet show

Girlgroup 4Minute HyunA and WonderGirls SunYe’s friendship shows through their appearance together on a recent broadcast show.

On the recent Mnet ‘Trend Point File Season 5’, the show brings the audience backstage to look at the recent fashion that girlgroups have been wearing onstage. And during the show, SunYe was seen looking up HyunA who was monitoring her own performance. It has been a while since they have met as the WonderGirls had been busy with their promotions in the States.

The 2 were seen hugging each other and smiling, their friendship showing. After watching the show, netizens commented, “It’s good to see them since having a close relationship”, “You see the mother-like smile come out”, “I hope their friendship don’t change” etc.

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SoHee dated once before, SunYe and YooBin still awkward? All in the next eps of Happy Together!

A preview clip revealed at the end of KBS 2TV Happy Together aired on 3rd June shows the WonderGirls as guest for the show aired next week.

In the preview video, there were many previews to the discussions the girls had on the show. SoHee was featured saying, “I had dated just once before”. Also MC Yoo asked the question “Which member do you still feel awkward with” and SunYe’s answer was “There really isn’t any.” MC Yoo then looked at the name card on SunYe’s hand and said, “But you raised up YooBin’s name”.

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WonderGirls SunYe, “Park JinYoung introduced me to G.O.D Kim TaeWoo and Son HoYoung”

The WonderGirls were recently on KBS WinWin aired on 1st June when the MC asked them, “Don’t you want to date now?”.

The girls’ reply was, “We want to date. Amongst ourselves, we also talk a lot about male entertainers. But Park JinYoung told us to wait for 3 years when we first debuted, and then when we debuted in America, he told us to wait for 2 more years. How long more do we have to wait?”

Leader SunYe then said, “But Park JinYoung PD act differently from what he says. I believe he is more lenient when it comes to relationships. He tried to introduce Kim TaeWoo and Son HoYoung to me, and he got nervous when news reports of Kim HeeChul saying that he likes SoHee came out.”

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Park KyungLim, “If SNSD is a cafe in Europe, WonderGirls is like a teahouse in Insadong”

Park KyungLim compares the 2 biggest girlgroups in Korea – WonderGirls and So Nyeo Shi Dae.

On KBS WinWin aired on 1st June, Park KyungLim said, “If So Nyeo Shi Dae is the cafe in Europe, WonderGirls give the feeling of a teahouse in InSaDong.”

She then gave collections of her experience with the WonderGirls, “I saw SunYe at a broadcast filming, and after that I saw again at the restaurant. I should be the one treating but in the difference of 2 seconds, SunYe has bought the meals first. After that, I met her at the radio program again, her expressions were just mother-like. She give off a really approachable feel.”

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