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Idols are ‘supermen’ and ‘superwomen’? They want to rest too…

From drama, variety, movies, radio to public performances, the opportunities that idols see these days have increased. It has become an age where idols have to explore other areas and not just stay in one to show off their charms. And these idols will need to spend their energy in the various areas they are exploring into.

The phrase ‘one source multi use’ is just the right one to use on idols. Even though they debuted as singers, they don’t show just the features of a singer. If the stage is not ‘wide’ enough for one, one move on to look at drama, movie, theatre and musicals etc, to show more of one’s charms and talents one cannot show in just the short duration of 3 minutes on stage. In the midst of achieving that, these idols will need the strength of that of an ‘iron man’. Even though this is a chance for the singers to up their rich and fame, without the energy to do so is also useless.

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K Bites – 30.12.2008

Super Junior for new album next March

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com
SM‘s 13-member group Super Junior will be back in Korea for their new album next March after their last album ‘Don’t Don’t’ released in September 2007.

Super Junior leader Lee Teuk announced on SBS Gayo DaeJeon on 29th December, “We are in the midst of recording for our new album. The album is set to come next March.”

After their 2nd album, Super Junior released 2 unique groups Super Junior M and Super Junior Happy. This album will have Super Junior member back in to the main group again after 1 year and 6 months. Super Junior M will also end their activities by end-January in China.

Will it be 13 members or 15 members then?


Dong Bang Shin Ki to start concert tour from Seoul next Feb

DBSK Pictures, Images and Photos

Group Dong Bang Shin Ki to begin on their 3rd concert tour.

‘The 3rd Asia Tour – Mirotic’ will set to start in February next year in Seoul, and will move on to 5 other cities like Beijing, ShangHai and Taipei in 12 concert performances. Seoul’s concert performance will be in Seoul Olympic Stadium on 20th to 22nd February.

For their last Asia concert tour, seeing 390,000 fans turning up, the ticket reservation website will be down the moment ticket sales start. This time, ticket sales will be on 7th, 12th and 15th January, 3 windows to prevent the same thing from happening again, on audition ticket site.

SBS 2008 Gayo DaeJeon: Highlights

More than 60 singers will be present for this event

2008 SBS Gayo DaeJeon took place on 29th December in GyeongGiDo Kintex.

Watch the performances here!

Year-end music festivals

More than 60 singers will be present for this event

As we all know, Korea’s 3 biggest broadcasting company KBS, MBC and SBS will hold their annual year-end music festivals.

The point of the music festivals is to be fun and exciting festivals after the series of award ceremonies ended.

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K Bites – 16.12.2008 (II)

EverySing ‘Happy Christmas with Super Junior Happy’ event


SM Entertainment‘s karaoke entreprise Everysing (www.everysing.com) will be holding a ‘Happy Christmas with Super Junior Happy‘ event.

At the second level of the EverySing building, there will be a photozone area where fans and customers can get autographed Super Junior Happy photos, ‘Boys in City Season 2- Tokyo’ posters, Christmas cards which the Super Junior Happy members have personally decorated and also dolls. There will also be never-revealed photos of Super Junior Happy released for the special event.


Nell last TV appearance on ‘Music Vacation LaLaLa’


Rock group Nell will have their last TV appearance on MBC ‘Music Vacation LaLaLa’ before they entered for their military service. 😦

Nell appeared on 3rd December for the 4th episode filming of the show. Ex-Loveholic member JiSun are amongst some of the guest appearance on the show, and she did a great performance together with Nell vocalist Kim Jong Wan.

Nell recently released their DVD music album last month which collects songs like ‘Part 2’ etc.

This episode of ‘Music Vacation LaLaLa’ will air on 17th December at 12.35am at night.


Super Junior KangIn and Lee Yoon Ji to replace HyunBo on WGM


[sneaked from coolsmurf]

It has been confirmed that Super Junior member, KangIn and actress Lee Yoon Ji will be the replacement couple for the outgoing Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong on MBC star wedding variety We Got Married.

Their first recording took place yesterday where they went shopping for a wedding trousseau. They will have a pretend wedding ceremony in public, held somewhere in Seoul on the 17th. The We Got Married production team hopes that the new couple of KangIn and Lee Yoon Ji will receive lots of attention and love from viewers. They will make their official tv debut on 21st December.

Why Super Concert was cancelled

Fans were left stunned after Super Concert, which was set to have performing artistes like Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior Happy, Jun Jin and Min Gyung Hoon, was cancelled just a day before the concert on 25th October.

The organizers to the concert finally came clear with the reasons to the abrupt cancellation – cashflow problems, which is partly and quite clearly linked to the shrinking music industry over the years.

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No more Super Concert?

Super Concert, which was set to see performing artistes like Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior Happy, Jun Jin and Min Gyung Hoon, was announced canceled.

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ShinDong is happy with his weight loss

And he is planning on cutting down on 10kg more.

Super Junior ShinDong is ‘happy’ to have cut down on 10kg.

ShinDong said in an interview lately, “I started on a diet end-July, and currently I’ve cut down on 10kg. I am planning to cut down on 10kg more.”

ShinDong has been busy lately with the activities in the new Super Junior unique group Super Junior Happy. ShinDong decided to start on reducing his weight ever since he started with Super Junior Happy. He trained out at the sports centre even if his schedules end late. And he saw the results of reduction 10kg in just a month’s time.

“This is not some aim to be slender like the other members. I wanted to show the fans a more healthier me. To show a comfortable and cute ShinDong to the fans.”

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.. 화이팅 신동아!~