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Idols are ‘supermen’ and ‘superwomen’? They want to rest too…

From drama, variety, movies, radio to public performances, the opportunities that idols see these days have increased. It has become an age where idols have to explore other areas and not just stay in one to show off their charms. And these idols will need to spend their energy in the various areas they are exploring into.

The phrase ‘one source multi use’ is just the right one to use on idols. Even though they debuted as singers, they don’t show just the features of a singer. If the stage is not ‘wide’ enough for one, one move on to look at drama, movie, theatre and musicals etc, to show more of one’s charms and talents one cannot show in just the short duration of 3 minutes on stage. In the midst of achieving that, these idols will need the strength of that of an ‘iron man’. Even though this is a chance for the singers to up their rich and fame, without the energy to do so is also useless.

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Super Junior M nominated for ‘best singer award’ at 21st Golden Melody Awards

Super Junior unique group Super Junior M has been nominated for an award at the Golden Melody Awards, a top music awards ceremony in Taiwan.

According to SM Entertainment on 27th May, they have nominated for the ‘Best Singer Group’ award at the 21st Golden Melody Awards together with other big names like Cotton Candy and Power Station.

The SM Entertainment rep commented, “Super Junior M was invited as special guests to attend the Golden Melody Award last year, and having being nominated this year, there has been much interests as to whether they will be the first Korean singers to win an award at the Golden Melody Awards.”

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SM reveals 10.4B KRW for total operating profit in 2010 Q1, highest record since establishment of company

It has been known that SM Entertainment, which manages idol stars like So Nyeo Shi Dae and Super Junior, has achieved a sales record of 22.7B KRW (about 19.74 million USD) for the first quarter of 2010, the highest sales record in history.

SM said, “We see a 58% growth in the sales for the 1st quarter of 2010 from the same quarter last year at 22.7B KRW as officialised on 13th May. And our operating profit is at 10.4B KRW, a growth of 471% from the same quarter last year. This is the best for our company since we were established in 1995.” The operating profit for the whole of last year for the company was 0.93B KRW.

This can be attributed mainly to the sales from So Nyeo Shi Dae 2nd album ‘Oh!’. The group has garnered much loyalty from international fans with their promotions in different parts of Asia in the second half of year 2009.
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Super Junior M bags 3 major awards at China’s Music Festival

Sub group of Super Junior, SuperJunior-M bagged 3 major awards at the China’s music festival last week, showing how high SJ-M’s popularity really is.

On the evening of the 24th, SJ-M received the ‘most popular group’, ‘golden melody award’ and the ‘composer award’ proving that they are very popular artiste in the chinese music industry.

This is the eighth year of this award ceremony, and one of the four most prestigious music award ceremony in China. Hosted by China’s larest and most popular radio channel, the awards incorporate votings by listeners and other methods to determine the winner, and hence is one of China’s most anticipated music award ceremony every year.

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Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ up #1 on Taiwan’s 2009 Top 100 Singles Chart

Group Super Junior‘s ‘Sorry Sorry’ is #1 on Taiwan’s 2009 Top 100 single, selected by a local radio.

Taiwan HitFM picked ‘Sorry Sorry’ as #1 for 2009 Taiwan top 100 single looking at top 100 hit songs released in Taiwan in the past 1 year. HitFM is the radio channel with the highest tune-in rate in Taiwan.

Also on the chart at #11 is Super Junior‘s ‘It’s You’ and at #29 is Super Junior M‘s ‘Super Girl’, proving the group’s popularity in Taiwan. Earlier, it was also reported that the song ‘Sorry Sorry’ is up #1 for 30 weeks on Taiwan online music sit KKBOX for ‘Korea-Japan Top 100 Weekly Chart’.

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HanKyung’s Contract Termination Trial Begins Jan 8

Recently, Super Junior M leader HanKyung’s contract termination request with SM Entertainment has caused great turmoil after being disclosed by the media.

As HanKyung’s representative lawyer Lee disclosed recently, HanKyung has already turned in a “Suspension of Contract Agreement” request and a “Contract Termination” request to court. The trials will begin January 8th in Korea.

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SM to face hefty compensation if Hankyung were to miss Hunan TV’s New Year Eve Concert

During Hunan TV New Year Eve Concert last year, Chen Chusheng’s silent departure became the biggest storm of 2009 created by an artist.

Hunan TV’s 2010 New Year Eve Concert in Shenzhen next week may yet again face the “missing gate” embarrassment. This concert’s heavy-weight guest performer SJ-M member Hankyung is in the mist of terminating his contract with his management company.

Recently, after Hunan TV communicated with the management company, the other party expressed that the problem is not big. But the reporter was told that the possibility of Hankyung making the trip is silm.

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Jang Ri In ‘Rainy Day’ MV featuring SuJu DongHae out!

SM Ent’s Chinese singer Jang Ri In (Zhang Li Yin)’s comeback title song ‘Rainy Day’ MV featuring Super Junior member DongHae revealed!

For Li Yin’s new single, “Sunny Day, Rainy Day”, she not only acts in her own MVs, she also works with Super Junior M Donghae and Henry.

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