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Amidst Tablo’s education certificate controversies, Mithra Jin reported for army duties away from media attention

News have came later that Epik High Mithra has enlisted into army on 3rd August.

A representative from Mithra Jin’s side revealed through a phone conversation with MTStarNews on 3rd August said, “Mithra Jin has reported for his army at ChoonCheon 102 centre today. Mithra Jin has report for active duty in the army.”

The rep said, “Because of other member Tablo’s education certification controversy which had made so much noise in the media, Mithra Jin had wanted to report for army quietly.”

Epik High’s last album before Mithra Jin reported for army was ‘epilogue’ released in March, and he will be serving the army duties for the next 2 years.

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Official, “Tablo had slipped into depression amidst allegations of fake education certification”

Epik High Tablo reveals that he had slipped into depression through the recent case of fake education qualification allegations in June.

An official revealed recently, “It had been tough for Tablo with the case. And he had displayed symptoms of depression.”

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Stanford University registrar Tomas Black speaks up on Tablo’s recent criticisms

As if the official verification and official letter from the registrar of Stanford University is not enough, Tomas Black of the college registra recently came out for an interview to talk about the false criticisms against Epik High Tablo regarding his educational certification.

Due to the overwhelming responses from fans and netizens surrounding the criticisms, Tablo’s activities is also put on hold for the moment.

Stanford University release official verification to Tablo’s educational certification

Stanford University comes out to verify amidst the recent criticisms of Epik High Tablo faking his education certification.

Stanford University vice president Tom Black posted up a PDF file verifying that Tablo’s education certification of masters degree at the college on the college’s official Twitter on 12th June. The PDF reveals the official letter with regards to the the criticisms against Tablo recently.

Go under the cut for the full content to the letter.

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Tablo talks about how a life can be nearly destroyed by malicious netizens

In the middle of fighting a cyber-witchhunt questioning his degrees from Stanford University, singer/actor Tablo sat down with the JoongAng Daily yesterday for an exclusive, two-hour interview in which he discussed family, his music career – and the ability of anonymous netizens to destroy both. Here are excerpts.

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Epik High Tablo to come out and clear up on allegations of fake college degree

Epik High Tablo speaks up about allegations of fake degree.

Woollim Entertainment said on 9th June, “We have recently received verifications from Stanford University of his graduation. With the reveal of the verifications, all the criticisms and allegations against his education background will be put to an end.”

The agency is currently in discussions on how they will reveal the evidence and verifications, either through press conference or through their homepage.
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No-show for Epik High for Infinite’s debut showcase amidst recent fake degree allegations against Tablo

Epik High will not be attending the debut showcase of newcomer group Infinite, groomed personally under them.

An official told Newsen on 8th June through a phone conversation, “Epik High was supposedly going to be the MCs for newcomer group Infinite’s showcase, but with the recent issues and rumours of fake education qualifications for Tablo, it has been decided that Epik High will not be attending it. The centre of attention should be Infinite, so we will avoid having to talk about it.”

And about rumours of Tablo’s fake degree, the rep said, “He really did attend Stanford University. We will be revealing more decisive information in a while.”

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Tablo’s certifications in Stanford Uni verified amidst allegations of fake education qualifications but questions still remain

Involved in allegation of counterfeiting his educational certifications, Epik High Tablo confirms that he had graduated from Stanford University with a master degree.

Verifications was issued by the relevant officials in the States on 7th June, it has been confirmed that Daniel Seon Woong Lee (Tablo’s real name) had entered Stanford University in September 1996, and received his bachelor’s in April 2001 and then his master degree in April 2002.

Since the full name and birth date matched Tablo’s, chances that this is someone else is slim, hence it is confirmed that this is verifications to Tablo’s education. There was another candidate by the name of Daniel Lee in the records who graduated with computer science degree in 2008, but that is confirmed as someone else and not Tablo.

But still, doubts about Tablo’s education qualifications still remain.

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