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Se7en comeback minialbum tracklist + teaser to ‘Digital Bounce’ revealed

Se7en reveals his comeback title song.

The album tracklist together with the song ‘Digital Bounce’ were revealed on Se7en’s homepage on 13th July.

It is known that of the 7 songs included in Se7en’s upcoming minialbum, the title song will be ‘Better Together’, produced under Teddy.

The song ‘Digital Bounce’ also features the rap of Big Bang TOP.

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Se7en for singer comeback on 21st July, great anticipation for the ‘great transformation’

Se7en will have his singer comeback after 3 years and 8 months in Korea on 21st July.

This is according to YG Entertainment on 11th July, “Se7en will release his new album on 21st July. And from 9th July, a teaser page that resembles the movie ‘Matrix’ has been opened.”

It is known that for this album, Teddy is one of the producers in charged. And the agency also involved other new composers to showcase variety in music. A YG rep said, “There will be a great transformation in the image for Se7en since this is his comeback after so long. And we have also roped in all the producers in YG to work on the album for a long time.”

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Yang HyunSeok, “Big Bang and 2NE1 will do well even if they are to debut in the American music market”

Big Bang to 2NE1, and even Se7en and Gummy. This summer, we are seeing the comeback of some of the biggest artistes in Kpop. As Yang HyunSeok word it, “YG mobilization”.

Since 2NE1’s minialbum released last July, there has not been any offline album release from YG Family. And the question is why the 1 year blank for some of the great artistes in Kpop like Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en and Gummy?

Yang HyunSeok explained, “For a singer, the contents is very important when it comes to determin win or defeat. The YG members had made use of the time to make and practise their new songs. From July, the YG singers will be back in order.”

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Gummy, comeback on Music Core after 1 year

Singer Gummy is having her comeback stage on MBC “Show! Music Core” on the 8th, after one year.

Gummy, who released her mini album “Loveless” last month on the 30th, is planned to sing her title song “As A Man” and “There is No Love.” She will also sing “Because of You,” which is rapidly rising on various charts.

“As A Man” is the first of Gummy’s songs that YG’s main producer, Teddy, took part in. It has a unique charm, with Gummy’s vocals on top of hip hop beats.

Especially, Gummy’s appearance on MBC is garnering interest. Last year, all of the artists of YG Ent. did not appear on any of MBC’s programs. Because of this, there were many rumors and misunderstandings surrounding YG and MBC.

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SS501 Kim HyunJoong and actress Jung RyeoWon to star in Gummy’s new MV ‘As A Man’

SS501 Kim HyunJoong will appear in Gummy’s new minialbum title song ‘As A Man’.

It was known that Kim HyunJoong and actress Jung RyeoWon have completed the MV filming for Gummy’s new song ‘As A Man’ on 22nd and 23rd April. Even though Kim HyunJoong will be doing a Japan concert performance on 25th April, he still agreed to help out with appearing in Gummy’s MV since this is her comeback after 2 years.

Kim HyunJoong and RyeoWon are said to play lovers in the MV.

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Gummy releases MV for ‘There Is No Love’

Coming back with a new album ‘Loveless’ to be released on 29th April, Gummy reveals the full song and MV to the minialbum title song ‘There is no love’ on 22nd April.

This will be Gummy’s appearance in her own MV after 5 years. Meanwhile, the minialbum contains 2 title song, the other one titled ‘As a man’. And it is known that the producer to the title song is Teddy. Meanwhile, a MV for ‘As A Man’ is also produced since this is Gummy’s comeback after 2 years.

Park JinYoung voted the #1 overrated composer

Singer producer Park JinYoung has been chosen as the #1 overrated composer.

A survey was done from 16th till 23rd March on DCInside on the question ‘Which famous composer do you think is overrated?’ and Park JinYoung was rated #1 on the survey.

1,769 of the total of 6,723 netizens who participated in the survey chosen Park Jin Young. All this while, Park JinYoung has received much love for his producing and composing for not only his own albums but also albums for singers like G.O.D, Park JiYoon, WonderGirls, 2PM etc.

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Big Bang ‘Lollipop 2’ digital single to be released on 19th February

After 1 year (from the first Lollipop single), Big Bang is back with Lollipop 2. The digital single will again be used for LG Cyon’s CF just like last year.

Last year, Lollipop topped all charts and made “Lollipop Fashion” popular. There were also a lot of video parodies made.

This year, Big Bang will come back with a song that will showcase their improved vocals and harmony. Producer Teddy and Big Bang’s GDragon and T.O.P collaborated for this song and the style of will be electronic hip-hop.

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