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MV to Brave Brothers-Jay Park ‘I Want To Cry’ released

The MV to the song ‘I Want To Cry’ by the Brave Brothers and Park JaeBum has been released on 11th August.

Actress Sung Yuri is featured in the MV. The song is off Brave Brothers’ 1st full length album ‘The Classic’ to be released in early September.

Brave Brothers, “If given the chance again, I want to work JaeBum to produce music”

The song ‘I Want To Cry’ by the Brave Brothers and Park JaeBum has finally been revealed.

The song, off Brave Brother’s first album ‘The Classic’, was revealed on 10th August, and it features JaeBum as the lyricist as well as the rap and vocal.

The song, after its reveal, went up to the #1 spot on various online realtime music charts, garnering great interests from music fans. Brave Brothers commented, “JaeBum has shown his capabilities in terms of rap and vocals through working together for this album, if given the chance again, I will want to produce music with JaeBum again.”

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6-member UKiss to return as 7-member with new uljjang member for 3rd single comeback


Boyband UKiss will be returning to the Kpop scene not as 6 members but as 7 members, with one new member.

They will be releasing their 3rd single early next month, and they will also have a new member join them, as announced by their company on 28th October on their official homepage.

It was stated that, “The new member is a well known ‘uljjang’ Lee KiSeop in SeongNam. He is scouted for his talents and has joined UKiss.”

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Stars talk about what the 20s mean to them – featuring Lee Hyori, GDragon, Rain etc


The 3rd 2009 Mnet 20’s Choice to be held coming 28th August in JamSil Stadium will be an event for the 20s in Korea, the representative trend setters in Korea.

And with that, a relay interview ’20 people in 2o’s’ was done on the stars which youths in their 20s love. The interview features like 20 stars Lee Hyori, GDragon, Rain, Shim MinAh, Goo HyeSun, Seo In Young, Tablo, Im DongHyuk, Lee JunKi etc.

Read them all here…

MV releases 20.08.2009 – Brave Brothers, B2Y, T-ara


New Kpop MV releases today, we have MVs by:

  • Brave Brothers with ‘Invisible’ featuring Son DamBi and Lee MinWoo
  • B2Y with debut song ‘Jeez!’
  • T-ara‘s new version of ‘Lies’ MV by the pool
  • And others by Big Queens, E.via and KARA

Watch them all here…

K Bites – 18.08.2009 (Jewelry, 2NE1, GDragon-Brave Brothers)

Jewelry at MV filming for ‘Vari2ty’


Fans get a sneakpeek into Jewelry at the filming of their new MV after concept photos to the group’s comeback were released previously.

They will be releasing their 6th album ‘Sophisticated’ on 25th August, and on 15th August they were at a filming set in GyeongGiDo filming for their title song MV ‘vari2ty’. And the girls were seen in designer Lee SangBong fashion collection for the MV filming.

It was said that Lee SangBong has agreed to help out with the fashion clothing aspect to the MV filming. And the members were seen in noble and elegant women concept for the MV. 

2NE1 ‘I Don’t Care’ voted the best summer hit from YG Family


Girl group 2NE1 has shown their power through the great summer heat.

A survey was done on music site Monkey3 (www.monkey3.co.kr) from 7th to 14th August on the question, “Which is the YG Family summer music which can help you forget the summer heat?” and 2NE1 was voted #1.

The song was voted with the reasons provided by netizens, “The soft reggae melody is just addictive”, “A song that gives out great refreshing and cooling feeling”, “Representative song for this summer” etc.

The survey results:

  1. 2NE1 – ‘I Don’t Care’ (59%, 292 out of 299 voters)
  2. Big Bang – ‘Gara Gara
  3. 1TYM – ‘Hot’ (Netizens: “This is the song that is enjoyable anytime and everytime I listen to it”, “A song with a great summer feel”)
  4. Se7en – ‘Girls’ (Netizens: “I hope that Se7en will quickly comeback and release a new album in Korea”)

Same day release – Big Bang GDragon vs Brave Brothers


Big Bang GDragon and the Brave Brothers (Gan DongCheol) released their first solo album on the first day today.

GDragon released his first solo album ‘Heartbreaker’ on his 22nd birthday today, which includes 10 songs in it. With accusations of plagiarisms after the preview to the album was released earlier, fans holds much more anticipation to the album release.

The MV to the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ directed by Seo HyunSeung who also did 2NE1’s ‘Fire’ MV, was also released on the day of the album release. GDragon was seen in a strong new image for his MV.

While producer the Brave Brothers also released his first project album on 18th August today. Known to be one of Korea’s best music producer, much attention is put on Brave Brother’s emphasis that his album will continue music and sounds of his own style.

Other than that, over and underground music artistes are also featured in this album like Son DamBi, Lee MinWoo, 4Minute HyunA, Red Roc, 마부스 etc.

Listen to full album to Brave Brothers’ ‘Attitude’ here…

Brave Brothers teases with preview to title song ‘Invisible’

The Brave Brothers released the teaser MV to his upcoming solo album ‘Attitude’ title song ‘Invisible’ featuring singers Son DamBi and Lee MinWoo on 17th August.

The MV is directed by the same director who did Son DamBi‘s ‘Crazy’, Saturday Night’ MVs and also After School‘s ‘Ah’ and ‘Diva’ MVs. This is an album 8 years in preparation by The Brave Brothers, and in the MV, Son DamBi has also don the futurism image.

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New Releases 13.08.2009 – HwangBo, Baek Ji Young, Navi-HyunA, Brave Brothers


New releases today in a glance:

  • HwangBo releases MV teaser to ‘Arisong’
  • Navi and 4Minute HyunA collaboration with ‘Wasteful Tears’ MV released
  • Baek Ji Young full EGO minialbum revealed
  • Brave Brothers‘ ‘Brave Sound’ MV revealed

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