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Amidst criticisms of ‘belly fat’ against UEE, After School GaHee reveals proof-shot

A photo of After School UEE and GaHee revealed garners the interests of the netizens.

Recently, UEE was under criticisms after photos of her ’embarrassing belly fat’ showing from her performing costume were revealed.

And GaHee posted the photo on her minihompy on 5th August under a post titled ‘2010 August 5th – Daily’. The photo was taken with UEE while the girls were shopping in Singapore, and they were both doing a cool pose in it. And UEE was seen with a slim fit and dispelling the criticisms against her of late.

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After School UEE caught in ‘belly fat’ embarrassment once more

After School UEE is once again caught in a ‘belly fat’ embarrassment.

Photos of UEE at a recent event uploaded on various online portal sites have been garnering the interests of netizens. Seen in black hot pants and a red short top, a little belly fat was seen on UEE.

It has been known that UEE has been putting on weight for her role in upcoming drama ‘Birdy Buddy’ where she plays a golfer.

Netizens commented, “If so, she should wear something that fits her size”, “Can she breathe in those tight clothes” while some commented, “She looks more amiable and approachable”.

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UEE, “Before debut, I almost had a blind date with pro baseballer Kim KwangHyun”

After School UEE reveals that she has been set for a blind date with professional baseball player Kim KwangHyun (SK Wayverns).

UEE’s audition clip for ‘ Bad Diary’ was revealed during the latest episode of O’Live TV ‘Bad Diary 4’ aired on 28th July. UEE said back then, “Last year, I was recommended by a staff at the SK baseball team to meet up with pro player Kim KwangX through my father. This player is a national representative, has even taken part in the Olympics and he earn big bucks. But I was rejected by him. I shall be an anti from now,” joking.

With the first 2 characters of the pro player’s name revealed, many fans are able to guess just who UEE was referring to.

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G.NA, “Chest surgery? I didn’t do it…”

“I didn’t do surgery!”

The super rookie singer Gina (G.NA), who is currently gaining attention as the next generation sexy queen like Lee Hyori and Son Dambi, expressed her difficulty when picking out stage costumes.

Gina’s debut title song ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live’ (which is making the music industry shine hotly) is a light R&B song that is placing importance on her outstanding singing ability. However, when she starts singing on stage, the audience and the watchers ignore her voice and instead, they keep taking glances of her chest.

In addition to having a height of 169cm and a waist of 25in, she has a fantastic body and even D-cups that are rarely seen in Asian women.

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G.NA, “I grew impatient seeing the other 5Girls members debut one after another”

Super rookie G.NA expresses his affection to the other 5Girls members.

G.NA said in a recent interview with Newsen, “I have been keeping in contact with the 5Girls and we have been encouraging each other on. Even though much time has passed, I still feel overwhelmed knowing that I will be promoting with the other members.”

G.NA was supposed to debut as part of 5Girls in 2007 as the leader member. And the other members from the group includes WonderGirls YooBin, After School UEE and Secret HyoSeong etc who had later debuted in other groups before G.NA.

G.NA said, “Even though I cannot talk to the 5Girls members often on the phone, we will communicate via other mediums like minihompy or email. When YooBin was promoting in the States, we would text message each other. UEE will also keep in touch with me even though she is busy with her drama filming. And for HyoSeong, I gets to see her often since we use the same recording studio.”

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Son DamBi, “I don’t hate UEE. It breaks my heart to have such misunderstandings”

Singer Son DamBi was flustered and reveals her thoughts when she was asked the question, “Do you hate After School UEE?”

Son DamBi did guest appearance on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star aired on 7th July. The MCs then asked, “We heard that Son DamBi hates UEE.” Son DamBi answered, “There is no such thing. Such misunderstanding breaks me heart. I don’t know how to give a response to this,” seemingly flustered.

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G.NA debuts with duet song ‘Things I Want To Do If I Have A Lover’ featuring Rain

‘New Generation Diva’ G.NA is set to debut with duet song ‘Things I want To Do If I have A Lover’ with world star Rain.

Known for her great vocal capabilities and luxurious charms even before her official debut, G.NA is set to debut with the duet ‘Things I Want To Do If I Have A Lover’ with Rain set to be revealed on 5th July. G.NA was set to debut in group 5Girls consisting of WonderGirls YooBin, After School UEE which she is also the leader member, but she later on joined Cube Entertainment when the group disbanded.

Her debut duet song is a pop ballad with urban R&B rhythm and acoustic guitar sounds. This will also be Rain’s first duet song since his debut.

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After School JungAh, “Jealous of UEE? I pity her more”

After School JungAh talks about team member UEE.

JungAh was one of the After School guest appearances on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star aired on 30th June.

JungAh was asked on the show, “By any chance, have you been jealous of UEE?” JungAh replied, “As compared to being jealous, I pity her more. It is because she has much more schedule than me.”

Meanwhile, Son DamBi also did guest appearance on the show that day with the After School member Nana, JungAh and GaHee.