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UKiss SooHyun leaves musical ‘Chorus Line’ to concentrate on preparing for UKiss’ new album

UKiss member SooHyun will leave his first ever musical participation ‘Chorus Line’ amidst busy schedule in preparing for UKiss’ new album.

SooHyun was first casted for the musical in June, but he had joined later than the other cast who did their practising for the musical earlier. And even amidst his busy schedule, SooHyun had worked hard to practise for the musical. He was also busy with the preparations for UKiss’ upcoming album as well as various variety show appearances.

The first showing for the musical was on 29th July and SooHyun had received compliments from the seniors for his professionalism and good performance. However SooHyun will have to leave the musical as he had to concentrate on the new album productions as well as the group’s Asia tour schedule.

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‘Hallyu Dream Concert’ to take place on 12th September with 22 performing Kpop stars

The Hallyu Dream Concert hosted by Korea Entertainment Producer Association, ‘Visit Korea’ Committee and GyeongJoo; and sponsored by Ministry of Culture will take place on 12th September in GyeongJoo Citizen Stadium at 6pm.

This concert is planned in line with the 2010~2012 Visit Korea project which is a large scale cultural event for those in Korea and overseas to enjoy the drama, fashion and music which are the main elements to the Hallyu wave.

The performing artistes for this concert are confirmed to be Super Junior, 2PM, KangTa, 2AM, 2NE1, SE7en, 4Minute, BEAST, Son DamBi, KARA, After School, miss A, FT Island, Supernova, Davichi, T-ara, MBLAQ, Ukiss, ZE:A, Secret, Flower, Seo InKook etc. There are a total of 22 performing teams (102 singers). And already, there has been growing interests from audiences in Korea and overseas.

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Mnet M!Countdown 05.08.2010 – Se7en kiss hello to his 2nd #1

On Mnet M!Countdown live broadcasted on 5th August, singer Se7en won his 2nd #1 for his comeback song ‘Better Together’.

Go under the cut for the other performance cuts.

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Hot interests with 2PM Nich Khun addressing f(x) Victoria with “my wife”

2PM Nich Khun’s recent addressing of f(x) Victoria as ‘my wife’ has garnered much interests from netizens and fans.

Nich Khun had posted a comment on a photo posted up on UKiss Alexander’s Twitter taken during the recent filming of SBS Star King. Nich Khun commented, “That’s my wife sitting in the front! Tell her I said ‘HI’ for me Alex! thanks buddy~”

Fans who saw his comments replied, “Please don’t call her your wife right from the first broadcast”, “I object this marriage”, “Nich ah, this is not the way” etc.

Meanwhile, just previously, Nich Khun and Victoria are confirmed as the new made-believe couple on MBC We Got Married and the first filming took place on 1st June.

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“2010 Dream Concert” in replace of SBS Inki Gayo 30.05.2010

Previously K Bites shares you the red carpet, artists performances and fancams from the most anticipated concert “2010 Dream Concert” .

And today, 30 May 2010, as everybody knows, SBS TV aired the concert in replace of  SBS Inki Gayo show.

The concert was held on 22 May 2010 at Seoul World Cup Stadium from 7:00 pm local time. 2o performing teams were giving their best performance at the concert, in front of a 45,000-strong crowd, including: 2PM, Super Junior, WonderGirls, Rain, Lee Hyori, So Nyeo Shi Dae, SS501, KARA, After School, SHINee, f(x), BEAST, T-ara, MBLAQ, 4Minute, UKiss, Rainbow, ZE:A, Davichi, F.Cuz etc

Go under the cut for the stage performances!

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Super Junior Kim HeeChul to MC for Dream Concert for the 3rd consecutive year

Super Junior Kim HeeChul will be MC for Dream Concert for the 3rd consecutive year.

A SM Entertainment representative told Newsen on 21st May, “Kim HeeChul will be the MC for Dream Concert tomorrow (22nd May).”

And it is revealed that Kim HeeChul will be MC’ing the concert alongside 2PM TaecYeon and actress Shin SaeKyung. This will be Shin SaeKyung’s first MC attempt while TaecKyung is currently the MC for SBS Inkigayo.

Meanwhile, Dream Concert 2010 will take place on 22nd May at 7pm in Seoul WorldCup Stadium featuring performing artistes like Lee Hyori, Rain, 2PM, WonderGirls, So Nyeo Shi Dae, SS501, Super Junior, SHINee, After School, KARA, UKiss, ZE:A, T-ara, 4Minute, f(x), F.Cuz, MBLAQ, Rainbow and BEAST etc.

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UKiss DongHo on no-dating rule set by company

U-KISS’s Dongho sighed at the no-dating rule made by his company. He expressed his regret regarding his agency banning U-KISS members from dating on the May 9th broadcast of SBS “Shin Dong Yup’s 300”.

U-KISS’s Soohyun and Dongho appeared were among the participants in this episode. In this episode, there was a topic discussing about dating. It is to find out the opinion of the participants about whether dating during school is better than dating after graduating.

MC Shin Dong Yup asked Dongho “What do you think of dating in school?” and he answered “I’m fine with it” while talking a deep breath, which aroused lots of curiousity.

Dongho then revealed “Instead of my parents, it’s my company who banned us from dating. Our company told us that we are banned from dating” ans sighed deeply.

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SBS Inkigayo 09.05.2010 – Lee Hyori wins 3rd mutizen with ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’!

Today on SBS Inkigayo, diva Lee Hyori wins her 3rd Mutizen with her comeback song ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’!

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts, including KARA’s ‘Green Sports Song’ video!

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