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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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Brave Brothers, “If given the chance again, I want to work JaeBum to produce music”

The song ‘I Want To Cry’ by the Brave Brothers and Park JaeBum has finally been revealed.

The song, off Brave Brother’s first album ‘The Classic’, was revealed on 10th August, and it features JaeBum as the lyricist as well as the rap and vocal.

The song, after its reveal, went up to the #1 spot on various online realtime music charts, garnering great interests from music fans. Brave Brothers commented, “JaeBum has shown his capabilities in terms of rap and vocals through working together for this album, if given the chance again, I will want to produce music with JaeBum again.”

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miss A up #1 on Monkey3 weekly chart for the 4th consecutive week

Newcomer girlgroup miss A comes up strong on music charts.

The group’s debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ is up #1 on music site Monkey3 weekly chart for the 5th week of July. This is the song’s 4th consecutive week up #1 on the chart.

At #2 is SHINee with their comeback song ‘Lucifer’ and #3 ‘Eat Well’ by 2AM ChangMin and 8eight Lee Hyun.Monday Kiz and V.O.S collaboration ‘Going Crazy’ climbed up 16 rankings to be at #4 on the chart this week.

While 4Minute’s theme song for SuperStar K2 ‘Super Star’ and ChaeYeon’s new song ‘Look Look Look’ is up #6 and #9 on the chart respectively. And Son DamBi’s song ‘queen’ had fallen 5 rankings to be at #7 on the chart.

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Mnet M!Countdown 20.05.2010- ‘faceoff’ between WonderGirls ‘2DT’ and 4Minute ‘HuH’ to watch out for

WonderGirls wil have her comeback after 1 year and 8 months.

The WonderGirls will performing their comeback title song ‘2 Different Tears’ on Mnet M!Countdown on 20th May. This will be their comeback since their last performance in Korea with ‘Nobody’ in 2008, and also it will be new member HyeRim’s first live stage in Korea.

At the same time, ex-member HyunA will also be having her comeback as part of 4Minute with the song ‘HuH’ released on 19th May.

Other comeback stages for the day include C.N Blue with ‘Love’ and ‘Sweet Holiday’, and MBLAQ  with ‘Y’ and ‘One Better Day’. This will also be the first time that MBLAQ and Rain perform on the same weekly music show together.

The rest of the performance lineup includes: 2PM who have won #1 on the show for 3 consecutive weeks with ‘Without U’, as well as performances by Lyn, Davichi, Double K, Seo InKook, V.O.S Choi HyunJun and 8eight etc.

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V.O.S Park JiHeon reveals photo of 2nd son GangChan

VOS member Park JiHeon reveals a photo taken with his 2nd son on his minihompy.

In the photo revealed recently, Park JiHeon was posing for a photo carrying his 2nd son while shopping at a mart. His 2nd son was born last August, and is named GangChan.

Netizens’ responses are, “GangChan is really pretty, and the oppa is very cool”, “He has grown so much, and his father looks cool”, “It is good to see that you are looking happy” etc. It is known that there were over 100 replies to this new photo posted up by Park JiHeon.

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MC Mong and Seo InYoung collaborate for the first time for duet ‘Bubble Love’

MC Mong and Seo InYoung will come together for duet for the first time.

MC Mong and Seo InYoung will collaborate for a duet song ‘Bubble Love’ for composer Jo YeongSoo’s 3rd signature album ”All Star 2.5′.

The song talks about the story of lovers in innocent and pure love and Seo InYoung’s voice is beautifully complemented with MC Mong’s rap in the song. Seo In Young will also show a cute side of her not shown before.

Even though he had recently got into an accident and got himself 6 stitches on his forehead, MC Mong kept his promise in recording the song.

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[Review] SeeYa lead vocal YeonJi releases first solo song

Female group SeeYa lead vocal YeonJi will be releasing her first solo song.

YeonJi has been known for her great vocals power in group SeeYa. And recently SeeYa released their new album ‘Rebloom’ featuring title song ‘His Voice’ and SeeYa also did a collaboration with T-ara and Davichi with ‘Super Woman’ – both songs were well received by fans.

And YeonJi will be releasing her solo song ‘Let’s Meet Again’, a ballad song talking about one realising the love and waiting for the loved one after he/she had left. It is composed by Jo YeongSoo who is also known as the hit-maker. The song is the prelude to the upcoming ‘All Star 2.5’ album produced under Jo YeongSoo.

Listen to the song under the cut

V.O.S members Choi HyunJoon and Kim GyeongRok return to Star Empire!

Popular vocal group V.O.S members Choi HyunJoon and Kim KyungRok are said to have return to their formal management company Star Empire Entertainment.

Accord to Star Empire, V.O.S members have recently termination their contract with their current company Javon Entertainment and has returned to Star Empire.

With that Choi HyunJoon and Kim KyeongRok under Star Empire, and member Park JiHeon under Javon Entertainment, will continue to concentrate on their promotional activities in Japan which they started last year-end as group V.O.S.

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Jo Kwon and GaIn’s duet ‘We Fell In Love’ taking music chart by storm

2AM Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn‘s debut collaboration ‘We Fell In Love’ has been taking music charts by storm.

The song has climbed up to the #1 spot on Monkey 3 site for the 4th week of December (21st ~ 27th December) in the same week of its release. The 2 who are currently playing make-believe couple for MBC We Got Married and the lyrics to the song talks about the real story of the 2 in a soft melody.

#2 goes to Gummy‘s ‘Because Of You’ which is also the main theme for SBS drama ‘Will it snow this Christmas?’.

Go under the cut for the rest of the chart results.

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