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YounHa’s new song ‘Broke Up Today’ up #1 on music chart for the 2nd week

Singer YounHa‘s new song has received positive response from music fans.

YounHa‘s latest album 3rd album Part B ‘Growing Season’ title song ‘Broke Up Today’ is up # 1 on Dosirak music chart for the 2nd consecutive week.

The song was revealed on 11th December and is a ballad number showing a more matured YounHa through the melody, lyrics and YounHa‘s strong vocals. And on the same day of release, about 5000 netizens have rated it best on the site’s poll chart.

Go under the cut for the rest of the chart results.

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SG Wannabe and V.O.S collaborate for propose song ‘Love’

The 2 male vocal powerhouse SG Wannabe and V.O.S have come together for a project single ‘Love’ released on 17th December.

Love it or not?

4Minute releases Christmas song ‘Jingle Jingle’ with Mario and Amen

4Minute releases a new Christmas song with Maria and Amen.

For a change after their dance hit songs like ‘Hot Issue’ and ‘Muzik’, 4Minute shows their vocal capabiltiies through the  releases of a Christmas song ‘Jingle Jingle’ with singer Mario and rapper Amen.

The song is written by Han SangWon, who produced many hit songs for singers like SeeYa, VOS, SS501, Bada, IU etc.

One great song for the season.

Star Empire, “Company is facing crisis, but we have to go ahead with Child Of Empire no matter what”


Star Empire has expressed their regret for group V.O.S’ transfer to another company.

On Mnet ‘Return of the Empire’s Children’ aired on 19th October, the representative Shin JooHak of Star Empire said, “This year, there is no much profits for Star Empire and we have no backup plan for that. With that, we call it a crisis for the company. With various situations of singers like transfer of company and inactivity, we will have to go ahead with Child Of Empire unconditionally.”

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V.O.S back with new song 3 months after moving to new management company


It has been just 3 months since vocal group V.O.S made a transfer from their old to new management company, and they are already back with a new song.

For the first episode of MBC weekend drama ‘Making Fate’ to be aired on 10th October, V.O.S will be singing the OST song for the drama.

The drama ‘Making Fate’ is also the comeback drama for singer-turned-actress Eugene and is a lighthearted romance drama.

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GDragon voted #1 as the ‘overrated singer songwriter’


Group Big Bang leader GDragon has been voted #1 by netizens as the ‘Overrated singer songwriter’.

Community site DCInside did a poll on the question “Which singer songwrite do you think is overrated?” from 22nd to 29th September. And GDragon was given 8133 (52.6%) votes out of 15,467 votes, coming in at #1.

Go under the cut to find out who else was voted on the survey.

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New 9-member boyband Child Of Empire to take the Kpop world by storm


9-member group Child of Empire is set to debut!

Jewelry‘s company Star Empire Entertainment revealed, “The group will debut in November officially, but from 28th September, they will be holding guerrilla concerts nationwide.”

The group will perform in major cities, including Seoul, for their guerrilla concert. Their seonbae from Star Empire, V.O.S will also be showing their support by appearing for their guerrilla concert.

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K Bites – 17.07.2009 II (Shoo-Bada, Lee Hyori-Park Bom, SNSD-2NE1)

S.E.S Shoo and Bada will be having their comeback at the same time


After 7 years since S.E.S last release, member Shoo will have her comeback during the time period as another member Bada.

Shoo will be releasing a digital single between end-August and beginning of September. She is returning to stage 7 years since S.E.S’s 5th album ‘Choose My Life-U’.

Bada will also be having her comeback at the same time period as Shoo, and Shoo has expressed her excitement about that.

It has also been known that Shoo will not be doing a dance song but will be donning the cute image for her comeback. Even though all this time she has not been active in Korea, she has taken part in musicals in Japan.

Lee Hyori’s advice for Park Bom, “Go drinking and clubbing too”

2NE1 was on KBS CoolFM ‘Maybee’s volume up’ on 16th July. And Maybee has asked who the role models to the group are. Park Bom has answered ‘Beyonce and Lee Hyori’.

With that, Lee Hyori had made a surprise phone call. Park Bom has got very excited since she had always answered ‘teacher Lee Hyori’ when asked how her role model is.

Lee Hyori said, “A while back, I sent a message to Bommie encouraging her and telling her she did well with the group’s new song but there was no reply.”

Surprised, Park Bom said, “My mobile phone was changed hence I didn’t receive the message.” Lee Hyori, “When I try to contact my juniors, they all tell me they have changed their numbers.” trying to make the atmosphere comfortable.

When asked what features Park Bom should take after herself, Hyori said, “Bommie is a girl who can go very far but she is a little shy. So go drinking, and have fun, go clubbing too and get to know guys and lead a free lifestyle. Do not confine yourself, try different fashion styles, and try on different markeup, she will be a cooler Bommie than now.”

So Nyeo Shi Dae clears away the challenge by 2NE1 to win #1 for 3 weeks consecutive


So Nyeo Shi Dae has cleared away the challenge set by 2NE1 and has been up at the #1 position for the 3rd week consecutive.

On music site Monkey3, So Nyeo Shi Dae’s song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ has been up #1 on the chart on the site for the 2nd week of July, on for the 3rd consecutive week, clearing away the competition from 2NE1’s song ‘I Don’t Care’.

‘Tell Me Your Wish’ is up #1 for download and streaming, with 15% of the download streaming content going to the song. Apart of that, the girls are also #1 on KBS Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo occuping the Kpop scene for the 2nd week of July.

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