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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Watch 2PM ChanSung, TaecYeon and WooYoung transform as Orange Caramel

2PM members ChanSung, TaecYeon and WooYoung transformed as Orange Caramel for their first independent concert.

The photo of the 3 members dressed up as Nana, Raina and Lizzy in After School unique group Orange Caramel during the concert last weekend was posted up on a fan cafe. Fan accounts stated that, “Their costumes and choreography were perfect, but they gave a different feeling as compared to Orange Caramel.”

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Oh gosh cute”, “This is really funny” etc.

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WooYoung and TaeYeon to leave KBS WinWin as MCs

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon and 2PM WooYoung will leave KBS 2TV WinWin as MCs.

This is according to a KBS representative that the 2 will be leaving as MCs on the show for the time being.

The representative revealed on 28th July, “TaeYeon and WooYoung will leave the show as MCs and we are currently seeing to their leaving of the show.”

TaeYeon will be joining the rest of the So Nyeo Shi Dae members for their Japanese activities while WooYoung will also join 2PM for their group activities.

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Jo Kwon and Jung YongHwa to be new MCs on SBS Inkigayo

Singers Jo Kwon and Jung YongHwa will be the new MCs on SBS Inkigayo.

It has been announced that 2AM Jo Kwon and C.N Blue Jung YongHwa will take the places as the new MCs to Inkigayo together with current MC Sulli from 18th July.

An official from the production team for Inkigayo told MTStarNews on 11th July, “Jo Kwon and Jung YongHwa will be the new MCs for Inkigayo.”

This follows the leaving of MCs TaecYeon and WooYoung on the show on 11th July.

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Nich Khun, “I want to beat WooYoung… Victoria I will not visit clubs anymore”

2PM Nich Khun complains with the comments by other 2PM members WooYoung and JunHo about him.

On MBC We Got Married aired on 10th July, Nich Khun and Victoria were having a date in Seoul HongDae to celebrate their ‘marriage’ when WooYoung and JunHo paid them a visit.

WooYoung had told Victoria on the show, “Nich Khun is a club maniac.” And Victoria asked, “So does Nich Khun just drink at clubs?” WooYoung then answered, “He goes straight to the stage.”

Nich Khun then defended himself, “WooYoung was just joking. I don’t mix around with girls. I just dance with the guys.”

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TaeYang and Sulli have similar smiling eyes

TaeYang and Sulli’s cute smiling eyes captures the attention of TV viewers.

TaeYang was on SBS Inkigayo on 4th July for his comeback stage for his 1st solo album ‘Solar’ and was featured for an interview with the MCs TaecYeon, WooYoung and Sulli.

During his interview, TaeYang said, “For this song, I am going for a more soft and manly image. As compared to saying that this is a big transformation, it is a style that suits me well.”

WooYoung then said, “Your smiling eyes are similar to that of MC Sulli,” and the 2 had posed together with their smiling eyes. The other 2 MCs commented, “Really look alike.”

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SNSD TaeYeon chosen as the most anticipated ‘variety show MC idol’

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon is chosen as the #1 idol most anticipated as ‘variety idol’.

On community portal site DC Inside, a survey was done from 22nd till 29th June and the question was asked to netizens on ‘Most anticipated variety idol as variety MC’. Out of the total of 29,151 votes, about 8,319 (28.5%) went to So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon.

TaeYeon is known for her great speaking and variety sense through her various variety shows appearances including being the DJ on MBC radio ‘TaeYeon’s ChinChin’ radio show which ended previously in April. During her time on the radio show, TaeYeon has remained #1 for the listener rate during her show’s time slot. She is currently MC-ing on KBS 2TV WinWin.

Go under the cut for the rest of the survey results.

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SNSD HyoYeon’s mystery crush revealed?

The mystery to So Nyeo Shi Dae HyoYeon’s crush solved?

In a recent report by YTN news, a reporter seeks to find out who HyoYeon’s crush is. From the description of having no double eyelids, being funny and is a good dancer, the short listed male idols were Yoon DooJoon, Jo Kwon, DaeSung, JunHo and WooYoung. And he tried to called out each of their names when HyoYeon is near by to see her reactions.

Is he who we think he is?

2PM members’ childhood photos revealed on KBS Star GoldenBell

On KBS 2TV Star GoldenBell aired on 5th June, the childhood photos of the beasty idols 2PM members were revealed on the show.

One of the photos revealed, there was little ChanSung whose photos stood out. The MCs said, “The chubby cheeks and build reminds us of Psy. Luckily, you grew up well.” Nich Khun’s childhood photos also garnered much interests. The MCs commented, “His eyes look the same now and then.” and Nich Khun did the exact same pose as the one featured in his childhood photo.

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