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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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YG Yang HyunSeok is a father! Love Lee EunJoo is 4 months pregnant, “When will the wedding be?”

YG Entertainment representative Yang HyunSeok’s lover singer Lee EunJoo is known to be pregnant.

A YG official told Newsen on 15th May, “We have been told that Lee EunJoo is pregnant. We hope that everyone will give them their blessings.” It is known that Lee EunJoo is now 4 months pregnant.

A music industry official revealed, “Lee EunJoo confirmed her pregnancy via a test at the hospital recently and she told her close friends and families about it.” Just last March, Yang HyunSeok revealed his 9-years love relationship with Lee EunJoo through an announcement on YG homepage.

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DaeSung, “Big Bang breakup text message incident is still a mystery”

Big Bang DaeSung revealed an incident of ‘Big Bang break up text message commotion’. He was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 12th January when he revealed the prank that the Big Bang members came up with.

He said, “When Big Bang members plays a prank, it will go on for about 2 months. TaeYang hyung was the first to start it by sending the text message with a different sender’s number.”

“First he sent a message ‘Oppa! I love you!’ using 2NE1 MinJi‘s name as the sender. I was worried about how to turn her down since she is still so young and can be hurt by that, and then the next day I realised it was TaeYang who pulled a prank on me.”

After TaeYang, Kwon JiYoung used SeungRi‘s name to send a text message to DaeSung “Is it alright to sleep next to hyung today?”.

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Park Jin Young shows affection to DaeSung, “I want to bring you with me to my company”

Singer Park Jin Young shows his affection for junior singer DaeSung.

On SBS Family Outing on 13th December, JYP Entertainment CEO cum singer Park Jin Young was one of the guest appearances on the show.

On the show, Park Jin Young faced ‘rivalry’ YG Entertainment singer DaeSung in one of the games featured. The match between the 2 in the mudflats has roused laughters, and DaeSung was seen showing his strength in winning the match.

And when Park Jin Young and DaeSung were preparing for dinner together that day, DaeSung joked “Here (in Family Outing), there is no CEO or whatever. To speak the truth, I’m one of the founder members of Family Outing and I’m losing power.”

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Yang HyunSeok’s full official stand on GDragon’s solo concert controversies

YG Entertainment reveals their official stand on GDragon‘s solo concert controversies.

GDragon previously held his solo concert on 6th December and during the concert he was seen performing with a female dancer on a bed. And the performance was criticised as to have violated the Youth Protection Act under the Health and Family Welfare association.

YG representative Yang Hyun Seok released a report on 11th December saying, “We found out through internet news articles yesterday that part of GDragon’s solo concert has violated the Youth Protection Act and investigations are under the way on charges of obscenity for the performances.”

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YG Entertainment employees steals from the stars’ pay

One of Korea’s big entertainment agency, YG Entertainment, well-known through popular idol artists such as Big Bang, Seven, and 2NE1, falls into another crisis.

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Yang Hyun Seok, “Satisfied with strategy of broadcasting once a week…only Taeyang twice a week”


Yang Hyun Seok, the representative of YG entertainment, revealed his new scheme, “Only TaeYang is intended to broadcast twice in a week, changing the past policy.”

Recently, by telephone, he stated that, “TaeYang’s performance is very ready. He will be an exception to the policy that YG has on limiting broadcasting. It will now be a “twice a week” broadcast.”

He revealed why he decided to change the policy, “I’ve seen TaeYang practicing the choreography, and I felt it was too good to be seen by just me. Also TaeYang seemed to have practiced enough, and it looked good enough to be broadcast twice in a week.”

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YG talks about ‘reverse’ strategy for TaeYang’s new album promotions


YG Entertainment explained its recent ‘reverse’ strategy for promoting Big Bang member TaeYang‘s new album, saying it is aimed at prolonging the singer’s activities for his new solo album for as long as possible.

TaeYang released digital single “Where U At” from his upcoming first regular album in mid-October and will promote “Wedding Dress”, released today, till the end of the year, but neither songs are the title track for the album.

“It has become more difficult for singers to promote tracks on their album other than their title song these days with the entire record being released online and people’s listening patterns changing rapidly,” Yang Hyun-suk, founder of YG and also producer of the singer, wrote on his agency’s official website on Thursday.

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YG gives reasons to why 2NE1’s year-end concert will not happen


It seems that it will be quite impossible for 2NE1‘s independent concert to happen this year-end.

Yang HyunSeok representative of YG Entertainment said on YG official homepage on 12th November, “Recently, the song ‘You And I’ has been gaining good responses, and Park Bom‘s single has been selling well and she has been smiling. Even when I am angry, she still continue to smile, I’m really in a speechless state.”

He continued, “With the postpone of 2NE1‘s full length album release till early next year, I have one more bad news, which is that the 2NE1 independent concert set to happen on 30th and 31st December will not take place. The reason is that we are still lacking on the songs for the concert. Even though  we have competed to book the concert venue. But we see it as important to make one good album.”

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