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K Bites – 06.07.2009 IV (Dong Bang Shin Ki, Yang JeongSeung, Lee MinWoo)

Dong Bang Shin Ki is #1 on Oricon daily chart


Dong Bang Shin Ki has risen up to #1 position on Japanese Oricon daily chart with the song ‘Stand By U’ released in Japan on 1st July. And in just 5 days, it has gone up to the #1 position on Oricon daily chart

They had overtaken popular group Arashi’s new single and went up to the #1 position.

Dong Bang Shin Ki has been recently called to have hit the ‘triple 3’ with 30K album copies sold for their single, and also for their recent full length album, plus they hit 30K number of fans present for their Japanese concert tour. They also rewrote history by being the 1st Korean artiste to perform at the Tokyo Dome on 4th and 5th July for their finale Japanese concert tour performances.

Meanwhile, the group is set to be performing on a-nation concert from 1st August.

Hit-maker singer Yang Jeong Seung to release new single

Singer Yang Jeong Seung has released his new single album ‘Love’ and started on promoting the title song ‘Tears’.

‘Tears’, together with other song ‘Don’t Go’, are officially released on various music sites like Melon and Soribada on 6th July. Yang Jeong Seung has produced many hit songs for singers like Jo Sung Mo and KCM, and he had debuted as a singer officially last year.

Listen to the title song ‘Tears’. He has a very beautiful voice.

lmw_220609M Lee MinWoo spends 6 million KRW on laser effects for comeback stage

ShinHwa M Lee MinWoo has returned with a perfect comeback stage. On 5th July on SBS Inkigayo, he had his first performance of ‘Minovation’ the title song off his 4.5th album.

Accompanied with his great performance to the catchy beat of the song that day is also a ‘laser beam glove’ he had on. One of such laser beam costs 1.5 million KRW and 4 of them were used on the glove for the stage that day.

M’s fans have also commented after the performance, “It’s good to see him improve and develop as an artiste. Looking forward to more by him in the future”, “This album totally shows the true M colours” etc