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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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Lee KiKwang, “To the BEAST members who were backdancers… I’m sorry”

Joining as new MC on KBS WinWin, BEAST Lee KiKwang reveals his apologies to the other BEAST members.

Lee KiKwang had expressed his apology to the other BEAST members who had appeared on the show aired on 10th August to congratulate him on his MC debut.

Known to many fans, Lee KiKwang had debuted before the rest of the BEAST members as solo singer AJ. And during his solo days, BEAST members Yoon DooJoon, Yong JunHyung and Yang YoSeob were promoting backdancers. There was also an episode where, as backdancers, Yoon DooJoon and Yong JunHyung were in a situation where they have no dormitory to stay and held each other and cried.

Lee KiKwang said, “After I end my promotions as AJ, I began to understand the things that my colleagues went through. I am really sorry for understanding my friends who had danced, rapped and helped me quietly behind me late.”

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BEAST Yang YoSeob’s wind-eating(?) photo revealed gives fans and netizens a good laugh

BEAST Yang YoSeob reveals a photo of himself eating wind (?) taken in Singapore.

Yang YoSeob posted the photo on his microblog on 6th July, and wrote “The most satisfying photo in the world.” The photo was taken in Singapore and had garnered much interests from fans.

YoSeob added, “This is personally the most satisfying photo everㅋㅋㅋ I was at the 2nd level on a bus in Singapore and the breeze was so good that I thought of taking myself eating it ㅋㅋㅋ Don’t be scared, I’m harmless!”

Fans and netizens had left fun comments like “It’s okay, you can bite”, “Really cute”, “What is the taste of wind?” etc.

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BEAST YoSeob reveals hidden chocolate abs

Pet-dols’ BEAST member Yang YoSeob shows off his hidden chocolate abs.

A Cube Entertainment official on 28th May posted a photo on personal minihompy with a note ‘Guess whose abs these are?’ attached. The official added, “Recently our kids are getting better builds. So who is this? And whose abs are these? Who who?”

And on 1st June, the answer was revealed and the abs turned out to be member Yang YoSeob’s. All this while, BEAST has been called ‘pet-dols’ for their cute image. And many were shocked to see YoSeob’s abs revealed.

Fans’ comments are, “This is enough. Don’t buff up anymore”, “The face is like a baby while his body is like a man”, “If you are so cool, it is tough for noona”, “I should be exercising too” etc.

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More BEAST ‘Shock Of The New Era’ jacket photos revealed!

With the reveal of their comeback album on 1st March and all songs occupying the top 5 rankings on various real time music charts, the 2nd batch of teaser jacket photos for BEAST’s ‘Shock Of The New Era’ has been revealed.

This time the jacket photos feature members Yoon DooJoon, Yong JunHyung and Lee GiGwang, garnering much heat interests from fans and netizens.

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BEAST ‘Shock Of The New Era’ album jacket photos revealed!

Some of the jacket photos to group BEAST’s upcoming 2nd album ‘SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA’ revealed!

Ahead of the album release on 2nd March, the jacket photos featuring Yang YoSeob, Jang HyunSeung and Son DongWoon have been revealed. In the photos revealed, the members showed off a soft yet charming masculine image.

Already before the reveal of the concept photos, there has been anticipation amongst fans for the new album, and with the jacket photos revealed, fans are curious as to how the boys’ comeback stage will be like.

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[Photo Spam] Cube Ent family at Cube Star Party!

Girlgroup 4Minute, idol group BEAST and upcoming singer Choi Jina were spotted together in one venue on 5th January in Seoul Melon AX Hall for ‘2010 Cube Star Party’.

The signing ceremony between Cube Entertainment and Universal Music was also announced officially during the event.

More photos under the cut.

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BEAST YoSeob a UCC star before debut?

Popular group BEAST member YoSeob‘s pre-debut videos have recently been the topic amongst netizens.

Many fans are uploaded videos of parody and UCC (User Created Contents) videos on fansites and also on various discussion portals by during his trainee days before debut.

He was already pretty well known before debut for his various dance and song parodies, and also humorous UCC videos.

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TVXQ JaeJoong voted as #1 Korean celebrity with blonde hair

A poll was conducted on Daum Telezone from 22nd September till 22nd October, and the results showed that Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong has been voted #1 on ‘Which Korean celebrity suits the blonde hair?’ with 46.5% of the votes.

#2 and #3 on the poll has gone to So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and GDragon respectively.

Go under the cut for the rest of the poll results.

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