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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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YeSung, “Even though it is possible that I come out solo from Super Junior…”

Super Junior and MBLAQ get down on 3 vs 3 on SBS ETV Shin JungHwa PD show.

MBLAQ members SeungHo, Lee Joon and Thunder did profile search and briefing of Super Junior members YeSung, ShinDong and KyuHyun in the corner ‘Who are you SHOW!’ on the show.

And YeSung had performed the song ‘It Has To Be You’, OST off drama ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ showing off his great vocals. Shin PD then said, “You sing well. Why are you in Super Junior? You will be successful if you leave Super Junior…”

YeSung said, “I have thought that that is possible but I like the Super Junior team better,” showing the great team spirit of Super Junior

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Adult clips YeSung? Super Junior members, “YeSung is the master of all videos”

Super Junior members exposes member YeSung as one who has “mastered all type of videos.”

On KBS 2TV late night variety show ‘Night Star’ aired on 20th June, Super Junior members were the guest appearances on the show. MC Shin DongYeop asked, “So what would you usually do at this time?” and Kim HeeChul answered, “I can’t say this on broadcast” rousing laughters from his comments.

YeSung then said, “I like watching movies.” But with Kim HeeChul’s influence, the other Super Junior members and the MCs started pointing to him watching ‘adult clips’.

The MCs then said, “Tell us what you have in your external hard drive.” ShinDong said, “He has soccer videos, baseball videos and adult videos, – he is the master of all sorts of videos,” rousing laughter once more.

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KBS Music Bank 04.06.2010 – Super Junior’s 3rd #1 with ‘Bona Mana’

Today on KBS Music Bank, Super Junior wn their 3rd #1 on the show with ‘Bona Mana’. It is however a shame that member KyuHyun could not be present due to his recent ear surgery.

Also go under the cut for more performance cuts including SS501’s comeback stage and SISTAR debut stage.

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Super Junior YeSung to perform Cinderella Sister OST ‘It Has To Be You’ on KBS Music Bank this week

Super Junior YeSung (Kim JongWoon) will show off 2 sets of charms.

Coming 4th June on KBS 2TV Music Bank, YeSeung will be performing a ballad and a dance song. He will be performing the song ‘Bona Mana’ as part of Super Junior as well as a solo ballad ‘It Has To Be You’.

The solo ballad ‘It Has To Be You’ is an OST track for KBS drama ‘Cinderella Sister’, the song has been well received by fans and the drama viewers. The drama will end on 3rd June, and YeSung will be performing the OST song on KBS Music Bank on the 4th.

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Super Junior releases teaser to world cup song ‘Victory Korea’

Popular idol group Super Junior to reveal a World Cup Song to cheer the S.Korean team on for the upcoming World Cup.

Super Junior members Lee Teuk, ShinDong, EunHyuk, YeSung and SungMin will come together for a World Cup song ‘Victory Korea’ and a teaser video to the song has been revealed.

Instead of the usual cheer of ‘대한민국 (DaeHanMinGook)’, they will use the cheer of ‘우리민족(Our Nation/WooRiMinJok)’ in the World Cup cheer song. The song is an electronic dance song with dynamic electric sounds.

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YeSung on winning #1 with OST song for ‘Cinderella Sister’, “I’m really happy”

Super Junior YeSung has revealed his happiness that the OST song he sang for KBS 2TV ‘Cinderella Sister’ is up #1 on online music charts.

The song YeSung sang ‘It Has To Be You’ is up #1 not only on Cyworld BGM chart, but also on phone ringer and ringtone charts. It is also the awarded the ‘Song Of the Month’ by Cyworld.

YeSung said, “I’m really happy. Really thankful that many people have shown much love for the song.” And about surpassing big stars like Rain and Lee Hyori to be #1 on Cyworld charts, Ye Sung said, “It is results that I have never expected. But when I was recording, I really like the song. I think it suits the love story for the drama.”

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Top singers Lee Hyori and Rain dominating top 3 rankings of Monkey3 weekly chart

‘Invincible’ Lee Hyori is up #1 on the weekly music chart.

Lee Hyori’s new song ‘Swing’ is up #1 on Monkey 3 weekly chart for the 1st week of April, climbing up 18 ranks. Lee Hyori is up all-kill with #1 domination on realtime charts, daily charts and weekly charts. Another song ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ which Lee Hyori released recently off her 4th album ‘H-Logic’ is also up dominating the weekly charts.

Together with Lee Hyori reigning the chart is Rain who is up #3 with the song ‘Love Song’. Another song off his new special album ‘Hip Song’ is ranked #19 for its entrance on the chart.

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Super Junior ShinDong explains comments made on fat women on radio show

Super Junior ShinDong has been criticized for his gender comments.

This happened during ‘ShinDong and Kim ShinYeong’s ShimShimTapa’ aired on 29th January, when a female listener talked about dieting near lunar new year’s time.

The listener has decided to do on a diet for the festive season and told her boyfriend but he said, “Don’t start if you are going to quit after a few days. Your body is not one which will change with diet” and they quarreled.

Kim ShinYeong said, “To a girl, talking about her weight is like asking to be hit,” and guest appearance Ilak said, “For me I say don’t lose weight. I will give tips on doing it with exercise if you want to.”

ShinDong then commented, “For me, if you have to lose weight, then you should. Lose a little weight, can’t you just manage yourself. If I say this, the other party will go ‘Who are you to~’ and I will say ‘I’m a guy and you’re a girl’.”

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