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Yoo JaeSeok and Tiger JK for Future Liga special stage again after 1 year

Yoo JaeSeok and Tiger JK will come together again after 1 year as Future Liga.

The 2 will be coming together for a congratulatory performance on 19th August for MBC ‘Infinite Challenge WM7 Wrestling’ competition in Seoul JangChoong Stadium.

The 2 last performed last year also for the same TV program singing a duet for ‘Infinite Challenge Olympic Special’. Back then, Tiger JK’s wife Yoon MiRae also performed with them on stage. And their song ‘Let’s Dance’ even went up to the #1 spot on music charts. This time Tiger JK-Yoon Mirae couple will show off their great live performance with Yoo JaeSeok once again for the wrestling competition.

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Lee Hyori, “Gentle Yoo JaeSeok actually is very much interests in female figures”

Known as ‘national siblings’ Lee Hyori reveals more about Yoo JaeSeok.

Lee Hyori was present for the recent filming of SBS Haha Mong Show where she talked about Yoo JaeSeok – revealing yet another side to his very much known side of being gentle and well mannered.

She said, “Yoo JaeSeok has great interests infemale singers and he would also be sensitive comments on those with voluptuous build,” revealing a more real and human side to Yoo JaeSeok.

Haha who is also very close to Yoo JaeSeok agrees with Lee Hyori, “Of the idol singers, he like styles like After School UEE.”

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SBS Family Outing 2 to come to an end after 5 months without any last filming session?

‘Family Outing 2’ comes to an end without a special last filming?

SBS recently announced 2 of its upcoming new variety programs after the South Korean World Cup match on 26th June. They are namely ‘Running Man’ headed by MC Yoo JaeSeok for his MC comeback and ‘Heroes’ which will star Seo InYoung and Park GaHee etc.

‘Running Man’ is set for first airing on 11th July and ‘Heroes’ on 18th July. This leaves with the fact that Family Outing will come to an end officially. It is set that the last episode of FO2 will be on 11th July.

An official revealed, “Nothing has been confirmed as yet. Our last filming was on 14th and 15th June in YangPyung, and there has not been any new filmings. But because of the World Cup season, we have not done any filming for ‘last journey’ special for the show either.”

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Yoo JaeSeok’s new SBS variety show titled ‘Running Man’

‘National MC’ Yoo JaeSeok’s upcoming new variety show, which is also a new corner off SBS ‘Good Sunday’, is said to be titled ‘Running Man’.

According to an official from SBS on 24th June, “The new corner for the show with Yoo JaeSeok as the MC will be called ‘Running Man’.”

Star appearances for this new variety show include Kim JongKook, Haha, Song JoongGi, Lee KwangSoo, LeeSsang etc. The official said, “After the first shooting, we having getting the collaboration with the appearances. Please look forward to a fun program.”

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Family Outing season 1 members for Yoo JaeSeok’s new SBS variety show

Yoo JaeSeok returns to the variety show scene on SBS after 6 months.

After leaving the show SBS Family Outing in January, coming July, Yoo JaeSeok will be appearing in a new variety show on SBS. It seems that he will return to the show down of the weekend variety show kings with Kang HoDong and Lee KyungKyu.

There are plans for stars like Kim JongKook and Haha to appear as fixed appearances on the show, and also Lee Hyori will be doing guest appearance on the first episode.

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WonderGirls SunYe and YooBin get awkward when they are alone

WonderGirls SunYe reveals truthfully about her relationship with team member YooBin.

SunYe was on KBS 2TV Happy Together – WonderGirls Edition to be aired on 10th June when she picks team member YooBin as the member whom she is most awkward with. Even though it has been some time since YooBin joined the team and they have been promoting together, when the 2 are alone, they are still awkward and do not have many conversations.

YeEun explained, “The reason for their awkwardness is because they don’t have many similar interests.” And MC Yoo JaeSeok asked the 2 members what is the favourite colour of the other. And the 2 had given different answers, rousing laughter from the other star appearances.

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SoHee dated once before, SunYe and YooBin still awkward? All in the next eps of Happy Together!

A preview clip revealed at the end of KBS 2TV Happy Together aired on 3rd June shows the WonderGirls as guest for the show aired next week.

In the preview video, there were many previews to the discussions the girls had on the show. SoHee was featured saying, “I had dated just once before”. Also MC Yoo asked the question “Which member do you still feel awkward with” and SunYe’s answer was “There really isn’t any.” MC Yoo then looked at the name card on SunYe’s hand and said, “But you raised up YooBin’s name”.

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GaIn to make guest appearance on Family Outing 2 not as ‘Adam Couple’ but as close friend to Jo Kwon

Brown Eyed Girls GaIn will do guest appearance on SBS Family Outing 2.

From 31st May till 1st June, GaIn will be participating in the filming of Family Outing 2 for 2D1N. GaIn has appeared on the show last year with the other Brown Eyed Girls members, but this will be the first time she appears on the show alone.

There is great interests to her appearance since her made-believe husband Jo Kwon on MBC We Got Married is a fixed appearance on the show. The 2 are nicknamed the ‘Adam Couple’ on the show, and on 30th May, Jo Kwon even showed off their couple ring on a broadcast show.

Meanwhile, Family Outing 2 official said, “GaIn will not be appear on the show with Jo Kwon as Adam Couple but just as close friends.”

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