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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Yoo SeungHo and IU’s duet ‘Believe In Love’ revealed!

At at tender age of just 18 years old this year, Yoo SeungHo and IU’s duet song for KBS Love’s Request titled ‘Believe In Love’ has been revealed through the show on 24th July.

The 2 had traveled to Sri Lanka recently for KBS 1TV ‘Love’s Request’. And for the show, the 2 also sang a duet song together. The lyrics of the song are written with reference to the diary which Yoo SeungHo wrote during his trip to Sri Lanka where he witnessed the lives of orphans of war.

Love it or not?

Korean stars who love to do the ‘corpse play’ photos

We are all familiar of selca photos (be it the funny, sexy or ugly ones) which celebrities would take, but some netizens pointed out how many Korean celebrities also like to do the ‘corpse play’ photos.

In such photos, they will pretend to be like corpse lying lifeless posing for the camera. Go under the cut to find out who are the celebrities who have done that.

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Yoo SeungHo’s hairstyle for drama ‘God of Study’ is hot fashion trend!

Nation’s little brother Yoo SeungHo sets a fashion trend with his drama hairstyle.

He was recently spotted with a new unbalanced hairstyle for his rebel character in drama ‘God Of Study’. The ‘disconnection’ hair emphasizes dimension, and amidst the craze for ‘beastly’ guy and ‘beast-dol’ style, the hairstyle has been receiving much spotlight from viewers.

Netizens commented with “The uniform style, piercing, and even the hairstyle gives off a perfect rebel image suited for the drama.”

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Now And Then – ‘God Of Study’ Go AhSeong and Yoo SeungHo!

Following ongoing KBS drama ‘God Of Study’ lately?

Here’s a treat for shippers of cast Go AhSeong-Yoo SeungHo of the drama. They have actually also appeared together in a drama together 4 years back.

Go under the cut for more!

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“Hello 2010?” “No, Hello Anticipation!”

2010 is here! 2009 was a year of new dramas, variety shows, and even new rising stars. Stars who left for military service two years ago are coming back and with the start of new drama from different channels battling it out to be number one, 2010 looks like a year with a lots of hope for many.

KBites breaks down the new stars to look out for in 2010!

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T-ara JiYeon and Yoo SeungHo upcoming drama ‘God Of Study’ trailer revealed!

The trailer to upcoming drama ‘God Of Study’ starring T-ara JiYeon and Yoo SeungHo has been released!

The show will air on 4th January next year. Read the plot here.

“Was that just Yoo SeungHo?”


Many stared blankly into their TV/ Computer when a familar teen face dressed in a red and black jacket appeared right in front of their eyes. Rumor has it that it was Yoo SeungHo appearing on ‘You’re Beautiful.’

Believe or not! More under the cut!

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T-ara ‘Lies’ the making video released!


Newcomer girlgroup T-ara‘s debut song ‘Lies’ the making video, the making, released!And it’s power ballad!

A real teaser MV will be released later today with about 50sec teaser to ‘Lies’ and ‘Wanna play’.

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