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Jo Kwon, “I have been mad at Secret Song JiEun before”

2AM Jo Kwon had mistreated Secret?

On MBC ‘SaeBaKwi’ aired on 19th June, guest appearance Secret Song JiEun said, “I’ve been a trainee in the same agency as Jo Kwon seonbaenim before.”

With that Jo kwon said, “I have not held you discipline or throw my weight around but I have been mad at you for once. Back then, you were practising and you were really noisy. So I asked you to keep quiet and I was mad.”

Song JiEun then replied, “I remembered that. He had looked so scary.” BEAST Yoon DooJoon then added, “It is a lie. I’ve also experienced one of his scary stares too.”

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SNSD HyoYeon’s mystery crush revealed?

The mystery to So Nyeo Shi Dae HyoYeon’s crush solved?

In a recent report by YTN news, a reporter seeks to find out who HyoYeon’s crush is. From the description of having no double eyelids, being funny and is a good dancer, the short listed male idols were Yoon DooJoon, Jo Kwon, DaeSung, JunHo and WooYoung. And he tried to called out each of their names when HyoYeon is near by to see her reactions.

Is he who we think he is?

Super Junior, KARA and BEAST shouted,”TAEHANMINGUK Fighting!”

As South Korea started their 1st match today ni the 2010 World Cup against Greece, Koreans are all in hype and that includes the Kpop celebs.

Super Junior Donghae also showed some supports with the Super Junior boys by wearing red clothes.

KARA JiYoung tweeted her supporting photo as she headed to COEX to watch the game.

Whilst the BEAST leader DooJoon tweeted a photo of GiKwang and HyunSeung who looked stunned and says that the boys showed the same supports though they can only watch the game inside the car due to schedule.

Go under the cut for more photos!

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Lee Hyori, “The junior idol who caught my attention the most is BEAST Yoon DooJoon”

Singer Lee Hyori picks BEAST Yoo DooJoon as the junior idol who has caught her attention the most.

Lee Hyori was on SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate aired on 5th June as guest appearance. And during the corner ‘Truthful Speed Quiz’, there ws a question ‘The junior idol who has caught your attention the most” and her answer to it was BEAST Yoon DooJoon.

As to why she picked Yoon DooJoon, Lee Hyori explained, “His appearance is my type of guy. I like guys with big eyes and no double eyelids.”

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CUBE Producer Shinsadong Tiger draws 4minute

4Minute’s producer, Tiger Shinsadong recently has posted a funny sketch of the girls on his Cyworld on 28th April, drawing a lot of attention.

He also left a caption which reads “I drew it myself while recording… hehehehe.” Label mate and leader of B2ST, DooJoon, also took note of the caricature, quoting it and reposting it on his own Cyworld.

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Who are the top idol CF stars for South Korea?

Who are the top CF stars for the first half of year 2010?

A large scale of one-to-one interviews were conducted by Brand 38 Consulting Firm (brand38.com) from 1st till 10th April done on 1012 people aged above 17 years old on the question ‘Which star does well as TV advertisement model?’

Coming in #1 is 2PM with 16.01% of the votes from the participants, and at #2 is MC Yoo Jaeeok with 13.34% of the votes, and at #3 is So Nyeo Shi Dae with 11.86% of the votes.

Go under the cut for the rest of the survey results.

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Photo Of The Day: TaeYeon ends ‘ChinChin’ radio show with HyoYeon and DooJoon, and a smile

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon ends her DJ-ing job on MBC Radio FM4U ‘ChinChin’ with a smile.

TaeYeon had her last ChinChin show at midnight on 25th April, with SNSD member HyoYeon and BEAST Yoon DooJoon as guest appearances. The 2 of them are also 89-ers like TaeYeon.

They also pose together for BEAST and SNSD’s dances in some of the photos revealed. Looking at TaeYeon’s smile in the photos, netizens’ comments were, “It’s so sad today is the last show for TaeYeon”, “You’ve worked hard all this while, TaeYeon”, “I feel more reluctant looking at her bright smile” etc.

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T-ara picks GDragon as their #1 favourite male idol, and #2 is which BEAST member?

T-ara members pick their #1 favourite male idol to be Big Bang GDragon.

On SBS Star GoldenBell aired on 10th April, GDragon has been picked as the group’s favourite male idol for his charismatic performance with his solo activities awhile back. And for #2, the group chose BEAST member Lee KiKwang despite the fact that it was Yoo DooJoon who appeared on the show that day.

MC Ji SeokJin asked DoonJoon, “DooJoon sshi, it’s one of the BEAST member. Congratulations. Lee KiKwang has been picked”. With that DooJoon commented, “That’s good” but his sadness was obviously showing.

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