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Yoon EunHye in tears, “I had to refrain from being with Baby V.O.X because of my image as an actress”

Coming back to perform as a full team together on stage after 6 years, Baby V.O.X make special appearances during the filming of SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate on 11th August.

The original Baby V.O.X members Gan MiYeon, Yoon EunHye, Kim YiJi, Shim EunJi and Lee HeeJin etc started with the performance of their hit ‘Yayaya’. They then introduced themselves as Baby V.O.X, “The leader and the eldest and the married is Kim YiJi and youngest is Yoon EunHye.”

They also revealed that their average age now is 30 years old.

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Original Baby V.O.X to come together for special stage on SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate after 6 years

The original Baby V.O.X will appear on stage to perform again 6 years after their disbandment.

The members of the original Baby V.O.X Lee HeeJin, Gan MiYeon, Kim EeJin, Yoon EunHye and Shim EunJin will be appearing together for the filming of SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate on 11th August.

This will be the original Baby V.O.X’s first time performing as a full team on stage in the 4 years since it disbanded in 2004. The production team of Chocolate told MT Star News on 10th August, “It has been a really long time since the original Baby V.O.X members perform and sing on a music show. The members are excited about this special stage.”

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Yoon EunHye back in Inkigayo hall after 5 years to show support for Gan MiYeon’s singer comeback

Top star Yoon EunHye is back on SBS music program after 5 years just to show support for her unnie member in Baby V.O.X Gan MiYeon for her comeback.

According to Gan MiYeon’s agency on the 5th, Yoon EunHye had appeared at the filming hall to SBS Inkigayo on 4th July. She was present to show support to Gan MiYeon for her singer comeback after 3 years. This is Yoon EunHye’s visit to Inkigayo after 5 years since she last did.

Gan MiYeon also posted a photo taken with Yoon EunHye backstage on her me2day. An official said, “Yoon EunHye had showed support for Gan MiYeon’s singer comeback by helping to come up with the poses for Mir’s rap portion as well as help with monitoring during the rehearsals.”

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[Special] Couple Se7en and Park HanByul amongst other stars at Park YongHa’s funeral

With the Korean entertainment scene waking up to shocking news of the death of Hallyu star Park YongHa on 30th June, many stars have also appeared to pay their last respects to the star at his funeral.

Amongst the stars is couple Se7en and Park HanByul appearing together at the same event after quite some time. Also go under the cut for photos of other star appearances at the funeral.

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Park ShinHye’s recent chubby features garner interests, “She looks like Yoon EunHye”

Talent Park ShinHye’s chubby features revealed through her recent photos garnered great interests.

On a portal site recently, there was a post by a netizen titled ‘I see Yoon EunHye in Park ShinHye’. Several photos of Park ShinHye seen at a recent event were revealed. Park ShinHye is known for her cute image in various CF and drama appearances, but what had caught the attention of many netizens was that she had seem chubbier than before in the photos released.

Netizen commented, “She is even pretty being chubbier”, “She is pretty even she don’t lose weigt”, “She looks like Yoon EunHye” etc.

More photos under the cut.

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Celebrities send their love through “Cartier Love Day”!

On June 3, 2010 a charity + exhibition is held by top brand Cartier under the title “Cartier Love Day” in which the brand presented their Cartier Love Collection.

In the event, Cartier presented their “Love Summer Bracelet” collection which is previously known for using 11 celebrities for the photo exhibition. The celebs are: Rain (Jung Ji Hoon), Ji JinHee, Kim Hyunjoong (SS501), U-Know Yunho (TVXQ), Kim HeeSun, Son YeJin, YoonAh (SNSD), Yoon EunHye, Ha JiWon, Kang Ji Hwan, and Lee MinHo.

The event took place at Cartier boutique located at CheongDam-dong, GangNam-gu, Seoul. “Cartier Love Day” is held in order to deliver the message of love and will be held for 10 days from June 4 – June 13,2010.

As for every purchase of Love Summer Bracelet will be donated to International Vaccine Institute.

Go under the cut for more snapshots!

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EunJung on role in ‘Coffee House’, “I look alike to Yoon EunHye? That was just for the poster.”

Debuting as adult actress, Ham EunJung talks about the similarities between her new role in upcoming drama ‘Coffee House’ and the role Go EunChan by actress Yoon EunHye for drama ‘Coffee Prince’.

The press conference for SBS new drama ‘Coffee House’ was held at 2pm on 10th May. The cast as well as the PD to the drama were present at the press conference. For this drama, EunJung’s role dons a boyish image with short hairstyle, similar to that of Go EunChan off ‘Coffee Prince’ in 2007.

EunJung voiced, “I think the comments about me resembling Yoon EunHye for this role will stop after the drama airs. Even though we both had short cut and boyish style, our characters personalities are different. Though I have to agree when I saw the poster for ‘Coffee House’,  I though there was some similarities.”

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Yoon EunHye for summer collection with Joinus

The summer collection for Joinus by Yoon EunHye has been released on 4th May!

For the collection, Yoon EunHye is featured for a photoshoot on the sandy beach in summer floral fashion.

Go under the cut for the full catalog!

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