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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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10 years difference in age, Lee Hyori to Onew, “How do you like older women?”

Lee Hyori shows her interests towards young guy Onew.

Singer Lee Hyori did guest appearance on SBS late night variety show ‘Night Star’ aired on 4th July. And even though there are other star appearances whom she is close to like Shin DongYeop, Yoon JongShin and Gil etc around, Lee Hyori was seen transformed into a gentle lady because of the presence of Onew.

Lee Hyori said, “This is the first time I meet Onew. Because I have good impression of him, I’ve always have great interests in him.”

She then asked Onew, “Do you have a girlfriend?” When Onew replied no, she asked again, “How do you like older women?”

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Big Bang DaeSung’s surprising statement, “My rival? Kim HyunJoong”

Big Bang DaeSung picks SS501 Kim HyunJoong as his rival.

On KBS 2TV ‘Late Night Variety Night Star’, DaeSung had made a surprise voice appearance on the show through Yoon JongShin’s phonecall. Yoon JongShin then tried to find a topic to keep the phone conversation going between DaeSung and SHINee Onew, and asked, “I’m next to your rival. Who do you think he is? Who is you rival amongst the idols?”

DaeSung answered, “Is he Kim HyunJoong?” Yoon JongShin then said, “You have aged much after all. This is fun.” And when asked, “Are there are rivals in SM members?” DaeSung answered with much variety sense, “SM, not yet. They are all wonderful people.”

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Lee Hyori, “I got warned by Yang HyunSeok after bringing DaeSung out for drinking session”

Lee Hyori reveals an episode where she goes for drinking session with junior singers.

Lee Hyori was on SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate aired on 5th June when she was asked “What is your favourite gathering”, and she answered, “As compared to karaoke session with idols, I like having drinking session with the Family members.”

Lee Hyori added, “When I go drinking with the Family members like Yoo JaeSeok and Yoon JongShin, I can relate my troubles and they also listen to me well.” And about the drinking capacity of the Family members, Lee Hyori said, “Kim JongKook don’t drink even a cup considering his build, while Yoo JaeSeok can’t drink even a cup. But they will stay until the end even it is hard to stay when you don’t drink.”

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f(x) Sulli, “I’ve yet to receive dashing from male entertainers”

f(x) member Sulli talks about receiving dashing from male entertainers.

During her recent interview, Sulli was asked the question “Have you ever received dashing from other male entertainers?”. Her answer was “I have yet to receive something like that. Super Junior HeeChul oppa told me if anything happened (like I received dashing from male entertainers), I have to tell him first.” It is known that Kim HeeChul and Sulli are close seniors-juniors from the same agency.

Sulli is known for her smiling features, receiving great popularity amongst fans and even male entertainers. For instance, Yoo JaeSeok and Yoon JongShin have shown their interests regarding Sulli on SBS Family Outing before.

Sulli responds to the great interests she is receiving, “I’m really thankful and excited. Seonbaenim Baek SeongHyun even told me that ‘Sulli is the best’ which makes me very happy since I’m his fan.”

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Lee Hyori, “I did not accept all the 10 dance songs that Yoon JongShin of Family Outing gave me”

Lee Hyori reveals her feelings about having her comeback with 4th album ‘H-Logic’ and title song ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ during her interview with MBC Section TV Entertainment aired on 23rd April.

During the interview she revealed, “In the future, I want to be like Yang HyunSeok and Park JinYoung to be producer to the junior singers and groom them.”

She also shared an interesting fact to her album, “I received about 10 dance songs from Yoon JongShin of Family Outing, but I did not accept any of them” and revealed that she only accepted 1 ballad from him, smiling.

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Entire ‘Family Outing’ team says goodbye with last filming on 11th Jan

Amidst news that SBS Family Outing national sibling Yoo JaeSeok and Lee Hyori leaving the Family Outing team, it was known that the other members have also left the team.

The show started airing on 15th June 2008 and had been one of the well-received shows in Korea for the 1.5 years afterwhich. The show, like its name, is where stars will come together for a trip to the countryside for a fun experience.

The show has also gotten acknowledgement and was awarded ‘Best Teamwork’ award during SBS Entertainment Awards. But coming 11th January, it will be the last filming session for the Family members Yoo JaeSeok, Lee Hyori, Yoon JongShin, Kim Sooro, Kim JongKook, DaeSung and Park HaeJin.

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Koreans want to give flowers to KARA Goo Hara on Christmas Day!

Christmas is coming to town and various Christmas Related events/surveys are being held in Korea (and everywhere)!

Yoon JongShin Flower Delivery “Flower 365” is one among the many. This Flower Delivery service recently conducted a survey to mall visitor from Nov 23-Dec 22 and managed to get 549 respondent to the survey which went under the title “Which Star whom you want to give Roses Bouquet on Christmas?”.