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SBS ‘You’re Beautiful’ is #1 in viewership in Japan and best selling drama DVD in Korea

Drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ is said to be up #1 in viewership on Japanese broadcast TV and also #1 for DVD sales in Korea.

The cast of the drama Jang GeunSeok and Park ShinHye previously did a fanmeeting in Japan in June and 4000 tickets were sold out in just 5 minutes. And the bands C.N Blue and FT Island, which cast Jung YongHwa and Lee HongKi are in, are also gaining great popularity in Japan, continuing the popularity that A.N JELL receives.

Another fact to prove the drama’s popularity is that the drama DVD is the best selling DVD for the first half of year 2010 with over 7000 drama sets sold. There is also the ‘director edition DVD’ of the drama released which reveals the behind-the-scene stories of the cast.

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Jung YongHwa, “Sudden increase in anti-fans numbers? It was like a punishment”

C.N Blue Jung YongHwa talks about his feelings towards his anti-fans.

Jung YongHwa was on KBS 2TV WinWin aired on 22nd June when he talked about the rise in number of his anti-fans after filming the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’, “There are a few unpleasant things.”

He continued, “To start with, antis said that my image in the drama looks like I could not sing. Back then, in order to break the prejudice, I practised harder than when I was a trainee. But more unpleasant things followed after that and I was sad that I have even more anti fans. When I was filming that drama, I didn’t have anti fans. But when I do what I wanted to do more which is singing, I have to accept all the criticisms – I have felt really bad.”

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Lets get to know the drama, ‘God of Study’

Many of you guys already know the fact that Yoo SeungHo, the cute teenage boy who is now a  a “man,” features in the new drama to start off 2010, called ‘God of Study’. And even some of the T-ara fans know that their Ji Yeon plays a role in there as well.

What else do you need to know? Don’t worry! KBites got the WHOLE package for you!

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A.N.JELL to unite on SBS Drama DaeSang with live performance

SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ cast Park ShinHye, Jang GeunSeok, Lee HongKi and Jung YoungHwa will be putting up a 100% live performance for upcoming 2009 Drama DaeSang.

After the drama ended in November, the band ‘A.N.JELL’ featured in the drama consisting of the 4 main cast will take the stage once more for a live performance.

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[Photo Spam] ‘Towel Guy’ Jung YoungHwa’s recent photoshoots

Photo Spam! Dashing to fame as the ‘Towel Guy’ in recent SBS hit drama ‘You’re Beautiful’, the vocalist Jung Young Hwa of rock band C.N. Blue is lately featured in various photoshoots.

Go under the cut for the photo spam!

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Park ShinHye feeling lonely after ‘You’re Beautiful’?

Actress Park ShinHye talks about her unwillingness with the end of SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’.

She wrote in the her diary on her minihompy on 2nd December, “Why….is it like that. When one ends, it seems like all has ended…You and I, we are not the end…But it feels like you and I, we are coming to an end for good…”

“That you are not for me…that feeling…that emptiness….that loneliness…I’m feeling tired today again. Let’s smile now. Let’s smile. Only good thoughts…Only good thoughts…It was a good ending…Why am I like that…Why…Maybe I cannot send you off like that. Why…I keep having those strange feeling of awaiting”

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C.N. Blue releases 2nd Japanese minialbum ‘Voice’

Korean Indie group C.N. Blue (Code Name Blue), which debuted in Japan, is back with their 2nd Japanese minialbum.

Hailed as the 2nd FT Island as they are from the same company F&C Music, the group has recently become more known due to member Jung YoungHwa‘s appearance in SBS Drama ‘You’re Beautiful’.

And on 25th November, they released their 2nd Japanese minialbum ‘Voice’, after their debut album ‘Now or Never’ released in previously in August.

Go under the cut for previews and album jacket.

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Netizens want to see drama couple Park ShinHye and Jang GeunSeok date in real life!

Netizens have chosen Jang Geun Seok and Park Shin Hye, cast of recent drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ as the drama couples they want to see date in real life.

According to a staff of community site DCInside recently, a survey was done from 17th till 24th November asking netizens to choose the drama couples they wish to see date each other in real life. And 5,579 netizens participated in the poll.

The results showed Jang GeunSeok-Park ShinHye at #1, and at #3 is another couple from drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ which is Jung YoungHwa-Park ShinHye.

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