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SBS Inkigayo 20.12.2009 – After School bags Mutizen with ‘Because Of You’!

Today on SBS Inkigayo, After School won Mutizen with ‘Because Of You’, their first #1 on music show! Congratulations! Well deserved award.

Also on the show is some great performance lineup:

  • T-ara with new Xmas version of ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
  • Comeback stages by YounHa and Jewelry
  • Other hot performances by SHINee, CL and Minji, After School, MBLAQ, Brian Joo etc

Jump the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

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KBS Music Bank 18.12.2009 – 2PM wins 4th consecutive #1 on K Chart!

Today on KBS Music Bank, the winner of #1 on K Chart goes to 2PM with ‘Heartbeat’ – it’s their 4th consecutive win!

Also, other highlights of the show:

  • Jewelry comeback with ‘Love Story’
  • HwanHee and Secret Song JiEun duet with ‘Yesterday’
  • Other hot performances by SHINee, After School, T-ara, BEAST, YounHa, Rainbow, U-Kiss etc.

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

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KBS Music Bank 04.12.2009 – 2PM wins #1 on KChart for the 2nd consecutive week!

On KBS Music Bank today, 2PM wins #1 on KChart for the 2nd consecutive week with their comeback hit song ‘Heartbeat’! And Nich Khun said during their thank-you speech, “Thank you Jay”.

We also have some great performance line up again including:

  • Comeback stages by Park Jin Young and T-ara
  • And also hot performances by 2PM, RainBow, SeeYa, After School, BEAST, f(x), KWill, Secret etc

Go under the cut for the full performances line up.

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KBS Music Bank 20.11.2009 – SS501 wins #1 for 2nd week!

Group SS501 wins #1 on K Chart on KBS Music Bank today with hit ‘Love Like This’!

Today on KBS Music Bank, some of the highlights to the show are:

  • TaeYang‘s comeback stage with ‘Wedding Dress’
  • 2PM performs ‘Heartbeat’
  • Cheon Sang Ji Hee Sunday‘s comeback stage with ‘Love Alarm’ with H-Eugene
  • MC Sniper comeback stage with ‘Magic Castle’
  • Other hot stages by SS501, UKiss, f(x), Brown Eyed Girls, K Will etc.

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K Bites – 20.06.2009 (YeEun-HyunA, Lee Teuk, Yurisangja)

WonderGirls YeEun encourages 4Minute HyunA on


WonderGirls YeEun had showed her friendship for 4Minute HyunA.

She left a message on the diary page of her minihompy on 19th June and congratulated ex-member HyunA on her comeback .

YeEun wrote, “2 years back, she was just a fun kid. She is a kid who laugh and cry alot. She is a kid who will overwhelm the audience when she performs on the stage. She has always appear as the maknae kid.”

“And now this kid has become 18 years old, and takes on the stage once again. This kid has shown everyone her past 2 years on stage. No matter her mixed emotions about her stage, i want to give her my loudest applauds first.”

She continued, “Right now in America, my phone is faulty, and I can’t give my well wishes directly to you, but I want to say I’m proud of you and you’re just awesome. I’ll be looking forward to more of your great performances in the future.”

Meanwhile, 4Minute debuted with their debut song ‘Hot Issue’ on 18th May on Mnet M!Countdown.

Super Junior Lee Teuk gets kisses from female guests on show, “Feeling excited having kissed after 3 years”


Super Junior and 2PM  members were on MBC ‘Intorducing Star’s Friend – Survival’ where they have to win the hearts of the female guests present with their charms.

The show is similar to what the common MT (youths’ gathering). And 2PM ChanSung won #1 during the survival game. With his winning of #1, he was awarded kisses by the female guests. Unable to hide his excitement, he ran off and needed the other members to help control him down.

Lee Teuk was also chosen as #1 by the female guests, he said, “Having been kissed after 3 years, I feel so excited”. He also went red after receiving the kisses, “You are responsible of me now”.

This episode of the show will air on 20th June.

Yurisangja Park Seung Hwa in a car accident


Male duo group Yurisangja’s Park Seung Hwa was said to have met with a car accident and news has came late about it.

Park Seung Hwa’s car has collided with another car behind him while he was stopping at the traffic crossing in GyeongGiDo.

His representative said on the 20th, “He was in a car accident, but fortunately he did not suffer from any major injuries. He was sent to the hospital and doctor says he did not suffer from any major injuries.”

Park Seung Hwa has previously got into a car accident in 2007 where he had to do a knee surgery, but this time it is fortunate that he did not suffer from any major injuries.

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KBS Music Bank 22.05.2009


For KBS Music Bank tonight, we have special stages like the comeback stage of Lee Jung Hyun, Super Junior with ‘It’s You’; plus I The Tri Tops and Yuri SangJa are back.

In addition to that, Super Junior won the #1 position on K Chart this week with ‘It’s You’. It is super impressive since they won #1 on the chart with the song just 1 week into promoting it.

This makes it their 5th consecutive #1 on the show.

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Lee Moon Sae, “I like this remake of ‘Red Sunset’ the most”


Big Bang‘s 2nd full length album title song ‘Red Sunset’ has gotten praises from the original singer Lee Moon Sae.

Lee Moon Sae said recently, “A new arrangement has been given to the melody of the song ‘Red Sunset’ and refining it. And this is by far, the version of ‘Red Sunset’ that I like most.”

The song ‘Red Sunset’ was included in Lee Moon Sae‘s 5th album in 1988. Composed by late Lee Yeong Hoon, the song have been remade by many singers like Maya, ShinHwa, YuriSangja, M.C. The Max and Bubble Sisters etc.

While other singers have remade the song directly, Big Bang had interpret the song differently, doing sampling and giving the song a rebirth into an entirely different song.

Meanwhile, their 2nd album ‘Remember’ is moving up various music charts quickly in just days after its official release.

Shin Hye Sung and Lee Honey for duet “Good day for love”

Singer Shin Hye Sung (29) and 2006 Miss Korea winner Lee Honey (25) came together for a duet song.

Shin Hye Sung‘s 3rd album is coming out on 26th August ‘SIDE 1-Live And Let Live’, and the love duet ‘Good day to love’ will be collected in this album.

For this duet collaboration, Lee Honey has also be taking up vocal lessons recently.

Shin Hye Sung will also be singing with Yurisangja‘s Park Seung Hwa in “Promise” in this 3rd album Side 1. There will also be a side 2 released to this album.