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Actress Park JinHee, “40% of actors have considered suicide”

Four out of every 10 actors here have been suffering from depression and have had suicidal urges from time to time, according to a degree paper by actress Park Jin-hee, Tuesday.

About 20 percent have actually purchased toxic agents or “devices” for suicide, she revealed, claiming that the extreme stress to stay attractive and to remain in the limelight drives them to mental instability and leads them to make drastic choices.

For her masters degree paper for Yonsei University, “Studies on Depression and Suicidal Urges Among Actors,” Park, who has played leading roles in numerous movies and TV dramas, interviewed 260 actors last year with incomes ranging from 10 million won-per-episode to less than 1 million won a month.

She found that 40 percent were suffering from depression.

Respondents were quoted as saying, “I am sick of being alive. I want to die” and “I want to commit suicide and have often thought about going through with it.” About 20 percent of them actually bought pills or other harmful devices to kill themselves and another 20 percent said that they have confessed to others about their urges.

Park said most of these symptoms derive from their “unstable status” in life. They thought their employment status was too rocky and that their talents weren’t received well enough by the public and industry insiders.

The gap between the general public’s perception that entertainers “live flamboyant and happy lives” and their actual life being “not so glamorous” also caused them mental anguish.

They were often forced to hide their real characters or feelings from others to remain “likable” and some of them thought “having to stay young and blissful” was self-consuming.

Their stress index marked 53.12 out 100, which is higher than that of self-employed men at 48.12 and salaried workers, at 48.18.

Park’s report is expected to create a whirlwind in the showbiz world recently reeling from many celebrities committing suicide and the possible copycat syndrome among their fans.

Actresses Lee Eun-joo, Chung-Da-bin, Choi Jin-sil; actor Choi Jin-young and pop singer Yuni are just some of the well-known celebrities who have taken their own lives of late.

After the suicide by the late actress Choi Jin-sil in October 2008, the number of suicides jumped by 60 percent compared to the previous year, according to Statistics Korea.

“The numbers show that people, who seem to be in the middle of amiability, love and glamour, are some of the most lonesome and troubled,” Park said in the paper.

source: Korea Times

23 Responses

  1. I hope many of these actresses and actors read this.

  2. i think not just actors…entertainers in general have depression at some stage. It’s sad. Its true that entertainers life is not so flamboyant and glamourous as everybody think it is.

    The last part of the article I like…
    “The numbers show that people, who seem to be in the middle of amiability, love and glamour, are some of the most lonesome and troubled”

  3. good choice for Park Jin-hee to have written a paper on actors’ depression and stress which might have led to drastic measures like suicide, I think it’s really very timely, considering the recent string of celebrity suicides. I really admire her for doing this as it may open solutions on how to battle depression, not only among actors I guess but in reality, since it is not an easy mental disease to battle…

  4. that’s a really good topic for a thesis paper!!
    Props to her for taking the initiative.

  5. the statistics are chilling, but one shouldn’t be surprised, being under stress and public scrutiny all the time really deterioates the human psche,

    i hope korea and other countries in the world would raise more awareness on suicide, because it’s not as simple as just taking your own life.

  6. I really want to read her paper,and glad that she wrote about this and bring this issue to the spotlight.
    so people can be have more awareness.
    and for some crazy netizen please stop thinking that you are being like God, make petition to asked people kill them self was really RIDICULOUS and heartless.
    I agree suicide issue always being interesting topic.

  7. Im also doing research on suicide. It’s really scary because whilst doing my research on suicide at my school for an english paper, just yesterday I found out that a guy hung himself by the school buildings. Blood was all over the sidewalks of the school because he smashes a window. It’s said he had relationship problems.

    I find suicide a very interesting topic because of things like this.

  8. Thanks to people who have power in the entertainment industries for making people/fan believe that beauty is everything.

    And to netizens who think they are God. I still can’t forgive them for making a petition for some artist to end their own life.

    Shouldn’t police do something about this? In my country, something like this would have been investigated.

  9. Nice I’m happy someone has decided to put this on the spotlight. Its sad to see so many korean actors/actresses take their life because of the pressure of beauty and status! Those numbers are high! Scary hopefully the korean government/society do something about it!

  10. Im not surprised.. it’s depressing to read though. I hope they bring more awareness and get the people the help they need =[

  11. The entertainment world is a stressful stressful business…

  12. these are quite sad statistics to be reading about.

    but i’m glad that people are speaking out about this and that actress Jin-Hee wrote about it.

  13. man, pro. such an actress can still invest her time to study. like MC Mong went into the med. field. i want to read her paper too. that’s totally something that people look up to in her. ;]

  14. wow, this is great thesis, man!
    i wanna read her paper too!

    is south korea 1 of the countries to have most depressed people?! well, just seeing celebs being and depressed, committing suicide and all..

    • South Korea is #1 for the number of suicides per year.. even topping Japan which was previously #1. It also has a really high level of untreated depression :\ so…

  15. wow good research

    but no. killing yourself is never the answer, no one said life was easy peazy , that’s why you have to persevere through the ant hardships. what can’t kill you, makes you stronger.

  16. yay for pretty women with brains! this mightve depressed her a bit too. but in a motivational way,

  17. I wanna read her paper.

  18. nice paper research!

    it’s quite logical.
    high popularity rate => leads to higher expectation => give the person more stress and insecurity => some can handle it and others not.

    what degree did she received btw?

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