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Brown Eyed Girls JeA shows off her pretty v-line in recent selca

Brown Eyed Girls leader JeA‘s recent selca photos posted on her minihompy has been the topics amongst netizens.

She was seen taking selca photos and posing with cute poses and. Many netizens mentioned how pretty her v-line has looked in the photos.

Go under the cut for more photos!

Netizens’ responses to the photos:

  • “She looks prettier and prettier each time”
  • “Pretty v-line”
  • “Power of photoshop???”
  • “Selca well taken, she looks good”
  • “Lol colour lens with fresh face?”
  • “I like her alot, she sings well and is pretty”
  • “She don’t really look like this on TV”

Other photos posted on her minihompy lately

35 Responses

  1. ROFL at the fake eyes and the ten pounds of makeup.
    Jea’s a good person though, so I don’t really care about her physical deception.

  2. guys!!! she looks exactly like this when she came to singapore weeks ago!!!! not like on youtube/ television at all!!! shes very gorgeous (: (:

  3. guys!!! she looks exactly like this when she came to singapore weeks ago!!!! not like on youtube/ television at all!!! shes very gorgeous (:

  4. I guess all the Brown eyed girls(BeG) look pretty with their face bare
    ALTHOUGH, Jea damn.. you can believe if someone says shes 16 judging from these photo’s

  5. i think she’s prettier without that much of makeup..
    selca…hahah..at my place we called it cam whoring!!hahah

  6. whats wrong with “color lens and fresh face?”
    i think shes gorgeous
    and yes I dont believe thats fresh face because the skin is perfect

  7. I wonder what kind of camera she used.
    Holy her skin looks so clear.. wahhhh

  8. she looks younger in this pic than on-stage!!!

  9. Why so much hate.
    I didn’t recognize her in the first photo under the cut, but the rest looks just like her, yes on youtube.

  10. wow! definitely doesn’t look like 29 esp the pic of the right. adorable.

  11. The fatgirl looks like Miryo in a fat suit.

  12. she has such beautiful skin!!
    they shouldnt make her wear so much makeup in other videos

  13. Power of contact lenses, concealer and beautiful fake eyelashes 😀

  14. so many hate comments.

    seriously, some people just cant admit others are pretty.
    she takes excellent selcas and they contrast on the bottom few photos look great. idk, she seems like shes aging backwards

    • I think are saying she just look different in her selca. I didn’t even recognize her at all. She’s really pretty, but on tv, she just does not not look the same as her selca or pretty as it. She get easily outshine by other members I think because I never notice her.

  15. agree. it’s really fascinating how pretty she is in her selcas but if you watch her performing on YT, she’s the least noticable in the group. i find ga in and narsha the prettiest.

  16. LMAO. Nothing like her. Even her skin.

  17. she looks fugly on videos, seriously -___-

  18. she looks prttier without or less make up

    btw, selca means what? take a picture with yourself?

  19. she is ugly when i watch her on youtube

  20. it’s just ps and angles
    when you see her perform, she sorta looks nothing like that.
    but she is somewhat pretty

  21. she’s so pretty.
    In Chuseok Sweet Girl special, I loved the part where she threw the weed she was chewing when she saw Gil. Super lol

    I know s-line but what is v-line ?

  22. i think she’s the kind who looks better in photographs haha.i dun think she’s that pretty on tv…

  23. Wow, I didn’t regonised her at first.

  24. Her hair is so awesome!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!

  25. woa, looks nothing like her

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