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Viewers happy that Boys Over Flowers ended with a happy ending


KBS 2TV drama Boys Over Flowers has come to an end on 31st March, 3 months after its airing rfrom 5th January.

With much debate over how the drama will come to an ending, viewers are satisfied that the drama ended with a happy ending, attracting a record high of 33.7% viewership during its last episode.

On the 24th episode aired on 30th March with appearance of YooMi who interferred into the Goo-Geum relationship has got viewers worried about the couple’s fate in the drama.


JanDi had, with the help of the F4 members, tried to get Goo Joon Pyo regain his lost memories but to no valid. And JaeKyung who has also been looking after JoonPyo all this while had only became more anxious.

With its ending episode, viewers questioned, “Don’t tell me that the high fantasy romance will just end with a sad ending?”

But viewers are glad that the drama has done some justice to the original version of the story which portrayed the ‘cheerfulness’ of pure young love depicted.


The drama ended with Goo Joon Pyo finding back his memory successfully. And JanDi made it into a medical college, proving to be a strong ‘weed’, together with Yoon Ji Hoo; So Yi Jung and Sung WooBin also had their own happy ending. This can be said to be a ‘happy ending all the way’.

And the happy ending also brought the viewers to the propose from Joon Pyo to JanDi, leaving the sweetest moments for viewers who has been quite irritated by the love-and-then-leave-again relationship.

Also a special episode of the drama will also be aired 1 week from the last 25th episode.

In the course of the 3 months airing, the cast has each individually gotten into accidents starting from Kim Hyun Joong‘s car accident on 21st January to Goo Hye Sun‘s car accident on 27th February. Also the unfateful news of Jang Ja Yeon‘s suicide, which until has been a heatedly debated topic, will also be featured in the special episode.

But still, the viewers have supported with 30% of viewership right till the end.

After Boys Over Flowers, ‘A Man’s story’ starring Park Young Ha, Kim Gang Woo and Park Shi Yeon will be aired at the same timeslot.


71 Responses

  1. i loved the last part of the story bt it could be better if marriage ceremony was too shown and plz convey my best wishes to f4 members






  7. gosh!!!!!ur so very handsome yi jeong………i love u……im ur 01 fan..

  8. The ending didn’t satisfy me very well…I didn’t even know if Jan Di ever say yes or no to Jun Pyo’s proposal. The ending left a lot of loose ends that disappointed me! What happens to the SoEul couple, and maybe a wedding for Jan Di and Jun Pyo! =( I would love to see more! =)

  9. good luck to Boys Over Flowers

  10. Goo Jun Pyo is a good man.I beleive he is a good husband.

  11. wow. one of the most horrible kdramas i’ve watched. the only couple i was rooting for was the SoEul couple ahahah . i dunno. i think the ending kinda ruined it for me, left a bad aftertaste. it was too sudden and i STILL didn’t see the connection between GJP and GJD after all this.

    i pray that they don ‘t make a second season bc im afraid that they would get into more accidents again. but i hope not.

  12. Thanks 4 sharing.

    Well, I demand that ALL the crew/staff to make a movie. I mean just like HYD. Because it did deliver the whole story thing, it’s just that it was kind of JUST hanging.

    Since GJP propose to JD they should considerate that the fans will want more than that — meaning a WEDDING!! And the SoEul Couple Story yeah it’s different I know and everyone can see that there are POSSIBILITIES but we don’t want that — we want IT to HAPPEN. Plus, what happen to JH?? He became a doctor not a musician?? And WB I want more of him.

    Overall I demand a movie that is about the after 4 years besides the proposal thing!

    right, anyone?


  13. the ending was kinda disappointing i guess ..
    hikss .
    i was wanting more from so-eul-mate story !
    their relationship is like .. hanging .
    hate that !
    i wonder if there’s the sequel ..
    just like HYD .. hmmphh ..

  14. that’s me Imuyachan.. i forgot 2 fill the empty column πŸ™‚

  15. thx 4 sharing this eileen dear πŸ™‚ the drama is indeed satisfying everybody since it’s following the original manga πŸ™‚ i like the ending.. i like how Yijoung n Gaeul end up together ^^ my only disappointment is i cudn’t hear Jandi say yes to Junpyo’s proposal though i know she will ^^ haha… BOF is a great drama all the success to F4 n Guhyesun πŸ™‚ 30% ratings are proving how the drama loved by everyoe n not GHOST !! ^^

  16. I just want to add that I hadn’t seen the other versions of the drama nor read the manga so this story was totally new to me.

  17. The title itself was a spoiler not just the article. I visit this site everyday for my kpop news and saw the title of this article at the top of the page before I got to watch the last two episodes so that totally spoiled the ending for me. I clicked to close the window right away cuz I didn’t want to know exactly what happened but from the 1st picture that I couldn’t help but see I could tell it was Jandi and Junpyo embracing. It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together after seeing the title and a picture like that. So it totally put a bummer on my Jandi-JiHoo happy ending hopes. A better way to do it would be to put ‘Boys Over Flowers Ending Spoiler’ as the title with no further details in the title and no picture like that way at the top of the article. Now that I’ve finished the drama I came back to read the full article. I think they shoulda said screw it to the original story line and let Jandi and Jihoo be together. In the last episode it’s apparent that he was still in love with her after all those years. I wonder if he was secretly hoping Junpyo wouldn’t come back for Jandi, hehe. Anyway, I guess this drama was all right. I enjoyed it mostly cuz of Jihoo though. Jandi-Junpyo relationship was so annoying.

  18. I know that I was disappointed with the ending. HECK< Even Kim Hyun Joong (Ji Hoo) was disappointed with the ending, during his “Good bye Ji Joo” fanmeeting. The ending had a feel of an American Western, I mean, all the F4 watching the sunset theme. Not much of a closure after watching the show for 3 months and left wanting more of the drama and its characters. Throughout the whole show, it seems the producers and director focused more on Ji Hoo and Jan Di relaionship, compare to Jun Py and Jan Di. At the same time introduce JK as JPY fincee and showed them as perfectly matched couple. Again after watching this whole show, I was disappointed. But as for my favorite singer, Leader of SS501 and actor Kim Hyun Joong, I was not disappointed at his first acting as Ji Hoo. It makes my day just looking and hearing him!!! LOL

  19. in comparison wththe jap.n taiwanese versions, of course koren version is the best.it is more realistic from the beginning to end.i just hope there would be another drama series season 2 for the F4.

  20. yeah happy ending i like. i m mongol

  21. well, i was kinda disappointed with the ending.
    but isn’t great? having that kind of ending, means that there will be a chance for a final movie, or maybe BOF2? (that’s at least what i hope. ^^) haha. i’m anticipating for the special, hope that it would answer all the hanging questions. haha. but it was actually a great end after all.

    let’s all be thankful that there are people who write blogs for us. if you don’t want spoilers, then don’t read the entry. why do things and then blame others after?

  22. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jandi & joon pyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love them being together XD

  23. really?
    there is special episode again after episode 25?
    someone answer me,please…
    can’t wait…..
    thank you very much

  24. just watch it and no kisses nor hugs for soeul couple.
    😦 πŸ˜₯

  25. the ending just okay…not dat great…..

  26. honestly… i dunno what’s the spoiler abt. manga, anime, taiwan version, jap version…. how did everyone else expect the korean version to end? though all versions contain slight differences, something major such as the ending can never be different. the original creator of this story would totally flip then. it is the essence of HYD., agree? my point being, it’s almost common knowledge that the ending is happy. so stop blaming. u most prolly wld have found elsewhere if not here.

    so relax pple. all i can say this version’s not as rushed a the jap one. they only had 9 eps for the 1st season and 11 eps for the 2nd one. so be thankful aite…

  27. so ji hoo is all alone?
    that’s so sad
    i thought that she was going to come back from paris and get together with ji hoo…. but i am happy for jandi and jun pyo couple and also for the i jeong and ga eul couple!!!

  28. do you know at all what the special is about? i want to know if it’s an interview ahead of time so that I dont get too excited over something like that..not meaning i wouldn’t get excited over an interview but i would be SO excited for a continuation with wedding or w.e.
    so please..

    what is the special about?

  29. […] 2009 blockbuster KBS drama β€˜Boys Over Flowers’ coming to an end yesterday, here’s a little sneakpeak into the next upcoming blockbuster drama β€˜IRIS’ starring power […]

  30. Regards to the ending, it was so so. I mean it was rushed like typical dramas. Slow at the beginning, good climax in the middle and downhill from there. LOL So what is new? One thing I noticed about BBF is that at the end, they always have a cliff hanging segments for the viewers to want more. Maybe this is another way for viewers to anticipate the Special that is going to air next week.

    My opinion so please don’t diss me.
    My comments were:
    1. The ending was rushed.
    2. Left many unanswered questions.
    3. Was not satisfying as a viewer because of #2.

  31. I liked the ending. Never watched HYD, so I was pleased with BoF. SoEul wasnt the main couple to begin with, but at least we know they stay together ^^

    Only sad about JiHoo’s ending :[
    Even his grandfather died……
    His wasnt happy to me and that broke me because I was still rooting for him even though I knew he wouldn’t end up with JanDi.

    But still pleased with the ending ^^ Starts singing “Almost Paradise~~~~~” hehe


  33. I liked it, even though I felt..
    it was kinda weird. I just feel
    bummed because I want more!
    But it was okay. I LOVED it (:

  34. @luvBB4lyf

    Hahaha. Yeah that’s what I thought too.

  35. […] 2009 blockbuster KBS drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ coming to an end today, here’s a little sneakpeak into the next upcoming blockbuster drama ‘IRIS’ […]

  36. @luvBB4lyf

    lol i watched it, i guess it was too fast for me so i didnt quite pay attention to it XD Lol i was waiting for JP and JD to have a happy ending. HAHAHA! but…..my hopes are still up for another season or a final movie! hehehe.

  37. solved*

  38. wow people must really not be happy with the ending to be getting mad at sookyeong…
    i come on this site almost everyday to check out whats new and when i saw the title i knew it was a spolier so i didnt come back to read it till i watch the ep…
    like everyone had said it was your guys choice to click the article to finish reading it… =/
    the ending wasnt bad.. yes.. they did rush everythin together but everyone did get a happy ending and it did follow the true storyline.. so im ok with it ^_^
    who knows… maybe they will make a part 2 like the others and all the things left unsloved will be sloved.. ^_^
    thanks sookyeong for all your hard work XD

  39. ahh,,,
    that was such a great drama!!!!!
    omg xDDD
    i cant wait to watch 24,25 and the other special episode!!!!!
    the drama officially finshed on the 31st March (11.pm) korean time.

  40. @thuyyd

    no the series ended today with the 25th episode… unless it was all an early april fool’s joke…. hmm.

  41. Hey so does anyone know if they’re going to continue to episode 30 because I’ve heard this rumor twice already.

  42. @lollipop-pop

    have you watched the ending of the episode?? lol, yi jung comes back and they show jun pyo’s father xD

    but i wont say everything as to not ruin the absolute ending if you havent seen it xD

  43. hahaha i think we all knew jandi and joonpyo will be together! (:

  44. I LOVE IT!!!..I just finished it 5 minutes ago..i knew there’s gonna be news about the ending since it’s so popular so I watched it first so i wont be spoiled.. πŸ˜€

    ahhh..i feel so light.. <333 it..bu i think i still ❀ the japanese ver. better! I ❀ all the ver. but JP ver. is more in depth to me ^^

    anywayz IM SOOO HAPPY!!! J<3J ^^ πŸ˜€

  45. I hate the PDs, I hate how they introduced the girl at the end with two f-ing episodes left, stupid bs. (Yes I watched Meteor Garden and HYD, I know how it’s ‘supposed’ to be.) The ending is so rushed (to me), with his dad and everything! Ahhhhhhhh! I will say it’s worth watching, (yes after all my dismay and complaints), and I will probably watch it again.

    Thanks for the pictures, GJP looks so damn fine.

  46. saw some flowery whiner on the comment page.

    yeah! happy ending!

  47. omg i wanna see the special episode..
    ok seriously? why are people getting mad at sookyeong?
    this episode already aired and you can see from the title that there’s obviously going to be spoilers for the people who havent watched it..
    like others have said..STOP COMPLAINING AND CLICK THE X BUTTON. or don’t click the post in the first place, ok?
    anyways, sookyeong, you’re doing a great job!

  48. if you think about it all you fun suckers who cant seem to get over the ending….SoEul did have a happy ending. He’s going away but when he comes back, he’ll find GaEul…isnt that kinda enough.

    @smileyTRAT, i agree people are so nasty today.
    You wont be able to see the whole article at first until you click on it. So its really your decision whther you’d like to read it or not.

    As for the ending, it was really great. It left me prediciting if they will make a FINAL MOVIE or a FINAL SEASON DRAMA. Because the way GJP’s dad moved his fingers is still an unresolved issue. I think he will be the one putting the 2’s love into a new challenge XDDD &nd there is still the much anticipated wedding to come. Cuz i dont think they’ll leave JK and JP having a wedding but now Jandi and JunPyo.

  49. I just watched ep25 with subtitle on web. Jihoo said his grandpa is not the only reason that makes him want to go to medical school. Does he imply Jandi is the other reason? I feel sad …

  50. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  51. i JUST finish
    wow……… in the beginning of the episode
    i wanna cut that girl so bad
    talk about thick skin

    but AS SOON as JunPyo yelled ‘JAN DI AH!” and jumped into that pool
    tears start falling

    swimming play a big role in this drama
    because of swimming, JanDi went to SHINHWA HIGH
    and because of swimming, they got together at the end


    though I’m still unsatisfy there isn’t any ‘real’ kiss in this drama.
    I am a very happy person right now πŸ™‚

  52. meh i loved the ending… i luved how in this last episode they seem to bring back memories of the stuff that happened in season 1.. and the SoEul scene was so cute!! true i wanted more… way more… but it was just too cute anyway.

    especially yi jung in the beginning when he’s telling ga eul that when he comes back she’ll be the first he looks for… if she hasn’t already found her soulmate XD

    and paradise was a perfect song to have at the (near) end… its the song the drama started with… and it was teh one it ended with as well (almost) ^^

  53. thanks for the fast updated. πŸ˜€

  54. last 2 episodes was soso in my point view. i expect more

  55. people are really nasty today.

    thanks sookyeong for the info because i have to wait like ages for my friend to give it to me and i don’t mind knowing what happens. From an episode more than an hour long, you haven’t spoiled anything.

    people, it was your decision to keep reading so stop blaming the blogger!

    you know what was a huge spoiler though, reading comments and finding out about the so eul couple. Now, this is why I suck ><!

  56. This sucks bum i thought it was going to be Ji Hoo and Jandi but nyaaahhhhhh this sucks 😦

  57. wow feel so bad for you guys..watched it for so long and ended up disappointed…. So that Seoul couple people talk about barely made? so anti-climatic indeed

  58. our SoEul stories leaved hanging TT.TT
    I wish for more

  59. Really didn’t think the ending was great. Kinda disappointed… in HYD, there’s a marriage proposal and all that woohaa (in a giant hall with so many people and confetti and etc). So anti-climatic… tsk

  60. Are you serious? HAPPY ENDING? PLEASE BE REAL! THE ENDING WAS CRAP!!!! QUOTE: viewers love the ending. WHICH VIEWERS? ghost?

  61. hi there just wanted to ask whether the special will be in talk show format?

    or is it a separate episode altogether?thank you.

  62. man happy ending my ass
    what about my Soeul couple , they just hinted but didn’t give us a real ending of them

  63. well I’m glad that the story follow the original plot. Thanks very much for the characters that was able to portray this drama with justice to the new generation of today’s love life . If only young people of today knows how to endure pains for the sake of loving someone I guess this world will be a better place to live -in. And more power to all the people behind this successful drama. You did a terrific job.I would like to congratulates the F4 and GO Hye Sun for her superb performance. Hope to see more of you and GJP in the future(LEE Min HO)

  64. Happy ending? Im really dissapointed because of this.
    I dont like, Everything is bad!!argg

  65. Happy ending?

    The ending was crap. So many unresolved issues. So many loose ends.

    Everything was rushed.

    HUGE disappointment

  66. U sod have put a spoiler since its practically spoiling the whole ending for people who havent seen

    wat your title could suggest is that theres going to be a happy ending but in the article youve put like what happens and who goes with who.

    People dont want to see that and should be warned in the beggining.

  67. sookyeong:

    We do know it’s a spoiler right off the bat. There’s no need for you to apologize. At least that’s what i felt on my part [:

  68. Rose:

    I believe that the show has already been aired. I do understand where you’re coming from but you have to take into account for those who haven’t watched the show at all (from the time it aired to the time it ended) and they would want to know little snippets of information on what’s going on. Sookyeong hasn’t revealed the whole synopsis of the show. She has summarized it. If you think that it’s gonna be a spoiler, feel free to press the ‘x’ window on your browser [: Don’t post too much of a hypocritical statement here. She’s just doing her job as a blogger so for the fact you should be thankful that she’s doing this [:

  69. @Rose

    i would assume that this article title would have suggested that there will be spoilers in it, or am I wrong?

  70. I understand that this is an article that I have an interest in and appreciate but for future references to new dramas or new drama episodes could you please warn us about the spoilers for those that have yet to watch this episode and not spoil it by stating it in the main title, bold faced. Thank you.

  71. πŸ˜€

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