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Goo Hara the most popular KARA member in Japan for resemblance to Namie Amuro, “I look like her only from nose up”

KARA Goo Hara talks about her resemblance to Japanese pop star Namie Amuro.

Goo Hara had appeared on KBS 2TV Star GoldenBell aired on 19th June. As KARA is set for their Japanese debut, it was revealed that out of the 5 KARA members Goo Hara has the highest popularity in Japan.

Goo Hara said, “To see if I looked like Namie Amuro, I went to look for her photos. And so I looked like her from my nose upwards.”

Meanwhile, an official revealed that the girls have started filming for their Japanese version of ‘Mister’ MV on 19th June in KyeongKiDo.

The girls are set to release their debut single ‘Mister’ in August.



49 Responses

  1. WOW……….

  2. whatevr hara only looked liked namie after surgery but before surgery she is hella ugly

  3. i always think they look alike..
    i thought im the only person noticing, and not the koreans..but i guess they noticed it too. i first knew namie amuro than kara..

    i like to see these 2 ‘GET WILD’..LOL. “let’s get wild!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. When i first saw Namie Amuro i was OMG!!
    she look alike Goo Hara not just me even my sis.. xD


  6. Really they look alike

    Namie Amuro is a great singer is the queen of the jpop though I prefer Ayumi Hamasaki, nonetheless I do not stop recognizing the real queen all my respect for her

  7. wow they are almost the same!!!!……the difference lies in the fact that namie amuro’s face is not plastic like hara’s

    • it’s sad but I totally agree with you.

    • lol. dude, hara had some eye surgery that’s it.
      and for the teeth…uh who doesn’t fix their teeth?! cosmetic dentistry. that means almost everyone who got their teeth fix are plastic?!?!??! And for your information NAMIE did go under the knife which you call ‘plastic’.

      Are you even a NAMIE fan or are you simply a newbie?

      Please check your facts right! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • one ridiculous thing about kara fan is that they don’t admit their idols did plastic surgery. Why? Oh come on just by looking i can tell both Goo Hara and Nicole did go under PS! Goo Hara had whole her face done and Nicole did her eyelid ! Just accept the truth and maybe Kara will have less haters !

      • @jeans

        “one ridiculous thing about kara fan is that they donโ€™t admit their idols did plastic surgery”

        uh didn’t I just said she had eye surgery?

        “Goo Hara had whole her face done and Nicole did her eyelid ! ”

        Uhh it’s called make-up sweetie that makes their eyes bigger. Have you seen them both without make-up?! They still look the same though Hara’s eyes look a bit different. Just a slight cut she got from her surgery.Their eyelids are the EXACT same~

        “Just accept the truth and maybe Kara will have less haters !”

        Lol. Hara was honest and we know what she had done. (;
        And about the ‘less haters!’ umm Hater will always hate on people who are more achieved and better than them. Yeah, I mean why in the world will you hate on a person that you don’t even know personally about? Lol. You haters are damn funny. Just go out and enjoy the real world. Haters are jealous people indeed. period. Though the hating brings more blessings to them or anyone you hate…so please keep on hating them (:

        Sigh. Poor haters they care so much about other people’s success and that just sours their miserable life.

      • @lynn

        Sis, Hara got her double eyelids more enhanced that’s it. Her front teeth were fixed before they started the whole ‘Wanna’ promotions. Hara said that she wanted to fix her gum problems but the dentist told her that it would be too risky and couldn’t.

    • namie’s faceis plastic too :X

  8. Namie Amuro, hands down! โค

  9. lol i rmb hara had funky teeth, but fixed it up.

    • yeah, i remember when i had funky teeth.

      it was part of the process of growing up but my jaw, and facial structure matured and teeth straightened on its own.

      sry, but if youre implying some sort of surgery, youre jumping conclusions is all im sayig

  10. don’t know who Namie Amuro is but they look identical O.O

    • Namie is one of the trinity of jpop with the other two being Ayumi Hamasaki and Utada Hikaru as some of the best if not the best selling female solo artists in the history of jpop. She is considered the “Queen of Jpop” and was one of the first pioneers of japanese dance-pop in the mid/late 90s. She is extremely well known in Japan so KARA definitely has an advantage with Goo Hara having a striking resemblance to Namie since it gives them attention and hype prior to their debut in Japan.

      • Ayumi’s doing horrible these days and Hikaru isn’t as active, so Amuro’s pretty much at the top again.

      • well @eli, it doesn’t change the fact that they are still known and loved as the reigning queens of japan. ayumi has a strong and established fanbase. so does kumi. all three of them are trendsetters and are the face of japan’s music scene. i haven’t known anyone who doesn’t know ayumi, kumi, hikki or amuro. just like how everyone just knows abt the johnny boys. plus, hikki brings some beautifully raw stuff to the scene despite being quite inactive lately.

  11. for a foreign group who’s trying to break into the market to have one of it’s members have a striking resemblance to one of japan’s top is like a pretty huge advantage. at least ppl will notice you quicker than usual.

    i love amuro namie btw. she’s awesome.

  12. ooohhh Namie! I love her “Play” album!<33333

    and finally a video for "Mister." Even though it
    will be in japanese but oh well.

  13. lol Goo Hara really looks like Namie Amuro unnie I know that some might disagree with me but me to Namie Amuro is the Queen of pop in Asia

    • ayumi hamasaki is wayyyy up there too. not to mention utada hikaru, kumi koda hitomi takahashi. japan has a lot of reigning queens.

      • lol Im not disagreeing with u and all the ladies that u mentioned a accomplished a lot in their careers especially Ayumi Hamasaki and Utada Hikaru unnies but the reason why I love and see Namie Amuro as the queen is b/c she is fighter and I personally really look up to her ^_^
        I think the main reason why their are many queen is b/c in JPOP solo artists also have a fair chance to shine and be successful but sadly its not the same case in KPOP

    • I don’t really follow j-pop news, but all I know Namie Amuro is no longer a ‘Queen’.
      But she’s still hot, popular and lovable. Since the first time I saw Hara, I know both of them look very identical.

      • lol ur soooooooooooooooo wrong Namie Amuro is still a queen in Japan she did a great job wiht her last 2 albums .. her last Compilation album “best fiction” have sold 1,800,000 copies and so far her new Studio album Past < Future have sold 567,000 copies and Im sure by the end of the year it will reach a million lol only a queen can sale that much of copies so she is still a queen

      • Uh, lol… She has the top selling album of 2010 in Japan right now. If that’s not Queen status, I don’t know what is. Ayumi and Kumi have been flopping like crazy.

      • Ah…really..? thx for correcting me..didn’t know much about j-pop these days lol. Used to be her fan when I was studying in Japan. But now I only listen to k-pop ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. i don’t care about this.the importanat is i laways support goo hara…

  15. wow they really look alike

  16. Anyone else not think GooHara is really that pretty? Im sorry Im not saying she’s ugly but I just dont get what people see in her.

  17. I can’t tell which is which.

  18. Namie Amuro look like BOA
    not Goo Hara . am I right ?

  19. hara is really pretty, like a doll!

  20. they really look like… cool! i hope they work together… ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. rofl i’ve always found Goo Hara looked like Namie Amuro!
    i knew Namie Amuro before KARA and when I saw Goo Hara I went O.O

  22. Dayuuuuuuuum, what I wouldn’t give to see these two come face-to-face. xDD But Namie’s photo seems too altered, just look at the lighting in her hair.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that photo’s for Vidal Sasoon. Namie has done tons of CFs for them and endorses them. So it makes sense there’s a lot of emphasis on her hair lol

    • @jo dude, her nose is real. you don’t get the facts right. she got once a botox shot on her nose. she didn’t go under the knife for it, darling~ seriously antis are patheric. And I’m a fan of Namie and honey Amuro did go under the knife. And Namie’s fans don’t care. (;

      • You got a typo. pathetic* There most be hate in order for others to succeed even more. For example, just look at SNSD.
        You know I’ve been a fan since the beginning and look where all the hating got them?! (=

  23. They’re both ridiculously pretty.

    And omfg.
    A music video for Mister. <333

    I've been waiting for this.

    • Love Namie Amuro, the winner of “World Music๏ปฟ Awards 2010” Best Asian Artist

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