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Big Bang #3 on Oricon chart in just 10 months

Popular group Big Bang has achieved #3 position on Oricon chart in just 10 months into their advance into Japan.

Big Bang released their official first album ‘Number 1’ on 22nd October, and it went up to #3 position on Oricon Daily chart the same day of its release. This is just 10 months after the release of their single ‘How Gee’ this January.

YG Entertainment said, “Big Bang was the only newcomer singer on the chart this time. This is a good start for Big Bang who did not record the album in Japanese but in English. We are all excited about it.”

Big Bang will be in a shopping centre in Tokyo where they will be having fan event, expecting about 3000 fans to turn up for the event. They will be performing the 2 songs ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Number 1’ during the fan event.

Big Bang FTW!! ^^

pic credit: bbvipz

30 Responses

  1. I LOVE BIG BANG !!!
    BIG BANG 4EVER !!!

  2. I (L) BiG BANG G.DRAGON I LOVE YOU <3333333

  3. haha!!
    i love their songs!! XD

  4. ^ Lol.
    I hope they’re gonna do well in Japan.
    I want to go to their sell-out concert so badly.

  5. “Sorry to be the spoiler, but the only reason they got #3 is because there wasn’t much competition; considering they got #3 with only 2847 copies sold and now they have dropped to #12 in just one day.”

    I just had to quote this. This person speaks the truth. LOLOLOLOL! XD

  6. 😡 they had less pre-orders than the no. of fans expected to attend the fan meeting? But good luck to them…

  7. aaa Theyre the best!! No doubt!! ^^
    Big BAng Fighting!! =)
    I love their music more than anyone else =)

  8. wow this is cool….
    good LUCK BIG BANG!!!
    you guys rock!!!
    And I wish i can go to TOKYO,,
    damns those lucky fans!LOL:P
    Also Big Bang is always the BEST!!!

  9. urr! i wish i could be in tokyo!

  10. Sorry to be the spoiler, but the only reason they got #3 is because there wasn’t much competition; considering they got #3 with only 2847 copies sold and now they have dropped to #12 in just one day.


  11. yay~~
    big bang big bang~~

  12. thought i love bigbang..
    whats ganna happen to TVXQ?? 😦

  13. That’s AWESOME.

  14. Yeah! BB rocks!

  15. woooah Big Bang FIGHTING!! *-*

  16. Hi Sookyeong ^^
    nice i’m so happy to hear this
    Big Bang Go you should be realy Nmber 1 ^_^
    Big Bang Fighting ^.^


    i wanna see thier perf. so badly……
    OHMYGD why Japan………….

    Hope #1 will be your Number 1 soon+++
    For #3 on Oricon chart that’s so perfect starting

    Go Go Go BogBang Let Go!!

  18. SOOOOO PROUD OF THE BOYS!!!. they manage to climb to the Oricon Chart in just one day….*speechless*

  19. g0sh s0 pr0ud 0f them!!
    really amazed me!!
    chukahae! 0medet0! c0ngratz!
    #1 sp0t will b in hand s0 s00n!
    g0 BIG BANG! g0 V.I.P!

  20. wOW O.O!!! CONGRATZ BB!!!


  21. congrats Big Bang!

  22. Go BB!

  23. woooohooo!!!!
    go big bang!
    they will totally be at the top into number 1, no doubt!!

  24. omo~
    great job and congrats to the boys!
    it’s about time!

  25. they’re amazing.cant be described in words,big bang<333333333!

  26. Awesomeeeeeeee!
    That is a huge accomplishment (considering them being Rookies, the song was in English, and first day released). So proud of them. There’s nothing they can’t do well! And they look so good too! Looks like they been getting a little rest.

    I agree, ‘Big Bang FTW!’


  27. I was so happy when I saw the chart!
    Hope they go higher!!!

  28. I saw the chart this morning and i was like 8D????
    so freaking awsome
    #1 spot will belong to its rightful owner soon.

    ah~ fan event, that sounds awsome.
    wonder how the NUMBER 1 performance look like
    wanna see it so badly but I can’t.
    it’s so painful.

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