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Netizens goes nonstop over Lee Hyori’s height and weight


In the recent episode of ‘Family Outing’ with Lee Soo Kyung as guest star appearance, pop diva Lee Hyori had directly revealed her height and weight on the show.

While I thought 53 kg for 1.64 m tall lady is alright, netizens were quite appalled by what they hear..


While netizens found it acceptable that stick-thin Lee Soo Kyung is 46 kg for 1.67m height.


Seriously, Lee Hyori is sexy for the reason that she is not stick-thin and willing on building those sexy fleshy look.


And the funniest thing I’ve seen today:

Netizen X: “I’m 1.73 tall and I’m 53 kg”

Netizen Y: “You fools, the weight came from her boobs”

Netizen Z: “Plastic boobs”


How interesting can Korean netizens be?

40 Responses

  1. this is very interesting and true, will share on my blog

  2. =.= gosh. she does not look fat… thats all it matters. cant those people have the knowledge that sometimes the bones can be heavier=.=

  3. so I had to change it into inches and pounds before I could be fully outraged at the reaction to hyori’s weight
    she would be about 5’4″ at about 116lbs. I checked a height weight chart and she is at the lowest acceptable weight for a women with a small frame. I mean just look at her. No one in their right mind would ever say that she is anything but HOT. Plus she almost single-handedly brought sexy back to Korea. And I think she is even hotter now at thirty than ever. And I’m a straight girl.

  4. her body’s SEXY AND GORGEOUS like the weight decides how she looks gosh

  5. if being fat means being sexy i want to be fat ยฆ0

  6. Plastic boobs.. being fat or whatnot, Lee Hyori is still the sexiest .

  7. Even though her height weight is not my ideal. I agree that they shouldn’t be appalled, her height and weight with those looks are considered sexy and PERFECT in the states. That’s what majority of women want in the states jeezz, and aren’t koreans like really into U.S. style/fashion…I think Hyori is perfect as she is not more or less

  8. […] Netizens are on yet another quest to bring down another actress with her weight. […]

  9. […] seriously, the Korean netizens have a mistaken weight prospective to start with […]

  10. wow these netizens are fools, the ones calling her heavy and the like. Hyori looks amazing, and is living proof that a little meat on the bones is sexy.

  11. Aha wow,
    yes i agree she is pretty sexy for someone that skinny
    well at least she isn’t stick, boney thin.
    she has some meat on though & still hot.
    aha she doesn’t have plastic boobs…does she?
    Lmao; the Netizens have a funny conversations.

  12. i began like hyo ri finally someone normal in korea han chae young is sticky 172cm 47 kg !!,

    yeah 53 kg for 175 cm

  13. She has a slender body! I mean her body is perfect!
    She’s not skinny. Not too thin but absolutely not fat!
    That’s ideal.
    Those super skinny girls really give bad effect to girls.(Me for example)
    I have to use Hyori’s body as a role model then ๐Ÿ˜› Most of all, her abs ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Why are Asians so obsessed with being stick-thin?? The Koreans especially are obsessed with being really really stick thin.
    I mean, 53kg is perfectly fine and healthy for a 1.64m woman.. but the netizens have to make such a big hooha out of it. As long as she looks proportionate and has all the curves at where they should be, I think its great. The netizens should be more concerned about a healthy body rather than a “perfect” stick thin body with loads of illnesses within the body.
    Tsk tsk, tough being a celebrity, especially in Korea.

  15. I know a new thing for the dictionary xD
    Netizens = A big fat pool of brainless jealousy xD

  16. Ok,,, the SEXY icon of Korea has now been demoted to the FAT plastic-boob queen of Korea?
    Ok, I KNOW for Asian standards, that is a bit on the large side, but HELLO look at those healthy curves<3333
    The REAL S-line of Korea
    I have to admit, I like Hyori’s body the most out of all Korean celebrities.
    Even BoA can’t compare to her.

  17. she looks pretty to me. i think she has a nice body shape. she is NOT TOO THIN and NOT TOO BIG. netizens are CRAZY.

  18. HAHA…nice translation of the netizen dialogue…shows how dumb and funny these people can get.

    Hyori looks healthy and sexy and that is all that matters.

  19. theyre retarded. sorry,that’s an insult to disabled people.

    why do they spend their time bashing on celebrities ?
    if theyre gonna spend their time keeping up with celebrity news, they could at least try to see the best in everyone…not insult them to make up for their own pathetic jealous selfesteems. that didnt make sense, but whatever!

  20. she’s like perfect! i wouldn’t mind a body like her’s. Plus she’s a dancer so she would have muscle.

  21. those netizens should go look themselves in the mirror.. obviously they don’t got what hyori got!!

  22. what’s why she’s Lee Hyori
    her weight and height are fine.
    she doesn’t look that skinny neither chubby.

    those korean celebs are too skinny look at their chicken legs.

  23. i always heard of “netizen”. But what are they? I’ve been thinking….

    Yeah, Hyo-ri is sexy. Her height and weight is just fine

  24. ummm…these people are need to be put in mental institutions cuz eating disorders are stemmed from these kind of mentality. Total sickness!

  25. I love Hyori. I think she always looks gorgeous.

  26. She has all the right curves at the right place…
    IMO, Those netizens seriously have some issues…
    I-line?.. then whats the diff of hugging a skeleton
    She is sexy queen …

  27. hyori is the best!
    i love her in family outing..

  28. she’s fine the way she is.
    netizens say the weirdest things sometimes.
    woman are meant to have curvy bodies!

  29. Hyori is a sexy mama that fills in all the right places.

  30. Hyori is way better!!!

  31. her boobs r fake?? o_O
    and i just had to lol @ vicky’s comment
    agreed! XD
    the problem w/many korean celebs is that they’re all stick thin.
    i remember reading something about how much netizens liked the “I-Line”. okay..ew? there’s nothing attractive about a super skinny, no curves woman (or man).
    first of all, they don’t look good in the majority of the clothes they wear. gotta have curves to fill out those dresses ladies.
    i love hyori’s body. there’s a reason why she’s the sexy queen. and it’s because she isn’t a walking twig.

  32. It’s called being healthy…darn netizens lol I think she’s awesome the way she is! ^^ and why can’t her boobs be real??? People are ridiculous…

  33. dude she’s freaking awsome and the best sexy queen because she’s not daggone skiny and look like they can be blowned away by the wind like the rest of them.
    she’s skinny, WITHOUT being skinny
    that’s what sexy really is
    sexy isn’t having the front and back looking EXACTLY THE SAME.
    those ppl just gotta live with it, and the fact that Hyori unnie is HOT!!

  34. hyori is sexy and pretty the way she is. she isn’t fat too. the netizens are going overboard!

  35. her Height and weight it’s ok not thin like
    a tall stick it make me sick to see those
    korean female Celebrities are so thin
    but lee hyori it ok ^^!
    and please her boobs are plastic O_O
    i don’t think they are big like she did a
    plastic surgery -_-!
    i’v seen some of Celebrities did it but it
    was soooo big how nasty is >_<
    sorry i over do it ^^!

  36. she’s so skinny already…what’s wrong with that. people would kill for her body. haha.

    the netizens were funny. no wonder she x-rayed her chest.

  37. ^ Yeah there’s totally nothing wrong with that!

    I don’t see how her height and weight can be “appalling”.

    Seriously, those netizens can be quite ridiculous sometimes… -.-

  38. She’s sexy alright : D

    And come on . I’m like the same height and same weight as her x.x What’s wrong ? Hahaha !

  39. *you like

  40. “Seriously, Lee Hyori is sexy for the reason that she is not stick-thin and willing on building those sexy fleshy look.”

    I agree! <3.

    Netizen Z: โ€œPlastic boobsโ€

    ROFL, but you look them, ne? ๐Ÿ˜›

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