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Jang Ja Yeon’s last words, “I wish to escape from all these pains…”


More has been revealed as investigations progress after the unfateful news of new actress Jang Ja Yeon‘s suicide on 7th March.

Investigations shed light to some of the writings left by Jang, that talks about her pains as a newcomer actress before she committed suicide

Although not all her writings, written on 12 A4 size paper, were revealed. Here are some of the content to her letter revealed by the police.

I’m a weak and powerless actress…

I wish to escape from all these pains…

As to what ‘pains’ Jang was referring to was not disclosed.

Jang Ja Yeon plays one of the JinSeonMi trio in KBS ongoing drama Boys Over Flowers. She also appeared in the movie ‘They are coming’ last year.

Jang‘s family, who are currently mourning for her death, has expressed that they will cooperate with the police to get to the bottom of Jang‘s sucide.

One of the artiste mangers in this entertainment field provided with the type of pains that new actress go through, “Sometimes a new actress will have take on things other than acting. This is the way it works in this industry. The 3 basic pains that new actresses face: Advertisers who demand ‘the body’, production companies who will demand the money, and the mental pains from coming from lonely family background. No matter how small the CF will be, appearing on it increases your popularity. And sometimes you will have to do whatever the advertiser will demand you to do.”

While, Jang‘s management company’s representative said, “I know why the entertainment world is like that. It’s because it has to keep fighting with the public till the end.”

Meanwhile, netizens are all speculating the reasons to Jang‘s death over the internet.


Meanwhile, Kim Bum wrote a note on his minihompy about Jang‘s death on the BOF crew.

He wrote,

This somebody is unaware of the sorrows that has broken the order of everyone enjoying and smiling, and leaving just the tears and the cold backviews of those who had love to see my smiles too.

Even though we will not be able to smile because of the pain and hurt, because of that one reason that I wish to see these people smile again, I will obey by this order again.


I read accounts of how some of the netizens actually felt this is really getting out of hand.. one of the more impressive comment i saw was, “What is happening to these people in our country?”


26 Responses

  1. .._+i’m so sad to read this message

  2. miss her i am so sad……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  3. it so sad——-condolence=[

  4. Oh,what a pity for her and her family

  5. […] suicides M Street’s Lee Seo Hyun, Jang Chae Won and the recent case of Boys Over Flowers cast Jang Ja Yeon – all pointing to the dark sides of entertainer […]

  6. http://kojaproductions.wordpress.com/2009/03/13/jang-ja-yeon-did-not-die-from-depression/

    what about this allegation(above link)?…so many terrible things happened in her life… she could only handle so much


  7. perhaps it seems like a dead end for us who are still alive but it might be a way to free herself. may she rest in peace.

  8. humans can only take so much pain. please understand that.

  9. its sad, but seriously…korean actors and actresses are killing themselves like dropping dead flies..wth!!! there are so many i lost count..i feel bad and all but i dont respect ppl who resort to that level…i understand that depression is serious and suicide is the last thing, but there are so many ppl out there who are dying and they want to live so bad..and these ppl who kills themselves dont even value their lives..


  10. Aww that’s sad.
    RIP Jang Ja Yeon.

  11. HA I WAS RIGHT!!
    Depression and netizens yuppppp

    iono I feel really sorry for everything they have to go through.

  12. She may Rest in Peace. such a waste of losing her. but i cant blame her for doing that thing because shes under depression and i think she keep all her problems on her own and dont want people to see that she is lonely. shes not being selfish but shes being true to herself that she cant do it anymore and she dont want to live in this cruel life. i will still remember her happy days and everything about her. i dont want to judge her because i’ve never felt how she feel. so.. R.I.P..

  13. even though suicide is a bad thing.
    severe depression leads to suicide sometimes
    its unfair to call her selfish.

  14. I think she is far from selfish, she just couldn’t cope with what was going on in her life. There’s only so much a person can take and for her, maybe she felt she was at her limit. .

    It is unfair to call her selfish and unfair to not give her respect.
    She had her hopes and dreams like everyone else does and hopefully, people can start to realize that actors/actresses are only human, no matter how much we make them seem like they aren’t.

  15. eileen, i don’t get what kimbum’s writings.. please explain.. thx b4..

  16. hmm,,

    ive got nothing much to say except for that there are too many people commiting suicides,,
    then why do people get famous in the first place??

    Rest In Peace,
    Ja Yeon

  17. oops i meant “peace” not “piece”….can’t type anymore

  18. in response to miow above….people who commit suicide are not selfish people. You have no idea what’s it like to be depressed and feel like death is your only way out when you’ve fallen so low in your life, you can’t pick yourself back up. People who don’t understand suicidal & depressed people only see them as selfish people. I have been where JJY has been, and I have almost crossed that line. She wasn’t selfish, she just couldn’t pick herself back up. When you’re depressed you can’t think straight and can only see what’s in front of you. She lost her parents, she’s an upcoming actress in a very demanding entertainment industry….gosh who knows what else she’s been battling mentally & physically. I can only hope that her soul is at piece and that she is free from the burden she has carried with her all this time.

    RIP JJY…you will surely be missed.

  19. I don’t get the Kim Bum translation……but what’s his minihompy address?

    RIP JJY.

  20. Coolsmurf did an article at allkpop titled “Jang Ja Yeon Suicide Because of Depression”. She developed the mental disorder, depression when her parents died 10 years ago in a car accident and she’s been fighting it up until now. From what I read off the article, Ja Yeon was never clinically diagnosed so she never got the help she deserved.

    If she’s been fighting off her depression for 10 years then I don’t think we should call her selfish. I believe she would still be alive if people just reach out to her.

  21. how much i don’t like her in the drama .. i would only think it’s only in a drama , if think is always nice people in a drama .. would it be fun to watch then ? .. i think no >..<
    i wish no one would be that SELFISH
    R.I.P ….

  22. WHats Kim Bum minihompy ? anyone know?

  23. the UGLY side of the industry…
    as they say only the people WITHIN the industry can understand since they know everything.
    money and power being played and the small ones are always the victims.
    knowing how cruel and nasty things are,
    you would wish you are just a mere fan blogging and commenting on every news popping out of the net.
    within THAT world is a SAD and COLD world no one can imagine.
    what the public are seeing now were just the tip of the ice… the ICEBERG.

  24. peoples who committed suicide never get my respect..
    they are so selfish,
    they never thinking to the result of pain will
    suffer by their family.
    and R.I.P Jang Ju Yeon

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