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Boys Over Flowers cast at the wake of Jang Ja Yeon



KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’ cast – the F4 members Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, together with Goo Hye Sun and Kim So Eun were at the wake of Jang Ja Yeon (27) on 8th March in Seoul University Hospital.

They had arrived at the wake teary and shocked about the unfateful news of fellow BOF cast Jang Ja Yeon‘s death.

Jang Ja Yeon plays plays Sunny as part of the JinSeonMi group who are always against Geum JanDi. She was found dead in her apartment on 7th March – she had commited suicide and hung her herself.

Investigation into the case is still in the way.


Meanwhile, the cast of Boys Over Flowers had arrived at Jang‘s wake on 8th March in the morning at about 7am. They payed their condolences for about an hour and left. When asked about Jang‘s death by reporters, Lee Min Ho had refused to comment and had simply replied, “Sorry”.

Lee Min Ho had arrived at the wake looking really shocked and saddened by the news. And while paying his last respects, he was seen tearing at the wake.


Lee Min Ho‘s representative said, “The cast had sat there speechless for a long time after hearing the news. Goo Hye Sun has been crying endlessly since the news.”

Jang Ja Yeon has debuted in a Lotte CF, and is in the midst of her acting activities after taking a break off her university semester at JoSeon University.

RIP Jang Ja Yeon T.T

And it’s so sad, her name meant ‘natural’.

364 Responses

  1. oh she was so beautiful and cute…i mean..how could she do that”’/// well she was a lovely girl

  2. oh my gosh!!!condolence to the family of jang ja yeon.I’m so speechless about that news!Because i’m the no. fan of boys over flower.all of the casts are excellent and i love them all!!wish them all the best!!!good luck to Your career Guys.i hope that Someday All You Guys See you in Person..Before i Die!

  3. kyo talaga namantay nga yung tao puro kalandian pa rin ang mga iniicp nyo…

  4. amuh…ting…
    mai ganon..

  5. hmmp ..

    ckakagulat aman tlga yan blita n yan ..
    tsk . 3

  6. pagkalat nyo yan lahat

  7. yjiuyi

  8. advance happy birth day kim bum,,^-^i love you

  9. elow…to all bof fans

  10. mahal na mahal ko ang bof the best tlaga kau f4 !!!!!!!

  11. hi! guys how are you and i’m your biggest fun and i’am really wathcing the BOYS OVER FLOWERS?

  12. i hope that she didn’t die 😦

  13. why did she kill herself? that is very sad, i hope that she will have a good life in heaven 😦

  14. hi poe sa f4 cute poe nla crush ko poe c yi jeong

  15. love kenny
    hi lol sonny tay
    love mom bab

  16. hi lol no you like kenny

  17. hi***************F4 guys , I’m from mizoram n i really wanna c u guys in real n b a BFF OF U ALL I LOVE U GUYS…………

  18. hi! F4 members i’m your biggest fun in boys over flowers and ang gwapo ninyo apat?

  19. this made me teary its such horrible news! F4 dont cry seeing them all teary makes me wanna cry forever! TT^TT. But they still look cute 🙂 R.I.P Sunny you were my favourite out of you Miranda and Ginger 🙂 be happy in heaven!

  20. cguro
    ang laki ng titi n jun pyo hahahahahaha

  21. sana kantutin ako n jihoo sarap talaga

  22. sana makain ko titi ng BOF sarap talaga


  24. kaka in love cna gail hahahahahah. . . . . mas nakaka inlove ang F4 ilove u jun pyo

  25. ang CuTe TaLaGa NiLa

  26. hey sunny
    and hi f4
    and jan di
    w/ ga eul
    plz go to the philippines

  27. it`s very attractive,amazing,hilarous and adventirous film!!!!! whatch and enjoy it

  28. f4 forever

  29. chan di you are so ugly

  30. you are the best

  31. i love you jun pyo muah muah muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me and my sisters are love you to

  32. its so grabe na to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love you jun pyo theres a boy in my gonzales family like you all please come to manila ill take you a picture!!!!!!!!

  33. hAi!!!!!!!!!! sArAnGHe jiHOO!!!!!!!!

    gUyZzZzz!!!!!!!!! adD mE nMan oH!!!!!

    hehehehe!!!!!!!!!!! tKe cAre oLwaYzzzzzzzzzzz!!

  34. halu!!!!!!! sUpeRr wAfuU tLgA c JI HOO!!!!!!!!!!!
    CONDOLENCE !!!!!!!!! i had juStT rid ThE artiCLe THaT SuNny wAs aLridi DeAD!!!!!!!!!!!
    huhuhu!!! T_T <i'm sOOOoo Sad rYtT nOw!!

  35. lee min ho & kim hyun joong
    we love you all

  36. one more time
    boys over flower
    we love you 4m philippines

  37. i wnt it to say to you because it is true your not a koprean citizen you are filippine citizen i will miss you so much from now bye i wnt to die lke you

    geum jang joong

  38. seong geum hande your so unfair why yiu did that on me i didnt expect it i heard it from my classmate she said to me when i heared it sorry caus she said it on me and i siad its ok it not your fault

  39. hi kim hyun joong my name zaya ji hoo zaya i love you

  40. i love u bof

  41. condolence…..i have just read about that now…..im sorry guys….im just concern about u in this time….hope all of u will be my friend…and im always your friend always…would u like?…

  42. . .hi guyz!! . .I’m crazy inlove with you coz you are so cute especially JUN-PYO . .i can’t sleep without watching you . .just gudluck to ur career guyz . .wishing u luck . . . . . !. CUTE ROCKIKAY,SHERLYN!!

  43. oh my god…

  44. hello geum jandi i watch bof

  45. hi
    1 her
    hope u
    visit here
    ur no.
    1 in abs~cbn
    hope the cast
    will have a tour
    hear in philippines
    in cebu city
    ur my inspiration!!!!!!!
    thank u!

  46. bye….. have a nice day jang jayeon we love u we miss u and i love u limin ho

  47. hello..kim bum..i wish i can see you..i lve you so much..

  48. goodbye jang ja yeon we love you i wish you are happy now .

  49. hey lee min ho im inlove with you…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..hope to c u in personal der at the korea,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,im just 14 but im the biggest fan of MY B.O.F…………………………………………………i love u lee min ho…………………………………………..XOXO


  51. hi!
    how are you boys over flowers?…………!!

  52. I feel so sad , very sad look like i wanna cry 😦 because of what happen !! :(( We love you Sunny . I love boys over flowers forever ♥ 😦

  53. I LOVE YOU



    I LOVE YOU…………………………………………………….

  54. luv lee min ho n kim hyun joong 4 ever………………………
    never forget uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  55. i love u lee min ho………………………
    i love 4 evewr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. hi i t so beutifull the bof

  57. rip miss jang ja-yeon..

    i’m watching the rerun of bof here in the philippines.. it’s a really a great show!

    can anyone tell me about the “curse” that happened to the staff/cast? i’m just curious..

    anyway, happy holidays to all =)

  58. I love boys over flowers…

    go Jandi and Jun Pyo…

    I love you all F4 and Jandi…

    I’m your fan….

    I’m certified Bof addict…

    go Bof…:)

  59. I was shocked when I saw it at he internet…

    I can’t believe it…

    Is it true?omg…

    May she rest in peace…

  60. hai….ka2inlove mga boys over flower,.jandi ang gnda mu kia nainlove sau c gu jhong pyu….more power and Godblez us!!!!!!!

  61. hello…………………..b0F

  62. thank you channel 2 ibabalik nyo na ulit ang boys over flowers

  63. ineo seo bof
    busen karache do wae heo
    baseyo!!!!!!!!!!!! pudha


  64. bye……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  65. hai i love your show i miss boys over flower………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  66. baseyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ipudha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. baseyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. ++…eoW Kim bUm…ur xoooo cUte…i riLy luV Ur eyeS…
    UR Xo veRY CUte oN TV……GUDluCk iN Ur caREEr…

  69. ++….eow leE miN hOo…u KnOw Wat uR sO CutE..JEjE..
    II HoPe uR oK…TKE CArE..
    ++…EOw atE JN Di…ur xoooo…BEAuTIfuL…JEJE
    TakE CaRe….luv u All….

  70. sana magkaroon ng sariling show sina kim bum at kim so eun dito sa philippines na sila ung pinaka bida!!!!!!!wish lang po!!!!!!…………………………………….

  71. i love u Lee Min Ho

  72. CrUsH kOh KaYo
    you lokk nice boys over flowers hope we meet personal…♥♥♥


  73. The boys over flowers was very beutiful i wish has 2 tv show in the philippines

  74. ..imaY shE rEst aNd pEice

  75. may part 2 pa po ba

  76. hn

  77. i love u boys over flowers excited na ako sa part 2 nyo


  79. waaaat! shee’s dead…omg i like her pa nman tapos ganito lang mangyayari…..

    sooow sad talaga……………………….


  80. waat??! shes dead? y? huhuu…. i like her pah nman:((
    sooow sad jud!!!

  81. boyz over flower d best
    i love you jihoo!
    keep up the good work
    i really enjoy watching u guys

  82. i hope the boys over flowers casts come in the philippines because the bof casts is my fav. actress and actor i hope u come

  83. eLow…
    cute neu over..

  84. ang pangit naman ng ending niyo….. jejeje

  85. harhar…b.o.f 4ever juwd.. lee min ho , ur de bzt!!!!

  86. ooooh!

  87. hi cute nyo naman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  88. oh gosh. .why did jang ja eun commit suicide??didn’t she think that it isn’t the solution to her problem??.hmmm . .anyway. . i know that she has her reason for doing that hilarious act. .my condolences to all. .

  89. were super avid fan of B.O.F but were so sad because this week will be their finale.mmwaaahaaaagzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

  90. nakaka shock naman yan …… nakakalungkot talaga

  91. hoy….anu man kayo kahit nagpaplastic sergery si jun pyo o.k lang un kasi gusto nya naman un ehhhhh anu ngaun kung nagpaplastic sergsry cya anu pke alam nyo……………………………..inggit lang kyo kc hindi na yan maayos ang mukha ninyo…..

  92. The drama is cursed u see
    1. Goo Hye Sun accident
    2.Kim Bum accident
    3.Jang Ja Yeon death

  93. The show is not curse bunch of idiots!

  94. we are so sad about the news.we taught that they are just joking about it. but when we saw the pictures we mourned. condolence to the family JANG JA YEON. and to the cast of BOF. :((

  95. omg,ga eul is really pretty

  96. hay……………………….

  97. hi lee min ho ,,,your so cute,,,and i love you

  98. hi jun pyo i love you signed eljane

  99. oh i’m so sad talaga sa nangyari,,idol ko pa naman,,,matagal na pala yon,rest in peace

  100. […] Sunny of Boys Over Flowers, Jang Ja Yeon in real life commited suicide. Ngayon ko lang nalaman, nung March pa nangyari and according sa iba kong nabasa, the show is like cursed kasi may sunod-sunod na accidents daw ang nangyayari sa mga casts/staffs ng show. […]

  101. i love this boys over flowers. i wish all of cast of bof is come to phil… plz…………………….. plz…………………………….

  102. oh….it sad to say that maybe the time has come for yang ja yeon…all we can do is to accept for the better even though its more painful,but remember that God has always a purpose right?so all i can say is pls..pray for her peaceful leaving in this world…God bless us all!!

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  104. ilove boys over flower i hope i see all of cast boys over florwer and the one and only lee min ho/kim bum. iwish you visit philippines

  105. Hey, F4
    “Boys over flowers” is very nice and I like it so much.
    And then,I love jhun pyo, ji ho, yi jaung and wu bin … hee……..hee……..
    I wanna to be friend with F4. But I think it may be as a dream.
    Hey F4,come to Myanmar (my country) and find me.
    Warmly welcome.

  106. kim bum♥kim so eun

  107. i love you, Ji hoo, come to the Philippines and find me

  108. ang ganda talaga nag

    boys over flower




  111. fan namin ang mga BOF d2 sa Tagudin National High School

  112. hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gUys ang gwapo u jhun pyo!!!!!!!!!!********
    akin k lang luv u so much

  113. hey!!!!!!BOF is very nice…….I LOove IIt!!!!!Keep the Good Work!!!!!!!!!!…….i love u jhun pyo!!!111

  114. hay,,

    ,,go lng mataas ang rating nyo

  115. may god guide u all the way;;;;.;.;.;.;.;

  116. luv uall boys over flowers….,,,,

  117. im so sad that jang ae yun was die khit na enemy sya ni jan di i like her too not only the f4 jan di and gale

  118. 안녕하세요! 안녕! 아이들을 알고 있는 친절 꽃을 놓고,으면! I Like To See you! 특히 김현중 Ang 김범수

  119. ur all so cute

  120. hw xad…

  121. Lee min ho ang gwapo mo sa totoo
    i love dboys

  122. Lee min ho ang gwapo mo sa totoo
    i love

  123. Lee min ho ang gwapo mo sa totoo

  124. Lee min ho ang gwapo mo sa totoo

  125. i dont like monkey girl…( jun pyo’s fiancee)

  126. im so addict

  127. i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you so much crush kita talaga

  128. hi

  129. i can’t believe it. . .but malakas ang boys over flowers

    • just accept d reality dat malakas talaga ang kanilang hatak to the public….errrr….you’d rather go shopping…..blehhh.

  130. ang cute nyo talaga sobra………………………………????????????
    I LOVE YOU sobra




  132. ♥┼i love u boys over flower┼♥

  133. lee min ho u are so guapo

  134. …ang gwapo tlga nila.grabe.txt me po 09103625637

  135. goooo woo bin…your my idol…i wish in season 2 you will have a partner on the scenes….god bless in your career..

  136. i like boys over flowers a lot…i love all the cast…i will wait for the for the season 2 and im so excited..more power and god bless…

  137. kim bum your very handsome and cute

  138. i love boys over flowers

  139. maybe she got a red card at school too? RIP. sayang, ang ganda niya.

  140. hi im kaye i’m cry to hear that one of you has been die

  141. good bye sunny rest in peace …….
    T_T T_T

  142. i love all the cast and staff of bbf…especially the story and the songs..i cant wait for the season 2…may they make this another scenes the best although one of the artist was gone….Jang Ja yeon rest in peace…this is so tragic..but i dont think bbf is a curse!….it makes a lot of people fall in love and enjoy the tv…right???i know that all of as love it..more power bbf!!!god bless..

  143. i love all the cast and staff of bbf…especially the story and the songs..i cant wait for the season 2…may they make this another scenes the best although one of the artist was gone….Jang Ja yeon rest in peace…this is so tragic..but i dont think bbf is a curse!….it makes a lot of people fall in love and enjoy the tv…right???i know that all of as love it..more power bbf!!!god bless..

  144. …buls know kuna jang ja yeon…
    …search me ni neh?..”hyun joong and hwang buin”(get married)mabi2gla ka!!..

  145. you are the best!

  146. its unbelievable!!

  147. i love BOF very much, yi jeong and jun pyo you’re so hondsome, yi jeong and gail you’re so “bagay”, and also jun pyo and jan di…………………………………………………

  148. go jun pyo, do you have a girlfriend?

  149. i like go jun pyo so much……pls come in the philippines, please…….

  150. so sad

  151. …pwede ulit mgtanong??
    …may asawa nb c ji hoo???

  152. …sa boys over flowers, cno c jang ja yeon???
    …wat name nya don??
    …kung co man naka2alam plz. weply naman ohhh??..!!


  153. jun pyo

    -I LOVE YOU-]

    -*bozs.jun pyo*-

  154. …boys over flowers astig tlaga!!!
    …ji hoo gwapo moh tlaga..
    …jun pyo cute ng hair moh…
    …yi jeong,sav nung m8 coh kamukah mu dw cya…ehehe…
    …woo bin astig ka tlaga…
    …boys over flowers forever no.1!!!!!

  155. hhhhaaaaayyyyy….!!!!
    …kawa2 naman c jang ja yeon…
    …may her rest in peace…..

  156. rest in peace , Jang Ja Yeon. saranghae .. ♥

  157. I don’t believe in such curse……..
    may Jang Ja Yun rest in peace, and I hope for the success of Boys over flower in the Philippine television..

    I just wish that may the main characters mind of visiting their filipino fans…

  158. omg!!!!
    gravEh taLaga ang boYs over flowers.
    143 woO bEn hahahah

  159. kim bum uR so CuTe…..
    anD I LOve you so much?
    i will do anything?

  160. Hi im your #1 fan

  161. im so very shocked that she’s dead……………….im the # 1 fan of BOF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. hi kim bum and kin so-eun im miss you

  163. hi kim bum and kin so-eun im miss yoy

  164. hi kim bum

  165. hello ang cute nyo talaga

  166. your so cute talaga??????

  167. ellow!

  168. psst,,! zairah,,,please stop chasing those guys your mine!!!!

  169. these guys are so cute ,could it be possible that they will be my friends? i hope so,,,,,

  170. heyy..guyz my favorite cast on BOF is yi jeong or kim bum..hehehe..he’s my crush..and i’m starting to learn korean words

  171. Hello to you guys! I am learning Korean words so sometime i can talk to you on my web cam. if you all have an YM you can e-mail me if you want because i’m a big fan. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  172. ji hoo, your sooo!!!!cute,,,talaga

  173. Wala lang..hehe Peace tayo guys…

  174. Ang PaPAngit niyo!!!!!!!!!

  175. Cute kaya lang Childish si Jong Pyu Duhhhhh!!!!!


  177. ang masasabi ko lang.. pareparehas ng istorya nakakasawa.. cast lang ang napalitan…duhhh walang originality..harhar pero cute ang istorya pa rin… lalong lumalandi ang mga gurls dahil lang sa F4 na yan..baka dumami ang population.!!! harhar!!

  178. I’m so shocked by this news. I pity Jang Ja Yeon a lot. can’t believe this. and she’s so pretty!
    i know it’s too late, but still, i would like to send condolence to her friends and family.

    and geez, i can’t believe some of these people, commenting their admiration towards the F4 to this article. ~_~

    and Yes, I do know too that there are a lot of bad things happened during the shooting of Boys Over Flowers.

  179. hi cute talaga nla

  180. ””ohh’my god is that real???
    im so sad……she is beautiful lady

    boys over flowers is no.1 here in the philippines

  181. is this a joke?i think its not…i cant believe this..she’s a good actress..condolence…im a very fan of you…

  182. ano! how sad naman i like her in the boys over flowers how sad talaga ngayon ko lng nalaman niyan sayang maganda siya ♥♪▼but we will not stopping supporting♥ jang▼ ja♪ yeon♪♪3♥

  183. ang gwapo talaga ni lee min ho at ni kim bum cute na cute talaga!!!

  184. ang gwapo mo tlaga ji hoo and cute

  185. hello! I would also like to extend my deepest condolence to Jang Ja Yeon..=(

    on the other hand, i would also like to congratulate the casts of the BOF for a very beautiful movie…I really love all the casts…i am looking forward on becoming you as friends!!!=)

    God Bless and More Power!!!

  186. can u give me many pictures of jang ja yeon…just give mei the code!!! so i can put it 2 my friendster…if it’s okey 2 u guyz!!!

  187. lub yah!!!! kim hyun joong!!! and jang ja yeon!! hope u go on peace!!! mieh idol!!!! mwuah!!!

  188. eow, jun pyo we love you

  189. i am so idolize the cast of tho boy over flowers…………….luv u yi jeong……………

  190. hi james nanonood ka b ng boys over flowers ang gwapo ng mga cast d2 d katulad mo ang pangit mo kasi pinagpalit mo daw c ading kayj enerica ang baho mo sinaktan mo lang ang friend ko.

  191. i was so sad…im sorry Jang Ja Yeon couz.. in b.o.f i said many badword of u!!! im so sorry!!!!!!
    i hope u go on peace..!!!!! =( sorry!!!!

  192. i was so sad for what happened because she was so pretty and young and if she’s still alive i know she will be the next superstar.T_T.

  193. this still hav a continuation
    wist this wll never ends

  194. your so cute……very very cute

  195. […] Sunny of Boys Over Flowers, Jang Ja Yeon in real life commited suicide. Ngayon ko lang nalaman, nung March pa nangyari and according sa iba kong nabasa, the show is like […]

  196. huuuh?!!! how sad,……… why did she commit suicide. i love her seeing on tv..

  197. why did she die,,,,,, whats the reason

  198. aw… how sad ~_~
    i wonder what make her commit such act…
    even tho she a mean girl on BOF i still love her face

  199. ..hmm,ahm,hello!=(

    ..I was also shock and saddened when i read some articles about Jang jae yEon’s death,condolence..

    ..i Love you aLL,i Like the story of the boys over flower,i have many moral lessons learn..

    ..keep up the good work,take care always..
    ..i am friend,we could be friend,i am also your fan..


  200. hi kim joon

    I’m a fan of youre’s i like watching BOYS OVER FLOWERS…

    because you re so cute and handsome that’s all

  201. hi to all the cast of voice over flower your the best>>?<i love u"::"ang cute niyong lahat:"":L

  202. im so sads beacause im a fan of boys over flowers and that girl is so beautiful and she had a short life in the world she has her own programs and ads. but her life is short she love her i think so must be some thing bother her

  203. hi????????????

    iam so fan of boys over flower

    i am justine

  204. its so nice to watch boys over flower!
    they are not o.a to act..



    ok! hope we m8 soon F4..
    wish ko lng!

  205. we love u junpyo

  206. ahm…i wish that there is part 2..
    its quite story..goo jun pyo and geum jan di.
    there soo quite tandem..hehehe

  207. i hope thers is part two..i love over flowers watching..

    • hi i am arjay im watch boys over flowers
      ebri day im wish on boys………….. flo
      thank you very match byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  208. hmmmm wish boys over flowers cast will go in the philippines

  209. hjk,o.io.pxcgnyt/[\
    grety nuo.srfwegkmj,ndfrgfdstk

  210. and by the way, i love the story of their friendship, really genuine.. it is really great having good and real friends. it seldom happens now a days specially in letting go the one you love even if it means the whole world to you just for the sake of someone or for the sake of your friend..

  211. my deepest sympathy to the late jang ja yeon.. hope no bad things will happen again.. Good luck to you guys (F4 and the rest), cheer up!! :)to ji hoo, i like you a lot for jan di, and it hurts knowing youre not the one whom jan di had choosen in the end :)no offense people!! 🙂 I love you guys (jandi, ji hoo, jun pio, woo bin, yie jung and all the cast of BOF)

  212. Huhuhu! I love you Kim Bum! But I’m sad because “Sunny” of Boys over Flowers died already. Hope she rests in peace. May the Lord bless her soul always. And, I hope she’s happy with where is she right now. :(( It’s so sad. But still, Boys Over Flowers’ getting over rated. I know Jang Ja Yeon is happy where’s she now. If I were in the cast of BOF, I would cry ENDLESSLY because, Sunny’s my favorite.

  213. my god…is that true?how sad ….i hope she finds happiness wherever she is right now …..

  214. hi jun pyo u know ur so handsomee

  215. ang sa

  216. Oh no. That’s horrible. I actually think she’s a good actress. It takes talent to portray a cunning role, you know. She was very good. 😦

    I don’t know what you guys are saying about the show being cursed. Seriously. You believe in those? The actress was probably troubled and couldn’t seem to bear the weight of her problems. I’m not assuming I know her reason. I’m only stating possibilities. It might just be true.

    My condolences to Jang Ja Yeon. I also wish the cast and crew good luck. It will never be the same without her, I’m pretty sure about that.

  217. I love ur show jan di, jun pyo,yie jung,jii hoo
    ,woo bin. Love u all,
    i will always watch.
    Boys over flowers..


  219. ~ booo

  220. hi mzta na kayon

  221. boooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. hello …………….
    Boys over flower

  223. hy cnu poh c woo bin

  224. i admire you guys ….. goodluck most especially to you lee min ho


  226. ….ang gwapo mo tlga……

  227. sayang ang ganda pa nmn nya!

  228. How sad!! She commited suicide? Sayang. Ang ganda ganda pa naman niya. 😦 On going pa ba shooting ng BOF? Nagulat ako sa news. Ang bata pa niya.. Haay.

  229. namatay si sunny?! kahit na nakakainis sila nina ginger, nakakatawa naman sila.. wawa naman. condolence. :’-(

  230. […] Sunny of Boys Over Flowers, Jang Ja Yeon in real life commited suicide. Ngayon ko lang nalaman, nung March pa nangyari and according sa iba kong nabasa, the show is like […]

  231. *condolenseces*
    we will always pray her_
    i love watching boys before flowers…

  232. *condolenseces*
    we will always pray her_
    i love watching boys before flowers…

  233. *condolenseces*

  234. any body answer me please ???????????????????????????????????????

  235. I love boys over flowers………
    i am watching it every afternoon !!!!

    what are their real names ??????????

  236. he’s a totaly awesome go jun pyu i mean lee min ho go 4 it

  237. Brilliant great amazing…… I love you lee min ho i hope ur fine take care i watch boys over flowers i bought a cd i really love

  238. lee min ho xoxo

  239. omg!!! i’m so shock condolence

  240. ang guapo nila,especially kim bum

  241. Oh my, the show has just started here in the Philippines and I am telling you guys, the show has the taken the country by storm!

    It is so sad that this has happened. The show has taught a lot on stubborn and real love. A love that conquers all.

    To the late cast of boys over flower, may you truly rest in peace.

    This is really a story of how the realities of life can be cruel.

  242. boys over flowers is the best show,jun pyo is handsome.

  243. boys over flower is the best show for me cause of the cuteness of yi jeong..hope i can see him in personal..

  244. OMG. it’s really shocking.
    may her soul rest in peace.

    anyhow, why do you guys say that the show is cursed?
    what situations always happen that is considered as bad luck?

    i really wonder….

  245. I’ve read about the news and I’m so sad 4 what had happened.I’m an avid fan of BOF and I even though she played antagonist character,beleive me Jang Ja Yeon has a part of it’s success. GOOD BYE MY DEAR JANG JA YEON.WE WILL NEVER FOGET YOU.

  246. hai……………..kim bum and jun pyo you are so handsome as in mwahh……….GOD BLESS…..

  247. wow that was so awsome……….

  248. ..i heard about the news…were so sad to hear that…why she want that way….
    may they see peace in heaven

  249. “condolence ”
    RIP Jang Ja Yeon T.T
    huh…huh…huh…huh.. c,”)

  250. it so sad!!!!!!!!
    —–> GOD BLESS U ALL<—-

  251. so sad :'(..RIP Jang Ja Yeon

  252. weew. i can’t believe that she commited suicide. what can be the reason? T.T so sad…

  253. ….. i love boys over flower ……

  254. hey guys!
    this site is for the late jang ja yeon. you should not be commenting things saying about how much you admire f4,,you should show sympathy to the family and friends of the dead..

  255. hai my name is grace from cebu phls i really love u all espicially yi geong

  256. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i love all of you ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  257. ji tac care of jan di becaus of jun pyo but it’ joke

  258. ji hoo pls say to jun pyo hi and any friends

  259. hello ji hoo am so happy to wath a boy over flower it’s so romatic so much

  260. hello ,

    boys over floer are so cute guys…

  261. so sad what happened to her 😦 but R.I.P

  262. will you be my wife kim hyun joong

  263. R.I.P
    to her..
    I CANT BELIEVE IT. I like her acting in Boys over flowers..

  264. condolence to the family of jang ja yeong

    but still i hope that the bof will successful even without her……………………….

    RIP Jang Ja Yeong

  265. hi every body,,.im from phis,.u come her in phis,.

  266. good for her she’s now resting.

  267. i think,i will agree with angelu..

  268. i think this is only a frank! i don’t believe this kind of thrill…

  269. hello kinddly add me on your fs KAQOHZAH17@YAHOO.COM

  270. i don’t think that this show is cursed….may Jang Ja Yeon rest in peace!..

  271. yhe show is not cursed….we made our own.. i hope Jang Ja Yeon may rest in peace.

  272. RIP.. so sad..

  273. […] may rest in peace and wish for the filming to progress without any negative incidents. Credit: KBites & AsianEU __________________ ~VOICE OF SOUL ~ KIM KYUNG ROK … . [V.O.S Thread] [V.O.S […]

  274. oHh my goSH!! i cnat believE it…
    thouGh im so confuSEd whY this thinGS are happeninG to the drama..
    this is oNLy a challenGE to thEM!>..
    u cAn do IT!!

  275. omg i’m shocked!!
    juz watch d drama yesterday while i dun noe she’s not in d world anymore? gotta kidding me…~~
    i bet she has a good future coz she muz b smart & talented rite? something muz b wrong there…how sad..
    feel kinda sad for d cast as well…lost their friend…~~

    what a coincidence? not anymore!!
    should they stop filming d drama?
    i mean if they gonna have season 2(as taiwan & japan version got season 2)?
    can’t bear to hear any bad things happen to any of them again…this is my 1st time voice out my opinion on dis show as dis is my 1st time ever heard about drama’s filming got so much bad things happened…
    i’m so scared actually!!! @___@

  276. The show keep getting bad lucks. i wonder how will they contiune. RIP JJY and hope the cast and staff will end the show well =)

  277. Another bad news..
    Rest In Peace Jang Ja Yeon Ssi..
    The trio has lost its member forever..

    • whats

    • that’s right uhnie!!!! may she rest in peace!!!

      And I hope you can tour here in the phillipines..
      Because I’m you number 1 fan or the biggest fan!!!

  278. OH MY GOD…really shocked when i heard bout her suicide…really sorry for her family and also her kkotboda namja’s casts firends…hope that this bad news will not affect to those kkotboda namja’s production…jang ja yun sshi may u rest in peace…T~T

  279. Again condolences to her loved ones and the BOF cast and crew. May she rest in peace.

    And I hope nothing bad happens anymore with the BOF cast and crew…

  280. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!! are serious i cannot believe she’s dead 😦 awwwwwwwwwwwwww may she rest in peace ~~~~~sooooooo shocking ~~~~~~

  281. omg,, RIP forever jang ja yeon D;
    i think that is why the 3 girls havent been on boys over flowers for quite a while.
    i cant really remember the last time they were on it..

    this is really shocking and horrific…
    The cast of Boys over Flowers are getting injured every single time.
    Now a death?

  282. This is quite shocking. I hope that she rest in peace. Hopefully the movie would still be very good with out her but it is quite shocking and sad 😦

  283. guys wake up why makin a big issue now let the one who has passed away rest in peace we ppl who see things take it as easy as it come dont get me wrong,everyone is sad n socked listnin to ppl pass away like this n tat ,this is life come to the real world .. a heartly respect n support is all they need..
    its true a lot of things r happenin to the crew of BBF but lets wish for the best more ova n may they succeed nomatter how many obstacles they go through. weahter they r celebritis or stars they r still humans n they do hav a comman heart like the common ppl lets nt make it a big deal, nt loosin our humanity is the greatest wat u guys think???The deep sympathy n prayers r prayed dont u worrie if u truely feel for someone the remainin memories can be felt.

  284. I still can’t believe it. So young, so beautiful, this girl got a lot going for her.
    The way that the drama was going, I’m confused.
    Of course the boys are saddened, you can tell F4 got along well with the ‘Mean Girls,’ especially at the award show recently.
    Hopefully the BOF cast can overcome this and dedicate the drama to Ja Yeon.

    • I still can’t believe it. So young, so beautiful, this girl got a lot going for her.
      The way that the drama was going, I’m confused.
      Of course the boys are saddened, you can tell F4 got along well with the ‘Mean Girls,’ especially at the award show recently.
      Hopefully the BOF cast can overcome this and dedicate the drama to Ja Yeon.

  285. I don’t believe that BBF is cursed!!! We just have to have strong faith to the Lord and pray for the casts , crews and staffs of BBF for their safety. Please each and everyone think positive about BBF. The show must go on!!!

  286. May the Good Lord give comfort to the family. May her soul rest in peace.
    I think they should investigate this case very good. I don’t think she did hung herself. Do you think there is someone out there who is jealous over her? Why would she be depress when she is doing good in her career?

  287. hey who does she play in the drama because im just starting to watch it R.I.P to you lady Jang Ja Yeon

  288. Ohmygosh. I feel so sad for them.
    It’s so sad :[

  289. R.I.P

  290. This news is super shocking.
    I know its pretty common for artistes in Korea to commit suicide but this run of bad luck for the drama is just too scary. I don’t think she did it. I hope this bad luck stops soon.

  291. It’s sad to see another Korean celeb do this.

    RIP Jang Ja Yeon.

  292. it’s so shocking
    her future was bright

    may her rest in peace.

  293. you’re kidding me…..
    omfg… 😦
    rest in sweet peace Jang Ja Yun

  294. D: I AM SO SAD. this is so shocking! Rest in peace…. T.T

  295. R.I.P

  296. I wonder if the show is cursed ..
    RIP, God Bless ❤

  297. RIP…and i liked the 3 girls too.. ㅠ_ㅠ
    and its also creepy cuz my real name is Sun and my friends call me Sunny…

  298. only the cast of boys over flower attend her wake?
    i dont see other celebs there.(?)

  299. the drama hasnt been completed right?
    so how are they going to continue actiong for the rest of the show?

  300. Yeah. I also feel the same way. The drama is like cursed. Sigh. Hope that she will rest in peace.

  301. I agree with on the top of me. I think the show must be a cursed. It has so many bad things happens to the casts and staffs. This one is a REAL Shocker! It never fells, it seems like one or two bad thing happened once a week to these casts and staffs of BBF. So sad and feel sad for the casts as well. I couldn’t beleive it that a beautiful and bright star like her would want to end her life. It’s so tragic.

  302. when I heard of this yesterday, I was like. …………….
    why does the jinx never end for kkotboda namja?
    people are saying things about the drama being cursed..
    then I’m starting to think the same.. =(
    but that’s not the case right now though,
    Jang Jayeon , please rest in peace…
    T.T I wonder how this will affect the drama..

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