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Netizens find After School Raina’s fresh face pretty

Netizens have been taking interests in After School new member Raina lately.

Some of her fresh face photos have been uploaded by netizens, and many netizens find Raina pretty without makeup.

Go under the cut for more.

Raina with makeup

Raina without makeup

I thought Raina has really pretty eyes. And she has a really pretty voice too.


17 Responses

  1. all aftr school memeber cute and pretty and tall <<33

  2. picture with hat : she kinda looks like solbi i think

  3. She’s pretty and her voice is pretty damn good but her nose scares me sometimes.

  4. I really like Raina..
    I like her cheek..make me want to pinch her cheek..haha…
    And wow…she have both pretty fresh face and voice…thats good..=)

  5. it looks like she have done a nose job… and maybe her eyes too…

  6. i think she’s going to take after school to that next level with her vocals. they desperately needed help in that department, and she fills it nicely. now with her and jungah, i think they’ve got the singing part covered.

    and of course…she’s pretty too (with or without make up).

  7. she’s so cute :3
    & she’s my fav member in after school ^^

  8. doesn’t she look like Go Mi Nam/Park Shin Hye from You’re Beautiful

  9. she could be SuJu’s KangIn’s sister or something, they kinda look alike haha

  10. She looks good without makeup. Whoever did her nose did an awful job though.

  11. she’s such a cute girl. sometimes i dont think they style her hair right though. it makes her cheeks look bigger for some reason. but she looks good in her selcas

  12. black circle lenses is what she use like park bom to make her eyes appear bigger.

  13. she is cute, and has a really pretty voice too ~

    i hope we can see more from ALL After School members ~

  14. she is cute and pretty XD

  15. she is so cute

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