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Netizens’ overwhelming response to Se7en’s comeback stage, “Is this really live?”

Coming back after 4 years, Se7en received overwhelming response from fans.

Se7en had his comeback stage on 30th July on Mnet M!Countdown performing 2 songs ‘Better Together’ and ‘Digital Bounce’, and even won #1 on the show with the title song ‘Better Together’.

After the performance of the songs, some netizens posted up MR-removed versions of his comeback stages online and it had received overwhelming responses from fans who commented, “This is Se7en after all, respect”, “I can tell just how much he had prepared to present such a good stage”, “This is what we call good vocal capabilities”, “This is one singer who is good in both dance and singing” etc.

Se7en will be performing this week on MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on 31st July and 1st August.

S: MTStarNews


47 Responses

  1. His live have always been amazing.
    He’s been wowing us from day 1!

    Btw your Se7en banner is super hott!! πŸ™‚

  2. SE7EN oppa. You’re really hot!

  3. You know why SE7EN has goddamn right to use autotune? It’s because we all know HE CAN SING. If you’re doubting, you’re probably a newbie in KPop.

  4. now i know why i love him back then~he’s a great performer and love him more and more now~

  5. better together MR removed :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQPE8BTYrbg

  6. “put your hands up!”

    yeah~ that’s what i’m talking about.

  7. Dayuum…Park Han Byul is so lucky!

  8. wel.. its SE7EN afterall. i think hes the only that can sound this good/perfect while singing and dancing flawlessly. and hes a SOLO artist, meaning he sings more than 5 seconds.

  9. For the record, you can take MR seriously. MR removed versions are soo inaccurate, their almost always done by netizens with no musical knowledge. When they are removing the back ground music they also remove some of the artist vocals which is why their voices always sound soo…shaky(?).

  10. WTF did you expect? This is se7en after all.
    I want to hear better together MR too!

  11. No offence but i think it is expected…
    Since he is not in an idol group.
    He must be good enough…if not he will be in idol group……

    • lol.
      then what about the members of idol groups who also go solo.
      like GD, taeyang, TOP, Seungri and Daesung?
      Shin Hyesung, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, JunJin, Andy , er, Eric -not yet.

  12. Actually it was a great performance because it was solid and almost flawless even tho mnet is known for having below par sound system and such. I can only imagine how awesome his performances would be when there’s better sound equipment!

  13. he is se7en!! what more can i say..

  14. Se7en never lipsync. he made a promise to himself that thing from the very beginning of his carrer. and never once he broken the promise. πŸ™‚

    • uh … i love his rendition of this song. his voice is so good and so is his pronunciation.

  15. se7en is a great performer…. dance or mellow song, he just own it πŸ˜›
    u guys should check this. i describe this w/ just one word : Perfecto!

  16. se7en is a great performer, dance n mellow song, he own it πŸ˜›
    u guys should check this…
    one word : Perfecto! just like listen d CD

  17. This song is pratically rap/talking so it doesn’t really prove his vocal capabalities. Hearing an MR removed of better together would be better. Thats not to say se7en isn’t a great singer, but Taeyang is just as good yet no one says anything

    • yeah, Tae Yang is good also but he doesnt prove it really because MR versions of his songs, he only sings like half of the song. That’s why he gets doubt whether he can sing or not.

      • lol. there are sooo many other videos where he is singing live out here on the internet. performances where he sings a majority of the songs and we clearly know that it is a live performance. why must we rely purely on MR to judge someone’s singing ability? besides, with taeyang, you can usually tell whether he is singing live or not. if he is not singing it, you won’t see his lips move.

        and just as an info, YG artists rarely ever lipsync. they always sing live that’s why not a lot of ppl would argue that their performance level are top-notch or not.

        (read this in a friendly and happy chatting tone^^)

      • Yeah, that’s Taeyang’s major problem. He doesn’t really sing all of them song and I noticed that especially in Wedding Dress, not just the chorus but other parts. And he’s not always consistent but he has a pretty tight schedule to and from Japan and insomnia so that does affect his performances, especially in wedding dress when he was slightly depressed.
        But he has his moments when he sounds amazing with hard choreo like his Where U At performance on Sketchbook.

        Whereas if you look back on Se7en’s performances he tends to sing the whole song live and he’s very consistent. Mind you I’ve only watched all of performances from his lives at drama, entertainment and film award ceremonies.

        Anyway, sorry for the long essay hahaha. They’re both amazing and they’re both great soloists that sing well live, they just have different singing styles, one goes all the way one holds back a bit πŸ˜€

      • I’m a Tae Yang fan so dont misinterpret my comment XD Im just saying because @vipwong says he doesn’t get praised for his vocal is because some people just doubt him due to the fact that he doesn’t sing majority of his song. We all know Tae Yang can sing, but I guess he’s not good yet at being a solo artist. &nd I know he doesn’t try to lipsync at all.

      • @lenny: don’t worry! i didn’t misinterpret at all~!^^ i’m just saying this abt some ppl in general who always rely on MR to judge a singer’s ability. MR isn’t always accurate, especially if it’s not a pro who did the MR.

        anyway, i do admit that taeyang’s downfall is that he’s just gotten too comfortable with focusing on the dance more than the singing. i can see that he sometimes doesn’t push himself enough to try and sing more than dance. i think focusing on his dancing has been a comfort zone so maybe that’s why we mostly see him just dance and not fully sing although the part that he does sing still sound amazing.

        but he has his awesome performances too where he goes all out on both singing and dancing. like if it’s a big stage like a concert or a small personal stage like shows like sketchbook or something he definitely gives everything he’s got because i think smaller, more up close stages are more important to him and then concerts are where he can show his true potential because it’s all on him so he focuses more i think.

        rant. sorry. XD

      • Well I love both but I think that’s when you’d see which one of them was trained to be a soloist and such. Se7en is trained to be a soloist and has had experiences of being one ever since so it’s not really surprising if he’s technically more superior than YB, performances-wise. YB on the other hand is still on the early stages of being a promising soloist so I think I’m gonna give more leeway to him now because even tho he misses some points, overall perf is still passable, if not really commendable at times. Granted that he’ll continue doing this in the future, I’m sure he’ll improve. And get used to it more. πŸ™‚

  18. Haha, I must say I’m impressed ^^

    I never listened to Se7en so I never had a chance to check out his vocal capabilities so I was pleasantly surprised with this performance πŸ™‚

    But I gotta say, that pink thing around his neck was a major distraction. I couldn’t stop staring at it in the picture. LOL I had to replay the vid cause I wasn’t paying attention the first time XD

  19. haters to the left~

    i have to admit, this impressed me. it is an auto-tuned-to-death song and yet he managed to sing it.

    • I know.

      I was honestly soo disappointed when i first heard his mini album, i hated the title tracks. But after his live performance, i can’t stop replaying both songs. I can’t believe i even doubted Se7en haha.

  20. despite it being a heavily auto-tuned song, he still sang every word of it. se7en is really the best. <3<3

  21. the song is so simple to sing.
    No surprise he can sing it lol

    • tsk…why don’t u try singing and dancing to it at the same time if u think is so simple =3=”

    • @tonika: y’know the song required him to sing at a lower key which is harder to do because it required for him to really be able to control his breathing, and that makes it even harder because he’s dancing a quite difficult choreography at the same time.

      props where props is due. all i’m sayin.

      • that person always have something negative to say about YG artists. no surprise there.

    • what song is not simple for you?

    • Not really. I’m pretty sure he’s singing in a different key that what he usually used to. And in my opinion electronic songs are hard to sing live and sound good because of the layered effects. He did a good job and pretty much sung the whole song and didn’t sound out of breath.

      He has great control over his voice no matter what songs he sings πŸ™‚
      The only thing that stopped me from enjoying his performance was the lack of energy. I felt like he wasn’t that into it, same with Better Together but then again, it is his first time standing on a live broadcast stage in like 3 years and he must be having mixed emotions in his life right now.

      I’m really looking forward to his next performances though. I know he’ll improve and gain back his confidence and charm onstage.

      • I completely agree with your post. I love se7en I really do and he is an amazing performer but I feel like something is missing in his performances this time around as compared to the past, like he isn’t enjoying it as much, but that can possibly be due to absolute exhaustion from the preparations. He is probably really nervous about being on a live stage after such a long time and after the letdown that was his US activities his confidence probably got a bit shaken thus increasing the pressure of his comback in korea just that much more. I will wait to see his other performances and hope that energy that made me love se7en as an artist returns.

  22. As expected from the hot Se7en. ^_^

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  24. I wanna hear an MR version of Better Together πŸ˜€

  25. se7en oppa jjang!!~~ πŸ™‚

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