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Teaser to Big Bang 2nd album ‘Remember’

Part of Big Bang‘s 2nd official Korean album ‘Remember’ has been revealed.

The album will be set to release on 5th November, and on 30th October, YG Entertainement released the teaser video to the title song on their official homepage.

The title song to the album ‘Red Sunset’ was a Big Bang-style remake of Lee Moon Sae‘s ‘Red Sunset’. Although the song has been remade by many singers, Big Bang has remade the song in their own interpretation (about world love) and style.

The reservation sales for the 2nd official album will start off and online on 30th October.

1. INTRO – 모두 다 소리쳐 [Everyone scream]
2. 오, 아, 오 (Oh, Ah, Oh)
3. Sunset Glow/Red Sunset
4. 반짝반짝 [Sparkling]
7. Foolish Love
9. Lies [REMIX]
10. Last Farewell [REMIX]

pic and tracklist credit: bigbangkorean@wp

Haha, Big Bang is back. I thought Red Sunset/Sunset Glow is really different from what they have been doing so far.. >,< And I thought I saw the classic Magic School Bus too.. Haha

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  1. ahhhhhh i love Big bang xD they’re so cool! i downloaded all the songs.. but im buying the album anyways ^^

  2. XD i have their album ~ ♥

  3. Thanks for sharing the translation for the tracklist.
    I really need it.
    I like their remake of Red Sunset.
    It so cute. =]

  4. great !!! BB always know how to make a great works ^^

  5. Wow another album I won’t buy ._.;;;;;
    I don’t really like the tracklist. ^^;;

  6. Where do you think we can get reservations for their 2nd Album. I’d rather just wait for it, it’s almost out anyways.

  7. 아!!!!!~~
    cant wait cant wait!!!
    de song sound nice!!
    mv looks very very nice!!!
    hehex ^^

    thank eu fer posting!!
    i took some parts of ur blog and credited you (:

    hope it’s alright (:

  8. Haha. Is it only me who gets what a Magic School Bus is? Haha. Love Big Bang! I love how they inserted a very strong message in their music. They really have grown.. Awwww 🙂


  10. @lanny,never thought of it like that but that beach where the oil spill happened is located on the West Coast of korea so thats why GD is holding a lets go west sign.

  11. @lanny: Wow, never saw it that way haha ^^; I always thought it had to do with… all their potential American activities that YG was subliminally trying to hint at ^^;

    I love them~ they always know how to do things up in styleee ❤ I’m so excited for this album!! I understand why they put Lies/Last Farewell/Haru Haru on the album [last 3 “singles” of their mini-albums] but it would’ve been nice if they extended the tracklist because of that… maybe put on “Until Whenever”? ;p But it doesn’t matter. It’s gonna be an awesome album 😀

  12. wow i want it now
    I feel so slow now i understand why GD as holding the sign “Let’s go West” it was about their song the whole time Red Sunset because the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west


  14. I don’t like how they put haru haru, lies, and last farewell in it, but other than that I AM WAY EXCITED. THE TEASER GOT ME TEASIN FOR MORE. LOVE LOVE LOVE BIG BANG

  15. im so excited too.

    they’re bringing a different flavor.

    very intriguing preview….the tracks listed is making me so impatient.

    BIG BANG. officially back.

  16. OHEHMGEE! yea yea i’ve read this one already, but reading it again is WHOA! hahahaha:D

  17. I’m So Excited ^_^
    i’m looking for the album
    it look diffrent than i expected from
    Big Bang , Soooooo Cooooooool
    I Can’t Wait to Rlease thier new offical album XD

  18. something intrigue me,, one of their song in this album is “wonderful”, hhahahahaha, remind them of the wonder girls eh?!

  19. I was about to get ready to sleep since I have school tomorrow
    I went on and check on them for the last time then I saw this… I almost had a heart attack, it would REALLY sucks to die 1 week before my birthday.

    but… DUDE…. Baby’s single… titled ‘STRONG BABY’

    SooKyeong gurl~ i know ur in class
    so I’ll scream in behalf of you haha
    I already have a sore throat and I’ll PROBABLY lose my voice tomorrow… but…. who cares???? hahaha

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