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Lee Min Ho went under the knife too?


After the case of So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA, here’s yet another wave of speculations by netizens about Boys Over Flowers Lee Min Ho having went down the knife.

Our flower boy may just not be as perfect as we make him out to be.

Most of the speculations were that he did his nose and mouth.




There were also some who pointed out that he did his eyelids as well.


I don’t know. This reminds me of the case of Jang Geun Seok.


And like the topic raised earlier on about Lee MinHo‘s smoking habits, I guess we can’t be asking too much from him just because he is playing Goo Joon Pyo in BOF.

But then again, this isn’t surprising coming from the Korean netizens. Just that I sympathise with Lee Min Ho, whether he went under the knife for plastic surgery or not.

Here’s little MinHo for you.



78 Responses

  1. THIS IS NOT TRUE ahahah..search REAL mackerel run photos of MIN HO..He’s still the same as before..Ur idiots u wanna FOOL us for this..ahahahah..so many Photos of MIN HO to prove he didnt under go any plastic surgery..ahahaha…so funny HE’s a SUpERSTAR no wonder many will make issues like this ahhhahaha

  2. i lhub lee min ho .. knowing that he take surgery .. well i don’t care im still her #1 fans .. and so wat ? i guess most of artist takes surgery .. u’i just pointing lee min ho . coz his the hottest and famous artist of this generation .. let meh say this u cant drag lee min ho down .. he done so far . and it would ending in this nonsense issue . all of us want to look nicer .and i think nothings wrong with that . . 🙂

  3. …………….

  4. m’en fous, pour mwa lee min ho c le plus beaux garc ke g jamé vu …

  5. he have a fake feature!

  6. he very handsome!
    i like handsome guy!
    but not included him
    because he does a plastic surgery before

  7. he 100% had plastic surgery!
    many Korean Artist had took plastic surgery too.
    they just want to be fame so that the took it !

  8. Well I am a true fan of Min Ho and I really don’t care if he had to fix something to look better…..
    I Love Him

  9. watevr lee min ho is ma fav…

  10. i believe that the child is lee min ho…and yeah, who cares if he had a surgery..you’re just jealous because he has good looks han you

  11. oh my gosh !!! i don’t know that he maked a plastic suggery…i felt sorry for him coz the beauty is not everything…In MY RACE..we r same infront of GOD..nor the beauty or ugly….


  13. just saying but the double eye lid thing can be made by useinf eye glie, most asian women use it to form a doudle eye lid. just saying it’s possible ^^

  14. who cares anyway?!for us,he’s still lee min ho, the best actor in korea!!!we still love him no matter what,so pls leave lee min ho alone and mind your own business!!!

  15. i beleive thet lee min ho did a plastic surgery but thats ok! theres nothing wrong there as long us he can afford..
    For me lee min ho is the best actor ive ever know… he is handsome and a heathrob also…

  16. I think, be an actor/actress is not an easy job. they have to make people happy when every time we ‘re watching them. and Min ho success make us happy. I think he had done his job very well. Min ho has already success be an actor. Min Ho always do your job with the best You can do ! We always like you….fighting !

  17. i don’t believe that lee min ho did plastic surgery c:

  18. i think people never saw the negative sides of lee min ho because of his physical appearance..
    they still like lee min ho even they knew that he smokes.
    they never saw the negative sides.
    they are just looking for lee min ho’s physical appearance.
    only appearance.
    wat if an ugly man who smokes and had a nose job court you?
    that’s the point..i know u wil not say yes..
    because u only look for the outside and not inside..

  19. i think people never saw the negative sides of lee min ho because of his physical appearance..
    they still like lee min ho even they knew that he smokes.
    they never saw the negative sides.
    they are just looking for lee min ho’s physical appearance.
    only appearance.
    wat if a ugly man who smokes and had a nose job court you?
    that’s the point..i know u wil not say yes..
    because u only look for the outside and not inside..

  20. Calm Down people!!
    If Lee Min Ho really did a plastic surgery,i think that’s okay..
    It doesn’t matter..
    because people will look to his act and style,not just his nose..

  21. calm down people!!
    if Lee Min Ho really did a plastic surgery i think that’s okay..
    it doesn’t matter!!
    because people will look his act and style,not just his nose!!

  22. cute paren!

  23. OMG!even they involve jang geun suk??

  24. he is still the best actor

  25. and why????…

  26. hayzzzzzzzzz changing face???….
    wewwwwwww I can`t believe it….
    L ee Min Ho….

  27. the fourth pic… from what drama/film is that?.. the one in the left. just curoius….

  28. but uh, lee min ho’s image changed a lot when he became part of BOF.

  29. is this true? well anyway, he’s really cute even before.

  30. i dont care what others says… but i still like Lee Min Ho… he is totally handsome forever for me…. 😀

  31. this rumor doesn’t change the fact that he is a good actor..

  32. a person will change its looks as time goes by..if i will compare my face before and now,it really changed and i did not undergo plastic surgery..lee min ho’s face was not altered

  33. omg.. are you really sure that’s his picture?

    this probably the 1st time ever i have seen someone who has gone drastic changes… that’s shocking picture!

  34. I think LMH just grew up and lost some of his baby fat in certain places.
    Or he could of toned up too….the pixels are just not comparing immediate shots either.

    May I say that no one is perfect either, including me. I look so better now than in my teens….if you can accept that some do grow prettier and more shaped or toned…

  35. i don’t think he did it for a makeover..

    i remember that he had a car accident few years ago..
    and that he had many broken parts in his body..

    maybe i am wrong, too

    (i really.. don’t care)


  37. Jang Geun Suk looked way better before. Like if you watch him in Hong Gil Dong…and then Beethoven Virus…waaah why did he do that to his nose? T.T he looks so much cuter before. He’s still goodlooking (to me) but he shouldn’t have done that to his nose. Atcually his skin got worse too, used to be way smoother, now…not so much.

  38. I can’t see how he got his lips done, but overall, I can definitely see a difference. Not that it really matters lol

    Jang Geun Seok looks so weird in that after side angle O.o, he looked soo much better before..

  39. To the people who are saying he did his whole face, jaw and chin too, your face shape changes as you age. Just a couple of years ago, mine was probably a bit rounder and softer looking. Just because I am older now, it is a big more angular which I suppose the really nit picky people that some netizens seem to be, would say that I had surgery even though I did not (it kind of creeps me out). Really, people age…certain aspects of their look change…. naturally.

  40. i like his before look… kind of wonbin-ish~

  41. its okay hes still hot and good at acting<3
    thats all that matters 🙂

  42. ppl should really chill about this. just cuz he’s playing this (semi) legendary character, doesn’t mean that he’s perfect. and about his child photo, ppl’s faces change a lot as they grow up, so it’s normal that you can’t recognize him from that photo -_-

  43. zerohundred, his jaw and chin is exactly the same. any slight difference may be due to definition because of age. he tweaked his eyes and got rid of the slight bump on his nose and added some length at the tip. overall, his face is the same. it’s slight tweaking and i think he looks great. also, he’s an actor for goodness sake! it’s their profession to look good. having had surgery doesn’t detract from his acting ability. and as other have mentioned, if your underlying bone structure isn’t good, the results aren’t going to be good. frankly, i think this is making a mountain out of a molehill and i wish people would quit with this witch-hunt.

    • doing plastic surgery to only the nose is doing plastic surgery
      killing one person is also killing, doesnt have to be a lot

  44. LOL~~Never like BOF.
    Since so many version out there. =.=”
    Cant get why this drama still so popular. Lame~

  45. he has definitly done his nose, lips and eyelids. but i think the cheek thing is from loosing weight and the hairdo..

    I think he looks pretty awesome..with that said i’m not against plastic surgery..

  46. what’s up with Jang Geun Seok? He looks so much uglier after surgery..


  48. The only thing I see as plausible is the nose one.
    Still HOT either way ^_^

  49. so what??
    many korean celebs did plastic surgery..
    not big deal anymore..

  50. Woah, look at little Minho :] Cute.
    & AHH yeah, I don’t care about
    the whole plastic-surgeury thing.
    It seems like such a big deal.
    Well, not to me.

  51. i wonder how much plastic surgeries fees in S.korea..
    probably its more cheaper than a lot of countries in Asia

  52. this has nothing to do with the article/post, but i love your header…
    Hahah~ SJ !!

  53. im not really that dissapointed actually!!
    i mean, its like wayy better than doing your whoooleee face!!1
    i actually dont mind GUYS doing their nose and mouth and eyes etc but as long as they dont go “crazy” about it and start doing everywhere.
    also it actually suits him and i didnt recognise it at first till now.
    he looks all natural to sum it all up ;D
    P.S jang geun seok lookd sooooooo cute and pretty in his before pic!!!

  54. Major disappointment….and this whole time I was thinking lee minho really doesn’t look like a Korean because of his big nose….way to go and make it pointy like a witch….ugh. I hope he stops messing with his nose in the future or he’ll became the male version of Seo In Young…..I really wish I didn’t have such barbed words for a great actor but oh well! I guess I’ll duly close my eyes and ignore this detail to enjoy BOF till the end. -_-


  56. The nose definitely looks straighter, but the rest is debatable. And most Korean actors get their eyes done, so that definitely doesn’t surprise me. Eh, it’s not facial reconstruction. He just got rid of a bump and joined the double-eyelid bandwagon. I wish he didn’t, but you can’t completely blame him either.

  57. AShley

    Look at the pic.

    hes prbly done his mouth. His Nose, most def his eyes. and looks like his jaw and face shape is abit diff.

    U dont fink thts nt the whole face?

  58. I liked his nose + mouth before.. I always thought his nose was a tad too big whenever I see him in Boys Over Flowers..

    And as for Jang Geun Seok.. still :O that he did that to his nose. I really don’t like it, especially looking at his profile. It just looks odd and makes him look somewhat monkey-ish :/ I thought he was adorable before, and though the new nose may make him look older, thats not necessarily a good thing.. 😦

  59. who cares? he is still hot….no matter what he does he’s an adult he can decide for whatever he wants to do for himself

  60. surgery in korea is not biggie, uhm jgs looked better before

  61. You know hair changes a lot to a face…

  62. wow who cares? its not like he did his WHOLE face. its just his nose!
    and remember he probably lost a lot of weight so his face shape might have changed.

  63. who cares if he went under the knife. i’m not surprised nor do i feel like i’ve been tricked by his image. a little nip and tuck does not scream for such negative attention on him. he’s bomb at acting and that’s all that matters.

  64. I dont blame netizens.

    I mean, LMH said he was natural only to be proven he did something on his face = dissapointed netizens.

    Yoona was also considered a natural beauty, but again, when they find out it wasnt true, its only natural for netizens to make a fuss.

    I dont how in any way netizens are over-reacting. I mean, when people are thought to be natural and perfect and BOOM you found out, whether small or big, something was done on their face, isn’t it only natual to talk about it?

    You say Korean netizens think too much about it, but if it wasnt a big deal why is this news almost on all the k-blogs recently -_-
    And your commenting on it.
    Its the same with Korean news sites- they simply pointed it out and netizens were expressing their thoughts – just like whats happening here.

    And if it wasnt for those netizens, some of you guys would still be thinking LMH was the perfect natural guy.

  65. It’s not like he changed something big.
    It’s just all the small stuff… Jeesh…
    Netizens are so paranoid with who
    has surgery…

  66. little MinHo looks mixed

  67. Like I always say! Plastic surgery can go either way, good or bad. And his went good, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Cause there are people who get plastic surgery and look like sh-t. =) (You can just imagine the celebs.)
    Still friggin’ hottt.

    Oh and, this is the first time your banner isn’t BB! I miss it! LOL. I like your BB banners, it’s always different. But SJ looks cool too, the line is wayyy long! HahAhaa……….

  68. the trueth 2 me lately i’m getting sick of this news about stars go throw plastic surgery like Jang Geun Seok , Yoon A & Lee Min Ho , they’r not the 1st ones who got plastic surgery alot of people in around the world do this many many times & didn’t get enough of this , what the big deal about it so what if they got surgery or not i know it’s fake beauty but if you really love your stars Actor or Singer you’ll didn’t care about all this rumors & about he’s smoking Oh please netizens are really crazy , i’m sure most of them are smoking too..

  69. ^I agree with all the comments. So what if he smokes and he had a nose job? He’s a promising actor. He has talent. And no one is perfect.

    Netizens really need to take a chill pill with sometimes over-the-top reactions to these things.

    I still ❤ you Lee Min Ho. ^^

  70. OMG

    he dont even lk like his child poto

    eww… people r jst saying who cares becz their fans of him.

    I knew lee min ho looked abit weird.


    • shet!!!! fuckin frek!!!

      i dnt thikn soo… its so easy to edit a picture!!!

      you die!!

      bitch who made this…grrrrrr

  71. Who cares if he did ? I guess he’s still a good actor and people seem to like him.

  72. Well, his nose is really obvious, but overall his looks didn’t really change much so I don’t get whats the big fuss over it. Fans should just care about their acting and not their looks. This entertainment world is seriously lopsided.

    • oooh gosh.. i dnt think xoo if dat little susi is min hooo….

      take more time to luk at it!!

      it luks sooo different!!

      soo imposble!!!

      thats so funny!!

  73. little minho..okay it’s make me sick,i can’t recognize him

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