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Winners at the 3rd Mnet 20’s Choice – 2PM and 2NE1 are hot male and female idols


The final list of the winners at the 3rd Mnet 20’s Choice has been out.

Is your favourite star voted winner for each category?

2009 3rd Mnet 20’s Choice winners list


▲HOT Drama male star = SBS weekend drama ‘Brilliant Inheritance’ Lee Seung Gi
▲HOT Drama female star = SBS weekend drama ‘Brilliant Inheritance’ Han Hyo Joo
▲HOT Movie male star = ‘National Representative’ Ha JeongWoo
▲HOT Movie female star = ‘HaeWoonDae’ Ha JiWon
▲HOT CF Star = ‘Lolli Lolli’ Big Bang & 2NE1
▲HOT New Star =2NE1
▲HOT Variety Star = LeeSsang Gil
▲HOT Character=KBS 2TV ‘Gag Concert’ Dressing Room Mr. Kang – Kang YooMi, Ahn YeonMi, Jeong KyeongMi, Kim KyeongAh
▲HOT Multitainer = Lee Hyori
▲HOT Sports Star = Kim YunA
▲HOT Body = Lee Hyori
▲HOT Star Icon = Lee Hyori
▲HOT Challenge = Jang GiHa
▲HOT Online Song = 2NE1 with ‘Fire’
▲HOT Performance star = 2PM
▲HOT Boom Up Song = Yoon SangHyun ‘Never Ending Story’
▲HOT Couple = Kim YoungJoon and Hwang JeongEun
▲HOT Mr.Beauty = 2PM Nich Khun
▲HOT Summer Hot Popular award = 2PM

Special Performances:

2NE1 Special stage with ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Fire’

2PM Hot performance

T-ara and Bada performs ‘Lies’, ‘Wanna Play’and ‘Mad’

Ha JiWon, Lee SeungGi, 2PM, 2NE1, Lee Hyori – well deserved winners!

2NE1 and Hyori’s triple win!

On a side note, many netizens are making much noise by saying that this Mnet 20’s Choice is like an award ceremony for YG and JYP.

Meanwhile, here’s a photospam:

For our hot icon: Hyori








97 Responses

  1. I have also hoped that SUJU will win. but, why not. both 2NE1 and 2PM is a new singer who is very talented. i love 2PM’s beasty image, and who doesn’t like hot guys with hot bodies? hehe. 2NE1is sooo rocking. i really do love them!

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  3. 2NE1 and 2PM deserved it.
    They worked really hard! =D

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  5. how come i miss this award???
    gosh all my fav won awards..
    2ne1, 2pm, lee hyori~

  6. 2pm was so damn hawtt~! drool~!! kehehe
    wekk deserve award~! i luv lee hyo hight heeels and her black dress~1

  7. no offence, i love 2pm and all, buh their hair and clothing look weird here. Sandals??

    • agree lol when i saw the way they dress i go wtf?these guys wore sandals to an award show,how weird.
      but they look hot tho

  8. congrats 2ne1 and 2pm..i happen to like both groups,, and if i may, dara’s gorgeous..

  9. After I read these comments, i realized something.. don’t blame the artists about their awards. if you’re saying that the ceremony was unfair then fine. but don’t blame 2PM and 2NE1.. they were just accepting the awards. Blame Mnet for their immaturity. LOL

  10. wow nice i like this site

  11. LOL @ people arguing. Chillax guys ~
    Well all I can say is congrats to the winners !!
    2NE1’s performance was WOOOOOOOOW !! Those who said that 2pm & 2ne1 should collab, are totally righ, it would be amaaaaazing !

    BTW, it’s me or the cameraman made a big “focus” on Dara’s butt ?? -__-

  12. congrats to all the winners. total domination of 2ne1 in the kpop zone right now! congrats to 2pm, 2ne1, lee hyori for their many awards.

    love 2ne1`s outfits!
    what`s with the hairdo`s of 2pm?? 😛 LOL.

  13. 2PM AND 2NE1 FTW!

    Man, bitter much people? JYP and YG FTW!!

  14. GO 2PM !!!!!!!!

  15. woohoo!! 2pm is in the house!! 2NE1 and 2pm reminds me of Wonder Girls and Big Bang. they should do a special stage!!

  16. woooohhhh. 2NE1 and 2PM baby!
    lool. omg i want all of 2NE1’s outfits they are all so HOT!
    i love Sandara’s jeans! they look exactly like GD’s ones that he’s been wearing lately except hers are skinnies and her Chanel belt 😀
    i want their stylists! Seung Ho oppa come style meee!

  17. just want to say that>>>>>
    for those who r not winning any awards…try again next year or maybe after 2ne1 retired…lol
    no need to argue coz this awards r already happen to be that way n it’s over….
    2ne1 n BIG BANG!!!

  18. hurm…i heard korean netizen are all doubt this award…
    maybe because of the feud…
    n Mnet being childish…
    btw, cngrats to the winner

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  20. this award is a controversy award~~~
    i hope they will do better at MKMF…

    P/S : i watch the poll last night… and i was shocked to see the results.. SJ’s vote is like 2/3… and 2NE1 is like 1/3…
    whatever it is everyone is jjang last night!!!!

    2PM/2NE1/SNSD/SJ Hwaiting!!!

  21. Im glad that 2pm n 2ne1 won !!^^
    but at least GEE should win the awards too TT TT
    it was a big hit..
    I hope theyll win in other awards…

    • Gee and Sorry Sorry should both win awards. It’s OBVIOUS why they couldn’t win in this CERTAIN network.

      Anyways, go 2NE1!!!

  22. …Well yeah it techinically IS an award show for JYP and YG.
    there’s no SM or DSP.
    It wouldn’t have mattered if they just never put the artists into the polls and fans didn’t have to waste their time, BUT they did. and yes voting isn’t much, but the rest is research ie how many times the song was played, actual sales etc.
    The award is cheapened by Mnet for every artist who won, who tried to make SM artists look like they just lost when everyone knows they didn’t lose fairly.
    Gee was too big to not win anything. Well Mnet brought this on themselves.

  23. Yay 2PM and Jang GiHa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. all I can say…I love the freaking perfo of 2ne1 and especially the stage effects!!!! COngrats to the winners!!!!!

  25. WOW 2NE1’s performace was freaking epic!
    Loved it!
    & Congrats to all the winners.
    I agree ; 2NE1 & 2PM are hot male & female idols (:

  26. OMG !!
    Seungiii.. Hyo Jooo.. !!
    I love brilliant inheritance xDD
    Congrats 4 all winners ❤

  27. The camera angles on 2NE1’s performance was really weird. But they had an awesome performance! And is it just me or the cameraman has a thing for Dara. Even the photographers of newsen seemed to focus more on her. LOL. Well she’s really gorgeous with that hairstyle. I hope she looks like this with Minho in their Cass CF. I sense a great chemistry.

    On 2pm, hot doesn’t even do justice to their perf. I want to take all of them home with me and be my slaves. LOL. I’m envious of the girl.

    So much negativity on this awards. Its cool for groups to win in any awards show but I’m looking forward to their performances more. Coz that’s where the action is. LOL. Anyway, I would have wanted SUJU or SNSD to perform though. But, well, MNET’s feud with SM seems really deep. There are still other awards at the end of the year so no biggie.

    I love 2NE1 and 2PM so I’m still glad they won. This year’s coming awards will be extra special since it will have 2NE1, Big Bang (as a group hopefully) and GDragon/Taeyang (as solo artists), SUJU, SNSD, Jewelry, Hyori. Can you imagine the performances? Each worth watching! Looking forward to that. Mnet’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  28. I won’t mention about the quality of the awards, but I thought Hyori’s last outfit made her look like a vampire.

    She’s a gorgeous woman and her first outfit (the blue top one) was great… but the rest were so-so.

  29. it’s SM fault get banned by mnet. no need to say this is a cheap award and bringing down jyp and yg. I can say SJ, snsd, 2ne1, and 2pm get the same success this year. they all have their plus and minus..

    • I never said bad things about JYP and YG… What people don’t get is that I love both SNSD/SuJu and 2PM/2NE1. That’s why I am happy but I think it’s unfair too because maybe Super Junior or SNSD are not getting an award they might have won if SM was less stupid with Mnet.

      And MNet is being stupid too.

  30. Congratz to the winners….
    Btw, no 2am n wheesung collabs video posted here?
    I think that perf was splendid. ^^

  31. it’s about time 2EN1 and 2PM do a collab….just like WonderBang

    • yes. that would really be awesome! But, as I always comment on collabs, I’d like to see them with Big Bang first! But 2pm collab will really be awesome!

    • I know! 2NE1 and 2PM collab please the HOTTEST groups! Hoe we get to see them perform together by the end of the year. There’s even already an unofficial title for both groups – 2TIMERS lol

  32. hahah i love how nickhun dance with that cute kid 🙂 congrats for all winner 🙂

  33. 2PM’s perf was really amazing, it was just awesome!!!! Especially the ending part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, they’re really “HOT Performance star”

  34. i wonder why lee seung gi didnt win top multitainer ?
    i mean no offence to lee hyori shes amazing and all and im a big fan but i feel lee seung gi deserved it more coz u know technically if u count and see lee seung gi seems to be more suited .

    neways seunggi and hyori fighting !!!!!

    • Lee Sung-gi may be a popular “multi-tainer”, but Hyori’s got it all. Top variety show, hit album, style icon, cf queen…. she’s successful in all areas, making her the top multitainer.

  35. OMG! Sandara is wearing shorts! Whatever happened to her leg birth mark?

  36. OMG i love 2PM!! Congrats to them for winning!!
    But im disappointed at how Super Junior nor SNSD won any awards. But we all know why that happened. Sad..since they worked so hard in the first half of the year -_-

  37. ^
    stop being a bitter loser…

    OMG!!! I really love the dance break by 2NE1…looks awesome…
    Congrats to all winners… Hyori + 2NE1 ❤

    • Be realistic ? You are the one who is being pathetic. SuJu and SNSD were not even there, did you expect them to be like “oh we didn’t allow them to come to our ceremonies, but they won this award !”

      I hate blind and ignorant people <_<

      • last year MNet 20’s choice and MKMF allowed non attender to win..
        So the rules can’t be applied. No one bitter here, 2pm and 2NE1 deserves what they have but can’t deny the popularity that the other artist have.

        Plus, there are no other kpop artist that active this year beside 2pm and 2NE1 in that show. I guess the whole kpop just consist of these two group.

      • Yeah but they were non-attenders, not banned. That’s my point, it’s okay to say “Super Junior is not here, but we give them this award”, but it’s not okay to say “Super Junior is not here because they are banned from Mnet, but we give them this award.”

        And in my opinion, they don’t want to give awards to SM artists at all.

      • @ relax and see it better
        I believe you are saying the end of the year award ceremony, The Golden Disc Awards. I think M.Net 20’s and MKMF still gives the awards out to the non attendees.


      2ne1 is talented.
      2pm is talented.
      of course,


      how many fucking times was 2ne1 performing at mnet?

      • Seriously. Get Off. Quit the language and Get Out this blog.
        We don’t need trash like you.
        Mnet is the real douchebag for holding the gudge against SM. Notice no DSP artists won last year or this year too.
        SNSD’s and Super Junior’s comebacks were the most awaited comebacks in kpop this year.
        EVERYONE IN KOREA KNOWS GEE. It sold more digitally than any other song in that list.
        Gee and Sorry, Sorry also had the highest album sales in their respected groups. The crazes they started were real.
        YOU need to open your eyes.

      • Wow. Some people are reaaaaally angry, huh.

        Don’t use so much vulgarities here, please.
        And uhm… writing in capital letters makes you sound immature. D:


        What’s the outrage here? If we really are fans, we’d believe our idols are phenomenal even if they don’t win an award at *a music show*’s 20 choice.
        It’s just a music show’s 20 choice.
        It isn’t some National Korean Award or something.
        IDGI. CTFO.

        And why do people always argue here. It’s getting annoying.

      • wooaah! calm down dude! 2PM and 2NE1 both deserve to win. if you want SNSD to “win”,then go make your own award show!

  38. I don’t think the commentator are jealous. Just stating the fact that none of SM artist win in this award no matter how big Gee or Sorry Sorry are, and how phenomenal SUJU comeback is.
    Not belittle JYP and YG artist win, but I think MNet should make it less obvious by giving one of the award to one of SM artist.

    Congrat to the winner…

    • Agree… i think it’s better if they weren’t put in the nomination list in the first place, so that fans that voted didn’t have to waste their time voting.

      • So true. It’s like false hope for fans who tried so hard to vote but in the end..the result wouldn’t of matter anyways.

    • why should they?no show=no award and will always be like that even if they’re banned.

  39. Be realistic, these awards are cheap. Super Junior was leading every categories they were nominated on… even if the votes are only 50%, excuse me, but Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” did way better on music charts than 2NE1 with “Fire” and they had a lot more votes.

    I think it’s a bit unfair.

    And YES, it’s a ceremony for YG and JYP, but I guess fans of these companies are happy SM’s taugh competition was been eliminated with that SM-MNet feud.

    Once again, CHEAP awards, and I must say I am very disappointed. Congrats to the winner, I love 2PM and 2NE1 though.

    Fortunately, awards don’t make a group, and SM is not losing anything with this feud, and only MNet is. Plus they are giving a bad image of their channel.

    I expect the same cheap awards for the MKMF.

    • can’t we just stop this hullabaloo… some people are sounding like sore losers now..

      congratulate the winners, move on and be done with it…

      what if a YG/JYP awards sweep happens in KBS or SBS Gayo DAejeon?? People will be calling them cheap then? … Come on..

      Did anybody mention this? …
      “Awards only doesn’t make an artist.”

      nuff said.. ciao minna-san

      • Nobody is banned on KBS and SBS, so this means everyone will be equal, which is not the case in Mnet. That’s it. Gee never won at M!Countdown ? That’s crazy. SNSD lost with Genie while they sold 40 000 copies the first week and lost in front of 2PM who sold less than 1000 copies ? Come on, there is something behind these results, and all these weird results are from MNet. All the other channels look much more respectful. At least, SM Towners expected it. But now it just shows how cheap and dirty these awards really are.

        At least KBS and SBS awards are more accurate and there is no dark story behind it that could make their results doubtful.

        2NE1 and 2PM deserved it though, but it was not a REAL competition, since SuJu and SNSD were probably out since the beginning.

    • to be honest there will always be award shows that people call cheap just because their artists didn’t win. For example MKMF a couple years ago gave most of their awards to SM artists even though there were people more deserving of the awards both chartwise and activity wise . When that happened people would complain “SM bought the awards, blah blah blah”. Now that that SM doesn’t win it’s suddenly “oh because they were banned” blah blah blah. Yes its suprising that none of the SM artists won especially since SNSD’s Gee was so popular (still the most annoying song I have ever heard imho ) but that doesn’t mean that the other artists were less deserving. Suju had a great comback but I do not remember Sorry Sorry winning that many awards and they weren’t active for that long this time around so I am actually not surprised that they didn’t win. Also you should take consideration of the awards that people won, I mean the type of awards that 2pm won were very deserving because with this minialbum they became really popular and are known for their performances and whatnot and hello look at the popularity of freaking Nichun. I love 2NE1 and all (and think they one of the more talented groups out there, I mean I haven’t seen them lipsync once since debut) but I do admit that there were probably other songs more popular than fire but I still think they deserve the award because even if Fire wasn’t nearly as popular as I don’t Care it was on the top of a lot charts for awhile and they are the it girls of summer.

      Also these are the Mnet 20s which is equivalent to the MTV type award shows and Teen Choice awards (I mean look at the type of awards given) so take it with a grain of salt. I am waiting for the more serious awards that happen later in the year.

      • “Sorry Sorry winning that many awards and they weren’t active for that long this time around so I am actually not surprised that they didn’t win.”

        Sorry Sorry won 10 awards in 3 months. The album was also 1st in Korea and in Other Asian countries such as Taiwan, China and Thailand (for 8 weeks). The album surpassed 200,000 sales mark after 2 months.

      • can’t agree more. sndsd and suju sure are big and everything. they are like the seniors.. but 2ne1 and 2pm are not easy newbies too.. they do AWESOME for a group that just debuted less than a year.. for example suju won 12 awards with 2 albums.. but 2pm also won 11 awards excluded monthly/special awards with just one mini album. 2ne1, well we are know how great they are and how they kinda “win” over snsd with I don’t care. so that’s why I say everyone got the same success I must say with different accomplishment..

      • Well I don’t care if SNSD and SuJu didn’t win, what bothers me is that Sorry Sorry and Gee are the most popular songs to date… No one can deny that.

      • Mnet 20’s was more like a popularity contest..minus SM artists due to the SM-Mnet feud. and yes..2PM & 2ne1 were awesome this first half of the year..but SNSD & Super junior dominated too. They had topped charts & broke records plus the album sales!! So it’s hard to imagine them not winning any awards.
        but like you said…we’re all waiting for the Bigger & Better awards at the end of the year which isn’t biased like the Mnet 20’s.

      • @ Tika- SuJu only had one album NOT 2.

      • Sorry Sorry is really a hit.
        so many people were hooked up with this song even though they dont like super junior, and became a fan.

        i am a big 2NE1 fan, but i still think sorry sorry should win…
        but yeah.

      • hahahahaha……
        are you dreaming….?
        snsd is old than 2ne1….
        so you can choose who is better…..
        although snsd is more old than 2ne1 but their songs more popular than 2ne1….2ne1 just a new things that the people regard is very gud…..
        suck you bitch asshole……
        haven’t you eyes…?
        are you hipermiopi/miopi
        let’s use a glasess
        fuck you bith…….trash….!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Well SuJu is having a good time in Hong Kong.
    If Mnet banned SM artists why did they nominated them anyway?

    • Because they wanted to act like “everybody think they can win because they are nominated but the truth is we will never them and make doubtful results.”

  41. 2PM <333333333333333333

  42. loveloveee 2PM

    love 2NE1 and hyori too but a liittle disappointed with what she wore..that blue thing with pants and the cheetah dress is pretty ugly…

  43. yes my style icon, sexy icon LEE HYORI,

  44. OMG ! I’M SO PROUD OF 2NE1 !

    YAY ~ congratulations girls !


  45. those netizens are just jealous.. YG & JYP fighting !
    besides these 2 companies are the only ones who creates real talent (except for cough*sohee*cough)
    and the other companies, their artists are famous just because of their good “marketing”.

    • Excuse me, but I am angry at MNet but it’s not jealousy. It’s just anger, because the honesty of MNet’s awards ceremonies is doubtful.

      If SM had not been in a feud with Mnet, the results would have probably been different. Think about that. Don’t you feel bad ?

    • Saying that only YG & JYP create “REAL” talent is really biased of you. I mean..i love JYP artists!! But come on..at least give SM & other companies some credit!! They have really talented artists too! and what’s so wrong with “Good marketing” of artists? All companies need to do that in order to make their artists well known..

    • =.= hello….The gods of the East are from other company….Legends like HOT, Shinhwa, SES, BoA, FTTS are from that company.
      Other companies also have talented artists like FT Island, Navi, BEG who are far talented than some YG n JYP artists. So no need to bring down other companies.

      Marketing is also important…. Yg & JYP have a good marketing n fanservice is considered a marketing.

    • you’re so fucking stupid you douchebag.

      honestly this is not about anyone being jealous or bitter.
      mnet really is an even bigger bitch than you are.
      why? because they’re being biased to the point where SM artists are not even considered in the polls ?!

      snsd and superjunior were creating big strides this year… including shinee.
      but remember– i’m just saying that you’re a pathetically blind fag because you’re not analytically looking at this situation. one far from equality amongst artists. (even if it is mnet’s choice 20 its downright unfair and gives mnet an even shittier reputation than it already has.)


    • That’s why YG and JYP are getting accused of plagiarizing every other year. Please SM has more talent then both YG and JYP combined. The only reason YG or JYP won anything was because of the feud with SM it’s true don’t be biased and face the fact. How in the world did 2NE1 win best online song when SNSD’s Gee sold almost twice the amount. How in a world did a song accused of plagiarism beat Super Junior? Because Mnet never planned on including SM artists no matter how the pollings turned out.

      • LMFAO

        SM sucks, but I don’t think their artists do…. well with the exception of a few plastic girls. Shinee and DBSK are quite talented

    • its to biased to say that.
      sm have talents too its just happen that they look better also.
      jealous much.lol.

  46. aww. although i like 2NE1 and 2pm alot, but i thought i saw recently that actually Super Junior is leading by a big margin in their nominated cateogory. 😮
    anyway whatever,i think MNET is banned by SM thats why lol.

    • Yeah 😦 Just because MNet and SM are having a feud doesn’t mean they should take away awards of SM artists if they’re winning.

    • the judging isnt really base on the pool..
      the pool only gives about like between 30% to 40 %
      and about the others, idk abt the others..

    • actually, the result is not only based o the poll.
      Assessment criteria: 50% standard results amongst 20s + 50% poll

      • Yeah and when you see random polls on the internet, SNSD and SuJu are leaders, but when polls are made by MNet, they suddenly disappear…

      • mnet awards has always had a grudge against SM. last years and was fixed as well. or, maybe fixed is a strong word but people complained last year as well from what i remember. its pretty sad but i bet SM knew it was coming so it couldnt be helped

      • I kept checking the polls before and by near the end, suju and snsd were leading some polls like the HOT performance and online song (well, with a close margin against 2NE1 and 2PM.. there were like only 1-3% difference btw the four groups) but I guess 2ne1 and 2pm got the other 50% standard results higher. The feud may have also an account to it but I think it’s still well-deserved wins for both 2PM and 2NE1 >.< Anyway, woah! 2ne1 and 2PM's performances were soo HOOOTT! I can't wait for a future collab!

  47. I wish GD won the award for Hot Style icon.
    Boo hoo. But,hyori’s style is still hot – Not as hot as GD though. ;D

  48. some netizens are just bitter… *looks away*

    Congrats to the winners… 2NE1’s perf is jjang!!

  49. yessss! big wins for 2NE1! oh yeaaaaah! they deserve it, for sure!

    & 2PM! omg, i’m so proud of them! yayyy! =]

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