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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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MBLAQ G.O and Nassun collaboration ‘O-IWI-O’ is the answer to SNSD ‘Gee’

MBLAQ lead vocal G.O will collaborate with rapper Nassun for a digital single ‘O-IWI-O’ which is set for release on various online music sites on 3rd September.

The duet song between the 2 ‘O-IWI-O’ is composed by E-Tribe who made many hits previously like Lee Hyori ‘U-Go-Girl’ and So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’. E-Tribe voiced, “The song ‘O-IWI-O’ by G.O and Nassun is a song in reply to So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’. So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’ song talks about the confession of a girl who falls in love at first sight and ‘O-IWI-O’ is a sweet serenade by the guy in response to that.”

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Lee Hyori signed on as model for ‘CheoEum CheoReom’ for the 6th time

Singer Lee Hyori is signed as the model for soju brand ‘CheoEum CheoReom’ for the 6th time.

According to an official from Lotte Beverages, “We have signed with Lee Hyori for her to endorse CheoEum CheoReom for the 6th time.” This will be the 3rd year that Lee Hyori will be endorsing the brand.

The new CF was revealed on 1st September. The official also added, “Through the campaign ‘Shake Campaign’ we did for the past 3 years, we see the popularization of ‘hwei-oh-ri wine’ by shaking the wine and the name of ‘Hyori win’. These are the reasons why we decided to sign on with Lee Hyori.”

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Lee Hyori is fun, fearless and female for September issue of Cosmopolitan

Kpop diva Lee Hyori is featured on the cover for the September issue of fashion magazine Cosmopolitan for the magazine’s 10th anniversary.

She is also featured for a very sexy and feminine photoshoot for this issue. Go under the cut for the rest of the photoshoot scans.

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So Nyeo Shi Dae are covergirls for September issue of Cosmopolitan

Stars like Kim YoonJin, Lee Hyori and So Nyeo Shi Dae will come together to one place.

These girls have been chosen as the cover girl for the upcoming September issue of fashion magazine Cosmopolitan. This will be the 10th year establishment anniversary for the magazine.

More of the girls’ photoshoot and interview will be revealed through the September issue of Cosmopolitan.

Rapper singer GilMi is back with 1st full length album ‘Sorry That I Love You’

Rapper vocalist GilMi is back with a full length 1st album.

Coming 29th August, GilMi will be releasing her 1st full length album ‘Sorry that I love You’, just 1 year into her debut. GilMi debuted with the single album ‘Love Cuts’ with the help of Eun JiWon and then later another single ‘Why did you’.

Eun JiWon will be the producer to GilMi’s album and he said, “This is the result that GilMi get from releasing the full length album after being unknown amongst the other musicians for so long.”

For this full length album, there will be 12 tracks including 6 new songs. Previously, GilMi had written the lyrics to 2 songs off Lee Hyori’s album, and for her own full length album, she also showed the singer songwriter side of her by writing 2 of the songs. The album title song ‘Sorry That I Love You’ is composed by Kim SaeJin and features singer KWill.

Listen to the album under the cut…

G.NA, “Chest surgery? I didn’t do it…”

“I didn’t do surgery!”

The super rookie singer Gina (G.NA), who is currently gaining attention as the next generation sexy queen like Lee Hyori and Son Dambi, expressed her difficulty when picking out stage costumes.

Gina’s debut title song ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live’ (which is making the music industry shine hotly) is a light R&B song that is placing importance on her outstanding singing ability. However, when she starts singing on stage, the audience and the watchers ignore her voice and instead, they keep taking glances of her chest.

In addition to having a height of 169cm and a waist of 25in, she has a fantastic body and even D-cups that are rarely seen in Asian women.

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Bahnus Charged For Fraud,Pleads Guilty And Case Proceeds To Prosecution

Plagiarism producer Bahnus,who gave a total of 6 songs stolen from original composers to singer Lee Hyori during her 4th album recording has plead guilty to fraud charges pressed against him.

Bahnus known as Mr Lee revealed to the police of Seodaemun that he gave the songs to Lee Hyori and to her company at the time,Mnet Media,under his own name when those songs were in fact stolen from the originals creators.

He also told the police that he gathered the songs from illegal download sites for free,songs which were composed by American and Canadian artists and wanted to benefit from them.

He had previously claimed that those songs were illegally leaked on various download portals before and that he and his group of producers were the only ones who owned the rights of the tracks.

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Lee Hyori’s 1st public appearance since plagiarism acknowledgment

Singer Lee Hyori has been appointed Ambassador for Korean Beef on the 14th ,this was
her very first public appearance since the plagiarism issues ,and all eyes were on her.

A representative told Newsen through a phone call, “The event was a lot of trouble for Hyori. The recent issues about the plagiarism case is still fresh in minds and even though she is doing her best to move on,medias still want to get exclusives interviews concerning the plagiarism issues.”

When the Korean Beef event started,the master of ceremony said to the medias present, “Questions not related to this event won’t be accepted.” preventing them from asking questions related to the plagiarism issues. Lee Hyori successfully wrapped up her schedule of the day.

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