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Veil to Lee Hyori’s comeback album lifted

The veil for singer Lee Hyori’s upcoming 4th album ‘H-Logic’ has been lifted.

The MV to the title song of the album ‘그네’ will be released on 2nd April on Mnet.com. Hyori’s company Mnet Media said, “Lee Hyori will reveal a new song with a brand new feel. It will be a pleasant surprise to fans since it is her comeback album after 2 years and she has put in much effort to prepare for it.”

The song ‘그네’ will be a song with hiphop code and strong feel. It also feature the collaboration with hiphop artiste LeeSsang.


22 Responses

  1. I Have Coulrophobia-fear of clowns too! I’m surprised that there are so many coulrophobic ppl here~~I hate clowns to the extreme that i think they’re the scariest, freakiest thing on earth!!!!Johnny Depp fears clowns too, btw. 😉

  2. HyunAh is that you? LOL

  3. Lmao clowns are not cute. Ew. XD
    They are creepy.

    Lol anyway, Hyori looks pretty in da pic!
    A few more days before the MV whoo!

  4. featuring LeeSsang…. i will wait for it

  5. i heard that YG’s Teddy is the “secret hip-hop producer” behind her title song!!

  6. she looks like Hyunah in the pic

  7. thats GD style, back in the good old haru haru dayss.
    im not hating, jsut making a general statment.

  8. I don’t like clowns at all. At all.

  9. just no lady gaga style pls

  10. ooh. eyelashes. rain. haha. that’s kinda interesting to have these 2 kpop gods having that same eyelashes thing.

  11. is that plastic jacket?????? and yayyy for matching eyelashes with rain

  12. im not a fan but its always interesting to see what she will comeback with!!

  13. why are there so many pp are scared of clowns, they are so cute and funny

  14. Why clowns of all things?! Clowns creep me out. ;__;

    Can’t wait for her comeback!

  15. Clowns CREEP ME OUT.

    • yeah i agree lol

    • Ditto… this shit reminds me of when i was 5 and watched it clowns are not fucking cool Hyori… You can’t give me a heart attack with Sexy then shock the shit outta me with a clown I’ll seriously die!!!!

    • me tooo.
      I hate clows. >.<

  16. Lee Hyori……Love it very much…Can’t wait..

  17. wow that pic looks interesting, cool, yet beautiful

  18. Interested and cannot wait for her comeback ^_^

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