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JYP on 6-member 2PM, “There will be no new leader member”


6-member 2PM revealed their stand about a leader member in the team with the release of their full length album ‘1:59PM’ and coming back with promotional activities for title song ‘Heartbeat’.

A JYP representative said, “There is no new leader for 2PM. The boys have been together since trainee days and until now they know the roles that each of them are confident of, and they have also matured much, then they feel that there is no need for a new leader. There are no plans for choosing a new leader.”

The representative also said, “And when the members need a leading role and when they are in need for help and guidance, every member will take on the role to help every other member. Currently, every member is playing the role as a leader.”

JaeBum, who has left the group earlier, has been given the nickname of ‘leadja’ as the leader to the team by fans. When he left, many fans were left wondering what will happen to the group without a leader role.

Furthermore, Park Jin Young recently said on MBC Golden Fishery that JaeBum will return as 2PM if he comes back. Hence it seems there is no need to choose for a new leader as of now.

Meanwhile, it is revealed the boys will not be appearing on variety shows, there are only plans for them to appear on music shows. They had their comeback stage on 12th November performing as 6 members officially for Mnet ‘O Good Concert’.

12 Responses

  1. Jaebum ah~
    come back ok.
    I’ll be waiting.

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  3. Yay! that’s really a good sign!

  4. that’s good…gives Jaebeom a chance to come back some day

  5. Oh thats so sweet of them that all of them play the role of leader until the real leader make his comeback…
    I know that they still wait for him to come back..so do i..
    2PM fighting and i love you guys…GBU~

  6. well JYP is coming out suddenly with all these talks about Jaebum after keeping mum for 2 whole months. its working. the boycott seem to be losing its power. great marketing strategy really

  7. And it’s a good thing they shouldn’t do so. Because fans would think of it as replacing Jaebeom, he was coming back anyways.

  8. wow.. the 6 photos in this post are really in contrast with the photos in the banner..:)

    anw, it’s good that they don’t replace Jay’s position as the leader.. coz it will only spark more controversies and protests amongst fans &netizens..
    and I do believe that the members respect Jay so much that they won’t replace his role that easily..
    plus this gives more hopes that Jay would someday come back and resume his leader role..^^

  9. sandara park hair!

  10. good sign ^_____^

    seems like it all in-line with JYP words during Golden Fishery about JaeBeom. hope everything will fall in to its place. hwaiting 2PM!!

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