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FT Island Lee HongKi reveals a funny episode when filming ‘You’re Beautiful’

FT Island Lee HongKi reveals an episode which happened during the filming of SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ which had the whole filming crew breaking into laughter.

Lee HongKi
was on SBS ‘Close Note 3’ aired on 15th January when he revealed a never-revealed scene when filming the drama. There was a day when they were filming and because of his pants, he had main cast like Jang GeunSeok, Park ShinHye, Jung YongHwa and UEE, as well as the staff breaking in laughter.

HongKi’s confession of the incident had the whole filming set for ‘Close Note 3’ in laughter as well.


Close Note 3 is trying the same technique Strong Heart is doing?

7 Responses

  1. is what ????? I WANT TO KNOW !!

  2. thanks 4 sharing… i can’t wait what happend actually…
    n thanks 4 update…

  3. thanks for updating

  4. All of them have animals on their name tags and it represents the year they were born in. Above Hongki’s name it has 1990 the year he was born in.

  5. thks for the update but where’s the clip?
    wud luv to c it pleasee..! thks

  6. LOL. Well. I really liked Intimate Note. So it’s unfortunate that the new season isn’t doing well.

    Why does Hongki have a horse on his name tag?
    Baha, I loved the drama so I willd definitely keep an eye out for the episode. Thanks!

  7. oh can’t wait to know ^^
    SeulOng looks really funny in the picture.

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