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2PM JunHo’s teary confession, “I was almost expelled from JYP”

2PM JunHo reveals the incident where he was almost expelled from JYP Entertainment.

JunHo was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 16th February when he talked about the episode where he had won first place in the 1 to 6500 format SBS ‘Super Star Survival’ competition in 2006. It was also through the show where he got to know other members like TaecYeon and ChanSung etc.

After which he entered JYP as a trainee. JunHo said, “After entering the company I was training together with TaecYeon and ChanSung who were the first and 2nd to be to eliminated on the show. Back then because I won first prize at the show, many trainees avoided me. And Jo Kwon who was trained for 8 years heard my singing and commented ‘Chi, nothing special’.”

However, instead of a successful start, JunHo went for more tough times. Back then the trainees were separated into the tall members and short members groups – Im SeulOng, Ok TaecYeon and Hwang ChanSung in one team, JaeBum and Jo Kwon in another team to prepare for their singer debut. JunHo talked about his situation back then, “I was not able to go into any of the teams and was outcasted.” The situation got so bad that there were even talks about expelling him from the company.

JunHo passed the monthly test eventually but there was something else which was also helping him. It was his mother. His mother had called the company and said, “It is too much to cut someone off who has joined for less than a year. Just wait a while more and see.”

JunHo then did a thank you video message on the show to his mother, “Thank you for believing in me” and was seen tearing after that.


Clarifications from reader :]

the person who wrote the article translated it wrong.
i saw the video and junho said that jokwon told him he just thought that to himself.. its not like jokwon said that to junhos face.

36 Responses

  1. iLoveU.

  2. my junho dont cry…

  3. will you update when someone’s subbed the episode?

  4. junho, himnaeseyo!

    you’ve made it, finally!

  5. junho hwaiting! i am always believing and supporting you ^^

  6. That was such a tearful confession! I really love Junho’s mother because she supported him and believed in him so much and if it wasn’t for her, he probably wouldn’t be where he is right now. I think that netizens shouldn’t start critisizing (excuse me for my spelling mistakes if I make any) Jo Kwon or any others because I’m sure that if it was a competition, expectations would be raised high and there would always be competitiveness between every single person. So I say, JUNHO, JYP, AND JUNHO’S MOTHER HWAITING!

  7. he’s the only 2pm/jyp boy i like…

  8. Oh my! This is so sadd! And, I think Junho is the best in 2pm when it comes to both dancing AND singing!

    Fighting, Junho! You’re popularity season will come soon!

  9. i think it’s pretty much understandable.. trainee days are harsh because you’re only train but you have to compete with other trainees regardless they’re your friends or enemy. JoKwon being the senior trainer to him also felt the pressure. It’s a different level of survivor game. It’s good to know his mother support him all the way. Junho is one talented guy in 2pm.

  10. Aww him thanking his mother is really cute. I knew there was a reason I like you more than the other ones bb.

  11. Junho,dont cry..

  12. The only member of 2PM I absolutely adore. He’s a great dancer and singer – pretty much the only one who does both things correctly.

    • I have to agree on that.

    • me too. the only member that i adore, and i think has the ability to sing and dance [but im not saying that the other members don’t have the ability..] i love junho and i wish the media will put more airtime on him.

      nichkhun and jaebum are my other 2 faves though, πŸ˜€

    • so true….junho fighting!!!

  13. i will kick jyp in the nuts if he try to kick you out again

    fighting junho~

  14. Tough love, everyone goes through it, esp JYPE trainees and artists. lol

  15. the translated part about jo kwon is wrong…i hope u fix it

    bb don’t cry

    stay strong

  16. Aww junho made me cry even though i didn’t understand anything when i was watching it T_T.
    Haha Jo kwon soo funny xD I can’t imagine jo kwon that way keke~
    Well im happy 2pm came out the way they wanted! All 7 members together … Hopefully again T_T

  17. i l o v e l e e j u n h o .

  18. the person who wrote the article translated it wrong.
    i saw the video and junho said that jokwon told him he just thought that to himself.. its not like jokwon said that to junhos face.

    • whats the difference between telling and not telling? the thought always comes first
      but i think it is totally understandable for jo kwon to think like that, winning a contest means raising the expectations

      • If he said it to his face, that would imply that Jo Kwon treated Junho harsh or viewers may have thought verbal/physical arguments could have occurred if such as thing was openly said to another to offend/insult. But if Jo Kwon thought that to himself, it wouldn’t matter because those thoughts are common for people to have towards others in a competitive environment, and is not a direct insult.

        Therefore there is a difference and importance on translating~~~ ^o^

  19. i hope ppl don’t judge jokwon. we hv our bitchy and envious moments through tough times

  20. Aww Junho had such a hard beginning.
    His mother really wanted the best for him, and believed in him.
    Look at where he is now, even though it’s not the best,
    he’s successful (; Love youuuuu Junho ❀

  21. omg….junho don’t cry
    it seems all of them had a hard time

  22. danggg…. i didn’t think boys would be so “catty”

  23. Thank goodness, he’s in the group b/c he’s the best vocalist among 6/7 members. πŸ™‚

  24. Wow Jokwon was a bitch to Junho, I love Jokwon now though lol

    • With so so many trainees, he/them had to be harsh! They couldn’t be nice with all the trainees who (they saw) had no talents. If they listened to JunHo’s mother and gave him more chances, I can tell they did believe in JunHo, too. And yea, they don’t have to regret it now cus both 2PM and 2AM are totally Awesome !
      Love Junho β™₯

    • you know i would have done the same if i were in any of these trainees shoes. its a form of protection against my own interests. i mean who wouldn’t wanna get a chance to debut? In order to create more opportunities for myself, i’d crush my competitors on the inside out (harsh as it may sound). it’s a dog eat dog world out there so everyone’s fighting to survive.

      • NO guilt huh? pathetic for you to say that.
        People have different values, you seem to not have any.
        Crush your competition? psshhh…so low!

      • @Anne: Sometimes having high values isn’t enough. Trainees live in a “survival of the fittest” environment. Crushing your opponents is not always having low values, but it’s what people need to survive and not be passive sitting ducks.

        Like you said, it’s different values.

  25. My sweet boy!
    But honestly, everyone has ‘sad’ stories.

  26. aww, thats so sad. it must have been so hard for him. im really glad that hes living his dream now!

  27. Aww! It seems like he had a hard time. What a great mom he has!

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