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Plagiarism by GDragon ‘Heartbreaker’ confirmed?


The copyright owner to Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ has came out to confirmed that Big Bang GDragon‘s solo debut song ‘HeartBreaker’ has committed plagiarism to the former.

Warner Korea, which is the publishing company to ‘Right Round’ in Korea, came out to say on 18th August, “The song ‘Heartbreaker’ which was revealed in full today has been confirmed to have plagiarised ‘Right Round’ by the composer. And the composer of ‘Right Round’ in America is in the dilemma of what to do and how to deal this case.”

It has been known that from the American side, they have already did an investigation of the whole song of ‘Heartbreaker’.

Warner Korea said, “The headquarters of Warner in Korea has already proposed the problem the American side with the judgement of the composer on the issue confirmed. But it is in the composer’s decision whether to give up on fighting for copyrights or to demand for a legal lawsuit.”

Here’s an article which came in after the above article with conflicting decision on this issue

The company in Korea which holds 50% to the copyrights to ‘Right Round’ with Warner said in an interview on 18th August, “If we look at the song as a whole, we do not think that ‘Heartbreaker’ plagiarised that of ‘Right Round’.”

The person in charge said, “We do not know if there is a part to the rap which sounds similar, and the climax and highlight to the song is different also. Also the melody to the both songs are different.”

“With this reason, we cannot say that the song plagiarised that of ‘Heartbreaker’. There is so many cases of artistes getting inspiration from one another lately, If we are going to rule the song plagiarism just because it has some parts which feels the same, then many artistes and producers will fall into serious censorship.”

The person continued, “Whether the song has committed plagiarism the final decision lies in the original composer. Before they confirm that, we cannot rule the song as plagiarism.”

It has been known that there are about 10 people who are in charge of the original composing and lyrics to ‘Right Round’. This will include the person who came out with idea of the rap, the person who wrote the rap, the different people who made the special melodies.

Netizens say:

  • “It’s game over for him”
  • “This is so fishy… If you are to compare all the singers’ songs together, there will be so many similarities”
  • “This is so embarrassing, I went on to Youtube and we Koreans are being treated like Chinese”
  • “What we learn from this issue is, the path for singer songwriters from now will only get harder”
  • “It is just that 30seconds, what is wrong with these people”
  • “Why is GDragon the only one who has to go through all these? We have to admit he is talented and has much potential”


Meanwhile, it has been said that the MV to ‘Heartbreaker’ has broken a record of 550K views in the same day of its reveal.

For those who are confused.

Here’s clarification.. Article 1 talks about the ‘Right Round’ composer’s final judgement that ‘Heartbreaker’ is a plagiarism.

While Article 2 talks about Korean side to the copyrights ownership and what they think about the issue.

Confusion: Article 2 came out after article 1. I think there is some miscommunication between media and the different parties. People who are asking for sources to the articles: 1 , 2

No bashing or you’ll be thrown out of here

GDragon is getting so much out of his 22nd birthday with the Korean media blowing up the whole issue.

154 Responses

  1. Wow, he payed some damn good money for 15 seconds of his song?

    Fucking netizens. It’s all about money, isn’t it?

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  3. “This is so embarrassing, I went on to Youtube and we Koreans are being treated like Chinese”

    Wtf is that suppose to mean. an insult? is he asking for a beating?

  4. thats bullshit flo rida can suck a nut

  5. Oh my gosh.
    This is why I hate the media sometimes.
    The parts have similarities, but so what.
    I’m pretty sure Flo Rida’s music has some similarites to others too.

    ❤ G-Dragon!!!

  6. all this is is hollywood tryin to bitch slap music industries from other cultures/countries >.< .. i totally agree with the insipartion part of the second article. its hilarious how they go for GD tho.
    i think hollywood is startin 2 realize that they r not goin to b the only ones ruling the world-wide music industry much longer..
    ps. i hear the similarity in that 15 sec..but not enof 2 call it plagiarism

  7. Flo rida sueing GD? WOw hes gay.
    The state of Florida mind as well sue Flo rida for having such a similar name, honestly this is minus 1 for black people.

  8. wow. gd we got ur back!!! cmon it doesnt even fuckin sound alike ==

  9. This makes no sense…
    “HeartBreaker” is clearly faster [in tempo] than “Right Round”.
    No plagiarism intended.
    I’m addicted to this song though[x

  10. Shouldnt his manager be sued?

  11. What ?
    Hey , so many artists are ” copying ” one another . Why only say GD ? Because he is famous ? People jealous ? GD is not the only one who “plagarise” . Why only ACCUSE him ? ( im NOT saying that GD is plagarising . ) This is only my opinion .

  12. Love florida as much as i LOVE GD . But , this is just my opinion 🙂 . I LOVE GD alot ! Why GD have to suffer this ! Damn . I LOVE GD !
    Hear again , thoes it sound same to you ? @@ .
    WHY ARE THEY ACCUSING GD !?!? It shouldnt be GD who is suffering all these !
    Does GD hear these eng songs ? maybe not . So how can these people say he is copying florida ? ><

  13. <

  14. Aigoo~ GD ! dun worrehs :”D . Actually i think it does not sound like florida’s song ehs . GD is cuter , handsome(er) , more potential , more talented , ( to me and maybe to GD fans ) . No offeence if you <

  15. The composer to Right Round is pathetic for accusing G-Dragon of anything. The rhythm is the only thing that is a BARELY similar but the song and the melody is COMPLETELY different! Even more pathetic is that the Right Round composer himself is copying “Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round.” What an unoriginal idiot.

  16. oh big deal, i believe this is just a coincidence

    oh btw, flo-rida “plagiarised” Kim Hak-rae’s “hae-ya hae-ya” 1986 song. yeah seirous, check it out.

    chea.. looks like flo-rida’s been doing some plagiarism hasn’t he heh..

  17. I think that G-Dragon stole the beat, but the rest he clearly modified a lot (and didn’t pivot the entire song on the part he stole), and sampling is a common trade these days (Kanye anyone?)

    However; that said, there is no way that the Emotional “crying” song of G-Dragon will have the same resonance as FloRida’s.

    G-Dragon has a Higher Pitch, faster beat, chopped transition, is less reliant on bass, and the lyrics are similar to more Emo songs in that he is pretty much QQ’n about getting his heart being broken (Not to say its bad as there is a big emo demographic on the age group G-Dragon is trying to sell to, but it certainly leaves a different tone). (Only going off the 30 seconds)

    *shrugs* The two wouldn’t sell to the same audience, so why should it matter if one was the inspiration for the other? The objective of literature and music has always been to steal something, and then make it your own. Imagine how many times Shakespeare or Chopin would have been sued if people always got sensitive about this stuff.

    Sorry for Rambling.

  18. WTH? GD’s sounds much better than him!!!

  19. haha loving these comments! 🙂

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  22. OMG>>>>>>I always thought that Flo-Rider Sucks like shit…LOL…No offensie…BigBang Rocks?!

  23. I think this is stupid. The upmost lamest thing to be accused for. It’s not like it was on purpose. It could be seen as inspiration. There are a BILLION songs that have the same 30 sec sounding. But no-one cares about the other BILLION just Gdragon’s Heartbreaker. I LOVE the song, my ringtone fyi. I think 30 sec is stupid to be considered plagiarism. It’s not like the whole song. It’s like I could have sworn Gara Gara Go sounded almost like Fire Burining but its not. >___<


  24. Nothing is confirmed yet right? i mean they didn’t come right out and say that.. so let’s wait and se what the official have to say

  25. Flo-Rida can go suck it cos he suuuuucks.

  26. […] and praise the song as being unique and different and inspirational (oh, fangirls …). By slightly more mentally stable fans and netizens alike, however, he has been accused of copying Lady Gaga’s style, and for ripping off the […]

  27. Wow, that is so stupid, it’s only 29 seconds. They should really let it slide! Even if it sounds a bit the same, they shouldn’t sue him. I’m so outraged! This is so ridiculous! Flo Rida’s song is slower then GD’s. D:< I can't believe they're doing this. MY DAMN GOD.

  28. sometimes netizens just use the word “plagarism” really lightly…and so it blows everything out of proportion…

  29. even though i’m not a big fan of flo-rida and GD, i totally think it does not sounds like!

  30. omg. please stop what the fuck you guys doing by spreading rumours about GD’s new song. give him a break man! its his birthday yesterday. don’t you feel sorry for him? his song didn’t even sound like right round! Hello? isn’t obvious that florida jealous about GD’s song HEARTBREAKER because GD’s song is so MUCH BETTER than his own song. Im saying this cause its the truth people.

    GD! Dont stop fighting.
    We love you!!

  31. gd work out on this album way before right round is published
    it’s not the same
    maybe he’s inspired a bit by right round
    but like i said IT’S NOT THE SAME!
    stop comparing their song!

  32. I think that this issue is sort of blown out of proportion. Maybe it’s cause I’m already so used to all the “so and so plagiarized who and who” deal. It’s not the first time since it’s so tiring to say who and so is not original and all. There’s good sides and bad sides to this. I don’t think it’ll hurt their music sales anyways cause VIPs are gonna buy it no matter what, plus great publicity actually. I used to be a BB fan but after several directions they turned, I kinda just… dropped. I liked what GD was heading for. It sounded different and not really his style.

  33. GD fighting !!!

  34. It doesn’t sound that similar.
    The media loves to blow things out of proportion.
    Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed in GD. He is talented person but you think he would use his talent to steer clear of any plagiarism accusation especially when the public/netizen are very sensitive about this issue.
    Anyways, hope everything works out for him.

  35. holy freak. CAN’T THEY LEAVE GD ALONE?! FOR GOODNESS SAKES IT’S HIS BIRTHDAY. give the guy a break, seriously stupid media. He’s one of the few talented people in this harsh music industry and they are SO annoying. I LOVE G-D! you will make it (: VIPS always got yo back.

  36. http://www.imeem.com/people/t0L73S/music/XbQhWQAN/gwen-steffani-sweet-escape/

    Yeah, Flo Rida’s flow is completely original. I mean Gwen Steffani totally didn’t do it first. You can’t copyright a rap flow or style, nor can you own. If someone raps fast like Twista, that doesn’t mean they plagiarized, because you can’t own a style. They lyrics are not the same at all, so plagiarism can’t even be applied. Legally, this can only be an issue of copyright infringement of the melody and beats because you can own those. EMI has stated that this is not either and that the accusations stem clearly from the public, who can’t even differentiate between two different legal terms.

    No official source has accused G-dragon of plagiarism or even infringement, its all been netizens. This doesn’t even fall under plagiarism because G-dragon didn’t take the entire work, this would be labeled as copyright infringement. However, if EMI (who has the actual rights to the song) doesn’t think so, I doubt that the 10 (LOL, seriously) composers will reach a different conclusion.

  37. They sound kinda similar but it’s only a preview!


    “This is so embarrassing, I went on to Youtube and we Koreans are being treated like Chinese”


  38. It’s really sad to see how this little thing have blown out of proportion! I will agree that the beginning of the song sounds really similar to Flo Rider.. But that’s only 30 secs!! and that’s only the beat..! GD have always been creative with his work and have always done an excellent job for it.. working so hard and at the end not being appreciated about it is really sad!

    i hope that this silly thing gets blown over because i am getting tired of it and just want it to end!! i wonder how GD is feeling about this!! even on the happiest day of his life he can’t fully enjoy it! that’t sad!

    GD stay strong and his fans will always support him!

  39. I’ll admit it sounds a bit similar, but there are PLENTY of songs out there that have tiny parts that sound similar to other songs…. some american songs sound like other american songs aswell….
    This is being blown way out of proportion, GD has worked so hard to get this far and this is how he’s rewarded!
    Its his birthday too, the poor thing!
    I wanna go hug him!
    GD stay strong, we support you! FIGHTING!

  40. my heart is broken after hearing that stupid thing!
    Stop trampling on his work,why do they have to do that with him??
    V.I.P allways support our D-G, keep fighting and STAY STRONG, we want u to stay strong!
    I hate those netizens of Korea, why do they always do cruel things to their artists??? Everything is started with them!

  41. […] that no one can say that it is plagiarised work.” Regarding the earlier article posted up, https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/08/18/plagiarism-by-gdragon-heartbreaker-confirmed/ it seemed that there has been this one weird news report confirming that the plagiarism is […]

  42. urhg this is so pathetic!! it doesn’t sound like right round!!!
    GD stay strong!!

  43. All V.I.P.’s go support GD, becuz we know he will never do that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. shut up, gd wouldn’t do that, god like seriously his song is way better than right round anyways !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. oh and yes netizens seem to like to make a big deal about..hmmm…only EVERYTHING!

  46. i feel for GD, it’s his bday, it’s the release date of his first ever solo album and this is what has to come from the media…sigh…
    the only part that sounds kinda’ similar is 3 lines long………
    i’d hope the original composers see that this isn’t plagarism and merely if anything inspiration…
    i mean the more you succeed, the more talent a person has and the more people who admire them, there will be more people who want to doubt his abilities and moreover what him to doubt himself…he has to stay strong…he does have talent there is no denying~~

  47. wow…fans really make me laugh..
    i did a little experiment today, I asked my friend to listen to this new song that just came out. Played it for him and he was like “a new version of Flo’Rida’s song?” …keep in mind I never said anything about plagiarism, but thats the first thing that came out of his mouth..what does that tell you? that he is a anti GD? a hater? or merely an objection point of view?

    Saying just 30 secs does not change the fact that he did not give proper credits. I doubt they will sue him over this, I hope not. But fans need to be more objective and stop saying things like “his version is better, it’s only 30 seconds, Flo’rida is greedy etc..”.. When you spend so much money buying the rights to a song, and even more money to produce your own version, and then have someone steal your shit out of nowhere, you would want to be credited properly. I find it laughable to read all the excuses u guys come up with. fans & YG denying is what is creating more crap.

    • i must add that this whole thing will blow over in the coming days… and GD will still win all the awards and sell many albums…it won’t really matter, he knows it, YG knows it… nothing negative will come out of this, he is getting a lot of press and thats good for him… to me it’s just the fact that YG & the fans are denying the similarities, that bothers me… more than anything it’s about respect and honesty.

    • I totally agree with breezy.

    • shut up ur mouth!

    • I don’t think he would purposely plagiarise… unless this is some weird strategy YG came out with. Still, fans need to less “carefree” about this issue… even if GD’s song sound better, it’s not looking good if a part reminds people of a more famous rapper. It’s like taking another person’s artwork and putting it in a small part of your own work, doesn’t make the artwork become your work in entirety D8

      I’d like to see what happens if another singer/composer is accused of plagiarising 30s of GD’s song, and that singer has a more interesting song than GD’s. Would fans still be so calm lol? Most likely they’ll make sure that singer regret it very badly.

    • The copyright holders disagree. Warner Korea has alread made their stance. The melodies aren’t the same, neither are the lyrics. This is not a sampling nor plagiarism. No official source has accused G-dragon of anything, only netizens, and:

      You can’t copyright a rap flow.

      The end.

  48. Come on people, the beginning sounds similar, but the whole song in general sounds completely different from “Right Round”

  49. Eh… This article seems to be contradictory in many ways. It says plagiarism was confirmed, but then it says that it hasn’t yet. As far as I know, earlier today, the music company with the rights to RR in Korea said there wasn’t any.

    When it comes to hip hop, you’ll find lots of similarities in the raps and beats, but I don’t get where the plagiarism accusation comes from in this case. Even a person who’s not well versed in music would see the contrasts of both songs.

    I also saw some comments of netizens saying the world was laughing at them because their artists were mere copy-cats, but I would rather like to inform them that the world is laughing at them FOR BEING SO FOOLISH! Seriously, they play to be God and judge every single thing that comes out. Do all of them have PhD’s in music so that they can be so sure when making an accusation of this sort? They accuse artists of plagiarism, of getting surgery, of being fat, of having relationships… I don’t know what’s wrong with these people. They seem to be full of hatred. Perhaps they should remember what Plato once said, “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.”

    And that goes for all netizens, no matter the fandom. I think they ALL are CRAZY. I feel pity for Korean artists because I truly believe they produce great music, but its culture needs some fixing; especially young people!

  50. Last comment, I swear, but..

    Warner Chappel Korea states: G-Dragon did not plagiarize!

    G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” has been under constant accusations of plagiarizing Florida’s “Right Round.”

    Well, all of that will be put to an end, at least for the moment.

    Warner Chappell Korea, who holds the rights to “Right Round,” stated:

    “We will send the track off to the main Warner headquarters in America. The beginning and flow of the rap is similar to Florida’s ‘Right Round,’ however, only the original creators of the track have the authority to judge whether it has been plagiarized or not. With that said, at this time, we have not come to the conclusion that this track has plagiarized.”


    • this is basically what is said in the 2nd article.. now the problem is which of the 2 reports really the final decision…

      we will just have to wait for YG’s official statements

    • If I were YG, I would send the song right away. And I would also send every single track on the album to the artists whose songs netizens claim were plagiarized.

      And 30 seconds is 30 seconds. I agree that he should have acquire the rights to use them to save himself all this trouble. But honestly speaking, aside from classical music, I don’t think there is any song that can be claimed to be 100% original anymore.

  51. Wth is wrong with these people, only the beat and rap of the first 30 seconds sounds a bit similar.
    Come on, it’s GD’s birthday, his MV is superhot and the song is awesome but nooo.. people have to criticize jiyong.
    He is so talented and he would never ever copy a song. He wouldn’t even need it because his version would be so much better.

    tssss.. just let the boy celebrate his birthday and forget about this shit ~

  52. […] greatest nights I’ve had while lurking the internet… But then I saw a post about this“Plagiarism Confirmed in Heartbreaker” and this “GDragon’s ‘ButterFly’ accused of plagiarism too” on Omonatheydidnt. […]

  53. This is ridiculous, is there anything we can do on our part? I can come up with so many songs that sound similar. Jewelry new song ‘strong girl’ sounds so much like ‘poker face’ but did they say anything about it? No. 2pm ‘again and again’ the beats was similar to ‘Envy’. Navy new song is similar to ‘unfaithful’. If they’re going to go that route I’m supporting GD all the way. The article is quite confusing is it or is it not? We won’t know until we hear from both sides.

    • I so agree w/ you. that’s what I’ve been thinking this whole accusations of him. WHY ONLY HIM? they obviously trying to ruin him. dang! if im in korea, im gonna shove all this names and more to their faces.

      ok.enough of my rant.

  54. to be honest when I heared the first part it sounded a bit like Right Round but when I heared the whole song it didnt sound anything like right round I really started to feel bad for him

  55. If you listen very closely, they’re really not the same. They sound similar because of the same beat and rap rhythm, but
    1. The pitch of both raps are different
    2. The tempo is faster in GD’s
    3. The synths in the background are different, In Flo Rida’s, its very unnoticable and little spurts of the synth. In GD’s, the syth plays the whole time through. It’s low pitched and kinda goes with his voice. Flo Rida’s is high pitched and you can definitely hear it. So technically, it’s not plagarism.

    I’ve heard many raps that sound similar to this, rhythm and beat wise, and the drum beat is a pretty common one. So, they really have no right to call it plagarism. 🙂

  56. i never thought GD would be hardcore thrown into this plagarism shit!
    im really disappointed in him as a fan v.v
    he knows that is clearly from right round
    i wonder why he did it v.v

    • Excuse me, but until an OFFICIAL statement is made I wouldn’t say ‘why he did it’. You’re basically pointing fingers without hearing the truth.

  57. There is still no verdict yet right? I mean Heartbreaker is still not a song plagiarized from right round? They still have to look into it.

    God, this has really blown out of proportions. The damage of media. tsk tsk…

    I personally believe that it’s not a plagiarized song. If they do rule its plagiarism then most of the songs I hear would be plagiarized songs of older ones…

    …damn this is such a confusing case. Which is which really?

  58. Anyone can take any song and compare it to something else, calling it plagiarism. If people dig hard enough, every song out there is similar to another one.
    I’m sure something like this has happened with many other Kpop artists, but people only seem to be lashing out at G-Dragon.

    • Yeah remembering ?? Only for this year : Youha / FT Island…..u name it….But no big deal for them eeh ? Heard that Brave Brothers latest title song too …sounds resemble Boom Boom Pow a little bit. mighrt as well check it out later. BUT WHY ONLY GD ??

      • Exactly! They didn’t make such a big commotion when those accusations came about. It’s because he’s GD they’ll do anything to bring him down because they can’t accept that someone as talented and young as him can be more successful than they are.

    • exactly. I CAN NAME A LOT OF KPOP ARTISTS WHO’s BEEN ACCUSED OF PLAGIARISM BEFORE but they didn’t do anything about it? WHY ONLY GD? WHY?

      “There is so many cases of artistes getting inspiration from one another lately, If we are going to rule the song plagiarism just because it has some parts which feels the same, then many artistes and producers will fall into serious censorship.” agree.

      If they’re going to sue GD. sue all those artists who’s been accused of plagiarism as well. NOT FAIR. geez ..im so mad! its his birthday too. I cant imagine how he must have felt. BE STRONG GD!!!

  59. i dont understand….
    Where ‘s it similar to Right Rough. even though, only just 30s initial seems quite like to ~~~~ the rest ‘s totally different from RR.
    Poor my GD, fighting, VIPz always besides and support you.

  60. I don’t get the mind of the people who made this such an enormous deal. GD makes music with all his heart, many people worked their asses off for this album and all they can say is he frigging plagiarized. can THEY make music that sound entirely different ? are they some kind of music gods ? i’m so upset by this pointless issue. what they’re doing is singularly HURTING KWON JIYONG. he’s not a music genius. he’s someone who takes risks and doesnt care for being different. that’s why d spotlight always follows him, many people just either love him to death or love to hate him for so many stupid reasons. i hope they would STOP now and mind their own frigging business if they even have their own lives. those pathetic heartbreaker mouths. T.T i’m seriously pissed and worried by d possibility of GD being greatly depressed by this whole bullshit. I wish he has the strength to not take this into the heart and keep meditating himself with music, it must be really hard spending his birthday being accused and all. Go GD ! ! VIPr dont love u for no reason ! 🙂

  61. Sounds nothing like right round!!! Just that one freaking part and that’s it!! Flo Rida has no right to talk cause that beat is not his either, um does anyone remember the song that came out in the 80s? You spin me right round (like a record) that is the original song.

    This is so dumb. If G-Dragon gets in trouble for this, shouldn’t we point fingers at other artists, especially in america, for little parts that sound similar?? ridiculous, flo rida is gonna get a lot of hate if they decide its plagarism.

  62. samples: if you got a permission from people to use your music.

    Plagiarsm is well defined. I forget how many bar note it is (since I am not a musician) but an artist can considered to plagiarized if he/she take certain amount of bar note.

    I think it safe to say, GD are breaking the rules.
    But I doubt warner music will say anything about this.

    • According to who? Netizens are hardly a reliable source and EMI (the actually copyright holders in Korea) beg to differ.

  63. wth..wtf???
    only d 30sec is same…
    seriously this is going overboard!!!
    30damnseconds out of 3minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im so pissed offffffffff!!!!

  64. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musical_plagiarism Let’s take a look and learn from the past.

  65. gd i believe in you. you will get through this, everything will be sorted out!! i’m supporting you all the way.<333

  66. With the addition of the second article, it pretty much states that they really don’t know if this is a case of plagiarism or not. The headline to this post should be changed; many people will only see the headline.

    • Totally agreed. Mislead heading will cause more controversy.

    • the 1st article states that the composer to ‘right round’ agree to the plagiarism of ‘Heartbreaker’, while the 2nd article explains more about the korean copyrights owner’s view..

      the only thing confusing is that.. the 2nd article is actually newer than the 1st article..

      i think there may be some miscommunication between warner and the korean side

  67. i dunno know what to say….

  68. I’m confused. So GD has officially been accused of plagiarism by these record companies? The articles are saying different things. =/ I feel upset for G-Dragon. The full song sounds nothing like “Right Round.” Why are netizens picking on him??

  69. Just for info, Florida “Right Round” is also remake from other song..

    Flo Rida’s A&R at Atlantic Records brought the beat for “Right Round” to Flo Rida’s attention. They went to the studio to experiment, and matched the song to the “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” theme. DJ and audio mixer Dr. Luke provided the Dead or Alive sample. He produced the track and Flo Rida recorded his vocals onto it.

    soo..it doesn’t a big deal for our jingyo ~_~ .. oooh Gosh..thats only 30sec ….

  70. come on….
    very lame issue..
    gdragon is very talented composer + singer..

  71. i swear this issue is making me feel really sad. i really hope someone will make an official statement or something.

  72. I think someone should come up with the defination of PLAGIARISM…….and drop some samples of which songs ever to be stated as plagiarized songs and did get sued.

    I really doubt if Warner would consider this 15 sec rap flow as plagiarized of Right Round. And even want to take action against this tiny issue.

  73. im not a fan but i like to listen to some of them songs !!
    the beat is different from the one of flo rida !! the rap also ! we could find a global tiny thing in common but if you analize everything separetly it’s not the same !!

    hmm but if some expert is out there maybe he/she could pronounce itself to clarify this !!

    thanks and c u arround all !!

  74. omfg-.- GD always get into this problem whenever hit songs comes out! lies, haru haru…..

    i can confirm that there’s some haters out there who monitors GD 24/7

    _|_ !

    but in any case, this means more publicity right?
    just hope that he will be fine.

    nope! HE WILL BE FINE! 😀

    • i swear if he goes into depression again, i will seriously go into depression…
      he has worked sooo hard to get this far.

  75. Dang; they are seriously taking this too far.

  76. are you kidding me!!! its only like the first 30 secs that sounds like it omgggg! jeez get over it america, i bet if they were to do it to a korean song it would be just fine….psssh :@

  77. this is getting sick.




    • yes! that’s right..
      and if you listen to the song on the same time
      it kinda sounds like right round exept that he sang it
      in high pitch and made the notes at the end higher..

    • Too bad the American side disagrees as clearly stated by the article.

  79. zomg. can’t they atleast leave him alone and let him enjoy his birthday peacefully..? i mean, worrying about this issue on anybody’s birthday would definitely be last on their wishlist.. >.<

    poor jiyong :S

  80. I think I’m done with the plagarism issue after I’ve sat down and listen to the whole song with no bias in my ears at all.

    And this piece just comes up. So, what the eff now?

    Where is the article taken from? I think it’s confusing in a way. Ji Yong the Plagiarist confirm or deny?

    Thus,if the copyright owner wants to take a further legal action. Let them be. Together we support GD in everything he does. No matter what.

  81. I also think that this is going whay too far!! it’s an awsome song, it’ll be a big hit=)!! (it already is) the lyricks of the songs boy and gossip man are perfect for these netizens.
    (btw, apolegies for my bad grammar, i come from the netherlands, so i can’t write it that well:P)

    g dragon fighting & happy birthday!

  82. Hope GD can hang in there. He is one of those artistes that has been exposed to many different music and this is also his source of inspiration. While due recognition should be given to the music that inspired him, we should not also discount the remaining 80% of the song which is of his own creativity. He is still young and developing as an artiste and it will be super sad if such an incident holds him back from exploring new music genres.

  83. They don’t sound the same as a whole, though. Flo Rida wasn’t the first person to rap like that anyway, and he won’t be the last. This is ridiculous.

  84. Urgh nitizens need to leave GD alone and live him peaceful. HIs album is HOT!! YOU guys still can leave message to FLO Rida Twitter about this http://twitter.com/official_flo or his Myspace. I believe GD is innocent.

  85. I think Its matter is becoming more and more ridiculous.
    The plagiarising accusations began when only 30 seconds of the song was released, that is alr sth VERY ridiculous. Now the entire song is out and Its Totally Different. Other than that MERE 15seconds sound slightly similiar, they are going to pursue the matter?! Its Stupid. The song is Awesome. I Really Dont get why those Annoying Netizens are like Hounding Geedee as if he Committed some Big Crime. Gosh.

    GeeDee Fighting!!!
    Happy Birthday!!

  86. omg! i’m so sad right now.
    omo! how GD must have felt with these stupid accusation. it must have been hard for him. Netizen should really just lay off. the genre is the same. its GD STYLE~ hip hop rapping electronic sound. its all the same. GD has his own flava! ‘right round’ tempo is different with ‘heartbreaker’.
    gosshhh. i’m so pissed at this!
    1st ; 2ne1.
    Now; Jiyong.

    everyone please spread some love for our Jiyongie.

  87. GD! Be strong! Fighting!

  88. omggg
    what same???????
    only 15 SECONDs is have a lil bit smilarites
    damn it!!!!
    today is his birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. hmmmmmm………… When i first heard the song, i was like ‘WTF, right round?’. The rest of the song doesn’t sound smilar, but since it’s in the begining of the song, the impression has been made. But anyway, why would YG Ent. even allowed Heartbreaker to be released? They’re in the industry and I think they’re very familiar with the American music scene, so someone in the company should have at least noticed that the begining part sounds like Right Round and change it. Perharps GD never plagiarised, but with his image that heavily emphasized on originality, to release a song that have parts that sound like another famous song is just not right. Hope he and YG Ent will resolve this soon.

  90. the article is confusing
    in the beginning it says that the plagirism thinging is confirmed, and then towards the end it says that the confirmation is not released yet by the composer of right round?

    but sigh really, leave GD alone gahhhh, i feel so bad for him

    • apparently the korean netizens are confused about the 2 articles too.. the 2nd article was actually posted up later than the 1st one

  91. love the song hehe heatbreaker is a gd song..
    it will do well yay

  92. all i know it’s not only him who plagiarism

  93. People are giving GD a really hard time, just hope he stays strong and still perform to his fullest potential.

    That 15 seconds does sound like ‘Right Round,’ but as pointed out by the representative the melodies are different, and everything else but that 15 seconds.
    There are countless songs that have a bit of other songs in it. I don’t see what’s the big deal, but then again it’s GD, so anything he does gets blown out of proportion.

  94. also, just want to ask the source link of this info. thanks!

  95. holy shizz !
    come on !!! it’s gazillion times better than right round !
    good gracious !
    it’s seriously getting on my nerves !

  96. what i dont get is that flo rida pretty much ripped off you spin me round to create his craptastic version right round that has no creative value to it whatsoever and g-dragons creates a song thats his own and he gets bashed for having like 10 seconds sound kinda similar to another song. i mean seriously. im not being biased because i am a fan of big bang but i have had this problem with flo rida from the beginning. only he can totally rip off a perfect good old song to create a new crap song that for some reason so many people like…i just really dont like flo rida as an artist really..

    • I agree, the people who created that song should plagiarise him and Warner Music.

      Leave G-D alone. In my opinion, I heard Right Round and it sounds nothing like Flo Rida’s song.

      • Sorry but Flo Rida paid to use the melody from right round.
        He got permission from the original singers.

        Also what people are saying is plagarized is partly the rapping which was Flo Rida’s own.

        I like GD but hating on Flo Rida isn’t gonna change anything.

    • totally totally agreed *nods head*

  97. got this via dilee @ g-dragon’s thread soompi:

    A Korean fan made phone calls to Warner and Sony, and they all said they didn’t even talk to any reporter so far regarding this matter, not so much as sending a file to the US. (I have this feeling they just let these things go on and on for a publicity purpose.) Anyhow it seems like at least Warner promised to make an official statement as soon as possible regarding this matter.

    • omg vanilla. you are kind of making me feel better.
      lets hope this isnt a liee. because all this stuff has made my day feel like crap
      please tell me there is light at the end of this tunnel…

    • thanks for making me feel much better.
      anyway, i dont believe at all. if they have ears , they will know that 2 song have just 5 seconds similarity.
      just 5 second, and i think this is so !@@#$% to all these haters
      anyway. so annoying . Its his birthday u know.
      please leave him alone~

  98. I dunno but i i guess only those few seconds sound similar…..Is it called plagiarism if it’s only few seconds? =.=
    I don’t even like GD as an individual, but guess this is too much for him. I feel bad for that boy.
    I mean there r only do re mi fa sol la si do etc in this whole world. How do u expect all songs to sound completely different? How many songs are there in this world? I hope the composer of Right Round will just let go of this case.

    N the good news…congratz for that million views mv. ^^
    I personally like his new MV.

  99. aww just don’t know how to put it into words. this is getting out of hand..
    he must be really sad as he have to face this especially during his birthday..
    GD, stay strong as always. we VIPs will always stand by you no matter what 🙂

  100. Sooo annoying! I’ll admit the beat and the first part have similarites, but from there on the song becomes its own. “Right Round” is not even a good enough song to copy. Urgh. Poor GD. He must be sad/frustrated.

  101. They’re really gett’n into my nerves!!
    There’s a big difference between right round and heartbreaker. Can’t they hear that!! The concept was different, everything was different. maybe some parts did resemble but that was just in small parts. As a matter of fact I think gd’s song is much better than the other one.

    I also agree with GIL .. maybe his influenced, and aren’t they glad about this that such talent like him look up to him as an inspiration.

  102. it don’t sound similar. they just drag and sang in higher pitch at the end of each note. gosh what’s up with warner music. its as if they want to bring down GD.

  103. i love GD, i really do.

    but he shouldn’t have use that 15 seconds. anyone can tell it sounds the same as right round. well, at least i do.

    what a day for his birthday..

  104. i so disagree the songs sound totally different theres nothing to compare if you listen to them both

  105. Does this mean he has to pay money? or like what will happen to him? omg. sued? give up the song? change the song? i mean c’mon this is his title song! what will happen to the boy? poor thing it’s his birthday! cruel people!

  106. It’s not even 30 seconds, it’s only 15 seconds, 15. To be honest, when I heard the preview I was a bit disappointed because I did hear the similarity but now the full song is released and Heartbreaker doesn’t sound like Right Round. That rap part, I think GD gets influenced, not plagiarise

  107. WAT THE HELL!?!?!??!?!


    —-forgive my rudeness.

  108. not enough to get him. i am really irked by the korean owners of ‘right round’. they did a fail korean remake or ‘right round’, i see what they want here. bs, so frustrating.

  109. SIGH.

    “There is so many cases of artistes getting inspiration from one another lately, If we are going to rule the song plagiarism just because it has some parts which feels the same, then many artistes and producers will fall into serious censorship.”

    This is SUCH a good point, I agree so completely.

    Anyways, I’m still gonna support GD and besides, I doubt he would consciously plagiarise someone’s work. I’m sure he has his pride and he wouldn’t want to just rip off someone’s else stuff and not show his own stuff. It’s just…shrugs.

    Ps: Thanks for not sharing some of the harsher responses. Go away bad vibes, away!!

  110. i have very well mixed feeling today…huhuhuh

  111. NO! wtf? omg im soooo upset.
    it does not! omg. i hope all ends well. im sooo pissed.

  112. i dun think its sounded exactly the same as Flo Rida’s song. @@”

    • Why don’t have listen carefully with the song and then try to think. It’s was really confirmed even they say it was the same lyrics but it was still plagiarism…it was against the law.

  113. i am heartbroken=(

  114. No. Way.
    where did it sound like flo-rida?!!!

  115. It really is just those 30 seconds that sound similar…..
    Best of luck to G-D though wonder how this’ll play out

    • GD,,,,,,,,,, im disappointed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • yeah the song SERIOUSLY does NOT sound anything like right round… just stupid media corps tryin to get money off this just because GD is so famous. It seems ridiculous that they would judge a 30 second preview… the price of fame.
      good luck GD.. the album is AMAZING!

    • yeah it’s just the first 30 seconds that sounds like it…this is absolutely ridiculous. GD isn’t that stupid. do they really think he would plagiarize such a well known song, especially after what he’s gone through in the past? -____-

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