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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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JYP reveals newcomer rapper San E!

JYP Entertainment has revealed the teaser to upcoming new rapper San E together with San E’s official homepage (sane.jype.com) and Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/sane) on 7th September.

In the teaser video, San E has garnered much anticipation from fans and netizens to be labeled as the ‘Next big thing’ after JYP himself, Rain, WonderGirls, 2AM etc. San E was also featured at the end of the video with an awkward ‘Hwaiting’.

San E gives a different feeling from the usual newcomers. There is great interests regarding this rapper newcomer from JYP Ent and how he will be promoting for his singer activities.

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WonderGirls YooBin receives her driving pass!

WonderGirls YooBin has obtained her driving license!

YooBin revealed through her Twitter on 2nd September, “I passed I’m now a woman who can drive~” and posted up a photo of her driving license. On the driving license, the date of issue of the license is also 2nd September so it seemed that YooBin uploaded the photo on her Twitter as soon as she had received over her driving license.

Fans commented on the Twitter photo, “The photo on the license is very pretty”, “I want to sit in the car which YooBin will drive”, “Congratulations, enjoy driving around” etc.

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Park JaeBum, “I exchanged birthday wishes with Nich Khun”

2PM ex leader member Park JaeBum reveals, “I still exchange birthday wishes with Nich Khun,” dismissing rumours of dispute with the 2PM members.

JaeBum revealed during his interview with IlGanSports on 31st August, “I sent Nich Khun birthday wishes on his birthday on 24th June and he replied me. Even though I did not meet up or contact the members, it is not because we are on bad terms. I am really happy that 2PM is doing well.”

JaeBum left 2PM after his MySpace controversy last September and returned to Seattle. And in February, JYP revealed that JaeBum has permanently left the group due to personal reasons. He then returned to Korea 9 months after in June for the filming of his upcoming movie ‘Hype Nation’.

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WonderGirls YeEun, “HyeRim will smile to herself thinking of C.N Blue”

WonderGirls HyeRim’s love for other idol singers gets exposed.

On Mnet ‘Made In WonderGirls’ to be aired on 20th August, the WonderGirls were featured on their world tour to various countries like Singapore, Las Vegas, Chicago etc.

And in this particular episode, member YeEun had caught HyeRim and said, “She really like idols. And recently C.N Blue. When she is getting her makeup done, she would smile to herself thinking C.N Blue.”

HyeRim was then seen blushing, which was a cute scene. YeEun had also continued to tease her fellow members continuing on HyeRim’s love for C.N Blue.

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So Nyeo Shi Dae voted as #1 most popular Kpop unit in Japan

So Nyeo Shi Dae is gaining great popularity in Japan.

Japan BigLobe Music released the results for a popularity poll on K-pop units on 17th August. During the 4 days the poll was conducted, 33,090 netizens took part. And ranked #1 on the poll is So Nyeo Shi Dae with 61.1% (20,212) of the votes. Following behind are WonderGirls with 29% (9598 votes), Super Junior with 5.2% (1717 votes), SHINee with 2.9% (944) and BEAST with 1.3% (417 votes) of the votes.

Biglobe Music said, “So Nyeo Shi Dae has earned the popularity amongst the young females in their 10s~20s. They get good reviews for their song, dance and fashion style.”

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Park JinYoung to debut officially as an actor in upcoming drama ‘Dream High’ also starring Bae YongJoon

Multitainer Park JinYoung will take up the challenge and debut as an actor.

Park JinYoung will star in upcoming KBS drama ‘Dream High’ together with Hallyu actor Bae YongJoon which is set to air from 3rd January 2011. The drama is a 16-episode collaborate production by Key East, JYP Entertainment and CJ Media. Earlier there were reports that Bae YongJoon will act and Park JinYoung will produce the music the drama, but now it is confirmed that Park JinYoung will also star in the drama.

A staff revealed that both Park JinYoung and Bae YongJoon are 72-ers and are experienced in their field in the show biz. And in the drama, they play the roles of teachers discovering the next world stars, set in the GiRin Arts High School in Seoul. There will also be a love story between 2 female students and 2 male students. And one of them named Kay in the drama will win the 2017 ‘Album Of The Year’ award.
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SNSD TaeYeon voted as the female idol singer with the best vocals

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon is picked as the female idol group member with the best vocals.

A poll was conducted for 9 days on online community portal site DCInside from 3rd August till 11th August on ‘Which is the main vocal with the best vocals from female idol groups?” And TaeYeon got voted #1 with 1,725 votes out of 16,639 votes.

f(x) Luna and Brown Eyed Girls Jea are voted #2 and #3 on the survey with 1784 votes and 1114 votes respectively. Other than them, other female idols voted on the survey include 2NE1 Park Bom, SeeYa Kim YeonJi and WonderGirls SunYe.

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Upcoming ‘model-dol’ girlgroup Nine Muse for debut album release on 12th August

Another team joins the inflood of girlgroups in the Kpop scene.

After the phenomenon of the inflood of girlgroups we witnessed last year in Kpop in 2009, which continued into this year, yet another group will join the phenomenon.

After the comeback of girlgroups like So Nyeo Shi Dae, WonderGirls, Brown Eyed Girls, KARA and f(x) together with the debut of new girlgroups like miss A, SISTAR, Girl’s Day, a 9-member group Nine Muse will debut on 12th August.

Known as ‘model-dols’, the group has garnered interests even before their debut after it was known that the members come from modelling background.

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