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2009 Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) – Winner list

Winner list to 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) which took place from 7pm KST on 21st November.

Some of the prominent awards:

  • Female group – Brown Eyed Girls
  • Male group – 2PM
  • Male singer – Drunken Tiger
  • Female singer – Baek Ji Young
  • Album of the Year – GDragon with ‘Heartbreaker’
  • Song of the Year – 2NE1 with ‘I Don’t Care’
  • Artiste of The Year – 2PM

Go under the cut for the full winner list.

Will be updating the list along the way.

Winner List for 2009 MAMA:

  • Newcomer (Male) – Supreme Team
  • Newcomer (Female) – 2NE1
  • Trot Music Award – Hong JinYeong (Love’s Battery)
  • Dance music award – KARA (Honey)
  • Mixed Group – 8eight
  • Hip hop group award – LeeSsang (헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자)
  • Rock Music Award – BuHwal (생각이나)
  • Asian Recommend Award – Japanese group AKB48
  • House& Electronic music award – Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra)
  • Ballad/R&B music award – Kim TaeWoo (Love Rain)
  • Best Asian Star – Dong Bang Shin Ki
  • Male singer – Drunken Tiger
  • Female singer – Baek Ji Young
  • Best Asian composer – Park JinYoung
  • Music Portal Mnet Award – 2NE1
  • Best MV – 2NE1 (Fire)
  • Female Group – Brown Eyed Girls
  • Male Group – 2PM
  • Album of the Year – GDragon with ‘Heartbreaker’
  • Song of the Year2NE1 with ‘I Don’t Care’
  • Artiste of The Year – 2PM

Winning videos!

2NE1 winning Newcomer female singer and Song Of The Year

Dong Bang Shin Ki winning ‘Asian Star’

2PM winning ‘Male Group’ and ‘Artiste Of The Year’

Winner moments!


CL and GD

Supreme Team

Hong JinYoung



Kim TaeWoo

Dong Bang Shin Ki (JaeJoong was tearing during the ThankYou speech)

Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK

Baek Ji Young

Park Jin Young



Check out performances and red carpet of the night:

289 Responses


  2. hey u know what ? 2NE1 is the best . fullstop .

  3. if there’s no boycott, my winner list will be
    best dance – sorry sorry
    i think that sorry sorry might be the best song also but im ok with ‘I Dont Care’ because at korea, its really hit that u can hear ringtones ringing with it.
    well BEG did well this year with Abracadabra and Sign, but SNSD went down when they release Genie,no offense but they just didnt stand out much from the girl group war. i agree GEE was really good but who can really rank GEE,Honey, Abracadabra and I Dont Care?they are all HITS song, release now and then, they stood out from other songs which release at the same time with them. so when u put them together, can u really rank them?they are just all ear candy for me!

    2PM won best male group and best artist because they work alot in korea this year, wherelse TVXQ,SJ n BB move to international market. that should explain why. well just personal opinions to share:)

  4. I like 2NE1.. their very awesome!! i like dara a lot!! she pretty togethr with G Dragon.. i like their chemistry!! congratulations 2NE1 more songs to come and more awards to come..

    PLEASE COME BACK. and win the daesangs next year.

    it’s shitty this year.

  6. […] 2009 Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) – Winner list (K Bites) AKB48 grace the MAMA, 2PM’s Taecyeon is caught interested (OMONA THEY DIDN’T!) […]

  7. Jesus Christ, the world is gonna end soon. I can feel it!

    Just read it all. You need these words of wisdom:

    @ SM’s stupid childish ridiculous (… and the list of insults goes on) fans:
    So, SM artists boycott the show. The company makes clear statements about the show’s credibility – They told fans to stop voting because the show is not “fair”. They don’t show up for the event. AND YOU STILL FUCKING EXPECT THEM TO WIN? Delusional.

    SM fangirls are so annoying it’s not even funny. Stop bashing 2PM just because your favorite gay boyband with a bunch of useless members didn’t win. It’s not 2PM’s fault that SM is a shitty company who cares too much about money.

    @KARA’s #1 hater
    You don’t need to cry just because KARA are prettier than SNSD.
    -They looked GORGEOUS!

    Sorry Sorry is a pretty shitty song anyway.. ´Just because they’re popular, that doesn’t mean their songs are actually “good” in terms of lyrics/melody, etc.
    So, I come here and say Jonas Brothers are better than Suju. Why? Because they sold way more albums and they are way more popular around the world. What can you do? It’s all about popularity. *sarcasm*

    And bashing other bands just because your favorite band didn’t win? Very mature. Try harder next time, idiots.

    Am I they only one who totally fails at seeing SJ’s charm? If so, then so be it because they’ll have to work harder to make me a fangirl.

    • which *

    • So why are they popular?

    • wow….your condemning SM fangirls but this post of yours shows how shitty ashole u are! LOL!

    • BACK OFF LOSER! you’re asking ppl not to bash on other artists while you’re doing the exact same thing! you’re twice as immature and shall i say twice as idiotic and multiple times more ignorant than they are.

      sure, SM has a lot of faults right now and the light isn’t exactly shining pretty at the top of their heads but you gotta appreciate talent when you see it.

      being an idol isn’t just about singing and dancing. USELESS members??? you’re hilarious! they are the absolute complete package and they pack a punch cuz there’s power in numbers. so swallow that!! they have looks, maturity, talent, skill, the personality, everything! you can hate them as much as you want. i don’t give a damn if you can’t see their charm, that’s your opinion. but don’t try to act like it aint true. don’t try to deny it cuz they’re a bunch of really charming guys and A LOT of ppl aknowledge that. so it’s a billion ppl against YOU. lmao. what now? clearly you’re not a fan and you don’t follow their activities closely or otherwise the word “useless” would’ve never come out of your stinky mouth!!

      you don’t have the right to judge something you clearly have no knowledge over. how can you say you hate the taste of bread when you’ve never even tasted it?!?! or are you too much more of an idiot to understand the simple rule of that?? the only reason i stil have the guts to say i don’t favor dbsk as an artist is because i have followed their development for a long time now and i actually know how their personalities and how professional they are. that’s why i have the right to say i don’t like them.

      do i think junsu and changmin have awesome voices?? yes. do i think jj is a real cute guy with a charming personality? of course. do i think yunho is a great dancer?? absolutely. but do i have to like them?? no, i don’t. but that’s only because i already know them inside and out and you can’t force me to like them no matter how much you try. can you honestly say the same??

      GAY??!?! man, have you listened to the stories they tell abt watching porn? all the porn they have in their dorm?? of course you haven’t. you’re just an ignorant and unruly brat looking for an outlet to release your insecurities. as if 2PM boys never show too much love for each other. what abt the biting and the molesting and all that stuff. they’re just as much touchy, touchy as suju are so don’t play the gay card with me, loser.

      and sorry, sorry is NOT a shitty song. if you don’t enjoy it then that’s your opinion. that’s your taste. but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good song. ppl all over the WORLD is dancing to sorry, sorry. if it’s shitty, no one would be dancing to it. so take that!

      next time, if you’re trying to reprimand someone of doing something inappropriate, don’t make the mistake of being a hypocrite for doing the exact same thing that pissed you off. i’ll let you chew on that. have a good day.


    • dont bother 2 be a fangirl…~

  8. YEYY I’M da 255th!!

    ~GDYB-KOREAN DREAM(love it sooo much-my fav)<3333
    ~2NE1-MUSICAL(it was epic-enjoyful)
    ~2PM-heartbeat n again2(felt soo empty without jae,throughout the perf i was hoping that jae will pop-up from anywhere!!it'll be perfect if he had made his comeback there!!!!)

  9. waaaaaaaa JAEBEOM WHERE R U ?
    i cried so much really they deserve to win
    and they deserve to win by the greatest DANCE !!!

  10. I don’t understand SM and Mnet. Boycotting each other won’t help anything. It kind of self destruction action.

  11. 2pm deserve that awards..congrats..after all their hard work and all pain it’s worthy..

  12. A lot of people are saying that SME artists didn’t/shouldn’t win because they didn’t attend. Since when did attendance count for an award show that tallies sales records, popularity, etc that happened before the show?

    I think everyone who was nominated deserved a fair chance at winning. While some were not as popular as others, all of them put in hard work (especially in the Kpop industry). However, the fairness of some of the wins are just questionable. I love 2ne1, so no offense to Blackjacks, but I Don’t Care rocked the charts only a couple of months ago and they held the top for awhile. SNSD’s Gee, however, lasted #1 for a couple of months and is still a popular song. SNSD is also the only girl group to sell 100,000+.

    I’m happy for both 2ne1 and BEG because both had merit. Yet, SNSD’s volume of sales and chart-topping deserves some recognition.

  13. love SME for boycott!!
    at least,other artist from other HOUSE like KARA,BEG,4min,etc get the chance to rock da stagen wins d awards!!hahaha

    GDYB stage was EPIC!
    as well as 2NE1 21st musical! u rocks girlz!!

  14. Love this MAMA because 2PM won the best male group and artist of the year…<3

  15. Congrats to alll the winner
    Yeah! 2NE1 rock!!! (Although, i know it’s not a clean win cuz SJ and SNSD got boycott.) Sorry SME.

  16. Is it just me ….
    or did 2ne1 look pretty disappointed when 2pm was giving their “artist of the year” speech

    • no its just you. 2ne1 received “song of the year” right before 2pm received “artist of the year” and 2ne1 was still emotional from receiving “song of the year.” LOL, you read into it too much.

    • it’s just you.
      And don’t try to start creating fanwars between Blackjacks and Hottests.

      • okay calm down. i didn’t know that 2ne1 received song of the year before 2pm received their award -_-; just saying that they looked disappointed, but now i know that they were just emotional from their own win -_-;

  17. Congrats to all the winners!
    Their hard-works deserve some rewards.
    This issue is getting bigger, it was done already so accept it. An award shows are not the only 1 who can justify 1’s talent. Don’t get bitter ü
    I’m a supporter of SME artists. Many are saying that if it’s a popularity awards show, SME artists will win. Yeah indeed, they are popular. We all know that base on different charts & shows. Work your minds guys, why are they popular? Just because they are good-looking? If that’s the reason, why are they still topping the charts & still making a name? An artist won’t last if he/she just have a pleasant appearance. They have the talent. Talent is equal to a good quality of music. You won’t be recognized if you’re just delivering a rubbish product/music.

  18. congrats to all the winners, they truly deserved it and their hard work was recognised 😀 to all the whining sm-biased fans out there, suck it up.. seriously, congratulate the other artists.. and stop whining about why SM artists didn’t win.. they didn’t attend, so yeah.. the DBSK trio attended, they won an award.. it’s that simple.. most VIPS got over the fact that big bang didn’t win a GDA this year.. so yeah.. anyways, congrats to all the winners 😀

    • totally agree…why is that whenever something happens..its always SME biased ppl hiding behind these stupid reasons bashing other artists…they ruin it for their artists and make SME out to be horrible…they’re infamous for being irrational overseas

  19. awww i’m so proud of 2pm…
    cukhamnida 2pm!!!!!
    always the hottest group!!!

  20. MAMA was spot on this year! Loved it!

    The big three awards was perfect for me. 2NE1 with ‘Song of the Year,’ and 2PM as ‘Arist of the Year,’ and definitely GD’s as ‘Album of the Year.’ I can honestly say this was perfect. I am most proud of 2NE1, they are too good for rookies!

  21. i love mama award for this year!! tiger and tasha was there, all the performance was AMAZING! i mean every one just shine! GREAT JOB AND CONGRATZ TO ALL ARTIST IN KOREA CUZ EVERYONE WORKS HARD.

  22. I think the MAMA was a useless awards ceremony.. seriously…

  23. This award is rather funny.

  24. SM boycotted and DBSK won?
    even if the lawsuit is going on, DBSK won. SJ and SNSD shdnt have been taken of the list. thats not fair..

  25. to those who feel that this awards night is biased, your are just sm-biased. of course, as expected you’ll be rooting for your fave groups under this entertainment company to win something, however, the criteria is not based mainly in popularity or polling of some sort but there are other categories, from music experts, research, etc. if they only based on voting, no doubt every sm artists will win even rookie of the year for fx, lol..considering no hit songs or album could prove that they are worthy of the award. for the song of the year, i believe i dont care deserved it, the song topped the charts and won several mutizen awards and for album of the year, i think gdragon deserved it. based on his songs, all of his songs are worth listening to, not just only the title track but also the rest, inspite of those controversies, his album sold a lot and still counting, for a solo artist this is amazing.

  26. YES! always late with my comments…
    But Im Happy and Satisfied after watching this…


    AGree with ‘DFSDSG’…Get OVer It People!!!
    and One Thing The PErformances that Night was just awesome but some are a little dissatisfaction, But ALL in ALL HAve a Great SPEcial PErfromances and Stages that some People saying are Biased *sigh*

    Im happy to see Junsu JaeJoong and specially YooChun<3


    to sore losers: get over the fact that ur fave artists didnt won, the show’s over anyways! complaining, bashing and bringing down other artists wont change anything to the results =____=”

  28. congrats to GD and 2NE1 and all the other artists that won an award or were nominated for one, cause even a nomination is a great honor. I don’t understand why people are questioning GD’s album of the year award, his album is one of the best selling albums this year, considering this is is first time as a solo artist, he sold more than other established groups, plus his album was a full album and not a mini-album. I agree with some that it was a little weird having 2NE1 win song of the year, considering they just debuted this year (not that i’m not happy for that hehehe), but they totally deserved the rookie of the year award, because no other rookie group dominated the charts, even their solos are dominating the charts. Nice to see the trio from DBSK at the awards, i hope this doesn’t get them in a major argument with SM, i’m not a DBSK fan, but i do listen to their music and it would be a shame if they had to disband. As for 2PM it was nice they mentioned their leader in their speech, so that means that he will eventually come back, when is the question but just be patient. Not a 2PM fan but i like when members stick together and support each other. Again congrats to all winners and nominees!!!

    • your definitely right! 🙂

      dunno why people kept on asking why GD? why 2ne1? like shits already. do they find it hard to accept that GD and 2ne1 have just not lead on album sales this year? they also got that it factor and talents!

    • ya..i’m agree with you..

  29. definitely a shit winner list.

    2pm wins a daesang in mama? joke.

    they won’t even be able to win a bonsang in golden disk.

    • you need to shut up. who are you to define who should win in music.

    • actually MAMA count on the popularity just 20%
      other scores are about the performance and quality of the song

      so i think you can’t judge them that way.
      i think they deserved it.

    • leave they alone..you have no rite no comment..cuz you nothing..

  30. Music awards in Kor is always like that, 2nd half of the year who’s back mostly nominated. Those who’re more famous, won. kinda obvious isn’t it?
    To some winners i agree they deserved. but overall it’s a shit winner list.

    • if MAMA goes with the popularity thing. then SUJU and SNSD should have won some awards, badly they dont. it’s the quaility of the music, and talent. 🙂

      • Popularity is not just being popular.
        Think of this, what are the reasons why an artist is POPULAR? 1st, the agency where a nice market strategy will come from. 2nd, the appearance & 3rd, his/her talent. With that talent, good quality of music will automatically come out. You won’t last in showbiz if you’re just catering a charming face. It is impossible that a product having a bad quality will become popular.

      • so your saying that SUJU and SNSD doesn’t have talent?

      • I’m explaining why SME artists are popular Jane ü

  31. Why didn’t anyone from SM attend the event? Super Junior should’ve won an award with their Sorry, Sorry album. The album was such a hit. only TVXQ got an award and it was a minor award.. I am happy for 2NE1 winning cause they deserved it.

    Where are the awards for Su Ju???????!!!

    • Duhhh!!! these kind of Questions are Tiring and Over Repeating…
      As You Know SM boycotted the MAMA and It is Already Explain why the awards arent given to SM Artist!!!!!
      Research Please!!!!!

    • @ MAMA
      a minor award ? LMFAO lemme tell you who were the previous winners :
      Bruce lee, Joe Hisaishi, Wai Lin, Haruki Murakami, Sumi Jo, Park Jisung, Paek Tae-Hwan, Kim Yuna. get the picture ? all i can say is, out of 10 people, i say more than 5 would know about these people. and maybe 1 person would know about idols LOL

      having that said, can i just be effing HAPPY my Supreme Team wins !!!!! xD the winners list are pretty good (except the 3 daesangs, though. but the show’s over anyway, so yea…)

  32. Oh I can be a little bias here, really happy that 2NE1 and GD won. 😀 Was saying; damn, Big Bang didn’t get anything, but 2Pm winning was great too! xD

  33. Seriously I don’t understand the bashing. Yeah, we can’t expect everyone to be satisfied with the results, but at least just get over it.

    And honestly, Sorry Sorry and Gee is so popular, but I don’t really like Gee, I don’t think the quality is there although I don’t the popularity.

    Even with the bashing, we can’t change anything, we must really learn to accept it. And like the comments above, even if it’s not popular in your country doesn’t mean it’s popular in Korea.

    I myself have little knowledge of KARA, and I won’t be saying; Omg who’s that girl group? Why they won? Because I know in Korea and other places, they are there.

  34. only TVXQ from SM Ent. won an award this year.. as if Super Junior wasn’t active enough with their Sorry, Sorry album. WTF?!

    i’m happy for 2ne1, btw..

  35. As much as I love all these other groups that were given chances to win something because SM artists didn’t attend, I still don’t think the winners are legit. Yes, I am calling out 2NE1, 2PM, KARA, and Brown Eyed Girls. Don’t get me wrong, they all worked really hard this year, but they have to know deep down that those awards were for other groups.

    Sorry. The whole policy of not attending = don’t deserve award is complete bs.

  36. I don’t know how Korean awards for music go, but I don’t really have anything to say anyways.

    I’m happy that Brown Eyed Girls won; they have always been amazing with amazing vocals.

    I’m happy that DBSK won. They needed this, I think.

    Finally, who’s Supreme Team? I was hoping that either BEAST or MBLAQ would win the newcomer award.

    But oh well, there’s always next time? Hopefully… 😛

    Congrats to everyone! Let’s support them regardless.

  37. MAMA SUCKS!! lol

  38. 2ne1 have four members and won 4 awards! bwahahaha!!!
    Congrats to all winners!!!

  39. hahha “funny” you’re so funny you’re not even funny, just because your artist didn’t win, no need to bash the winners you sore loser.

  40. I wonder how much JYP paid MNET for the awards and airtime? Must’ve cost him a fortune

  41. oh well MAMA is just one of the award shows anyway. winners will be expected or unexpected in all award shows. this is over, lets just support our favourite artist by buying their albums and their lives. those are what keeping them alive hahahaha.

    • completely agree. I bet those Kpop artists don’t care about the awards at all. What they really care is how many album they can sell and how many CF offers they can get. Welcome to Kpop!

  42. I’d say if Mnet just cancelled this awards show coz it’s obviously full of biasness!!
    where’s the fairly judge!

    Not to say some of artiste didn’t deserve the award but there’s a lot more BIG stars that didn’t attend suppose to win it!

    actually, i don’t even watch at all tonight! the first moment when i saw MBLAQ & BEAST taegoon had to perfs only @ red carpets i’m just gettin pissed and shut the tv!!!
    idk why they gave the female rookies a special stgae but male rookies?
    i understand that mblaq & beast are only a month debuted but TAEGOON? didn’t he debuted early at Jan?

    Mnet should feel ashamed of what they sotred tonight!!
    plus, with the TERRIBLE sound system, do you think any time sooner more artiste will perform in this kind of award!
    i’d say this is so over low rated awards!!

    But i agree on some winners!

  43. seems like the artists lineups were a bit blah. i mean, besides than the usual browneyegirls, 2ne1, 2pm etc etc …they’re popular. but for an Award show, one would expect a bit more. seems MAMA is a little too empty and have much more of rookies appearances instead. hahaha.

    as much as im a fan of 2PM, i dont think they should have Artist of the Year award. winning Male Group is great though.

    and about SM artist not winning the awards, i think everyone can see that coming. One would think since they not attending, they wont get the award. Though some awards show still gave out the awards, eventhough the artist are not attending. Though DBSK is part of SM, they still won, …why though? because seriously DBSK is really a group that one would think that represents korea in Asia.

    anyway still congrats to all winners !

  44. first, SM artists being popular and selling a lot of albums doesn’t mean that they should be given awards. Polls only count for 20% of the results. Any famous legit music awards will not be based on popularity and album sales. Example: Grammy.
    second, you are all international fans. If one Kpop artist is the most popular internationally doesn’t mean that they are as popular in Korea. You may think that Gee or Sorry Sorry are the most popular song of the year but guess what, in Korea, Honey, I don’t care, Again and Again and Heartbreaker all achieved similar success. SNSD and Super Junior are established groups that have a large fanbase and their songs were spread around the public more quickly due to their fans. But look at 2PM and 2NE1, before their hits this year, they are barely known by the public. Their hits took a long time to reach #1 on music shows, which show that they are attracting a lot more attention from the public and developing bigger fanbase. From a small fanbase, they charmed the public with their songs and now they have become established artists. That is indeed the most remarkable success of this year. No artists have developed so much like 2PM and 2NE1. It’s not all about popularity. and even popularity cannot be determined easily, given how the Korean fans love to exaggerate their idols’ succcess.
    So I congratulate all the winners of MAMA this year. They could have done a better job choosing the winners in some categories, but even if they choose SNSD and Super Junior, I still won’t it’s the appropriate measure of Kpop development. After all, all these Korean Music Awards show (not just MAMA) should learn to appreciate real artists instead of riding on the idols’ popularity. I’m waiting for the day when Koreans have their own version of Grammy.

    • Agreed. popularity does not equal awards. If some people can just get that through their thick heads. Unless the award is the “popularity award” no other awards are based on popularity. Its based on music. Although Gee and Sorry Sorry were really popular, there is still the quality of the song that has to be judged.

      • Talent is equal to a good quality of music. You won’t be recognized if you’re just delivering a rubbish product/music.

  45. Congrats to the winners! I think the awards list would be a lot more different if M.net & SM didn’t have the feud though. I still think MAMA is sketchy.

  46. i think the reason why MAMA came up with that list of winners are:

    FIRST: it wasn’t just about how big a song is. it wasn’t just about how many copies the artist have sold. it is about how good and new it’s melody and vibe. and i think the PD’s have done their job well. i also think that the artists interaction between their PD’s and fans, aswell as the people behind the music shows contributed a lot for them on winning these awards. i think personality, that wasn’t in the criteria was a big big factor. and their company’s marketing technique helps a lot on having too much hype about their group, that even the people behind every award giving body is anticipating.

    SECOND: come on, the winners of these years awards are all deserving, i mean all the nominees. it was just a matter of right timing. this year may not be the other groups year. but we’ll see next year if they would grab some awards with their current and future songs.

    THIRD: let’s stop putting the entertainers down, with saying hurtful comments about them or the result of the MAMA. if we as a fan gets offended, just simply say, i am not happy with the result or whatsoever, just please dont grab any other groups name, if your gonna be biased on your comments, that would cause a lot more fire about the issue.

    ABOUT THE SM AND MNET: supposed to be it is nobody’s fault why SM artist didn’t get any major awards. it was just a matter of small misunderstanding between mnet and SM that looks like no one from both sides had a plan on solving their issue. that’s why all the bad side comments was thrown into SM AND MNET, and that makes it their fault!!.
    THE RESULT: poor SM artist being in between these things, they must have a higher chance on winning at least some of the major and minor awards if SM or MNET taked their “fude” as professional as they can.

    in my heart, i know i am not being biased with these comments.
    i have delivered my feelings about this well i think.

    congratulations to the winners!

    • very well said. i applaud you for having the patience that i didn’t have in order to type this all up. you took the words right outta my mouth. thank you.

      again, i congratulate all who won. they all deserved it and much more.

      • welcome 🙂

        i just got real irritated on people adding so much fire on this issue, besides it is mnet’s choice on who will be the winners.
        if people/fans wants to give an award to their more favored artists, then organize their own award giving body, with all their possible fairness in the criteria. if that would make them happy.

        i know all the artists feels so much happy just being nominated, and being a winner was just a bonus, and being the big winners was a blessing. 🙂

        getting tired of SM and MNET issue already. it’s really old. and people kept on making it alive.

        Move one people!

        right right? 😀

      • exactly. i couldn’t agree with you more even if i tried. i myself, really wanted suju to win and expected snsd to win. but at the end of the day, i think no matter who won, everyone deserved to be awarded. they all worked just as hard this year and no one should be the judge of that. it’s all awards anyway. the fact that i get to see my favorite artists still continue to perform in the future, makes me happier than them winning any award would.

        just be happy ppl. spread love not hate.

  47. Congratz~ 2ne1 & GD!!! ❤

  48. Honey???r u serious???i think suju ur snsd deserved it???i know that kara is popular now,but sorry2 n gee is much better n more popular than honey!if sm not boycotting mnet,a lot of sm artist can win,for sure!i still happy 2ne1 on a lots,bcuz they deserved it…
    but,it prove that suju can win artist of the year,i mean they won 3 popular awards!

  49. yay dbsk in korea ♥

  50. It’s not SM’s fault that no SM artist won. Whether or not SM had boycotted the results would’ve still been the same. SM didn’t boycott the Choice Awards and they still didn’t win.
    Mnet boycotted SM first, so SM just returned the favor. These aren’t pity awards, they’re awards out of spite for SM. SM artists dominated 2009 no matter what anyone else says.
    It doesn’t matter how popular I Don’t Care was there were a lot more songs a lot bigger than it was.

    • Actually no SM artist attended the Choice Awards either.

    • In sales, only two songs were more popular than IDC. Gee and Sorry Sorry.

      Why 2PM won instead of SuJu is surprising to me. Wtf did they do beside grow off the Jay scandal? Also honestly, I thought the best female group should have went to SNSD Gee along with Song of the year.

      Ok with everything else though.

      • Well shit you seem to think that they won off the Jay scandal. Then I guess Suju doesn’t deserve to win because Kangin was a bitch this year who almost killed someone drunk driving and got into fight. He didn’t behave like an idol to me. Honestly if you think Suju and SNSD are artist of the year or whatever why do you need an award to validate it. You already made up your mind.

    • a lot more songs were bigger than IDC??? you’re kidding. lol. only two were. and both of them were from SM. think again. everyone deserved what they got tonight. just be happy for them and move on. it’s not like they’ll disappear into nothing if they didn’t win. stop being sore losers and just appreciate the hard work. geez.

      • honestly i thought abracadabra was better than IDC.
        people love IDC because it comes from 2NE1.

  51. lol gee only won all of their awards because they were promoting at a time when no one important was coming out with anything new

    it also explains why genie was such a flop

    • lol Genie had over 100,000 in sales. How is that a flop?

      Anyways, congrats to all the winners!

    • ouch! but now that i think abt it….. hm. but you really can’t deny gee. it really was the shiznit this year. i mean, when genie came out, ppl were still dancing to gee so can’t deny gee the right to have won something tonight.

      2PM, GD & 2NE1 JJANG!!!<3

    • Whatever you say, we all know Gee was a huge hit. It’s a strategy, right timing.

    • wasnt gee up against seungri… kara… suju’s sorry2x for a bit and ss501… is that considered no one important? well like someone said…SM’s smart it was all about strategy timing and planning LOL

      9month hiatus…come back in 2009… gee 2009 is snsd’s year! 090909

      and i dont think genie was a flop sure it wasnt as big as gee but def not a flop.

  52. That’s right…. being an artist especially in Korea isn’t anything simple.
    The amount of hard work they pour into their performances and songs, it is unmeasurable.

    So everyone who was nominated deserves to win, one way or the other.

  53. just imagine a show giving out the prominent awards to the artist that arent even there when the company chose to boycott it
    but that doesnt mean the artist that won the award was out of pity or sympathy
    they won for a reason and worked hard for it
    so u shouldnt blame on the artist
    who told sm not to come

    • That’s not an excuse, even if an artist is not present. They should give it to the right ones. We have technology, they can say thank yous thru videos.

      • lol yeahh that makes perfect sense for them to give an award to a company that says that they cheat. It’s not only MAMA that does this “no award if artist is not present.” Golden Disk does it too. I really think you guys should calm down and just applaud the people who got an award. All of them worked hard, so they deserve it just as much as anyone else.

      • truee..i’m agree

      • Yeah, congrats to them. Their hard-works deserve a reward.

        MNet’s credibility was questionable when Gee was topping the charts. Even once Gee didn’t get #1 to their charts.

  54. i can’t belive 2pm won artist of the year…
    what did they even do? did mnet felt pity for them or something,,, if only BB came back this year, 2pm won’t even stand a chance…

    • agree

    • please, do not say things like this.

      Personally, I love Big Bang more then 2PM, but 2PM did amazing things this year, and hella deserve it. Even if suju/snsd were there, I still think 2PM would have won it. Overall they did alot of things that got their names out, and they gained alot of fans in the process. they DEFINTELY deserve it.

    • but big bag isn’t active this year. so just take that fact. otherwise I can say IF dbsk didn’t stay in japan could big bang get all of those awards? think again.. and 2pm did a lot of thing.. esp. in m! countdown they got double triple crown and song of the month for again&again & I hate you… perfect score

      • well that’s cuz mcountdown is rigged too. how do you explain that gee never won even once on it?

    • they deserve that..they work hard..all their song again & again ,i hate you,heartbeat and others being so DAEBAK this year..they work hard..mnet is not pity for them..this awards base to international votes either..so deal with it..i also love BB but this year BB not so active in korea..but i do want they win either..but 2PM really deserve the awards for all hardworks,for all pain..it’s worthy..so deal with the result..it’s fair..

  55. No SNSD?
    Speechless, right?
    MAMA should have something really new =]]
    I do not need to see the old definition “You come, you win”
    Anyway, YG artist did so good this year.
    And 2pm is really the best for every side.

    Finally, DBSK with 3 members

  56. aigooo…stop complaining can?
    ok. everyone who was nominated is a winner cause everyone works hard for it..satisfied??
    just wish the winners congrats..what is so difficult about that?

  57. Congrats to all the winners!
    Broken, biased or whatever MNET is…. all of those artists deserves it.

    Tears came to my eyes when KARA and BEG joined up to perform. That was really a dream come true!

    As for people saying KARA doesn’t deserve the Best Dance award, I don’t agree to a certain extent. Honey was good, the dance while it is miles away from MR., atleast it is GOOD.
    Okay, maybe SNSD would have win if there wasn’t any of this boycotting mess, but that doesn’t mean KARA does not deserve it at all.

    Very close for KARA to win the Best Female Group too… if only Mister was nominated, I’m fairly sure they’d swoop that and maybe even the Best Song Award.

  58. why GD win album of the year?many album out there is better than heartbreaker..

    • y dun u ask MAMA to CLARIFY why and how come gd win the album of the year?

    • He won because his album sold very well(one of the best/highest sold album), and when his album first came out, all his songs dominated the charts. It wasn’t just one song, it was alot of the songs from his album! Thats why he won the award, and he deserves it!

    • yeah plus his heartbreaker is plague with some controversy!

  59. i actually thought mnet did a pretty decent job deciding the winners,,, until i see the album,song, and artist of the year O_O
    okay, WHAT WAS THAT ??? i know it’s been done, nothing we can do about it, bla bla bla BUT i still can’t wipe this WTH expression outta my face… no offense, though. i’m happy 2NE1 and 2PM won, despite they’re still rookies… but yea…

    • the biggest WTH will be gdragon, though.
      i mean, BEST ALBUM ? GD ? *sigh*

      • Nah, GD deserved the award. his album sold a heck of a lot, and that was without his members. plus, his album was actually pretty good (minus controversies). You can’t argue that he didnt deserve it, considering all the work, time and passion he put into that. sure, other albums were better, but you have to look past that and look at the overall quality of his work and how people recieved it.

      • Well, GD has the highest album sales this year… go check.

      • fyi, GD sold more or less 300 000 copies of his album for the 1st week
        and if ur asking why mnet didnt count the suju albums version b & c
        thats because they werent sold in korea !! duh !!
        SM fans should stop whining about MAMA
        like seriously, besides, if there is someone to blame it should be sm

    • glad i’m not the only one who thought WTH?

      gd? best album of the year? what?
      2ne1 best song. alright without gee they’ll be the biggest hit of the year.
      2pm best artist of the year? what did they even do this year to deserve that besides that jay saga?

      • GD deserved it.
        2PM’s Again & again was a big hit too. They worked hard. I believe all artists worked hard so yes I think they all deserved the awards.

      • we’re talking about artist of the year here. again and again is not big enough a hit to deserve that.

    • I don’t consider 2PM still rookies they debuted last year…I’m happy for them…this is for you Jay

  60. mama so disappointing this year!!!
    only winners and new faces showed up,
    so pointless!!
    where is the supporting and having a night of fun factor anymore

    • lol if you think about it, SM accounts for half of the music industry these days, so of course it felt empty. I still think it was a fun night. Agreed, something was missing, but I thought it was entertaining without SUJU, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), etc. with them, it probably would have been more exciting if SM showed up (half the industry, rite thurrr) but I think they did good without half the people.

  61. omg dbsk. yay <33

  62. wonder4minute. WELL SAID. accept the rule people, korea is not like any other place. This is totally expected and people still write about it.

  63. this is so NOT right.

  64. I thought I was watching a gagshow. In 2007, Tell Me was the biggest hit but because WG were newcomers they didn’t win song of the year. How did Gee not get the song of the year? MAMA is nothing but a joke from the start. MNET better be prepared for RAGE from the korean netizens.

  65. What’s up with CL’s fur thing? She could knock someone out with that.
    And what kind of award is “Best Asian Star” where you only nominate Korean singers? Obviously Mnet just gave that to them.

    • DBSK will win any way even all Asian singers are nominated. They got six number one singles on Japanese music chart this year and their concert DVD is also #1. Their last full album was #1 in sales in four or five Asian countries. Their Asian court tickets were sold out quickly in every country. If you have another suggestion for best Asian Star, I would like to hear it.

  66. Dont think the list is right but well done to them anyways..

  67. i still think that suju n snsd deserve to win.
    gee was better than honey and sorry2 was the best
    still congrats to the winner
    i hope snsd n suju win in the GDA.

  68. ❤ GD WON ❤

  69. congratulations to everyone who won! especially 2PM! they so deserve artist of the year!

  70. yay! congrats to the YG FAMILY! 🙂 so happyyyy!

  71. SM didnt win any because they didnt attend,plain and simple

  72. LOL SM fans are whining but wake up! SM didn’t participate. They decided not to. Just wait for the Golden Disk awards! Don’t attend = no award

    • precisely. yes the SM artistes could probably have won whatever those fans think they could have won. but face the fact, SM boycotted. if there’s anyone to blame, it’s SME. who asked them to boycott in the first place? yeayea blabla the feud between Mnet and SM etc. but seriously think about it, if SM artistes had attended and still didn’t win, then everyone can safely say that Mnet is utterly biased and Mnet can be the one who’s to be blamed. however, as for this case, there’s no one else to be blamed except for SME. it’s precisely what jaimee said, don’t attend = no award.

      • showing SNSD as a nominee before annoucing the winner for what?

      • ^ do you not understand the basic workings of a feud? mnet was having a feud with sm way long before sm ever boycotted mnet. and mnet, in plans of making sm look more of an ass then they already are, know that sm will not be attending…. hence, to show that they are supposedly “over” the feud and trying to make a show of how fair they are, simply put snsd in there out of spite.

        if sm woulda just knocked down their ego and just attended, then mnet would’ve had no other options but to award sm artistes their deserved prizes, but mnet being the smart company that they are, were anticipating and expecting that sm would carry on the boycott. therefore they save face and sm ended up looking like idiots.

        it’s all a game of political strategy. and in this case, mnet won the battle. it’s a dirty business, but someone has to do it.

  73. i believe that suju and snsd would have won if they had attended the award show. that was the rules. if you dont attend, you dont get the award. its only fair that the next person/group in line gets the award, if they arent there. lets say suju and snsd did come, they would probably take alot of awards because they deserve it. but they didnt attend because sm was boycotting. therefore, 2pm, browneyed girls, etc. won the awards.

  74. (before it i say sorry for my english if its bad, cause im not so good on english yet. im korean)

    im so happy that 2pm, kara and DBSK win.
    honey song is so popular on korea at that time . gee is popular too but honey beat it more than once. and honey song is very popular among the students on my school and so the other schools. we can see if there was an amateur dance battle were held, the participants who use honey as their dance song is much than other song. why? i think its because their dance that is simple and cute.

    oh yeah, KARA didnt have any plastic surgery. just see their old MV like break it and if u wanna, they do look SAME. and if u was a real fans of them, u can found their old photos since children and u will se that their face is pure until now, wihout any plastic surgery.

    dont underestimated other group like that. maybe on your country they didnt so popular but here, on korea, THEY popular.

    • I agree with you. Honey was a BIG hit. It’s what gave KARA their #s in music shows. And yes, it’s funny how people talk about surgery when clearly, even K Netizens don’t accuse KARA of that. Shows how low people can get.

    • I wish everyone would read your post.


    • i don mind of celeb 2 hav plastic surgery..they want 2 be more beautiful so i’m not bother at all..juz i’m sorry but i juz cant accept da fact that Honey won..da mv r cute..da song r good but their competitors is much better..hav u compared da mv’s of all nominees??even 2NE1 r much outstanding..but they hav win so congrats 2 them..

    • yeah…u right but mnet asian not mnet korean…watever u say i still dont like kara honey…stupid song!!!im their antyfanssss…mianheee mink hae kyo…….

  75. people should learn how to embrace every artists and just congratulate them instead of bashing here and there … if u guys are so unhappy that your favourite idol din win , why don’t u guys create a music award show and give it to them ?? lol give mnet some credits


  77. sm artist didnt win anything cos they didnt attend…isnt that how awards shows work in asia??? not just in korea…

    plus SM boycott but even without boycott Mnet wouldnt give awards to SM anyway…so whatever…really

    congrats to the winners!

  78. Nice, SM boycotted Mnet. So Mnet boycott SM.
    Shouldn’t snsd the 2009’s female artist.

    and honey (kara) won dance song awards?? I mean if it was Mr or rock u, i’m ok w/ it.

  79. So proud of 2PM, they deserve the awards as 7. (:
    Woo stopp crying, it broke my heart …kk~

    GD’s & YB’s performance was wow~

  80. and btw . gd sold had the most album sales for solo artist this year. so dun bash him =.=

    • it is not true..

      SUJU has sold more albums.
      gd only was in the firt place 2 days

      • the person just said gd had the highest album sales for a SOLO artist this year. not the top selling artist.. im pretty sure suju did get alot more album sales. but as a solo artist, he pretty much was ahead of any other solo artist.

    • actually no one know who sold more

      • Based on Hanteo Chart. GD did sell more Suju. About 5000 copies something.

      • GD sold 5000 more on hanteo because hanteo DIDNT count B and C(repackage) version PLUS PRE ORDERS into the sales.

        Sorry Sorry definitely sold more…
        but GD is amazing for a solo artist.:D

      • @anawe12

        here you go again about the different versions… is it GD’s fault he only released one version and SM decided to cheat the fans by basically having them by multiple versions of the same album? puh-lease….

      • @ anawe12

        I have to agree with lalala on this one. Its unfair to compare the sales of 3 albums (even though they are three versions of the same thing, they are technically three different albums) together against one album. If we are talking album sales then you have to compare each version’s sales alone against GD’s album sales not the combined sales of all three against GD’s. You also have to have a time point to compare because obviously an album that has been out for months has an opportunity to sell more than something that may have been available for lets say a couple weeks. Frankly I do not know who sold more but if it is true that GD’s album sold more than each of the albums alone (not combined) than he technically sold more than SUJU. On an album chart each of those versions are considered separate albums and thus should be treated as such. Now lets say that Sorry Sorry Version A sold more than GD then SUJU could win. But if SUJU only sold more by combining A+ B or A+B+C then technically GD sold more. Also pre-orders shouldn’t be considered until they are SOLD and become a Sale. Just because you pre-order doesn’t mean you do not have the opportunity to cancel your order.

  81. i think suju and snsd should have definitely won best male and female and artist of the year . but its partly their fault since they are boycotting .. they can’t expect mnet to give them the awards yet no one receives them right ?

  82. hmmm.. kinda expecting it..
    suju and snsd will not win any major awards..too obvious..
    suju winning 3 awards because its purely on voting system..so again its obvious..
    i’m not agreeing on all the results but it has been done..
    so congratz to the winners, they work hard for it..

    hope golden disk is not like MAMA..
    well never mind..
    congratz to the winners..

    • GDA?? You mean like giving SNSD’s leader TaeYeong, the award for Popularity… even though she was third in the polls, and Big Bang wasn’t there.

      • but i guess GDA is more reliable than MAMA. MAMA was just, i don’t know, biased? i can’t stand seeing the winner list. it’s odd.

  83. i love 2pm and all, but compared to other nominees in that category they won in, i can’t help but think that they won out of pure PITY, they all kept on using jaebeom,
    and people wonder why fans or antis doesn’t llive him alone, why would they when his own members doesn’t stop on metioning him when he wants to be in peace….

    also, Honey?!? seriously,,, and IDC?!? gosh this show is made from pure BIASNESS…

    i expected better,

    and GD won album of the year?! i love him and all but that’s… just strange…

    BEG is nice, but compared to other girlgroups, especially SNSD, them winning is so surprising o.o

    sorry if i offended anyone, but let’s be honest, i’m not even a fan of SM groups, specifically snsd or sj, but even i know how much they deserve a lot of those major awards more….

    i don’t want to congratulate 2pm or kara for the awards they got out of pity…

    • If SM artists attended, they would probably win but they DIDN’T. They boycotted and SM wanted their artists removed from the list of nominees too. I PITY you for being such a sore loser. They wouldn’t win for NO reason.

      • from what i read mnet didn’t remove it even when they sm told them to,,,,
        it’s so sad that i’m considered a loser because i don’t plan on turning myself blind and saying that 2pm deserves it all or something

    • i guess ALL those awards should go to your SM artists rite? you don’t need to declare yourself not a fan of SM, your comment above speaks for itself already.

      • Fan or not, it’s so clear. Base it on the records, on/offline charts, music shows etc. SuJu & SNSD, made a huge comeback/hit this year but they based it thru voting & unfortunately MNet’s voting process was not accurate.

      • someone’s being butthurt/i should probably say blind… LOL

    • IDC deserves the awards. it got triple wins in inkigayo and 5 times on mubank, and 4 times on mnet. who do you think deserves to win?
      and heartbreaker is the most sold album of the year, so it’s fair if GD win the award.
      and it’s SM fault if suju or snsd didn’t win major awards. they boycott MAMA, and who would give major award to someone that thinks their way to choose the winner is unfair. they would win if they didn’t boycott them.

      • erm, heartbreaker is not the most sold album.
        sorry sorry is.
        is just that they only count the A version of album and not count pre orders too.

      • Even if SM artists didn’t boycott the MAMAs, they still wouldn’t of won because the Mnet-SM feud would still be going on. You guys can say that SM artists didn’t show up or they boycotted that’s why they didn’t win. But if it was a FAIR award show, it wouldn’t of matter. The winners should be based on the criteria that Mnet stated which is obviously BS since Suju & SNSD had HUGE album sales numbers & were leading in most of the polls that they were nominated in yet they came away with none of the awards (except for the fan voted awards that SJ won).

      • she said ‘album’ not albums lol,fans buy all the versions which is pathetic. GD sold the most so get over it people,look at the charts.

      • @anawe12

        so if GD had more than one version would be fair to count it as one? duh…. they counted pre-orders, online sales, and store sales. that’s pretty “sorry sorry” if GD’s ONE VERSION that released LATER can actually COMPETE with SJ’s MULTIPLE VERSIONS. i think it’s ONLY FAIR to compete sales with ONE VERSION EACH.

        i think SJ did deserve to won the boy group award… and SNSD deserved the girl group award but it’s SM’s fault for being such a BABY and decided to boycott the award show.

        Don’t get BLINDED by your fandom. >.<

    • i agree with u!!thank god!finally i found a person that same opinion with me!!for a thousand year kara dont deserves to win!i think the same for 2pm their guite popular but to win such big award..thats sound no good at all….

  84. You know, we all keep complaining that whoever won this award shouldn’t have won it blah blah blah. But in the end, they got and there’s nothing that can be done about.
    It’s partly SM’s fault that their artists didn’t win apart from Super Junior. They decided to boycott and I’m sure they weren’t expecting to win anything.

    I am looking forward to Golden Disk awards and I hope 2NE1, GD, Drunken Tiger, Super Junior and SHINee win awards because they definately had the best songs and albums of this and all of them have strong sales to back it up with.
    And I sure do hope After School attends and even performs at GDA, I miss those girls.

    Anyway, tonight was a good show. I was ecstatic that Tiger JK won Best Male because he really deserved it as well as LeeSsang, both representing The Movement 🙂

    GDYB stage was pretty sick too, a bit rough on Taeyang’s side but I still loved it. 2NE1’s special stage was awesome too. Gotta say I’m proud to be an iVIP and iBlackJack tonight ^_^

  85. I’m sorry to say this, MAMA is a huge disappointment. Gee & Sorry2x didn’t get any awards. Unbelievable! We all know, they really deserve to win. Nice move for not attending.

  86. sm artists sold more copies. but 2pm is more active too this year. they work non-stop promoting 2 albums, variety shows. I hope u can respect that

  87. congratz to them who win the award…(:
    i love 2ne1 outfit!!!! nice performance girls~~
    GD head was nice too…haha

  88. idk why,
    i think MAMA 2009 is a huge dissapointment for me.
    The reasons are:
    1. No JAY T.T (2PM’s scene brought me to tears)
    2. SNSD and SUJU didnt come and SNSD didnt win the awards (we knw why), and Honey beats Gee, while gee was more popular back then and my friends say : Honey was #5 on the poll with only 8%(120.769) beats SNSD Gee 38% (613.606 votes). I mean, i like Kara and honey, but gee deserves to win the award.

    but i’m happy that 2NE1, 2PM, DBSK and GD won the awards!~ 🙂

    • totally agree

    • i agree to is pity award for kara they have to get something
      i be ok if GD or 2PM and 2NE1 win it than kara.

      • woah! Pity award? Who ever said that they have to win something? They were underrated before and NOT winning anything is not a big deal for them. They don’t expect anything. They were nominated and being nominated gives you a chance to win. They have a lot of nominations.
        Let’s say it’s KARA’s Mister that’s nominated? Will that still be a pity award? Honey was their biggest hit along with Mister this year. So get over it.

    • Are you forgetting that SM boycotted? NO SM artist won in major awards! Honey beat Gee in music shows before. And yes, Honey won 3 times in MNET while Gee didn’t. Stop being such a sore loser. Honey was a big hit too.

      • honey only won 2 times in mnet….wuah..what a coincidence no??…

        gee was the best hit this year and nobody should say the contrary…

        and let’s talk about mnet..
        it is true that gee didn’t get to won anytime but..
        on mchart(the same company as mnet)…theytopped the firt place for 8 weeks…


      • LOL don’t talk about Plastic when it comes to defending SNSD. It’s like you’re attacking SNSD too HAHA. It’s not only SNSD who didn’t win. No SM artist won in major awards. Why? Cause they didn’t attend.

      • LOLOL please don’t ever say plastic cause the only word that comes into my mind is SNSD 🙂 not Kara hahaah

      • Be fair. If an artist is not present, it doesn’t mean that he/she cannot win. Watch some Int’l awards show.

      • what do you mean “be fair”? we’re not the ones making the rules. there is a difference between international and korean award shows. besides, SM declared themselves that they are boycotting. It’s their choice.

      • DBSK still won. I am really happy to hear YooJaeSu’s speech. Yoochun said that they would expand out of Asia. Can’t wait for them to
        come to US and watch their concert alive!

    • you’re forgetting the fact that the poll was just 10 or 20% of the decision. that’s merely negligible. well, that’s your opinion anyway.

    • u right…my mind just want to burst out to think than kara won over snsd..actually if you try to listen to kara true singing their cant sing that well..just have cute n pretty face but their singing….

  89. It’s definitely 2ne1’s night! They won 4 awards and they just debuted 6 months ago! Congtas to them! And to GD for best album! And for all the winners.
    Maybe SNSD and Suju didn’t win because SM boycott MAMA.

  90. I can’t believe it…
    come on..
    SUJU should have win the best artist and even the artist of the year..

    and everybody knows that snsd was 2009’s female artist..and gee the hit of the year…they even has sold their concert tickets in just 3 minutes!!..

    and everyone should know that when mnet close their voting page snsd and suju were the first ones in all the categories they were nominated..


    PD: i hope afterschool attend to GDA

  91. congrats to everyone but as much as I love 2pm and brown eyed girls I dont think it was fair that they won best male and female group because both of snsd and super junior sold more copies comparing to the other 2 groups and won more awards in tv shows snsd 2 mini album sold all most 100000 copies plus if u check MAMA site they were also winning the people vote same thing goes to super junior who sold all most 200000 copies and they were also winning the people vote mama site so how come they lost ?!!

    • They lost because they weren’t there ?

      • so if 2NE1 did not attend MAMA does that mean they don’t deserve to win best newcomer (female)?!! of course no to me the whole thing is about what is fair and what is not fair for super junier and snsd not to win any major award in MAMA to me it shows how unfair MAMA is this is reminded me of what happened to big bang and lee hyori in last year Golden disk award when they did not win any award despite the success that they had in last year

      • LOL I never said that SNSD does not deserve the award.
        I’m just simply stating that they didn’t receive the award cause they’re not there. That’s what they get for boycotting 🙂

    • Meh, i wouldnt say Super Junior should have beaten 2PM for best male group. Overall, 2PM accomplished more (IMO) then Super Junior did. they both were great this year and I love them both, but 2PM really became more popular this year. SUJU still has more fans and such, but 2PM really did have a great year (minus controversies)

      Really, who cares out sales? just think about who really, really stood out and took Korea by storm.

      • who cares about sales?
        Sales are what keep the artists paid. Sales show how many people are willing to buy the album and thus how many people support them. Be able to back up your argument before saying something like that.

      • did u just say who cares about album sales?!! are u serious or ur joking ?!!
        album sales is the most important thing for any artist it’s the main thing that detriment is successful or not if u have low album sales it means ur not doing well …Im not saying that 2pm was not popular or did not do well in this year but if u compare the 2 groups super junior did much better and accomplished more with their album than 2pm they even won more awards in tv shows plus they sold more copies and as I said if u checked mama site super junior were winning the votes in all of the category but 2pm was not even winning toping the votes in any category it’s like 2NE1 losing for 4minute yes both group did well in this year but 2NE1 accomplished more
        I really started to question MAMA system and how fair it is

      • yeah did u jokes when u said not cares bout sales???its 2 determine who is popular rite…n how u measured da popularity??in k-chart n music bank..Sorry,sorry beat Again n again all da way out…i’m a fan but i’m not telling u this without proof k…

      • we’re care!!!dont give dumb comment!u just embarrassed urself….yeah..maybe ur favorite artist popular but their poor if u say that out sales is not important…i fell pity for u…

  92. congratulation for the winners..

    btw, SM said they won’t attend MAMA, but Jaejoong, Junsu and micky came as DBSK….what will SM say about this….sigh…

    • i think they’re not following SM’s policies due to the dispute, that’s why they attended. 🙂 and im happy that they did.

    • SM said that the 3 three members had no right to accept the award on behalf of DBSK, because the other 2 members were not invited. Mnet claims that they were invited, but that’s a load of bull, they knew SM artists were boycotting.
      JaeSuChun only went to MAMA to piss off SM, simple as that

      • I heard that SM was trying to break communication between changmin/uknow and jae-junsu-yoochun…~~ so maybe the reason why the went was not only to piss SM but show that they still love the other two member (what jae mentioned in his speech)

      • DBSK is under SM ent and since the trio are promoting their own activties and in conflict with SM it makes sense that this will be an issue….
        ahh geez Mnet is just as bad as SM , when will all this drama finish!

      • while it is true that they technically cannot represent DBSK due to their dispute with SM, I think there is still a lot of grey area about what they can and cannot do because under AVEX they are still Tohoshinki and are active even if the trio are technically separate from SM. If Mnet had given the award to TOHOSHINKI instead of DBSK it would of been better since technically SM cannot say anything about what they do as Tohoshinki only Avex can. Also they most likely consulted with their lawyers prior to attending because if you listen to their speeches, they tried their best to make it seem like they weren’t representing DBSK (even though we know they are) but rather Jaejoong, Junsu, and Micky. In their speeches their words were chosen very carefully and they made sure that they never once mentioned SM, DBSK, Changmin, or Yunho directly although they did allude to the two other members indirectly. Unfortunately there is a lot of grey area of what is right and wrong in this dispute. Technically they still have a contract with SM and are part of SM the court only said they could do their own individual activities without the interference of the company whether their whole contract is no longer applicable is still being decided. With this in mind they can go to the awards if they choose to as an individual activity and technically they can accept an award as JJ/Junsu/and Micky but since the technically accepted an award as DBSK there is grounds for SM to argue (even though I absolutely hate SM as a company since Shinhwa’s dispute).

    • I am happy that they did too. I think that all DBSK fans are glad to hear their speech and know that they want to continue working together with HoMin as a group. I am glad that they uses this opportunity to tell HoMin and fans their feelings.

      • im so agree with u..dbsk never shoud be like this!all bcoz of sm!!what gonna happen if dbsk really fall apart?????

  93. What did YooJaeSu say? Could anyone translate, please?

    • Xiah Junsu stated:

      “It’s been a long time. It’s an honor just to be able to attend such a huge event, but being able to receive an award, thank you so much. This award is not for one single member, but because all 5 members have put forth so much effort we are able to receive it. Thank you so much to all of our fans in Asia for allowing us to receive such a huge award.”

      Micky Yoochun stated:

      “I think this is the first time I’ve wanted to sing so badly. After becoming a singer, I was able to meet such great members, that’s why I think we are able to be here. We will work even harder to expand beyond Asia. We hope for even more support than now.”

      Youngwoong Jaejoong stated:

      “I can’t be happier because this award is coming directly from the fans of Asia. To our fans who are watching and possibly our two friends who are watching, I wanted to say that I love you.”


      • Thank you so much. I am so happy that they have an opportunity to communicate their feelings to their fellow members. I heard that SM has blocked all communication between them and HoMin. At least now, everyone knows that they still wants to perform together with all five members intact. I am so happy to hear that.

  94. Mnet said that they’re fair..after tonight I think no one will believe that. SNSD or Suju should’ve won for best dance. SNSD should’ve won for best female group. The only reason why Suju even have any awards is because they were fan voted. And JaeChunSu accepting the award was super sad. Seemed like they wanted to cry =(
    Congrats to 2PM.

  95. soo empty …

    the atmosphere kinda murky too. when 2PM performed I can hear crowd chanting Park JaeBeom. the dispute between entertainment companies make this show less entertaining. hope the Golden Disk Award and end year show won’t fall to this state.

    congrats to all winners. JaeJoong, Junsu & Yoochun himnae!!

  96. Omona GD-CL picture. SO SWEET! XD love seeing the two together.

  97. Woww 2NE1 win 2 award!!

    That great, Go Go 2NE1 ^^

  98. I watch it live on chanel V, and it was soo empty!
    You don’t even hear the crazy fangirl scream too loud or often..
    Guess they prefer to go to Music Core today..
    Anyway, bad start for MAMA..
    Such a shame, wish they reconcile with SM and Pledis, it will such an awsome awards..

    PS: my boy 2PM looks soo good!!

    • totally agree..

      without shinee,suju,dbsk(all of them), snsd, f(x), AF and somdambi…MAMA IS JUST …..

      a poor event

      • f(x) is sooo not big compared to other sm artists and dont have THAT many fans….. there wont be many fans cheering on them even if they were there yeah? they havent proven themselves worthy yet in the kpop world

    • second base. i agree. i also watched it live in channel [v], thank the Lord Jesus Christ that we have it, and MAMA just seems soo empty, and the ones present are mostly just the rookies. TOO EMPTY.

      • owW really?????
        i think it’s REALLY FULL OF MY LOVELY GD,2NE1 N TAEYANG…..!!!! it just make the whole event BECOME GREATH…..!!!!! >___<


      • yeah i agree..without SME artist..none event is outstanding..dont believe me???compared it with the previous event….if ur opinion is da same than 2 bad..i guess we have to respect our own opinion…^ – ^..no offence..i love GD too..

  99. Well done to Drunken Tiger! I was hoping GD would win, but Tiger JK deserves it wooohoooo
    His speech was HILARIOUS though, my gawd that man can talk forever hahaha, love how the crowd started chanting Yoon Mi Rae his True Romance 🙂

  100. OMG, the moment DBSK went up into the MAMA stage and accept the BEST ASIA STAR award, i was like..shaking and hyperventilating and hysterical. it was soo surreal. i know im a bit exaggerating, but seeing those 3 again..in their HOMELAND, winning BEST ASIA STAR award, and saying their messages to all, even though i didn’t understand it, im really glad that they attended. inasmuchas SMTown’s boycott of MAMA..

    and yeah, KARA bagging the best dance award, it’s really weird since SNSD’s gee is the song which people are livin la vida loco at. but whatever. 😛

    2ne1 the musical rocks!! love CL&&minji’s ‘please don’t go’ is awesome!! love minji’s body. ero minji. hehe. just kidding. and yeah, i didn’t feel CL’s hair extensions and fur thingy. it just cover’s her face. not good.

    and a tip for all korean award-ceremonies. please don’t go with the black~white concept. just please…we’re quite used to it already. make the award-ceremonies colorful next time!! 🙂

    • omg agree bout DBSK… after that i was all nervous n shaking until now… i even talk to my dad n he’s like.. i have no idea what ur talking about! I was crying because i can feel their nervousness and how they try to calm their own emotion.. Jae looks teary even Junsu..

      Funny how the award altho it’s bias i’m not ‘that’ sad maybe because i expected it.. When BEG won the best female group i feel a bit sad because the crowd shouted SNSD.. n its sad SNSD didnt win any but Sones expected it.. altho i thot the best dance is SNSD’s hahahaha.. coz i thot mnet gonna let one award for snsd to protect themselves lol…

      The most surprising winner is 2ne1 for best song.. i thot newbies are not the nominees for daesangs.. WEIRD.. did they change it last min???

      Yea agree with the black n white.. i actually thot it’s their theme :p

      • i’m soo shocked…thought dat Super Junior will wins the main awards..i mean Sorry,sorry is a huge success more than 2pm but i was like..yeah..mybe they was even better…

        KARA is good but 2 win dance music award with Honey??hmm…i dont think so…

        yeah..imma totally agree..i do now dat none of the newcomers will nominated 4 da main award..its really weird..owh i really cannot trust MNET anymore…unreliable…

      • IDC is nominated for the song of the year what ya’ll taking about?

      • @K: Really? i guess i sure dont know what im talking about. it’s just that i found it weird since 2ne1 not nominated for best female group.. n they say its becasue they’re newbies BUT yet nominated for song of the year which is the DAESANG..

        i dunno it’s just MAMA is not that credible at all.. i’ve watched the whole show MAN how im annoyed with the camera works. WTH they show alot of people’s back n the timing is not right n u can even see the cameras.. it’s sad because the performances are good if the cameraworks are not Horrible

        Congrats to all winners regardless 🙂

    • yeah…u right!!!!!!!!snsd song gee is more popular than kara honey!!!i dont get it at all!sm is the dumbasses company ever!i hate them n just go to hell!!!

  101. i just noticed. that 2ne1 Dara was more pale than bom? :-/ (and i like it :D)

    congratsz to the winners!


  102. DBSK!!! OMG!!! I so miss them on stage!!!
    Wah Jaejong oppa!!!

  103. wow!!! dong bang shin ki is on the winner list… ^_^
    thanks for the update and congrats to all the winner.. u all deserve it!

    OMG that really hit hard…especially due to the fued thats going on atm, the future of DBSK is uncertain and i hope that somehow this brings the boys closer together.

  105. Congratz to the winners…
    Thx for updating.
    This award has no hype at all….Guess the absence of some big names has affected the event.

  106. kara is pure sex. hahah

    goo hara is totally gorgeous.

    eh, whats up with the fur? >< didnt gd and yb sport fur as last years mkmf? either a scarf or some sort of decor on their coat? sigh. the thing is, why even kill an animal to make something that looks like that (referring to CL's scarf thing). it can be understandable, but not necessarily acceptable, if the item of clothing looked decent and glamorous (like Hong JinYoung's attire) but that thing CL is wearing looks horrid.

    and i agree sookyeong. it does look rather empty this year. not to mention, i didnt even know it was today! either im not keeping up enough or the marketing was not as strong as it was last year. guess the absence of more powerful idols really hurt the event

  107. dude this is a joke right?
    if u look at the mnet site this is not right =P
    whatever im happy 4 kara ^^
    and i luv bommie and CL!!
    ftw ❤

  108. SNSD should have won the Dance music award. Honey didn’t have 10% of the success of Gee, it’s just crazy. But I love Kara (especially Honey) so I’m happy for them, even though I’m not sure if it’s fair…

    • gee is better

    • Very true! Agreed all the way!
      And I heard SME was supposed to win 2 Daesang Awards or something like that. But hey, with all the boycotts? Nope. “Not gonna happen” lol

      Well Super Junior won 3 awards and DBSK won an award. But I know for a fact SNSD was going to win. ‘Sigh’ And F(x) was ahead of 2NE1 for a Rookie Award votes.

      But congrats to all!

      • Even if f(x) was ahead of 2ne1 for the voting for the Rookie of the Year award, votes are only one criteria and sorry but f(x) hasn’t proven anything yet. Actually, both of their songs so far have not done that well on the charts. 2ne1 DEFINITELY deserved the rookie award with all their accomplishments this year, they even have the 3rd highest album sales only next to GD and Suju.

      • do you really believe f(x) is better than 2NE1.?!

    • no doubt kara should not win, but i dont think Gee’s the best dance (:

    • no doubt kara should not win, but, Gee’s not the best dance there.

  109. uhm KARA’s Honey was popular.
    It’s what rocketed KARA to fame and awards earlier this year. I don’t think KARA asked for any awards, they were nominated. They have equal chances to win.
    You can say what you want, but a WIN is a WIN.
    Everyone deserves it.

  110. wtfreak? how did kara win dance music award
    mnet is bs

  111. man, hara’s clothes O_O
    i didn’t knew minzy were with red hair..
    and congrats to the winners (:

  112. GD: no longer blond??
    CL: not digging the fur or the extentions.. but i love her personality and what ever she grings to stage so thats enogh:)
    i LOVE dara’s dress!!
    not digging Bom’s outfit..same to minji..
    CONGRAGULATIONS 2NE1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. wooooowww gyuri looks really really pretty in the pictures!! :]]
    @ hahi!: honey was a big deal when the girls were performing it. i’m not saying it is the best dance, but you can’t argue that it wasn’t popular…

  114. Not going to comment on Kara’s win because that’s just pure craziness lol
    Congratz to all the other winner though ^_^ I’m glad Super Junior is receiving some awards because they deserve them! Still mad that they couldn’t perform
    So happy for 2NE1, their award was well deserved seeing as how much they have accomplished not even a year into their debut. Loving the picture of CL and GD, those two are so great together as best friends or lovers. ^_^

  115. yoh!!!
    super junior won a lot…
    though they didn’t attend!

    CGV Popularity Award: Super Junior

    Overseas Viewer Award: Super Junior

    Mobile Popularity Award: Super Junior


    • lol mnet gives these insignificant awards to super junior

      • those weren’t insignificant awards. Popularity awards are big deal since they tell who’s popular and remain on top. Super Junior just happens to bag them all.

      • Their the awards that got the most online votes. I don’t see that as insignificant if its the awards that the public voted for. Popularity votes means they were the most liked. For international votes Big Bang came LAST and other groups got very low votes apart from SS501. Shows u how popular SuJu really are. If SM hadnt been such dumbasses SNSD would have won song of the year for sure and SuJu would have got dance song of the year (i like Kara but Honey was hardly the most famous dance track of the year, it was Sorry Sorry that started all the crazes all over asia)

  116. wheres BB sookyeong?

  117. congrats to 2ne1!!! but whats with CL’s furr thing?

  118. congratsssssssss

  119. dance music award –> kara (honey)? hurm no comment

    n i dun even noe who is supreme lol.

    congrats 2ne1! 🙂

    • I thought the same thing. I thought SNSD would win or SJ. . .

      • because SM artists boycotted MAMA they couldn’t win any of the awards, because Gee would’ve won Song of the Year and SJ would’ve probably won dance music award or artist of the year

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