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Mnet unveils MAMA – Full nominee list revealed!


From 2009, Mnet annual music event MKMF will be changed to Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

A live program took place on 23rd October in Seoul Tower and the idea of the new music awards ceremony was revealed. Previously on 16th October, the note “This year there will be no MKMF’ was posted on Mnet’s official homepage, the change of the music ceremony was to give it a new transformation as mentioned by Mnet.

Go under the cut for the nominee list and more details!

About MAMA

  • Event: 2009 MAMA
  • Date: 21st November
  • Time: 7pm
  • Place: Seoul Jamsil Stadium
  • Airing: Via Channel V and will be broadcasted simultaneously in Japan, China, HongKong, Thailand, and other SEA countries.
  • Specialty: Participation by overseas artistes


  • 29 Total categories
  • Singer category: 7
  • Genre category: 7
  • MV category: 2
  • Criteria: Album sales and album charts from 15th October 2008 till 22nd October 2009

Nominee List for 2009 MAMA:

  • Newcomer (Male) – BEAST, Supreme Team, MBLAQ, ChungRim, TaeGoon
  • Newcomer (Female) – 2NE1, After School, T-ara, 4Minute, f(x)
  • Male singer – Drunken Tiger, Rain, Lee Seung Chul, GDragon, MC Mong
  • Female singer – Bada, Baek Ji Young, Son DamBi, YoonHa, ChaeYeon
  • Male Group – 2PM, Big Bang, Super Junior, SG Wannabe, SS501
  • Female Group – Davichi, Brown Eyed Girls, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Jewelry, KARA
  • Mixed Group – Roo’Ra, 8eight, Koyote, Cool, Clazziquai
  • Rock Music Award – BuHwal (생각이나), Seo Taiji (Juliet), Jang GiHa and the Faces (Living with no special things), Cherry Filter (Pianissimo), FT Island (I Hope)
  • Hip hop group award – Dynamic Duo (Dead Guy), Drunken Tiger (Monster), LeeSsang (헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자), Outsider (Alone), Epik High (Wannabe)
  • Ballad/R&B music award – Kim Jong Kook (Today More Than Yesterday), Kim TaeWoo (Love Rain), Bobby Kim (Love, the guy), Park Hyo Shin (After Love), Baek Ji Young (Like being Hit)
  • Dance music award – 2NE1 (I Don’t Care), 2PM (Again & Again), So Nyeo Shi Dae (Gee), Super Junior (Sorry), KARA (Honey)
  • House& Electronic music award – Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra), Son DamBi (Saturday Night), Clazziquai (Love Again), 4Minute (Muzik), GDragon (Heartbreaker)
  • Trot Music Award – Gyeon Miri (Happy Woman), Park Hyun Bin (Brilliant Life), Seong JinYoo (딱이야), Joo HyunMi and SeoHyun (JjaRaJaJjan), Hong JinYeong (Love’s Battery)
  • O.S.T Award – Baek Ji Young (Don’t Forget – IRIS), Lee Seung Chul (No more love like this – Blue Love Story), T-Max (Paradize – Boys Over Flowers), Tiffany (I’m Along – JaMyungGo), SS501 (Because I’m Stupid – Boys Over Flowers)
  • Best MV – 2NE1 (Fire), LeeSsang (헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자), Bada (Mad), Seo Taiji (Juliet), D.N.G (Step 2 Me)
  • MV Director – Seo HyunSeung, Jang JaeHyuk, Jo SooHyun, Joo HeeSeon, Hong WonKi
  • Nominees: 35
  • Song awards: 30


Voting: To be opened from 9pm on 23rd October on Mnet official homepage:

Visit Mnet to vote now!

207 Responses

  1. […] then, salivate over the full list of nominees–via Sookyeong’s Kbites here: Newcomer (Male) – BEAST, Supreme Team, MBLAQ, ChungRim, […]


  3. i want TO VOTE BIG BANG

  4. […] Mnet announced a new annual music event Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) and also this year’s nominees list on 23rd October (see more). […]

  5. […] and discussions following the announcement of Mnet’s new annual music event MAMA and also the nominees list, the voting has been been opened officially for overseas voters and […]

  6. OK, if the award really includes the rest of Asia, then I must say SHinee doesn’t make the cut. I know a fan or two of them and I don’t like them nor i dislike them. However, there is some general consensus that we have agree on.
    1. Shinee are talented.
    2. Shinee have one of the best lives.
    don’t kill me for the next two consensus.
    3. Their music don’t appeal to many people. Seriously, I find a few of their song similar and I don’t really like it. Just not marketable.
    4. IN terms of popularity, the male groups nominated pwns them.

  7. SHINee didn’t win just one or two awards.. ._. for juliette… 1 comeback and 3 consecutive wins. and i didn’t check all the awards up yet.. =3 just wanted to clear that up, but yeah, they prob don’t have anywhere to go under…

  8. 1. Nobody and Mirotic won at last years MKMF… they can’t be nominated again.
    2. SHINee: I like them too but fans need to understand – I don’t think a repackaged album can be nominated (and Ah.Mi.Go isn’t strong enough to win song of the year either), Juliette was a mediocre album (they only won one/two awards for it) the new one is so much better but it can’t be nominated. true they should have been nominated because they are super amazing but they have no category to go under. well there is always NEXT YEAR! =) I have a feeling that next year will be a big year for SHINee.
    3. Big Bang: yes, they do fit the criteria so stop complaining.

    anyways. it should be interesting to see how these awards go.

  9. Btw… if it’s M.Net ASIAN Music Awards… why don’t they put other artists from other countries in there too? They should have just stayed with MKMF because they were giving out awards there anyways -__-

  10. M.Net is pretty sketchy…

  11. to everyone saying that big bang deserves to be on the list because of their remember album i understand that. BUT SHINee also had the a.m.i.g.o repackaged album out, an OST for Boys over Flowers- Stand By Me, and their whole Juliette album too. they have done plenty this ENTIRE year & theyre not even in ONE friggen category?! you cant deny that looks completely ridiculous.

  12. […] SNSD up for two MAMA nominations Posted in News by Scout on October 23, 2009 I am still vaguely dazed at the namechange, but here is a heads-up: what was originally Mnet KM Festival (MKMF) has been changed into the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), and SNSD has been nominated in two categories, the Best Female Group and Best Dance Music award for Gee. They are up against Davichi, Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry, and KARA in the former and 2NE1 (I Don’t Care), 2PM (Again & Again), Super Junior (Sorry, Sorry), and KARA (Honey) in the latter.  For reference the entire list of categories and nominations can be found here. […]

  13. […] kbites, translator: fapura by google […]

  14. my own opinon 😀
    •Newcomer (Male) – BEAST
    •Newcomer (Female) – 2NE1
    •Male singer – GDragon
    •Female singer –Son DamBi
    •Male Group – Big Bang
    •Female Group – KARA
    •Mixed Group – Roo’Ra
    •Rock Music Award –FT Island (I Hope)
    •Hip hop group award – Epik High (Wannabe)
    •Ballad/R&B music award – Kim Jong Kook (Today More Than Yesterday
    •Dance music award – 2NE1 (I Don’t Care),
    •House& Electronic music award – GDragon (Heartbreaker)
    •O.S.T Award – SS501 (Because I’m Stupid – Boys Over Flowers)
    •Best MV – 2NE1 (Fire)

  15. I don’t think voting is necessary.
    In the end MNET will probably fabricate the result.
    I have a feeling I won’t be seeing any SM artists there. LOL Just like 20’s choice award. So obvious.
    Let’s just wait n see…^^

  16. ah the controversy kekekeke

    but if Mnet want to claim ‘Mnet Asian Music Award’, they should at least consider that their award show gotta be more than just inviting other countries performers to come and sing their song at the show ^___^ why not add another criteria for overseas entertainer/non-korea performer??? or is it there?? hidden perhaps??

    beside that are they ashamed of being ‘Korean’ thus borrowing ‘Asian’?? there’s already ASIAN SONG FESTIVAL btw.

    dun get it at all. where’s your pride Mnet?? you’re a Korean broadcasting company, be proud of that.

  17. couldn`t care less about BB but yea, the list is =/
    i`m rooting for :

    * Newcomer (Male) – TaeGoon
    * Newcomer (Female) – After School
    * Male singer – MC Mong (99.9999% sure it`ll be GD, though)
    * Female singer – Younha
    * Male Group – Super Junior
    * Female Group – Brown Eyed Girls
    * Dance music award – 2PM (Again & Again)
    * House& Electronic music award – Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra)
    * Best MV – LeeSsang

    for the other categories, anyone will do since the nominees makes more sense LOL

  18. SUper Junior Fighting!!!

  19. * Newcomer (Male) – BEAST or MBLAQ cant choose><
    * O.S.T Award – idk what to choose between the B.O.F songs lol
    * Best MV – 2NE1 (Fire)
    * MV Director – its between Seo HyunSeung and Jang JaeHyuk

  20. as i said, i’m not comparing, i just searched up the hanteo chart, and now ur saying yearly sales? i’m not saying SHINee is better than big bang, i love big bang, i love their song, as much as i love SHINee, ur not getting the point, we’re not comparing. we’re just asking why SHINee isn’t in the chart.

  21. hanteo yearly sales? =.= u can’t be looking at real time sales right =.= ? in that case shinee will definitely win since they are promoting now.

  22. mnet awards means NO SM THATS IT….SUJU FIGHTING

  23. i said, i’m not comparing, but u compared bb and SHINee on hanteo, and i looked it up, and stated the fact, and its the ratings on the 22nd. It was a correction, not a comparison.

    • and now ur talking about yearly sales. which is pretty weird. u said hanteo, i looked up hanteo, is that wrong?

  24. and u say**

  25. are u say u are not comparing why bb is in shinee is out. OMGAD PLEASE LOOK ABOVE AND READD and tell me that again .. and i did say hanteo doesn’t include everything

  26. I actually wish GD’s MV’s of Heartbreaker or Butterly were nominated. IMO those two were the best MV’s this year lol
    They had colour, great shots, great lighting, creativity and just pure awsomeness. I mean I love Fire but what’s so special about the MV?

    • agree. esp butterfly, one of the most unqiue mvs i’ve seen, too bad it doesn’t make the cut off date. heartbreaker is better mv than fire and i’m a 2ne1 fan u_u

  27. u should start wearing specs , look at the yearly sales. DBSK was first. bigbang stand up was second suju sorry sorry was third and big bang remember was fourth.. =.=

  28. 2NE1’s I Don’t Care is leading in Dance Music Award.
    SuJu’s Sorry Sorry was 2nd. then SNSD’s Gee was 3rd.

  29. seriously, why does 2NE1 is nominated in the Dance Music Award for ‘I Don’t Care’ since obviously they are NOT dancing but walking? and their ‘FIRE’ MV is totally bizarre. hmmph.

    These are MY predictions anyway :
    Newcomer (Male) – BEAST (NO for MBLAQ because their stage performance aren’t good enough)
    Newcomer (Female) – 2NE1 OR 4Minute OR f(x) (it’s not impossible)
    Male singer – GDragon (Well, Maybe)
    Female singer – Bada, Baek Ji Young, Son DamBi, YoonHa, ChaeYeon (This is so competitive, all of them are good)
    Male Group – 2PM OR Super Junior (OR SHINee, where are them, MAMA?)
    Female Group – So Nyeo Shi Dae OR KARA
    Mixed Group – 8eight OR Koyote OR Clazziquai
    Rock Music Award – FT Island (I Hope)
    Hip hop group award – Drunken Tiger (Monster) OR LeeSsang (헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자) OR Outsider (Alone) OR Epik High (Wannabe)
    Ballad/R&B music award – Kim TaeWoo (Love Rain) OR Park Hyo Shin (After Love) OR Baek Ji Young (Like being Hit)
    Dance music award – 2PM (Again & Again) OR So Nyeo Shi Dae (Gee) OR Super Junior (Sorry)
    House& Electronic music award – Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra) OR 4Minute (Muzik) OR GDragon (Heartbreaker). (Okay, it’s obvious that GD will win -_-)
    Trot Music Award – =_=
    O.S.T Award – Tiffany (I’m Along – JaMyungGo) OR SS501 (Because I’m Stupid – Boys Over Flowers)
    Best MV – 2NE1 (Fire) Bizarre :/
    MV Director – =_=

  30. Omg, why isn’t SHINee in the male group award nominees! ): They are super hardworking and talented! Something must have gone wrong somewhere.

  31. * Newcomer (Male) – BEAST
    * Newcomer (Female) – 2NE1
    * Male singer – Drunken Tiger
    * Female singer – Baek Ji Young,
    * Male Group – 2PM
    * Female Group – Brown Eyed Girls
    * Mixed Group – Clazziquai

    * Rock Music Award – Seo Taiji (Juliet)
    * Hip hop group award – Outsider (Alone)
    * Ballad/R&B music award – Park Hyo Shin (After Love)
    * Dance music award – So Nyeo Shi Dae (Gee)
    * House& Electronic music award – Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra)
    * Trot Music Award – ???
    * O.S.T Award – Baek Ji Young (Don’t Forget – IRIS)
    * Best MV – 2NE1 (Fire)
    * MV Director – ???

  32. Aigo~~ Why so many complains about BigBang? Like everyone else is saying, can’t read the criteria?! Their album sales for Remember wasn’t bad what.

  33. eh frankly , bb’s remember album definitely sold more than shinee’s .. so stop whining and complaining that why is shinee not in =.= . just look at hanteo , they are not even in the top 5… ( i know hanteo does’nt represent all but still )

    • We’re not comparing and saying why bb is in and why SHINee isn’t. we’re just asking why SHINee isn’t being recognized and ignored in all categories.

      • And i just checked the results of the Hanteo Chart, seems like SHINee got in top 5 and is currently number 4. and BB’s number 5. Please check your sources. And it’s only Hanteo.

      • correction, it was the 22nd oct 2009 chart. just right in time?

  34. yay for BB being nominated. now, that aside, i don’t think they’ll win. 2PM and SUJU did waaaaaay more work this year as compared to the little mini stages that BB did. it’s fair that they got nominated, however, it would be SRSLY UNFAIR if they won. i do NOT want to see BB winning that, despite the fact that i’m heavily up in the YG fandom. why? simply because of the fact that they have not been active throughout the whole year and they don’t deserve to win it.

    and abt DBSK, i dunno them and i’m not even a fan of them at all, but i have been following their news here and there, and i do believe that if Mnet wants a fresh start, then they need a clean slate. including a group that’s in heavy drama at the moment would not be of best interest for all of Mnet’s intents and purposes. that’s why i believe that DBSK isn’t there despite all their tremendous success in Japan these past few years.

    as for SHINee, i think they should have been in there even if their song indeed wasn’t strong enough throughout the year as compared to the rest of the list. being nominated is something to be proud of and SHINee deserves to be nominated. some artists are happy just by the fact that they’re nominated because it means that their work is acknowledged. and SHINee deserves that. it’s sad that they weren’t included. it’s not fair.

    and as for 2AM, i’m just dumbfounded. i dunno why they didn’t make the cut. i thought they had one of the best ballads of the year? is it because their album sales wasn’t sufficient enough for them to be able to make the cut?

    ahh~~ lets hope they put up a great show. at least the performances would make it up to me. as far as awards go, i’m past all these crazy feuds. it’s all rigged these days. the only thing worth looking forward to at the end of the day is the performances.

    CHUKHAHAE TO ALL THE NOMINEES AND GOOD LUCK. not that luck has anything to do with it. meh. =/

  35. ALBUM SALES and album charts from 15TH OCTOBER 2008 till 22ND OCTOBER 2009

    31ST OCT 2008 – release of A.Mi.Go repackaged album
    Boys Over Flowers OST – Stand By Me
    25TH MAY 2009 – Romeo Album (Juliette) “Won on comeback as well as 3 other consecutive wins”
    22ND OCT 2009 – 2009, Year of Us (Ring Ding Dong) “with 60,000 album orders (not including physical sales) on 22nd October 2009”

    RDD aside, ._. isn’t this enough to be nominated?

    • It makes no sense to me either.
      I don’t know how the promotion of 4 singles, the release of a repackaged album, and 2 mini-albums doesn’t stack up against (BB and SUJU aside because they both did pretty well when their respective albums were released) SG Wannabe (I know they do really well, but, I just don’t see..) and 2PM’s 2 singles. They did (and are still doing) pretty well with the Amigo repackage if I remember correctly.

      I can’t actually account for SS501. They haven’t been active for most of this period, except for the 3 promoting for the OST track. I hope they win for ‘Because I’m Stupid’, but I don’t think it’s fair for them to be nominated as Male Group of the Year.

  36. My Choice..:) 🙂
    * Newcomer (Male) – BEAST
    * Newcomer (Female) – 2NE1
    * Male singer – GDragon
    * Female singer – Baek Ji Young
    * Male Group – Big Bang
    * Female Group – Davichi
    * Mixed Group – Clazziquai

    * Rock Music Award – Seo Taiji (Juliet)
    * Hip hop group award – Epik High (Wannabe)
    * Ballad/R&B music award – Kim TaeWoo (Love Rain)
    * Dance music award – 2NE1 (I Don’t Care)
    * House& Electronic music award – GDragon (Heartbreaker)
    * Trot Music Award – Hong JinYeong (Love’s Battery)
    * O.S.T Award –T-Max (Paradize – Boys Over Flowers)
    * Best MV – 2NE1 (Fire)
    * MV Director – ???

  37. I’m kinda disappointed that SHINee and 2AM are not there. Hope they perform at least in the show.

  38. Mnet is a joke. They only have good performances. That’s what everyone really watches for. And Mnet still has a grudge on SM. Oh well.

    good luck to all the nomineeeee’s

  39. Some of you guys/girls need to STFU. It’s Mnet awards, don’t like it? Make your own awards to make yourself feel better, losers.

  40. Okay, here’s what I think.

    I think that DBSK isn’t there because of their lawsuit against SME. Did you guys forget about that?
    No one know what will happen to them, so they don’t wanna risk anything like DBSK winning and them not even being around anymore (shun the non-believers). Although its 99% fact that they’ll stay together, there’s still that 1% that’s keeping them from getting nominated. So, I see where Mnet’s coming from.


  41. For those complaining about song choices…
    i think they chose songs based on how many awards they won for artists that had multiple releases this year
    ie. Kara’s Honey won 2 awards whereas Wanna only won 1 (also for Kara’s case Mister is the better dance, but there is no music video to make that song eligible)
    SNSD Gee won 9 and a more addictive dance… Genie won less than that and so on

    For 2AM, Shinee and DBSK not being involved… that one puzzles me.
    For Big Bang and SS501 to make more sense, their Japanese promotions must count as well…which beats out 2AM and Shinee for sales… but then that doesn’t explain DBSK not being there…

    • Big Bang is nominated because their album was release in November of last year. so their eligible for the award.
      not for their Japanese promotions.

  42. I know Chung Lim isn’t going to win the Male Rookie part but I’m just happy that he was nominated at least! Chung Lim <3!!

  43. where is shineee…

    is Mnet vs SM still going…so im guessing even these SM artist nominated chances of winning is pretty low? boohooo

  44. no wonder netizens had such a negative reaction towards them when they said that there will no longer be a mkmf.. so there really was a mama -o-

  45. What??? GD’s MV should’ve so been in this list. The filming was just too beautiful!

  46. whats wrong with BB getting nominated ? i mean like they got passed the criteria . and their REMEMBER album did so well . .. . . though i think suju has the highest chance of winning.

  47. Come on VIPs, BIG BANG needs to win! ^_^

    I hope 2pm doesnt beat BB just cuz of this whole stupid Jay deal (i do like 2pm but im a vip 1st).
    in this case i think its OK to boycott 2pm for this! lol


  48. Can’t wait for this!!!

  49. Lol this list is ridiculous. Shinee should of at least been nominated in the Male Group category. And the Oct. 2008-Oct. 2009?? Then why isn’t DBSK or WG included when BB & Rain is? And I’m totally confused on how some people can ask why Gee is even on the list! I mean HELLO! The mini album sold over 100,000 copies and won 9 straight on MuBank. It’s was parodied so many times & became a hit song. That’s more then enough for it to be included on the list.

    • BB’s Remember album and Rain’s Rainism both fall under the timeframe. DBSK and WG does not.

  50. im rooting for 2pm to get just one award cause they won so many awards for two of their songs.
    There is also an Overseas viewers award , I hope wonder girls gets that award. they totally deserve it.

  51. Yay!! 😀 Epik High got nominated!! and so did SS501 and 2NE1 – I hope (really wishing) that Epik High wins the hip hop group award :D..and that SS501 also wins-I’ll be looking forward to the results!! (got my fingers crossed!)

  52. so essentially they just changed the name of the show. Why did they name is MAMA? When all the nominees are korean artists. why not just leave as MKMF? Sort of depletes the whole purpose!

  53. They just changed the name, i don’t know what’s the different between MKMF and MAMA actually…

  54. rookie: 2ne1
    solo male: gd
    group: Suju
    Dance: gee
    ost: ss501

    i think.

    • but i wudnt be surprised if yg swept all the awards like sm did last year.

    • i agree with the first three..

    • most likely winners..

      but i just dont think GD should be included. idk its unfair for other solo artists because he isnt a full-time solo artist. hes part of big bang.

      thats just me bc once gd is part of the nomination list, its a near garuantee that he’ll win.

      i’d like it if MC mong won 😀 haha, indian boy is such a good song

      • Eh… That makes no sense. You do realize that would mean that if GD was to be a part of BB for 10 years, throughout those 10 years if he decides to continue on with his solo activities, he should never receive an award for his hard work at being a solo singer? You do realize that A LOT of singers that are part of a group also have also done their solo career? o.o (That’s also saying that Tiffany doesn’t deserve to be nominated for the OST award) ^^;;;

  55. I dun gett why ppl are asking about SHINEE?

    Even if they were nominated, they’re not gonna win with Juiliette or other songs for that matter.

    Non offense, but others contenders are way better than those songs.

    • lol!

    • HAHA very straightforward =D

      • very good you got it right shinee will not win
        is between Super Junior,Big Bang and 2 pm will win.

    • Finally! Someone stated the obvious… i like Shinee but the song they released was not STRONG enough to beat out the competition.

    • Except Juliette wasn’t the only thing they released in the period that MNET is counting.
      They released the Amigo repackage, Romeo mini-album and their newest mini-album on the 22nd. Their newest mini-album already earned 60K preorders.
      Isn’t that enough to be surprised about?

      • you said it…its PRE-ORDERS. i like SHINee too and i do think they deserved to be nominated for at least one award, but you got to admit they are still not quite up there with the other groups. releasing many things but not achieving very good results does not mean you definitely will get nominated. better luck in other award shows though!

    • ahahha agreed 😛

  56. the list is weird!!! especially the male newcomer mlbaq and beast make the cut ??? lol big bang in the list??? i would be surpise if 2ne1 nvr win anythin especially female newcomer……

    • Criteria: Album sales and album charts from 15th October 2008 till 22nd October 2009

      Big Bang’s REMEMBER album was RELEASED ON 11/05/08. They have every right to be nominated.

      a lot of people comment just based on the list of nominees and not on the criteria.


      MBLAQ and Beast also made that cut off.

      • poor you. you have to repeat your comment over and over again. people really dun read. what’s the point of hating on the artists if Mnet is the one doing up the nominations? hate on Mnet if you all desperately need something to hate on

  57. 8eight (Without A Heart), Hye Sung (Why Did You Call), Fly To The Sky (Restriction), Wheesung (Trickling) & 2AM (A Friend’s Confession)’s not nominated for the ballad category?
    I’m pretty sure those songs by these artists I mentioned were big hits!
    Where’s SHINee as well?




    GOSH. AND,

    If BIGBANG is there not for Remember album, i’m gettin this feeling that MNET is just using BB’s name to earn votes from VIPs or to hype things up!

    Obivously either 2PM OR Suju is gonna win. So why put BB in there? Unless its for REMEMBER which people roughly have long forgotten abt!!!


    • i think mnet is trying to “start new”. theyve had troubles in the past and with the name change, they hope to take a small step into refining their image.

      idk, thats what i think. and i too believe MNET is using YG to boast views and rating considering theyre “all the rage” with fans these days.

      the event will be somewhat rigged but would also be entertaining as well so just kick back and watch, lol

  60. […] Other nominees please see in Sookyeong’s Kbites here […]

  61. * Newcomer (Male) – TaeGoon
    * Newcomer (Female) – 2NE1
    * Male singer – GDragon
    * Female singer – Baek Ji Young
    * Male Group – Big Bang
    * Female Group – Davichi
    * Mixed Group – 8eight
    * Rock Music Award – FT Island (I Hope)
    * Hip hop group award – Epik High (Wannabe)
    * Ballad/R&B music award – Kim Jong Kook (Today More Than Yesterday)
    * Dance music award – 2NE1 (I Don’t Care)
    *House& Electronic music award – GDragon (Heartbreaker)
    * Trot Music Award – Hong JinYeong (Love’s Battery)
    * O.S.T Award – SS501 (Because I’m Stupid – Boys Over Flowers)
    * Best MV – 2NE1 (Fire)
    * MV Director – Seo HyunSeung, Jang JaeHyuk, Jo SooHyun, Joo HeeSeon, Hong WonKi (IDK LOL)

  62. im also shocked that BB made the list..
    but none the less supppper happy..
    so im not complaining XD

    guys its says “CRITERIA: Album sales and album charts from 15th OCTOBER 2008 till 22nd OCTOBER 2009″
    with “remember” released in NOV 2008 it fits the time
    && being ASIA award BB released stuff in Japan too

    i dont think WG were nominated because they are not in the country..
    && dbsk because of the whole law suit issue.. =/

  63. i cannot believe taeyeon is not nominated for OST. the girl dominated all songs. haha.

    • True right? I thought she’d at least be nominated for her “Can you hear me” OST because it was released in Oct. 2008 yet it’s not nominated. =/

    • i was just thinking that. but i forgot when she sang them.

  64. Next…Unless MNet changes their cheap ways (Mnet 20s Choice Awards anyone?) then Golden Disk Award plz.

  65. * Newcomer (Male) – MBLAQ
    * Newcomer (Female) – 2NE1
    * Male singer – GD
    * Female singer – Bada
    * Male Group – BB
    * Female Group -BEG
    * Mixed Group – 8eight
    * Rock Music Award – FT Island
    * Ballad/R&B music award – Kim Jong Kook (Today More Than Yesterday),
    * Dance music award – 2NE1 (I Don’t Care)
    * House& Electronic music award – GDragon (Heartbreaker)
    * Trot Music Award – Joo HyunMi and SeoHyun (JjaRaJaJjan)
    * O.S.T Award – SS501 (Because I’m Stupid – Boys Over Flowers)
    * Best MV – 2NE1 (Fire)
    * MV Director – fire director

  66. i want 2pm win some award but i think BB will win for sure T_T so sad
    and for dance music award this is fun storng competitive i still want 2pm win fighting!!

    • im guessing there’s gonna be competition between BB and 2PM despite 2PM having a lot of issues this year and BB going MIA.

      anticipating a close fight.

      • yeah and also Super junior they have an Kangin’s issue
        can’t wait to know who gonna win this

      • I dont think BB will win b/c they were not active in this the competition is for sure between 2pm and super junior since both group did very well in this year besid scandals that both groups faced have nothing to do with award ..these awards are biased in album sales and how well the groups did in this year with their album it has nothing to do with image

      • BB will more than likely not win this one. Their album barely made the cut off and they didn’t promote much after. I think 2PM has a chance of winning because that’s the period where all 7 of them promoted.

        I’m sure HOTTESTS will vote for them

    • I think super junior is going to win and that biased in their album sale “they sold more than 200000copies” but 2pm mini album sale did not even reach 100000 and BB have a very weak chance of winning b/c they did not release any album in this year

      • Just STFU no more posting for you you’re repeating the same bullshit over and over gtfo and stfu

      • are you an ANTI of BB? You’re comments are very tiring to read since they SAY THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

      • @lol if u dont like my comment I have 2 simple lovely solution for u either u ignore it or just deal with it ^_^ got it b/c what I do when I read comments from stupid people like

        @ lala first Im not anti so don’t accuse me secondly if u don’t like my comment just ignore it and deal with got it thirdly the comment that I wrote is based in facts , logic and using something called thinking both of 2pm and super junior were active in this year not only that but they also did well in charts and album sales especially super junior who sold more than 200000 copies and on the other hand u big bang were not active in this year but they got nominated in album that they released in the end of last year so logically 2pm and super junior have bigger chance of winning than big bang before u write ur comment use ur brain

      • **thats**

        **people like u **

        **have have big bang who**


  67. If BB got nominated bcoz of Japan activities, DBSK should be nominated too. Right?

    • please READ before commenting:

      Criteria: Album sales and album charts from 15th October 2008 till 22nd October 2009

      Big Bang’s REMEMBER album was RELEASED ON 11/05/08. They have every right to be nominated.

      a lot of people comment just based on the list of nominees and not on the criteria.


  68. do any of you know how to read?! o_O it says “Criteria: Album sales and album charts from 15th October 2008 till 22nd October 2009”
    therefore stop hating on BB cuz they have every right to be nominated. [Their Korean album “Remember” was released November 5th 2008]

    sucks that SHiNee arent nominated >_> oh well..
    go 2NE1, BB & 2PM ! <33333

  69. we need to pay to vote right? <_< stupid pop-up when i wanted to vote…

  70. Leadja would say, “THIS IS A CONSPIRACY!”



  72. please dun hate on BB just coz they got nominated. their Remember album was relased during that timeline. DBSK did not get nominated coz of obvious reasons…i doubt they will attend with all the lawsuit cases going on. but yea…its kind of weird Shinee did not get nominated. but then again, Shinee did not sell as well as the rest.

    i think its weird SS501 got nominated. they never release anything for 2 years right? so how can they fit into the timeline?

    • ss501 may have not promoted a song as 5 of them for more than a year (deja vu mini-album was released march of last year but was promoted until may-ish; find mini-album was released july 2008 but was promoted for only one weekend), but they have a sub-unit which released a mini-album early this year using the name ss501. the sub-unit won mutizen for “ur man” and also promoted BOF’s ost (“because i’m stupid”) quite successfully during that time. ss501 also released a series of mv’s for the solo collection which was out july of this year.

      all 5 members may have not have been limelight as a group for a long while, but these boys actually had a strong showing for the first half of the year what with hyunjoong in BOF, jungmin as the lead in “grease” musical, and hyungjoon, youngsaeng and kyujong performing on the music stage carrying the name of ss501. with the accomplishments of the sub-unit at least, ss501 deserves to be nominated in this.

  73. how come instead of shinee, the put BB n SS501 in it? i know 3 of SS501 are active, but not the whole…
    if they’re going to put BB in the list, they should add WG n TVXQ too…!!!

    btw, i support all SM&JYP artists….hope they win although i know it’s not SM thingy to win in Mnet prog

    • “Criteria: Album sales and album charts from 15th October 2008 till 22nd October 2009″
      it’s only fair that BB is nominated. Their Korean album “Remember” was released 11/5/08

      WG & DBSK didnt release anything within that period of time

  74. Yay BEAST is nominated! ^^

    Also other artists I like have been nominated, but I’m not surprised… 2NE1, Big Bang, 2PM, etc!

    Why is Outsider nominated in the Hip Hop GROUP award? o: But glad to see him nominated anyway. ♥

    I wish 2AM was nominated in the Ballad category tho. 😐

  75. oh guys…can you just accept their lists? don’t make this as if it’s your problem why so and so is not nominated or why blah and blah are nominated..!

  76. duhhh…why people keep asking why Shinee isnt on the list…ask MAMA…

  77. i still prefer mkmf though. last year’s performances was the bomb!
    competition looks stiff here. its still unpredictable

  78. I LOVE Big Bang, but that’s totally unfair that they’re nominated for something. And SHINee isn’t nominated for anything…wth?

    I think SNSD should win for “Female Group” after all they’ve done this year. And “Gee” was this year’s biggest hit (so far), so shouldn’t it win some type of award? 2NE1 will get the “Newcomer” award, but I don’t think they should get the other two. Didn’t their “Fire” MV have similarities to M.I.A.’s? I think LeeSsang should win that one.

    I hope they’ll be fair. I don’t think I can completely trust MNET with this whole feud with SM. This whole list of nominees just threw me off a bit.

    • how is it unfair that BB is nominated?
      Their Korean album “Remember” was released Nov 5th 2008 .. fits the criteria so what`s the problem? o_O


        i like bb,really. honestly, i dont mind that they were nominated. but it is indeed unfair for the other artists who have been active in the korean music scene for a lot more in 2009 than big bang.

        sure, their album fits into the criteria… so its justified that they can be nominated. BUT what about the other groups?

        its just the grudge MNET has against SM.

        oh, btw, after school is a newcomer?? ><
        hope SNSD wins best female and best dance mv, they deserve those for sure IMO since their songs, dance, and colored pants stired up quite the phenomenom in korea.

        another note: if by everyones LOGIC about bb fitting into their requirements, why isnt my beloved Wonder Girls in any of these awards? i understand that both bb and wondergirls took part at last years MKMF and performed their songs and etc. but if we go by this logic of why bb works, why not wondergirls and their nobody MV in the mv category or best female group??

        face it, theres a discrimination from MNET. even last years award show, some awards were not completely justified.

        all in all though, it'll be a fun show to watch 😀

      • lol i also think its funny how

        people still complain. honestly, im not too bummed lol, its just a show to me but i’ll be glad if my fav groups won. not going to let it affect or piss me off, haha.

        but anyways, people always finding things to complain about. wasnt it that people were all “wtf omg” about mnet canceling MKMF? and now they bring to the fans a different award show but people arent really appreciative of the fact that there still is going to be one. (((((((((((: idk, just me

      • Well consider this, BB promoted Remember last year too, they worked just as hard as the other groups that have released this year but their work for Remember wasn’t recognized because their album didn’t make last year’s cut off date.

    • U wrote everything I had in mind.
      I don’t get why Fire was nominated as best MV.
      There r still many many far better MVs.
      Esp those with storyline, like HyoShin’s MV.
      N LeeSsang’s MV is good. ^^

      I really shouldn’t expect much from the awards.
      Most are politics…..

  79. i think i do not like this new format. T_T

  80. SS501 + Kara!! :]]]]

    wish “love like this” came our earlier so it could have been thought for nomination…. ;_____;

    • yey! Another DSP line fan!
      SS501 and KARA but seriously, KARA’s Mister/ Wanna are way more famous than Honey…but yeah Honey was also a hit earlier this year…I do hope they win something…but anyways, they are nominated so I’m good =)

  81. Hopefully, they’ll have explained how they chose the nominees on their website. Since this is the “first” MAMA, they may not have worked out all the kinks yet. But I’m surprised no one has mentioned about how this is called Mnet ASIAN Music Awards yet only Korean singers are nominated? If they want to call it something more general than Mnet Korean Music Awards, shouldn’t they include at least a few other popular asian artists from other countries? …

    • haha that’s what i thought. i was hoping that since it was called mnet asian music awards. that singers from other asia countries like jay chou or something would be nominate. i hope in the future the fix it, instead of just calling this MAMA because they’re airing it in different countries in asia.

  82. * Newcomer (Male) – BEAST
    * Newcomer (Female) – 2NE1
    * Male singer – GD
    * Female singer – Baek ji young
    * Male Group – Big Bang
    * Female Group – SNSD
    * Mixed Group – …..
    Rock Music Award – Seo Taiji (Juliet)
    * Hip hop group award – Epik High (Wannabe)
    * Ballad/R&B music award – Kim Jong Kook (Today More Than Yesterday)
    * Dance music award – 2NE1 (I Don’t Care)
    * House& Electronic music award –G Dragon of course …
    * O.S.T Award – SS501 (Because I’m Stupid – Boys Over Flowers)
    * Best MV – 2NE1 (Fire)

    *MV Director – FIRE mv director

  83. WOAH! The new name for the award is somewhat weird! LOL…

    Big Bang in the list?! I’m suprise too! But I’m guessing cuz of all the CFs songs that they releases? Everybody forgot about it?! There was Lollipop, So Fresh So Cool, and that Late song (?) Most of the songs sells really well too although it was only CFs songs…

    Well, whatever, I believe 2PM should win the Male Group though cuz they were everywhere this year, before Jay incident…<__<

    2NE1 better wins the best rookie! HAHAHAHA

  84. well they should explain first why these nominees are on the list… how did they choose the nominees? based on what?

  85. “Criteria: Album sales and album charts from 15th October 2008 till 22nd October 2009” I don’t get this part can someone explain it to me please? Do they chose according to who has the most sale between those dates? That doesn’t seem fair of course one group/singer probably won’t have much sales after their promotion and over time the sales will decrease whereas those who are having a comeback will have a huge sale… I could be wrong 😛

  86. sorry but Im I the only who dont get why big bang is nominated for best male group when they did not release album in this year same thing goes to Rain ? !!

    any way here is my list
    best female group

    best male group
    Super Junior

    Newcomer (Female)

    Newcomer (Male)
    ?!! most of them just debuted in last week

    Female singer

    Hip hop group award
    Epik high

    Dance music award
    Super Junior (sorry sorry)

    House& Electronic music award
    Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra)

    Rock Music Award
    Seo Taiji

    Ballad/R&B music award
    Kim TaeWoo

    good luck to all

    • hahah totally agree abt the newcomer male part.
      i mean how can they judge the newcomer males? B2ST and MBLAQ just debutted last week!

    • Will You shut the fuck up about BB being nominated already like 10 people already said why they were in the list just read the shit for the past few years mnet’s cut off been 11/04 for nominations of their award shows and such would the last 2 months of the year just be black holes for the next years nomination? i think not let them get their awards even though you’re pissed about it and cry a fuckin river or just go on with your life shit

      • I will not shut the fu*** up what u will do hmm?!! and I will say whatever I want got it if u dont like my comment just ignore it stupid fan freak
        secondly who said Im upset that BB are nominated? what I was saying is very simple if MAMA can nominate BB for album that they released in last year then shinee and 2am must be also nominated b/c they both released mini album in this year please think before ur write a comment

    • BUTT HURT much? WE GET IT… You DON’T think BB deserves to be NOMINATED… They RELEASED their REMEMBER on 11/05/2008 which falls under the CRITERIA.


      • its funny that u said that I keep repeating myself when u actually doing the same … okay if u dont like my comment just ignore it nobody is forcing u to reply back to me beside ur wasting my time ^_^
        again what I was saying is very if MAMA can nominate BB for album that they released in last year then shinee and 2am must be also nominated b/c they both released mini album in this year please think as I told ur friend lol before u write a comment just think

    • Agree with ur list….
      No shinee n 2AM… SO sad.

      But i won’t expect much from the award coz it’s always scandalous. I’ll just look forward to performances.

      It would be awesome if they’ll have A.N.Jell as special performer. LOL I just got hooked up to the drama.
      Also BOA, WG n SJM… Wah….I miss them.

      N it would be even better if SME n MNET settle whatever going on between them.

  87. No SHINee?

    • I just saw that! I was too busy looking for SuJu >_< How come they are not nominated? They even released two albums this year… so weird even the list is weird… Oh well it is Mnet 0_0

  88. oO” / i’m confused.. although big bang wasn’t active in korea.. they were still nominated? that’s umm sort of unfair and shinee fans are gonna throw a fit.. because umm yeah..

    haha, i hope 2NE1 & SNSD & 2PM win in their categories ;D

    • “Criteria: Album sales and album charts from 15th October 2008 till 22nd October 2009″

      Their Korean album “Remember” was released 11/5/08!!!!!

      thats not unfair at all …

  89. i wish i could read korean that way i can vote… im rooting for 2ne1.

    * Newcomer (Male) – mblaq
    * Newcomer (Female) – 2NE1
    * Male singer – gd
    * Female singer – Bada
    * Male Group – Big Bang
    * Female Group – Brown Eyed Girls
    * Mixed Group – 8eight
    * Rock Music Award – Seo Taiji (Juliet)
    * Hip hop group award – Epik High (Wannabe)
    * Ballad/R&B music award – Kim Jong Kook (Today More Than Yesterday)
    * Dance music award – 2NE1 (I Don’t Care)
    * House& Electronic music award –4Minute (Muzik),
    * O.S.T Award – Baek Ji Young (Don’t Forget – IRIS)
    * Best MV – 2NE1 (Fire)

  90. NO 2AM!?!?!?!?! Their song was one of the best ballads this year… DISCRIMINATION!!!

  91. i think SHINee shd have been nominated. and i think FT deserves more attention. they had a pretty good album.
    there’s this ballad grp called Gavy NJ’s really good as well.
    and Navi and IU are really good singers.
    tbh, what is Gee even doing there.
    15 oct 08 – 22 oct 09? where Wondergirl’s Nobody then? it shd fit in the timing right? and DBSK? even though they are going thru a lawsuit, but still Mirotic fits that timeline.
    oh this is such a weird nominee list. and although im a fan of BB, i dont actually recall them doing anythg this year except for solo activities. they were in japan!

    • oh and can i say, Kara’s Mister or Wanna was sooo much better than Honey. what is it even doing there /:

    • omg I just noticed that shinee are nominated yet u have big bang and rain who did not release any album are nominated this is so unfair

      • please READ before commenting:

        Criteria: Album sales and album charts from 15th October 2008 till 22nd October 2009

        Big Bang’s REMEMBER album was RELEASED ON 11/05/08. They have every right to be nominated.

    • and it’s asian music award, so maybe bb got nominated because they release japan album, and they also release gara gara go korean version, and lollipop is number 1 in mnet chart for 4 weeks. still, it’s a bit weird.

      • so if that the case DBSK must be also nominated b/c DBSK released album in Japan plus a single which sold more copies than BB Japanese album yet they are not also nominated also it mean J groups must be also nominated also lollipop did not win awards like in music bank …the thing is big bang are nominated for best male group yet that they did not release album in Korea as group and u have shinee and 2am who are not nominated but yet they both released album and promoted it this why i think what is happing for shinee and 2am is unfair

    • TVXQ – mirotic – 9/2008, so does WGs’ Nobody
      Big bang – Remember album – released 11/2008
      that’s why BB is in the list
      dont know about shinee
      you guys should read carefully before comment 😀

      • yeah but BB’s album just scraped through the date? i presume their japan activities count as well. cos im sure CF doesnt. lollipop was good but it was just a phase to promote 2NE1.
        DBSK’s japan activities have been ongoing since forever with excellent results. and the latest by JJ and YC’s so popular as well. im seriously wondering how they judge this.
        plus with the mnet vs sm thingy, hopefully this thing will be judge fairly /:

      • either way its not fair the point that Im making is very simple is that its very unfair to have singers like rain and group like BB that did not release album or single in this year to be nominated b/c they released album in the very end of last year and on the other hand u have groups like shinee and 2am who were working for the whole of this year and both did well especially shinee who won many awards to be not nominated
        Im not upset that BB is in the list but what Im upset of how MAMA are not being fair with shinee and 2am who were working hard for the whole year

      • @ 121
        How is it unfair that Rain was nominated?
        His album Rainism was released on the 16th of October so he qualifies and he’s one of the best Korean entertainers in the biz, so I don’t get why he shouldn’t be nominated.
        As for Big Bang, Remember was a solid album and they qualify since their album made the cut off date.
        What’s unfair is that they didn’t do much promotion for it, they only promoted Sunset Glow, unfortunately, then they went to Japan.
        Anyway, I wish either 2PM or Super Junior can win the Best Male Group becuase both of them were amazing this year.
        Love BB way more than either of the two, but this year was 2PM and Suju’s year 🙂

      • Oh and @121 again,
        It’s not unfar that 2AM aren’t nominated. They haven’t released an Album, only 2 singles since their debut which honestly, is not enough when compared to the other nominees who have all released albums.

        However, It is unfair that SHINee isn’t nomintaed especially since their current mini-album Year of Us is within the cut off date and has so many album sales. Something fishy is going on.

  92. WOOHOO!!! I can watch BB! well hopefully they would have a performance or somethin. eh pause since its in nov…. *drum rolls* do you think taeyang would also be doing a perf for lets say.. Wedding dress?? KK control. =)) either ways YAY!

  93. I don’t think the new name is good ^^; MKMF was so much better, but I guess the new format just means that they including foreign artists.

    Waah Super Junior are in 2 categories :3 Now I hope that Mnet will not be biased like they were with Mnet 20s Choice Awards (I still haven’t gotten over that!) and let the true winners win. I wonder if foreigners can vote (i hope so!)

    So will artists from overseas also perform there? That’s great I can’t wait to see who they choose ^^

  94. Oh yeah that’s strange..No SHINee >_> 2PM,fighting !



    • No idea why Lee Seunggi is not in the ballad singer category since he’s so popular…. But um, Lee Seung Chul is the ex-vocalist for Boohwal (famous korean rock band) and super talented singer & songwriter. Maybe you might recognize him as one of the judges on the recently aired Superstar K from Mnet. He was the “mean” one. Or if you’re a fan of SNSD, he is the original singer for their remake of the song, “Girls Generation”.

    • As much as LSGi is a popular ballad singer, his album this year wasn’t as hyped up as his previous albums. Hook ent just didnt promote his album well enough… Personally, i felt his previous ballad songs were way more powerful than LBU…but it was still a good song.

      besides, he didn’t even perform at Mnet Countdown. which prolly xplains why he’s not a contender.

      an inconvenient truth.

      but other contenders for the ballad category are equally good, PHS, TaeWoo , BJY. notable singers this year.

  96. Big bang is my fab band and all but I don’t think it isn’t right for them to be nominated since there weren’t even active or release any in Korea

    • I agree. The only possible reason I can think of is since they are now calling it “Asian” music awards, they include all releases in the asian countries…?

      • but the charts is from Oct 08 to Oct 09. Their Remember album was released sometime in Oct or Nov last year right? so they do deserved to be nominated..

      • Criteria: Album sales and album charts from 15th October 2008 till 22nd October 2009
        Big bang’s Remember album was released in 11/2008
        that’s why they are nominated
        you should read carefully 😀

    • “Criteria: Album sales and album charts from 15th October 2008 till 22nd October 2009″
      therefore BB have every right to be nominated. Their Korean album “Remember” was released 11/5/08

  97. what’s with gee on the list? the song is not even out this year. T__T

  98. Boo.. No SHINee??
    But thx for the nominee list 🙂

  99. 2pm!!!!!!

  100. it’s a bit unfair 2ne1 didn’t get to the female group list. they’re a strong competitors! i hope 2ne1 got the rookie award, and it’s in 21st! go YG!

    • they are rookies…rookies NEVER get nominated in the main awards…why make an exception??

    • lol

    • well 2NE1 debuted in this year which means they cant be nominated for best female group

    • gosh…2NE1 is already nominated in lots of awards…but accept the fact that they are ROOKIES…no matter how much or how “strong” you think they are. Don’t be such an ignorant obsessed fan.

      • Jam: How is that being an ignorant obsessed fan. Rookie doesnt mean they are not qualified enough for one of the best female groups.

        It’s only bound to the rigid rules set by Mnet. Taylor Swift was nominated for BOTH newcomer and female artist at the same award show/year (wiki).

        lallamia: shut your trap.

      • I think these kids are also newbies in kpop…

      • or maybe they just have their own opinions..O.o

      • You’re comparing MNET to whatever awards show Taylor Swift got in? Gosh! 2NE1 are rookies! NO ROOKIES ever made it to best female group. Yes, 2NE1 fans are ignorant and so obsessed!!! You guys are stupid.

      • ^Wow, another ignorant person, and he/she doesn’t even know, wow. Good going to make sweeping generalizations. GOOD GOING.

    • Why the hell would they be there when they’re only rookies lol
      I’m sure they’ll win Best Rookies because they are the Best Rookies of 09. They’ve achieved a lot in such little time and their album sales are pretty strong, so is their popularity.
      After School is also awesome, but they’ve been AWOL for a while, can’t wait till their comeback.
      4 Minute is also a pretty solid group so I think it’ll be between them and 2NE1 for the award.
      f(x) hasn’t done enough to deserve the award, but they have potential.
      Not a fan of T-ARA, but they’re talented just don’t think they’re the best rookies though.

  101. wow bigbang made the list!

    • funny, coz BB is not half-active this year.

      • not really BB released a album last year after MKMF nomination time ended then did some CF’s and a couple shows as well that and their Japanese endeavors since this is a Asian and not just korean award show… though flooded with korean artists……? they qualify though some may wonder whats up with not addin DBSK . Also Although They’ve each collectively gone to do solo work they still use their Stage names under BigBang and such so its all a joint thing



      WHAT A SHAME !!!

      • Geez calm down. MAMA hasn’t even arrived, no one has won anything yet. MAYBE SM artists will win? I don’t get this “what a shame!!!” when it is not even official who the winners are….?

      • today sm had announced that all its artists, such as suju and snsd won’t participate MAMA this year.
        looks like sm doesn’t care any MAMA awards this year.

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